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«Shameless» season 5: start air date (2015)

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When does «Shameless» season 5 start? The show was announced to be renewed (by Showtime). You can watch new episodes in 2014. Premiere air date is known.

TV-channel: Showtime
Pilot episode: January 9, 2011
Creator: Paul Abbott

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.98 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 1.69 million U.S. viewers

As soon as the fourth season of «Shameless» television series had started, the show was announced to be renewed for its fifth season.

Such a prompt decision was caused by the increase of its fans’ amount by 8 % in comparison with the last season’s premiere. 12 new episodes have been ordered, the first of which is to premiere in January 11, 2015.

The contractual agreements with the new actors have been extended immediately for one more year, however, the experts believe the fifth season won’t be the last one. The show should become successful as its fans’ support increases! Bravo «Shameless»! Bravo Showtime!

—>>> Shameless SEASON 9 release date <<<—

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  1. Mirelle D.

    Shameless is the best. Great acting across the board.

  2. Leo

    Really happy it is coming back! I will need some more of Cameron Monaghan though. He is by far my favourite and I miss him this season. Also Noel Fischer and Ethan Cutkosky should get a prominent SL. Who am I kidding I am happy with anything I can get!

  3. Eliot

    Shameless is now my favorite show on Showtime now that Dexter is finished.

  4. Kurtis

    Im 25 years old and a military vet i work long hours and i dont really have much free time. Shameless is one of the few shows i actually watch and have been hooked on from the get go. Can’t wait for more Shameless in 2015!

  5. Tabitha

    shameless is by far the best show me and my family has every watched. Please continue to produce and broadcast the show, cant imagine not having it to watch. Wait 10months each year just to watch a new episode. Love this show.

  6. Jamie

    This is the best show on tv .be glad when it starts back

  7. Mike Blaze

    Always wonder how idiots get hooked on make believe television series. Now I’m the biggest idiot because of Frank and the family. THE BEST SERIES EVER CREATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. love the show

    Love the show can,t wait for season 5 wish it was sooner

  9. Angel

    Dexter is gone and that’s so sad!! But Shameless is the only show that filled that void!

  10. crazynbama1964

    Shameless is my dirty little secret 🙂 love love the cast

  11. Suzi

    I don’t watch tv that much but I can’t wait for this show to come back! It’s so real I love it, I switch back n forth between Shameless & Game of Thrones , these shows are addicting!!;)

  12. Matt

    The greatest show ever I do not want to wait till January can’t wait tell January must be sooner and there needs to be more episode. I do nothing but work but when I come home I need my shows. I knew jimmy Steve was not dead lol

  13. R

    I sat and watched Dexter and loved it. So i asked a friend to tell me another good series. SHAMLESS!!! OMG I watched all the episodes and I am HOOKED!!! I told a friend he has to see it. January, this is torture.

  14. The Bakers

    My husband Jerry and I grew up in North Tulsa Oklahoma in a town called Turley this show is so close to how life was growing up we have been threw so much and now have a family of 9 and still put up with our crazy Gallger family like family we have laughed cried cheered been angry this show was really moving to see a show that is centered around what lil America is all about in our reality anything even when u have nothing is possible here is a quick example my mom clean 15 yrs and happily married to my dad for 11 gets a letter In the ma from dhs that he has a 10 ur old daughter sent her straight to the dope mans house in 2 weeks she totaled her car tried to kill her self left my dad moved in with me got kicked out of my house and got her drug dearl freaked out and on the run in the same month my bipolar brother ripped us off for 5000 and our 17 yr old daughter wants to live with us oh did I mention I have a likened head to her parents are frank and Monica really thank u show time for taking our reality from white trash to cable tv and for f*cking doing it right

  15. michael dimayo

    this show is the best show on tv I been watching tv shows for long time and I never get hooked on tv show but this show has me and my hole family hooked I have all the seasons on blue ray and pre order no 4 so keep it up there will be more fans this year than all ove them put togaher the reson is you will have a big gay following smart move to put that in our show and make it a big part of the show and nole fisher awesome actor for that roll keep u the show for many years to come at lease 12 to 14 season for sure maby more hope

  16. brookecannon

    I love this show and I can not wait till it comes back on

    • jada

      I know I am excited to watch!!! I like Carl he’s awesome so is Fiona and Debbie and Frank’s cool and funny and won’t leave the alibi alone

  17. Carol

    Shameless …..
    Just want to say my husband and I never agree on the tv. He is more hooked on shameless then I am. That I thought was impossible I love the show I cant wait for new season seems like a lifetime away. Keep up the great work!

  18. Jeanne

    Why oh why can’t I find Shameless Season 4 available on bluray or even DVD? I’ve tried everything & don’t get a sensible answer anywhere! Nevermind! It just came up as a pre-order on Amazon.

  19. michelle

    I love love love this show! Cant wait for it to come back on!

  20. Lupin O'Neal

    Best damn show on TV. It is so good that I can’t wait for summer to be over so I can catch up with the Gallagher’s.

  21. Cat

    I only subscribed to Showtime for Dexter, but got hooked on Shameless! I hate when the season ends and I have to wait for a new one to start. I usually power watch all the seasons prior to a premiere. I love to that the show connects to the working class. Showing real gritty part of life with its pain, struggle, humor, an imperfect family who love each other. They stick together to survive and support each other. More like my family then any other seen on TV.

  22. Janice

    I can’t wait for season 5. My all time Favorite show! I hope they make more episodes than 12 in the future. I hope they never cancel this show. Its the only show I truly look forward to.

  23. Karen Sams

    Glad Shameless is coming back!! The craziest show on TV.

  24. mildred gomez

    i love shameless , I CAN NOT WAIT TIL JAN. 2015.

  25. lindsey

    Love the show keep it going

  26. Cindy

    Shameless is the best! Can’t wait for the new season!

    • trizzy kanick

      yep i cant wait

  27. Cindy

    Just resubscribed to ShowTime because we love Shameless. Season 4 Is NOT on On Demand yet. When will that be added?

  28. Bashir Muhammad Muhammad

    I am Bashir from Nigeria, i like to watch the movies, but why Frank don’t like the Muslims.

  29. Alexandra

    Please continue to make the show, it’s so entertaining and real. Love it

  30. lesa dennis

    my husband and I caught shameless by accident we scrolled and saw it and been hooked ever since my girl got spunk and frank hes just wrong but love the show watch the reruns and caint wait for the new season

  31. KIM


  32. trizzy kanick

    best sh*t ever and also cool

  33. Ryver

    Can’t wait for Shameless to start. Ian and Mickey are great for each other, looking forward to where his bipolar disorder is going to effect their love. Two normal dudes in love on tv is rare. Usually they stereotype. And Steve (Jimmy) coming back, I really was convinced he was dead. I predict that Fiona gets pregnant this season and Monica comes back (for a little while). Cheers!!

  34. Joanna Cline

    It’s about time! I’m so ready for the new episodes. I love this show.

  35. Rhonda Charles

    Have never seen anything like this show. My husband and I are totally hooked. The actors are so believable as this dysfunctional family that we love. Cannot wait for Season 5 to start, of course waiting to see if Jimmy/Steve comes back.

  36. shelby

    they sighed for season six and im so excited for season five wish I had showtime

  37. Sheila

    Were there really only 5 episodes in season 5? I don’t have showtime myself so was wondering what’s up with that?

    • Lia

      episode 1 – January 11, 2015

      episode 6 – February 15, 2015
      episode 7 – March 1, 2015

      episode 12 (season finale) – April 5, 2015

  38. jada

    Omg i am hooked on this me and my aunt sit in front of the tv and watch I can’t wait to its released I am mad it’s not yet I can’t beilive Frank survived and Fiona I was surprised and happy she’s not on house arrest and in jail or prison

  39. Gary

    Are there reruns for Shameless? If so, where could I find them? Love the show.

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