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Code Black season 2 premiere date

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When will Code Black season 2 come out? Is the show Renewed or Cancelled by CBS? We are waiting for the premiere (start) date in 2016!

In the fall of the current year many television channels presented the new series of the various genres. As usually, some of them turned to be disappointing and were canceled right after their pilot episode release, but also there were few which were renewed for the entire season at once.

Drama shows turned to be the most successful this autumn and Code Black was one of them. This medical drama of Michael Seitzman was praised a lot by experts, as managed to improve its rating during the season broadcast, having very modest launching.

After the premiere of the fourth episode, the viewers were told that CBS ordered six new scripts for Code Black, and in a month the official announcement concerning ordering of five extra episodes was made. Thus, the number of episodes was increased to 18 and in such a way the creators stressed the fact that the show fully met their expectations.

Of course, it is too early to talk about the renewal of the project for the second season, but the chances for the renewal are very very big.

Code Black season 2 premiere date – [September 28, 2016; 10 pm] (UPDATE 2)

At the moment only few shows could increase their rating with the release of every new episodes, that’s why if the viewers’ interest doesn’t reduce, in 2016 we will hear about the start date of Season 2. And now we should only wait for the new announcements.

Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1: Season 1 return date – [January 13, 2016].

UPDATE 2 (May 16, 2016): Good news! The show was renewed for a second season.

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  1. Kim

    Does it deserve a second season? According to its ratings, NO!

  2. AdeLaiDe

    I will miss it if it doesn’t get renewed.

  3. Nancy

    Please bring code black back. I really like the show and look forward to every episode.

  4. jowdii

    we are waiting for the next season

  5. Jane Brook

    They’d be nuts to not bring this show back! It certainly has alot of very real-life stuff in it, per the e.r.,and my favorite on it is “Mama”. He really “steals the show” lol and is an excellent actor.
    I can do without so much lovey-dovey stuff, the little romances, but I can get past it because the show is so darn good!

  6. Cindy Mozina

    Please renew Code Black. It was my favorite new show this past season. Very good acting, interesting personalities, and situations. I always get excited when it is going to be on!

  7. terrie

    code black rocks so intense and intriguing!!!!!!!!!! they would be crazy not to renew this top spot show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will be waiting for season 2! and all actors make this show!

  8. winona

    Thank you for renewing for season 2 Love this show. My daughter and I love it

  9. JBerginc

    I am so glad that Code Black will be back on the air. So sick of the ridiculous sitcoms and reality shows that are scripted.

  10. Pat

    I am only addicted to one TV show, and that is Code Black. I swore not to ever watch CBS again after they cancelled most of my favorite shows…they have earned a reprieve – Code Black is/was the best of the bunch.

    PLEASE STOP with all of the reality shows – I understand that they are lower budget, but they stink!

  11. Susie

    I agree with “Pat”. I refuse to waste my time watching TV shows that pay their actors for acting literally stupid and brainless. Code Black is the best.

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