Sep 16

Continuum season 5 ?

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Will there be Continuum season 5? What about the premiere date for the new episodes? Bad news… The series cancelled by Syfy after four seasons.

After the final of the third season of Continuum television series the rights holders decided not to rush out and think about the future of the project carefully. The silence lasted for half a year and after that it was renewed for the fourth season, which would become the final one for the given story.

The TV viewers were disappointed with such decision, as in addition to the fourth season they also hoped for the fifth one, but instead they were offered only six final episodes. The actress Rachel Nichols wrote in her Twitter account that she understood the fans’ disappointment, but on the other hand would it be better if the show was canceled, breaking the storyline?

Of course, the fact, that the creators leave us without the fifth season, is unpleasant, but we should thank them for the proper ending! So, the release date of the final episode of the Continuum show is scheduled for October 2015 (not wait for the continuation in 2016).

Are you disappointed?

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  1. Vicky Clark

    I love the show! Why do networks always cancel the popularity shows?

  2. Dorothy

    I can’t wait to see how it all ends.

  3. Kim Stevens

    I’m sorry to see this show end.

  4. Monk000

    Not surprising. The show betrayed itself this last season.

  5. Stacey M.

    This show hit a creative high in season 3. I didn’t see this coming at all, and that’s really disappointing that there will only be 6 episodes. Make more! We need Season 5!!!

  6. LLLK

    It’s deserves a lot more!

  7. Kendra Fowler

    This is so sad. One of my all time favorite shows (((

  8. kayla

    LOVE Continuum. Never end it. Make season 5 and bring back Fringe )

  9. NouelSS

    We will have a proper ending to this wonderful series. Very happy!

  10. Leah

    So disappointed! I really loved this show.

  11. Roy

    The show wasn’t cancelled, it was ended!!! There’s a difference!

  12. talala131

    This show has so much potential, it’s sad to see it ending so soon.

  13. Erikka

    This is the best series I have watched in a long time, I am very sorry to see it end.

  14. Eustace mikidad

    This is not serious

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