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Cedar Cove season 4 ?

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When will Cedar Cove season 4 come out? We want to know the premiere date of the new episodes in 2016.

Channel: Hallmark Channel
Starring: Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal, Teryl Rothery, Sarah Smyth…
Production company: Orchard Road Productions

It could be confidently stated that the screen adaptation of Debbie Macomber’s book series Cedar Cove turned to be successful. Critics’ feedback on that Canadian/English project was generally positive and the regular viewers expressed their support in the social networks.

At the moment three excellent seasons have been produced and released, each of which has a high rating and meets the requirements of the rights holders. Hallmark Channel doesn’t hide the given project directed by Bruce Graham, is very important for the channel, as this year it has been watched by more than 1.6 million Americans. It’s a bit less than in the previous year, but this amount is enough to order Season 4, the experts assure.

There is no official decision of Hallmark Channel concerning the renewal of the show yet, that’s why the release date of the new episodes is still unknown.

Cedar Cove season 4 premiere – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We’re following the announcements and will update the given publication after the fresh news of the creators. Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (Dec.1, 2015): Bad news… The series was cancelled and would not be renewed for a fourth season

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  1. Nora Primo

    It’s coming to an end!! What will I do for the next 10 months?

  2. Margie

    Please renew for season 4. Cant wait

  3. Denna D.

    My favorite show on TV

  4. Ella

    Please continue Cedar Cove. I love it. It is so much better than some of the other shows!

  5. Brenda

    This is a fantastic series and I really hope they do a Season 4. They just can’t leave their fans hanging like this!

  6. Jude

    I can’t believe such a good show that Hallmark would cancel it. Why would you do that?

  7. Quarterman

    I enjoyed Cedar Cove until the last season, it became predictable. The judge was to know it all

  8. ann pyles

    They get something good on like cedar cove an take it off good family show. I looked so forward to watch it so sad.

  9. Lisa McClelland

    PLEASE….please bring back Cedar Cove!!!

  10. Daina Sprague

    When will Cedar Cove’s 4th season begin. Please don’t tell me someone was Dumb and cancelled such a wonderful show.

  11. John Adams

    I have almost completed season two of Cedar Cove on Netflix….I love it….now I read season 4 has been cancelled….I don’t get it with all the filth and garbage on TV we finally get a good decent show to watch and they cancel….I guess there is no need to finish season two or watch season three since there wont be a season 4….SO DISAPPOINTED….

  12. T wand

    Please don’t cancel this show! Bring on season 4!

  13. MA

    I love this show! Better not be canceled.

  14. Kathleen Morris

    What?? The show everyone is talking about & which makes me count off the days until it begins is CANCELED? Who has used their ‘wisdom’ to do this? Debbie, help!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Linda

    Please, please renew Cedar Cove for 2016! Love the show and tired of seeing nothing but repeats on Hallmark.

  16. Lisa

    This is a huge disapontment! Please renew ir let another network have it.

  17. Marg

    Please don’t cancel season 4. I have watched from the beginning and need to find out what happens in season 4. How can u leave all us fans in limbo? Doesn’t make sense.

  18. Hayde

    Please renew.Cedar Cove. I am very disappoint Hope do it soon

  19. Marlene

    I am really disappointed that the entire production team would just give up on such a decent show.

  20. Brenda plourde

    I Agree this is a Great Show why would they cancel this wonderful show? can some one from Hallmark please explain,
    I really think they should tell us.

  21. Vickie Sechrengost

    Please renew season 4. I loved every series. If I had read that there wasn’t going to be a season 4. I stayed up sometimes until three in the morning watching . Please let season four happen. I loved the series. I shared with my friends and family. Now we need the season 4 please

  22. Evelyn

    Please bring it back. We need some closure!

  23. A.Metz

    Love this show!!!! I need season 4!!!!!!

  24. katey

    please renew cedar cove i love this show and need to see what happens. please dont cancel it.

  25. Christine

    Please don’t cancel the show, it is my favorite. I have been watching it again on Netflix. I love all Hallmark movies and shows.

  26. Pilar

    Hello, wake up! How is possible that season 4 is not ready yet for us, also you must start season 5, 6, etc.

  27. Elsie Stowell

    Please bring back Cedar Cove. I am so sick of the filthy language, naked women having sex with any body, and just plain bad story line that is on these days.


    Renew Cedar Cove…loved it. We want Season 4…PLEASE!!!!
    It is an AMAZING series! :'( To many unfinished business; don’t keep up hanging!

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