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Complications season 2

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When will Complications season 2 premiere? The show Cancelled Or Renewed? When does the new episodes start in 2016 on USA Network?

Channel: USA Network
Created by: Matt Nix
Genre: drama

The television series Complications is being created by Matt Nix and broadcast by USA Network since June 18, 2015. Its cast includes Jason O’Mara, Jessica Szohr, Beth Riesgraf, Lauren Stamile and others, and Flying Glass of Milk Productions as well as Fox 21 Television Studios are responsible for the production.

In March 2014 a pilot episode of the show was financed and already in September the shootings started. The show received different reviews. The number of fans comprises about 1.5 million people (in the USA) at the moment.

The rights holders haven’t made decision concerning the renewal of the show for Season 2 yet, that’s why the premiere date of the new episodes is still a question. It is only known that the show rating still suggests a continuation, but what will the decision of the rights holders be after the debut season?

Complications season 2 start date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We’re following USA Network announcements!

UPDATE 1 (August 28, 2015): Bad news… USA Network has cancelled Complications after one season.

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  1. Willie

    Please keep this show on! Very intense action and plot. I love the actors quality, they are developing some great characters.

  2. Leo J.

    It has a great story plot. We want Season 2! –fingers crossed–

  3. L. Mason

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!I’m re-watching season one! Really hoping for another season.

  4. MarioS

    This was one of the best summer shows I’ve seen in years! I can’t believe it’s been canceled after just one season. USA S*CKS !!!

  5. Liya

    This is a great show! I hope they reverse their decision and give us another season.

  6. TerraVista

    Hopefully another network will pick it up. Booooooooo USA !!!

  7. Jessica franken

    Please make another season it is a really great show. Me and my family always watched it on Sundays on our DVR . it had a great plot and it was very different from the shows that come on. Hopefully the decision would change.

  8. ken

    Can’t believe they not having at season 2 . USA is wrong about this show its great . The other cr*p that usa brings back just blows my mind they are not giving this show a second chance


    What ???? This show was seriously too good not to return

  10. amber kinsley

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved Complication Season 1!!! I was always sitting on the edge of my seat!! You are really STUPID if it’s cancelled!!!!!!

  11. TJ

    Loved Complications. Every episode better than the next! Hope to see season 2 soon. It’s always exciting!

  12. Lane

    What? Not coming back for 2? But the Chrisleys keep popping up on USA! Give us quality, fast moving drama. I loved how it highlighted Atlanta but would have watched wherever. First saw Jason O’Mara on The Closer a few years ago. He and all the cast really jelled. Please Renew.
    Must bring back this series! Don’t leave us hanging USA!!!

  13. April

    I love this show! Please bring it back. I was looking forward to this show and The Red Road and it was cancelled as well. Don’t we have enough reality TV sh** not worth watching! Bring back the good shows!!!!!

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