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Continuum season 4: start air date (2015)

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When does Continuum season 4 start? The show had been renewed for a final season of six episodes. We are waiting for the exact premiere air date in 2015!

TV-channel: Syfy
Created by: Simon Barry
Genre: science fiction
Starring: Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, Erik Knudsen, Stephen Lobo
Country of origin: Canada

According to the numerous Internet resources, «Continuum» television series won’t be able to keep on air for a long time. The number of fans of the show was constantly decreasing, which resulted in the critics’ negative reviews.

Syfy management, realising the existing situation, made the official announcement concerning the future seasons of the given project. Taking into account the data received, the show has been renewed for season 4 and the start date of the new episodes is scheduled for September 4, 2015 (on Showcase) and September 11, 2015 (on SyFy).

The ordered 6 episodes will become the last ones. After that the show gets «closed» status.

Do you support the Syfy decision?

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  1. Mike

    I like the show and don’t support Syfy’s decision to cancel Continuum. I watch the channel for scifi but it seems these series are constantly be cancelled.

    • Raven357

      That’s because WWF and those fake azz paranormal ghost show are so much more entertaining. Now if someone can please explain to me what eith of those venues has to do with sci-fi I will sign over my next 6 paychecks to you.

    • Betty

      I just don’t understand why they cancel all the shows I like. Do I have that bad of taste. I enjoyed continuum and haven. I watched them all the time they were on

  2. Brenda Reilly

    This show is excellent and makes you think so of course the network wants to kill it!? Seems any quality show can’t stay on air anymore it is so much more important to watch red neck shows and self made celebrities, and other “reality” nonsense!? This show hasn’t been properly advertised let alone unless someone is blathering on endlessly in support of a show they will take it off air before you know it! Used to be enough to really enjoy a show and watch it faithfully now you have to tweet about it, gush about it online daily, and/or leak some juicy gossip about the show to keep it on air!! Oy what a pain!!

    • Christina

      I agree 100%!!!

  3. Alison

    This is A GREAT show! A true science fiction program. I’m quite disappointed that there will only be 6 episodes as they opened up a great new storyline with plenty to work with at the end of the last season. I also don’t think that SYFY is actually scifi anymore. They keep pulling all the good scifi shows! I vote keep Continuum on and get rid of that Sharknado cr*p!

    • EmBalmU

      I remember reading a Bio on the owner of the Sci-Fi station. I found it very disturbing that he is an extremely religious person, you never hear religious slurs in any programs, so why would a person buy a station that supports “the big bang theory”? I strongly feel that new owner-ship would greatly help the stations longevity, or the present owner get off the “God Complex” and allow quality shows to be aired without being dubbed or cut in the name of whatever god he believes in. Don’t misunderstand me, everyone is entitled to there own beliefs, but as a true Sci-Fi not Sy-Fy fan i find the whole idea of mixing religion with planet and star dust is ignorance. With all the information that we, as a whole, have collected and the study of the skies nearby galaxies. With all that formation is there any real question of the origin of us? Now ruin that with killing a great story told threw excellent acting and you shall have the fate of CONTINUUM.

      • Eric Mickley

        EmBalmU….. You’re a Bigot. If he’s “entitled to” his “own beliefs”, then why do you want him removed from his position?
        P.S. You’re also wrong about God. You’re right though, when you say there is no logical question about “the origin of us”..
        Atheism is illogical. Everything that we see around us, including
        those things we can measure in the universe, such as matter and life, and those
        things we cannot, such as abstract thought, could not come spontaneously from
        “nothing”. The very laws of physics and common sense dictate that
        “something” cannot come from “nothing”. We were either
        created by random chance by an eternal source of energy, or by an eternal
        being. The second law of thermodynamics precludes the former, as all energy
        deteriorates, and cannot be eternal. Furthermore, even if an ordered system
        could be created by random chance, it could not survive entropic forces without
        design, and a design necessitates a designer. The following quote is from the
        Logical Faith website, and put’s it brilliantly: “Atheists often deride
        the religious for holding irrational beliefs, but I can think of nothing more
        irrational than nothing producing everything, chaos producing order, irrationality
        producing rationality, mindless matter producing information, and non-life
        producing life. If I’m to believe these things occurred, I must suspend my
        reason, forget my every experience, and reject established scientific
        laws.” This is only part of what led great minds like Einstein and Heisenberg to come to the conclusion that there has to be a creator. But then again you’re probably right and they’re probably wrong. They only discovered relativity and quantum theory, lol.

        • digix

          He isn’t a bigot, he simply thinks there’s a potential conflict of interest between the owner of the SyFy channel and the content of the SyFy channel. It wouldn’t be the first time that happened in the history of content outlets, if that actually happens to be the case(which I’m not saying it is since I don’t know).

          One ordered system has as much chance of surviving as another regardless of their origins.

          Because we weren’t there, we don’t actually know anything about how the Universe started or how life started. Any claim otherwise is fiction at best.

      • Raven357

        Wouldn’t have anything to do with slandering Monsanto would it?

        • NickGrooves

          I caught that, too. Doubt it, though because many shows (like Law & Order) have famously gained popularity over the years by ‘ripping from the headlines.’ Besides, I think lack of advertising was a much bigger problem. I stumbled onto the series by accident, loved it, and then spent nearly all of Season 2 trying to figure out a way to watch it online. Xfinity still to this day shows zero episodes available. Luckily you can see all three seasons on Netflix. But for those without Netflix or cable … how to watch? Hmm no wonder the ratings were low.

          Side note … why is the grammar on here so poor? Article and comments alike. Let’s go, people!

  4. Beth W

    Yes, obviously, SYFY must prefer B movies to quality programming.

    • Johnnie B

      Like Sharknado…. theres quality programming there…. Continuum needs to continue.

  5. Etc

    I’m very disappointed. It’s not the first time that syfy cancel a very good program.
    In this case the plot is very addictive, the actors are very good. I’m very sad about the syfy decision. This is one of my favorite tv show.
    It’s not a good time for scifi programs. The program quality is no longer a criteria to continues to deliver new seasons.

  6. Daniel

    It’s no longer the “SYFY” channel. its the psuedo-reality what if people were as stupid as Jerry Springer guests channel

  7. Richard

    SYFY has moved away from syfy to horor and anything but Sf

  8. Sonya Tytler

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to hear SyFy will be canceling Continuum. I don’t typically watch SyFY shows but I love this show. Why? Because of the possibilities of some of the situations etc that could happen in our near future. I found that intriguing about the show.

    • Raven357

      And the great thing is they can take the show in any direction. Plenty of material for future episode but I guess Honey Boo Boo is more entertaining and mind expanding. Freaking idiots

  9. Me

    I love this show. But it seems any intelligent well developed stories get trashed. Keep this show, bring back firefly and remove all the cr*p. Pretty please, I need to know more about the traveler.

  10. Allen

    It’s actually a Canadian Showcase show. ScFi just airs it in the US…… Good show, however ratings declines. We are at least going get an end…

  11. Stirl

    I don’t like the decision and hope it’s changed.

  12. sabrina blakely

    i like the show alot


    Its tragic when craven ideology and cynical hubris is used to disallow well made and structured television programming. The SciFi channel costs extra for cable subscribers, where historically it was “just part of the package” of standard cable. So with the advent of digital signal boxes; special antennae there is no “free” tv and now even good scifi programs are tossed because not enough low brow, Matrix-like reality shows are in the pipeline. Ever wonder why people binge watch Twilight Zone, Star Trek, FireFly? Maybe because they all began pretty much like “Warehouse 13” “Sanctuary’ and “Continuum” had; you know groups of friends get together and watch tv. Even if u watch them on ur phone or tablet its still watching. Isn’t that the point?

  14. fan

    I like this show. The characters and storyline are good. The “tech” is fun. What it lacks is more action and a faster moving plot. Well into season 2 (bingewatching) and I still don’t know who the “freelancers” are. Why not mix it up a little more? Most of these shows last 4-5 seasons if they’re lucky, so they should be planned that way.

  15. Afaunman

    I’m glad they are at least wrapping it up and not leaving us high and dry, but I did really like the show and am disappointed they are canceling it.
    Maybe it’s the “Corporations” pushing the cancellation as it’s starting to hit closer to home… and Keira is switching sides… lol 😉 – It was fun while it lasted!

    • Raven357

      Funny maybe it is Samanto chemical.

  16. RDSouth

    I liked it, but I see where they’re coming from. The show started out really exciting, with a great premise. After that start kind of worked itself out the show lapsed into a sort of water treading aimlessness, like it didn’t know quite what to do next. They had all kinds of threads they could have used to keep it exciting, but it’s like they didn’t want to waste them, and now they’ll just never use them. It wasn’t unsalvageable, but I guess they decided not to try.

  17. JYZ

    Why cancel a smart, exciting, and relatable show like “Continuum”… Screw SyFy and I say shop the series to Neflix directly…thoughts?

    • Raven357

      They need to see how many people watch it on Netflix’s and other providers to get a true picture of the amount of viewers.

  18. Chuck

    I think this show is great! Good plot, great drama, and exciting! There are many ways they could have carried the series, so many more stories and scenarios that the show could explore! But the corporations, while an interesting point, should not have been the main nemesis! Regardless, I am anxious to see the 2015 season, even if only 6 shows!

  19. LC

    Loved this show. For once I had something to look forward to on Sunday nites.
    It makes you think what the future holds for the human race.

    Iwill miss it immensely.

  20. Kauai John

    The reason it lost viewers is because it became more and more relevant to today and people didn’t want to understand that they have sold their souls to the Koch Brothers. Some how they still believe in the “Bad Alex” — Fox News.

  21. Christina

    I can’t believe this show is being cancelled and isn’t producing the full 13 episodes of season 4, that is terrible! With all the new ways to release shows online and etc., I’m sure that there could have been a creative solution to keep the show going. It was definitely poorly advertised. I’m the exact demographic for this show (loved Fringe, etc.) and I never even heard about it until last year (Season 3)! I caught up, have been watching and waiting excitedly for Season 4. What a shame! Bad decision.

  22. wiz

    it’s hard to watch anything new just when a show starts to get its feet they cancel it.

  23. Andy

    I think Liber8 is behind this closedown … Or maybe it’s the Corporations… Actually, it will be sad to see this end. Great casting and fun storyline!

  24. yourboywilldo

    I used to watch SyFy channel all the time, now not so much. This is the best show they got going so I absolutely disagree with there decision to shut it down. This show has the potential to be the best thing on television. I hope another network picks it up.

  25. vct

    this is Bull cr*p, to cancel a good show, at least give it a full 13 epidoes like the other seasons, i mean way it left off in season 3 how you gonna tunr that into a good ending in 6 episodes?

  26. Steve

    I disagree with the decision to cancel Continuum. If more good sci-fi shows like this one were on the channel, then more viewers would watch thiis channel. I’m tired of SyFy killing good shows. I hope Netflix picks up the show.

  27. Raven357

    Six episodes and then a movie would be a better closure.

  28. Doc

    I wish that they would keep this show. I really hate the reality stuff. WTH does wwe or what ever it is called have to do with science fiction? I mean come on. It seems that no matter what channel you watch they have reality shows going on. I tend to watch this show online and on t.v. and so do a lot of other people. I really like Difiance, and the show with the angels that is based off the movie Legion. I would have really liked more of the Star Gate stuff too, but again a GREAT series is cancelled that should have stayed. Keep Continuum going. Don’t kill season 4 with only 6 shows.

  29. SoTiredofBStv

    Always the good scifi type shows get cancelled leaving mindless reality BS. Bad decisions SciFi… Funny how the only shows I like you have are the ones you cancel. Another good one as example “Caprica”… WTF???

  30. Don Daddy

    What is with these people canceling Continum. Its just like “Dark Angel” (Jessica Alba) got canceled. Who’s running the show down there? As soon as you get a good show cancel. Somebody better get a grip.

  31. kalee

    I Love this show! I cant wait to see more, I really hope it doesn’t get canceled. I wanna see someone kill Kellogg and make a future worth while.. I think 3 more seasons of awesome.. and a movie should cover it (:

  32. Kevin

    Every show that is well written, thought provoking, and intelligent gets cancelled! The garbage that replaces it, is mindlessly written for dull, thoughtless people who would prefer to see fake rustic rednecks living to hunt ducks, when they are actually all college educated, upper middle class making millions off of the stupidity of their audience. What happened to writing a T.V. series that makes your audience think, and want to think even more? It’s sad.

  33. John

    A great show, couldn’t wait for season 4 release and wish the series would be released in “continuum.”

  34. Miklo

    Sad to read about the fate of the show not fair, the story has been great but like all good stories that make you think out side of the box, the network kills off just like caprica. The religious beliefs of the owner should not be blamed for the death of another good show. The maker or god factor has played a great role in sci-fi just look at battle star galactica. But I agree that dumb realality shows have dulled the sences of many of the average viewers

  35. Tray

    This is one of my favorite shows I do not agree nor do i understand why they would cancel this great show. There are so many great concepts and they are being executed very well. I’m very upset about this cancellation. T.v. is becoming more and more saturated with brainless reality shows among other pathetic excuses for shows… SMH

  36. Mo

    PLEASE DONT DELETE THIS SHOW IS AMAZING . I am truly impressed with this Show. Yall are doing great ! I dont support syfy decision and mabe move to Abc . They get alot of views just please dont delete the show

  37. Mahasin

    keep Continuum please! i love that show it is one of the best one thats been on scifi. how could you do this. i have been waiting for it since january and wondering where is it. i see you have new shows but it does not compare to Continuum and i hope you are not getting rid of Haven because that is also a good show i have been watching from the beginning. i believe once people realize the show will be over or cut they will be very upset. as far as for me i am willing to give you guys up because you don’t know what the viewers like!

  38. Rebecca

    I really enjoyed the show and am sorry to see it go. The problem I have is the continuity of this and other shows; when you get maybe 10 episodes, and then have to wait a year to get more. It’s such a long time, that interest kind of wanes.

  39. Jill

    I really like this show as well as some other shows that have been cancelled. We do not need any more REALITY shows we live in it, why would we want to see it. I watched it on Netflix which is the way to go, so I hope it does get picked up by them if SyFi drops it. Please do not cancel it SyFi…this is a good show.

  40. Keith

    I totally gave up on SyFy years ago with not related sci-fi and barley related sci-fi material
    decided to give continuum a try and wow I was very impressed with its story line and production. this led to me to defiance and several others. I found out many other viewers had similar opinions(my brother very difficult viewer to impress)Please keep this type of Quality programing on SyFy(more continuum) and science fiction related programing. Great job Simon barry and cast!

  41. Angie

    Syfy execs need to get a grip. Continuum is one of the few shows that I take the time to watch. Seasons one through three are amazing. Please don’t cancel this show.

  42. Jesse

    We enjoy the show very much and do not support that design to end the show. It’s not another typical cop series and that’s what makes it enjoyable

  43. nick

    Do not cancell.. SYFY DECISION IS TERRIBLE …

  44. nick


  45. Sandrini

    Well its not the 1st time SyFy (aka Sci-Fi) cancels an awesome show. Of course the decision is terrible. Clearly those in charge of programming have no vision. This show could have stayed on 5 – 7 more seasons … Instead they’d rather air sucky “reality shows” that are anything but real and save lotsa $$$ in production. What a waste of airtime! Remember when Stargate SG-1 was on for 10 seasons? WOW! I wonder if Monsanto didn’t like the negative (but true) references. And also I wonder why have on 12 Monkeys when its concept is so limited (refer back to the original film). Season 2 of Helix was a big disappointment. I hate when they go back & forth in time – do they not have anything better to write into their scripts? Maybe its worked for other shows like Lost but it really slows down the storyline & the energy of the show.

  46. Sara

    I hardly watch the SyFy channel but this particular show was an exception. I really enjoyed the plot line and the possibilities. I just hope they are at least able to give us a satisfying end with just 6 episodes. Otherwise, I will be much more dissapointed.

  47. Jeffrey Rosenlund

    Ah man! Only six episodes left of Continuum? Simon Barry said he could make a nine season arc. I love this show and all the complex characters. This show as well as Defiance are shows that brought relevance of the Syfy channel for me. If these shows disembark that will likely end my viewership of Syfy.

  48. Sarah Palmer

    I love this show and am sad its being cancelled, would have a loyal fan for many more seasons.

  49. Tim Seitz

    If you have Netflix, contact customer service and ask them to pick up Continuum, the guy I spoke to said a lot of people are requesting it!

  50. D.G. Carter

    The show fizzled last season because of confusing plot twists. The network made the proper call .Now give us a superb finale.

  51. Mlkcoke

    I used to watch sifi and then slowed down a lil when it became softy.. Then fizzled as most shows I watched were cancelled. I have been waiting for the return of continuum for so long… Then read this… The only one I have left is defiance…. How long till it is gone.

    And I agree! There is just no way they are gonna be able to give season three ending the justice it deserves in 6 episodes.

    • Karen Croft

      I forgot about defiance ,give it time they will screw that one up too.

  52. Keith

    Great show and if you think you’ve got it figured out in first segment you may not rare in most programs! Would like to see more of this type programing not cheeeesey wrestling\horror.

  53. Adam

    Haven’t tuned into any tuned into any Syfy shows since they cancelled star gate universe. Vowed I would never again start watching a series on SyFy because they don’t finish the decent ones they start.

    Ran across this show on Netflix, when watched the season 1 stuff up to the point where I Went back on vow to myself to never pay attention to this channel again.. when I found it was a SyFy channel thing ( all though seems like its Canadian in origin as well.. )

    You guys were worried about folks just DvRing and not watching your channel live ??, going to say perhaps in 4-5 years I may mistakenly find another one of your products on a streaming service but rest assured it will not be on purpose and definitely not on your station ..

  54. Daveosac

    I don’t agree with “The decision”. This show is perfect for SyFy. It has potential for many new plots

  55. Steve Nickerson

    My daughter (23) and I enjoy Continuum, although after Season 2 she lost a little interest, it did pick up again. Anyone remember a show called FireFly? If their #’s are still good, continue…, I thought it was a very interesting concept…

  56. Ray

    Like Adam said I found it on Netflix. ..and that sucks ..great show …maybe a good channel would pick it up ..cause the rest of there shows are carp

  57. Karen Croft

    Love the show hate they are only giving us 6 more shows,The good shows are always cancelled,but the stupid sitcoms stay on for years n years………….I have no reason to watch syfy now!

  58. JoAnn

    I love the show Continuum. Six episodes is not enough.I’m disappointed in SyFy for their choices of what shows to keep & what to cancel. Then they move the good ones like Continuum & Haven all over & you can’t figure out when they are on to watch. Very poor programming on them. Shame on you SyFy.

  59. Julian Randol

    Liber8 the show from the corporation who would kill it! Think now, before it is too late!

  60. tommie

    SyFy owners, listen to the people who love your television series and stop cancelling them. You seriously lose viewers when you cancel good programs and leave us hanging. Continuum, Alphas (yes one of my favorites), Haven, Warehouse 13. I’m hesitant to watch SyFy shows anymore.

  61. ME

    I hope this show does not get cancelled, I found on Netflix and loved it! It seems like so many others have stated all the good shows get cancelled and replaced by rubbish.

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