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Chuck season 6 ?

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Chuck season 6 release date nbc

When will Chuck season 6 premiere? Are you still waiting for the new episodes on NBC? We want to know the release date!

The series Chuck deserved for the 6th season and the creators should announce the release date. Is such a popular TV-project that lasted for five years on the NBC channel cannot be revived as an additional season?

There is an interesting trend now, the rightholders return to developing new episodes for the most popular TV shows in the past and we hope that in the near future it will happen with the TV-series Chuck. Many experts agreed that the show should have a chance for the 6th season, despite of the fact that the number of viewers in the fifth season had decreased noticeably.

We all remember how the fans took part in the development of new episodes and were ready to support the series not only morally, but also financially. Already after the first season there were problems with the renewal, but we coped with it! So what about giving one more chance?

Unfortunately, at the moment no channel is discussing about the revival of the series, so the release date of Season 6 of Chuck is still in long-term expectation. Are you ready to participate in the revival of the series?

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  1. Mia88

    I could seriously rewatch this series over and over and never get sick of it.

  2. Alexander Flores

    I think chuck should be revived or brought back on tv I love it I bought 2 seasons I’m trying to buy the rest just don’t hav the money right now , it wouldn’t be that same without all the same original cast lol even with Jeff and Lester’s dumb crazy asses lol and big mike too lol , but I think chuck should be able to figure out how to program the computer software like his father did to create the intersect but he figures out how to not rely on a watch to keep his brain from overloading with information , as in he found one last piece or a couple pieces of information or designs that he’d had in mind that he finds , that’s just an idea but I don’t know how to put that into writing , I would like to guess start in it lol since I like this show so much lol

  3. Joni W C

    Bring Chuck back. Brilliant writing, best actors, intriguing plots. Season 6 would be the best thing to happen to TV in a long time. Who wants to watch dysfunctional families and medical operations anyway. The show Chuck has something for everybody.

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