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Code Black season 3 release date

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Code Black season 3 release

When will Code Black season 3 be released on CBS? What about the release date in the fall of 2017? We want answers!

The viewers watched two seasons of the series Code Black. Should we wait for the release date of Season 3 in 2017/2018 on CBS?

This medical drama is about the inner life of a Los Angeles hospital, shows the difficult work of doctors and staff. The relationship and understanding between the clinic staff is a very important factor in order to save the lives of patients, so every day – this is a new challenge that needs to be passed with honors! One wrong decision leads to the most serious consequences, so the plot keeps the viewers in constant tension, not allowing get distracted from the TV screen.

The creators are discussing with CBS representatives about the order of the third season and the chances of getting financing are quite high. The project has not lost its fans, because each new episode is still waited by more than 6 million American viewers.

Code Black season 3 release date – [May 2, 2018] (UPDATE 3)

Critics believe that there is no reason to close the show Code Black, so soon we will know the release date of the third season.

We are waiting for the announcement from CBS.

UPDATE 1 (May 14, 2017): CBS has renewed the Code Black medical drama for Season 3.

UPDATE 2 (May 17, 2017): Veteran CBS dramas Code Black and Elementary are both on the move to midseason.

UPDATE 3 (January 11, 2018): Code Black Season 3 will premiere on May 2 (at 10 pm).

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  1. Lorie Nelson

    You cannot cancel code black I love that show

  2. valerie

    Code Black is my favorite tv show of all time. Do not cancel.


      Best Show on tv.

      • L. C.

        I agree!

  3. L. C.

    Is Code Black Season 3 ever going to be released? Or, has it been cancelled? Please advise!

  4. M. Williams

    Please don’t cancel Code Black, I am in love with show. Everyone ib ny family is fascinated with the story lines and the characters portrayed in the program! All the actors are just wonderful and so convincing in the show1

  5. Rachel Pennington

    Do you know when code black season 3 will be out on DVD been waiting we really want it on DVD could you please respond thank you

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