Oct 26

FlashForward season 2

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FlashForward season 2 release date revival

Are you still waiting for the release date for FlashForward season 2? Is the series renewed? Let’s wait for the revival together!

The creators of the series FlashForward have planned the 2nd season, but there is still no a release date. The low rating did not allow the right holders to give a “green light” to the development of new episodes and in 2010 the TV-show was finally canceled.

Numerous requests from the remaining fans did not lead to success and the ABC representatives announced a full stop of production. At first a series was preparing for the show on HBO, but later the ABC channel bought back the rights for broadcasting.

The first episode was watched by more than 12 million viewers, and at the end of the season this figure was reduced to 5 million people. Critics’ opinion of has been ambiguous, because many of them still believe that the series FlashForward deserves for the 2nd season and viewers should receive a release date.

Unfortunately, none of the TV channels plans to revive this show, so we can only wait and hope for a miracle. Are you with us?

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