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«Charmed» season 9: release date

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Will «Charmed» return for season 9? What is known about new episodes and premiere date?

«Charmed» series, broadcast by The WB TV channel (USA) more than for 8 years (between 1998 and 2006), was directed by Constance M. Burge. The given project was very successful and stayed on top for a long time.

It should be mentioned that the show includes eight seasons and 179 episodes produced and aired in the USA. Licensed DVD-disks with some of the show seasons were sold all over the world. One of the most popular issues on the Internet forums was the production of «Charmed» Season 9. But the release date won’t be announced since the series is officially cancelled after the eighth season!

However some fans believe that the ninth season will be produced soon but unfortunately their dreams won’t come true. There are a lot of such people as evidenced by the fact that the number of the final episode viewers amounted to 4.5 million only in the USA.

UPDATE 1 (Jan.25, 2019): Good news! The CW officially ordered the Charmed reboot to pilot.

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  1. Liz

    Ah, well. It was a good show.the finale, was pretty good, though and very true to the spirit of the show.

  2. Pica

    I won’t say it was a great show but liked it anyway.

  3. Teresa S.

    I Love Charmed and I’m looking forward to its return !!!

    • LaVonne

      They better have a season 9 I Love the show!

  4. $o$

    neeeed moooooore! please renewal season 9!

  5. jermaine

    i miss charmed like everyone else i watched charmed from day one till the last episode i was pretty sad when it ended. i wish the people and this show will be back some day with prue (shannon dorothy) back in it if possible but i dought it anyway i think it was her leaving the show what marked a death sentence for charmed i like paige aswell but with prue charmed would be complete again i wouldn’t suggest taking away her active powers like in the comics
    change the triquetra into a four quatre and let it be the power of 4

  6. Curtis Miiller

    I Miss Charmed I Hop They Bring The Season 9 Out Soon I Wanna Now What Happens, Such As Which One Out Of The Sisters Page Or pheope Has A Child First Does Coal Come Back And Thertern Pheobe Children. They Could Make So Many More Ep On Charmed Cant Wait

  7. Jules

    Well Season 9 of charmed is airing atm in Australia on one of our free to air channels and I’m loving every minute of it. The new cast member is Kelly (from Big Bang) and so far I’ve watch 5 eps, not too sure if I missed the very first one but was easy enough to catch up as they picked up almost right where Season 8 finished. I’m hoping that there will also be a Season 10, you can tell that it was made all those years ago as we know have a wide screen digital TV and it must have been made for an old square analogue TV as it’s still showing in a square box. This however does not detract from the show at all. Huge Charmed fan and was absolutely ecstatic when I stumbled across it last Sunday at lunch time.

    • carly

      where can I find season 9? can u give me the website plz so I can watch season 9. love charmed lol

    • geo1968

      where can I watch season 9 I have read on the internet that it was canceled after season 8. The trailer came out but was canceled so I’ve read.

  8. ShadowRachet

    this is what we have been waiting for whoppii air date possibly somwhere in 2014

    CBS is rebooting the cult fantasy show, Charmed centering on four beautiful sisters endowed with supernatural powers which they use to battle evil powers.

  9. Elizabeth

    I have read the script for the first episode of season 9 and if there is a script I think there may be a chance that it will come back. And I just love the series and hope that it comes back.

  10. Christy Sizemore

    Please release a new season of Charmed. Miss it so much.

  11. Austin Price

    They should make more with the children and give more detail on the death of a sister.

  12. Dina


  13. Kaitlyn Butt

    We need more charmed seasons because I am Charmed’s Number 1 Fan and I want to see what their Future Really turned out to be Like and without charmed I would end up dying to find out if the future turned out to be what they wanted or not but also without charmed I would be bored and not watch my favorite show in world because I always have dreamed of a awesome show like charmed and my exact hopes of a show exactly like Charmed and Wished for a Show Exactly like charmed

  14. rosie

    if usa don’t want season 9 the uk do please

  15. geo1968

    I for one loved Charmed and am sad to see it go. I live in Greece and was only able to watch it online and when I saw that there was to be a season 9 I was excited only to read that it was canceled. I watch the trailer on youtube and thought this was the beginning of another great series. I for one think that it should have been continued!!!!!

  16. Eiram

    I still love CHARMED and sometimes i watched them at home. How i wish they will return for a more season and new plots… hehehe

  17. CharmedFanRobert

    They need to continue CHARMED it doesn’t make sense at the end it is at. makes it look like its gonna be more but it is the end. They need to keep it going. I’m going to cry if they don’t continue CHARMED with all four sisters together. So pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeee continue it and thank you 🙂

  18. Charmed lover

    I really love charmed and i really hope they make a new one dose anyone know if the did or didn’t

  19. Pretty priecss

    When is time to come back can you can you give us the website to watch season 9 before it comes out not going to be more characters

  20. Charlton David Miles

    all New charmed season 9 charmed season 10 charmed season 11 charmed season 12

  21. Susan

    I loved the show. Charmed needs to have a lot of new seasons. I have the T-shirt. poster and key chain and a lot of other things. I still watch it everyday on TNT. BRING BACK CHARMED PLEASE!!!!

  22. Chantelle

    Where can I download Charmed season 9 and 10 please please


    Im charmed’s no.1 fan i’m always looking up stuff about them and at the very end they just show a tiny what happens in the future.Pieper is my favourite and on a game i have made everyone which is called tomadachi. I would do anything bring it back.
    On ever bit of Internet just says season 9 is a comic.pieper has the best boyfriend and best sisters you could ever have and cutest children.

  24. angela sullenger

    Bring charmed back i been watching all the Rerun’s over and over. I want to see the new one already hurry up lol

  25. christian Parrish

    i want charmed season 9 to come out i was so happy about that because it sounds awesome that Shannen Doherty is coming back to charmed. the power of 4 has not happened before. it is like the sisters will be more powerful but now it is 2018. i don’t no if they are really coming out with season 9 or a movie is 2018. do you think they will? why?

    (p.s. i am 13 years old)

  26. Brian Paul Manahan

    I think would be nice to have another season of charmed so i can study their “New Powers” in the near future

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