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White Collar season 7?

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Has White Collar drama been cancelled or renewed for season 7? When does the new season premiere? We want to know the start (air) date in 2015!

TV-channel: USA Network
Genre: Police procedural
Starring: Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay…

Season 5 Episode 13: 2.99 million U.S. viewers

Season 6 Episode 1: 1.54 million U.S. viewers

The time to say good-bye to «White Collar» television series has finally come. USA Network president Chris McCumber confirmed, the premiere date of the final episodes is not connected with 2015, as the fans hoped, but with 2014, as the final sixth season consists only of six episodes.

The rights holders don’t plan to order season 7, as the plot of the show has decent and logical culmination.

The rights holders once again praised the brilliant acting of Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay, as exactly these stars were making the TV-project popular during many years.

Is it hard to say good-bye?

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  1. Jamie

    Better this than an actual cancelation. Congrats to the cast and crew!

  2. Judith Torres

    Mozzi was the best. Peter was great. I will miss this show.

  3. Scott

    Huge fan of the show! Glad to see it get a proper send off )

  4. BerryBerry

    I still love the show but the ratings and quality have been going down. I’m just happy we’ll get closure.

  5. BethPitt

    Im soo sad this show is even coming to an end so soon. The characters and storylines are fantastic. I need season 7 and moreeee

  6. Cas3y

    USA does cancel all goodshows and leave the stupid shows (((

  7. Reeves (v)

    So sad this great, fun, creative show with snappy dialogue is going off the air. Don’t let White Collar fade away, bring it back to life.

    • jordan galloway

      white collar is one of the best shows ever it cant end like this let white collar live on forever we need a 7th season it is already 2017 it needs to be brought back to life.

  8. Cristina S.

    Give us season 7!!! Who would ever get tired of looking at Matt Bomer?

  9. Miles==8==M

    Not really surprising every USA show ends around season 6-7

  10. Ivan1st

    I’m glad they will have a chance to give it a proper ending.

  11. Peggy Ballard

    My husband and really enjoyed watching it! Please make season 7

  12. 7up

    I agree it is the best show on TV. If they go thru with canceling I will not watch USA ever again!

  13. Matthew (NY)

    I will miss White Collar. I think the timing is probably right, but I will still miss it.

  14. Fia

    oh noooo! my favorite show on TV ((((

  15. Zak

    I will be missed…

  16. Sher

    I loved watching this show. Mossie, and Neil were great together. Hated for it to end, but how could they possible continue the show with out Neil being front and center. I believe the writers can not stretch their imagination to come up with a 7th season, for it they brought Neil back out of his freedom, then everyone would be upset. So what could season 7 really be about.

    I would have liked to see more on how Neil is living his life in freedom, and Mossie meeting up with him. But I know this is the end. Perhaps they can create a spin off without making Neil a fugitive or anything like that, but mossie would have to be in it too. Here’s for hoping.

    • jordan galloway

      Because Neal never died we need to know what will happen.

  17. teresa

    I think a made for TV movie would be great with Neal meeting his name sake in Paris. Mossie finding out Neal is alive. Do not want Neal to do anything wrong, keeping his security company safe. I think the season with his search for his father was slow and that hurt the show. I love the show and have the complete series on DVD…

    Would watch a new series with an older Neal’s struggles as security for art museums and his interaction with known art thief’s and Neal JR. becoming an art thief and an FBI man like his now retired father.

  18. Teri Selden

    I’m bummed. My daughter and I watched all 6 seasons. To find out that there is no season 7. I was not expecting this. I would love to see a season 7

  19. Linda Belcher

    Please bring White Collar back. One of the best TV shows there ever was. Can always make a spin off. My husband and I watch the full shows all the time.

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