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Proof season 2 ?

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When will Proof season 2 premiere? Is the series renewed or cancelled by TNT? We want to know the exact start date in 2016!

Channel: TNT
Created by: Rob Bragin
Genre: Drama

TNT new television series Proof deserved the second season. Despite the fact that the rights holders haven’t renewed the show yet as well as haven’t confirmed the funding of the new episodes, many experts assure the show will be broadcast in 2016.

The matter is that the show is being watched by more than 2 million people (in the USA), which totally meets the expectations of the creators and gives them a reason for Season 2 ordering. If the show keeps its fans and current rating, the premiere date of the new episodes will be announced soon. But now we should only support the show, hoping for positive verdict.

Proof season 2 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

At the moment its score on Metacritic comprises 59 out of 100 possible scores and on Rotten Tomatoes it got 7.1/10. We will publish the fresh data on TNT as soon as they appear.

Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (Sept.24, 2015): Bad news… TNT has cancelled Proof after one season.

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  1. Melony A

    Love the show! Well written and well acted. Definitely renew!

  2. Kali Hayden

    TNT you’ve got to give Proof Season 2! I have enjoyed this show from the beginning. The actors are excellent. Please, keep it going. I look forward to watching Proof every week.

  3. Rob

    I’m kinda addicted to this show! Want Season 2.

  4. carola

    Pls more seasons! Why it is too short? If TNT cancels Proof, it would be a terrible travesty.

  5. Mo2-2-2

    This show is phenomenal! Very well written! Definitely needs to be renewed.

  6. TaVers

    Please keep it on. Season 2 is a must TNT !

  7. stephen

    This is a fine show and Jennifer Beals is excellent. The show deserves to be renewed and I want to see more especially after the intriguing mystery revealed at the end of the most recent episode

  8. Sami

    Pleaae renew!! Its bad enough fotever and ressurection got canceled on other networks and its hard to find shows i actually like. Love this show!!!

  9. Mike

    Love the show Proof. Please renew.

  10. Samantha

    Please renew!!!!

  11. Corrine

    Love this show — please renew!

  12. Chas

    Renew please! It’s a show me and my family love watching together and we look forward to the next season!

  13. angela stanton

    Please renew very addicted to this show

  14. Pam

    Love it! Please renew

  15. Debi

    Love love love this show please bring it back for Season 2!!!

  16. Shane

    You HAVE to renew this show! It is amazing!

  17. Gwen Harris

    Loved the show. Looked forward to new episode each week. Medical
    aspect realistic and accurate. Writing and story line compelling.
    Looking forward to Season 2.

  18. Robert

    It seems that tight, well written and well acted shows are cancelled. Now “Proof”, before that “Monday Morning” and “Crimson Fields”. This is disappointing news. Maybe we can hope for a revival like “Longmire”.

  19. Kerri Sutherland

    How could you cancel this show? I though 2 million followed “Proof”? What a disappointment..
    The powers that be need to reconsider. Do you know how many millions of people are searching for what exactly happens after we die? This show gave hope to all those people! Shame on you for canceling season two. This was a darn good series… Someone made a huge mistake canceling this series!

  20. Mary


  21. Sheila

    My 34 year old son passed away from cancer 11 months ago and the show Proof helped me through this terrible time. I was really hoping for another season. This show was comforting to me. Why on earth would you cancel such a good show? Thanks for nothing.

  22. pazazo

    Why would they cancel this series if it has a fan base that is high enough to keep? Could it only be that there are “the powers that be” who feel this is a taboo that should be kept under wraps.

  23. Zia

    I’ve been wondering when season 2 was coming on. Please do not cancel show!

  24. Keith

    They are Morons if they cancel the show Proof. It will prove they do not care what their viewers think.

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