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Covert Affairs season 6?

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Has Covert Affairs spy drama been cancelled or renewed for season 6? We will wait for the start air date in 2015! When does the fresh episodes premiere?

TV-channel: USA Network
Genre: Action, Drama
Starring: Piper Perabo, Christopher Gorham, Kari Matchett, Anne Dudek

Season 5 Episode 1: 1.88 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 11: 1.22 million U.S. viewers

According to experts, the current season of «Covert Affairs» television series was considered as failed one, as the number of its fans decreased to 1,2 million people.

The fall of its ratings always results in the bad consequences, that is why USA Network television channel management is going to discuss the future of the show in more details. Let’s hope, the verdict will be positive and we will enjoy the new episodes in summer 2015.

At the moment the air date of season 6 is still a question (UPDATE 1), but we are following the announcements and will tell you the «fresh» news as soon as it appears.

Covert Affairs season 6 start – [cancelled]

And in the meantime, let’s support the show in comments!

UPDATE 1 (Jan.6, 2015): Bad news… USA Network has cancelled Covert Affairs after five seasons.

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  1. Sam

    I love Covert Affairs ! Keep it going.

  2. Polian99

    Covert Affairs has a lot of potential an I don’t think it’s far to just cancel it. Hope for season 6!

  3. Andrey G.

    would love to see season six and more

  4. BattleMan

    Can’t wait for season 6!!

  5. mary

    love the show have watched it from the beginning. This is the best season yet.

  6. Katie

    Great show!! I know more people would watch if they gave it a chance!! It’s really amazing!

  7. Kelly

    Loved season 5, didn’t care for season 4 at all. Love the show and characters. McQuaid is a great addition.

    • catsinjax

      Agreed. McQuaid is an awesome addition to the story line!

  8. Sherry

    We all love Covert Affairs!!! Bring season 6 on please.

  9. lisa

    Please keep covert affairs going….love it

  10. Sonny

    Love the show! Have watched all 5 seasons. Can’t wait for season 6! Keep it going!!

  11. catsinjax

    Covert Affairs is one of my and my daughter’s favorite shows. The season finale makes one wonder what USA network is up to, be it cancel the show or continue with a super interesting story line.

    Personally, I hope they do renew the contract on this and continue to bring this show. I was disappointed enough when they cancelled White Collar. If they cancel Covert, I may choose to never watch their station again.

  12. Marcella Corrado

    They just need better publicity for the show. Covert Affairs is amazing but not enough people know about it.

    • Beth


  13. Beth

    Love Annie & McQuade. Covert Affairs is my favorite show! I hate that NBC tried to rip it off…they did a poor job of it I might add.

    I’m looking forward to several more seasons. I would love to know when season 6 is going to air

  14. Bev

    Great show! Have watched since beginning. Each season improves with a more developed story with all of the actors growing. I hope it will continue.

  15. nmbrown

    please bring back covert affairs. Annie and McQuade working together is great but her heart belongs to aggie

    Looking forward to season 6

  16. Cher

    I love CA and especially the addition of McQuaid. Just had a TV marathon and watched all 16 season 5 episodes. I can’t wait for Season 6. Please tell me it’s not cancelled.

    • Beverly A. Ponder

      I have watched Season 5 from beginning to end 3 times in the last 2-3 weeks.
      I love the show and really like Annie and Ryan.
      I am so disappointed that USA is cancelling the show.

      Beverly A. Ponder

  17. rebecca

    The show will definitely not be the same without Auggie, but I really wanna now whether Annie and Ryan become Mr and Mrs McQuaid. Please don’t cancel it!!


  18. Dariel

    It definitely needs season 6..

  19. Zuuma

    Why oh why do they keep cancelling the BEST shows! I love this show, and am devastated! I hate to see Covert Affairs go. USA s*cks for that one.

  20. StarMan

    I’m so disappointed in USA! First they cancel White Collar and now Covert Affairs?!

  21. Toss

    oh nooo!!! I cant believe they cancelled it. Maybe, it will picked up by another station?


    very good program sorry it is cancelled hope they reconcidered

  23. Mark and Sandy

    One of the best shows on TV!! Better than the stupid so-called reality shows and lewd sit coms. We watched every episode with anticipation. Ranks up there with the old Dallas and Magnum PI of yesteryear. The main problem of the show was that the time frame kept switching and being pre-empted for some other TV trash.

  24. Miss Muffa's Mom

    It seems that every time a superior series appears with great scripts, an entire “team” of actors who mesh perfectly, without needing any sleeze to carry the show – someone in corporate decides to cancel it! White Collar, another prime example, AT LEAST had a grand finale tying up unresolved threads satisfactorily. What does it say about USA that it cancels a series, leaving devoted watchers hanging??

    I’ve watched USA for years and probably will continue. At least until its programming reaches the point that there’s nothing left except re-runs and very old movies (I won’t even touch the subject of maybe trashy “reality” shows clogging the schedule) – at which point, I’ll give up USA as one of my go-to networks. There are still tons of us out here who haven’t been dumbed-down to the point that we aren’t capable of appreciating fine programming!

  25. Mel

    Bring back Covert Affairs. We need a season 6. This is one of the best shows on TV. Excellent actors and interesting story telling. Chris Gorham does an awesome job in portraying a blind operative and Piper Perabo and the rest of the CA crew are great as well.

  26. Mary

    Please bring this show Covert Affairs back. We need another season. All the actors are great and keeps us guessing what will happen next . With some of the other shows we have to watch don’t have anything to offer like Covert Affairs does.

  27. susan

    Covert Affairs needs to continue with a Season 6. For the most part there is always a plot and at the end of each episode leaves you wanting more and anticipation for the next episode. Please USA keep on airing Covert Affairs! Best of the best out there. There are too many infomercials get THEM, off the air!

  28. Gretchen

    Covert Affairs was my favorite show. The USA network has removed every reason for watching it.
    They have replaced high quality shows with ones I will never watch.

  29. Joann

    Covert Affairs is one of the best shows ever. USA network needs to reconsider and air season 6 and continue this show beyond that. I have watched every episode and bought the DVDs of each season that is out. USA PLEASE don’t cancel this show.

  30. Wanda

    Covert Affairs is one of my favorite show. Please bring it back,it always keeps you on the edge
    of your seat. Piper Perabo and Chris Gorham are the best of actors. The storylines have all been
    interesting and keep you wanting more and looking forward to the next episode. Let us have
    another season.

  31. FO


  32. Dee

    STOP CANCELLING ALL THE GOOD SHOWS!! I never miss covert affairs and love watching the reruns already! I wish there was more of it not less!

  33. Joanna

    I am very sad this show has been cancelled – so annoying. People loosing interest in season 5 maybe because Auggie and Annie’s relationship wasn’t the same – I think that’s what was so good in the show – two main characters – also the Mosad spy – great character – I really was hoping that season 6 would bring more twists and turns for the above characters and their adventures – so very sad – I reiterate from others above – so many good stories going off air – like publishing half a book!!!

  34. Teresa Mead

    One of the best acted TV shows on the air. I can’t believe it is cancelled.

  35. Nancy

    Please do no cancel covert affairs. We need to see more of Annie in action

  36. John D Elmstedt Jr

    Say it ain’t so, BRING BACK COVERT AFFAIRS FOR SEASON 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. kay


  38. lisa

    Please do not cancel Covert Affairs. Best show ever!

  39. Mary Steffes

    I can’t believe it!!!!!! How could you cancel the best show on TV!!! Covert Affairs was an amazing show. I’m getting tired of this:::: I have now lost Dallas, White Collar, Necessary Roughness, Fairly Legal, Royal Pains ?, and now Covert Affairs!!!!! I’m starting to think I shouldn’t watch USA or TNT at all anymore…..
    Please bring Covert Affairs back!!!!!!

  40. Alex E

    Covert Affairs rocks-the best show on tv-no contest.The writings great and the acting is amazing.Piper Pirabo is so cool as a bad *ss chick and the rest of the cast has great chemistry I can’t wait for the new season!!

  41. Jan

    This is very dissappointing there are a lot of shows the could have been cancelled that aren’t nearly as entertaing as Covert Affairs. Loved the show Loved the characters

  42. Cara H

    first Burn Notice now Covert Affairs? These were 2 of my favorite shows. Stop canceling good shows!!!!!!

  43. Tara

    Please bring Covert Affairs back! I love the show! i would love to watch many more episodes!

  44. mary s

    I’ve watched covert affairs for the last 5 seasons, and I think it’s one of the best shows out there. It’s a down right shame to cancel it. You are doing yourself and the fans a disservice.

  45. Maura Sosa


  46. Katie

    I am so disappointed. I looked forward to getting caught up on the USA app or on-demand. Was so excited with the end season 5. Hope they change their mind. And bring it back next year.

  47. lisa

    Seriously you can’t cancel the show and just leave it at the end of season 5 at least put an ending to it she married Ryan etc

  48. sam martin`

    They got off the main aspect of the show in season five. Get back on track and the fans will come back in droves. Do it wrong and you might as well bury it now.

  49. doug satterfield

    Cable One Inc. threatened to drop USA Network during negotiations so I switched to DirecTV so I wouldn’t miss Covert Affairs and Suits. I could have lost suits, wouldn’t have been happy but would have gotten over it. If you cancel Covert Affairs, I will not watch your network nor support any of your advertisers and I hope all CA’s fans will do the same. Without viewers your ad dollars decline. That will affect your bottom line. I know I won’t have much impact but if tons of viewers do the same, it will speak volumes! I had to sign a 2 year contract with DirecTV after being with Cable One for over 15 years. I lost some good channels by switching but none with the original programing like CA’s that USA provides or should I say. provided!

  50. grant

    keep this show going out of all shows going this one is one of the best bring it back

  51. flippy5

    PLEAS keep Covert Affairs going. Only one of my TV shows worth watching. Want to see what happens between Annie and Nick. Hope you keep him on and the two of them together.

  52. Judi Harry

    I keep waiting on Covert Affairs to premiere and then I read it’s been cancelled. What the heck is wrong with USA. It’s a great show and if you read the comments you’d see it was watched. Keep the show on, for goodness sake. Every week was interesting, because you were never sure what was going to happen.

  53. Peggy Ann

    Please don’t cancel season six of covert affairs if you decide to cancel it at least one did up and come in season six that way we can see what happens to Annie!

  54. Suzette

    What a pity. I was really looking forward to some new developments. There is still so much that can be developed with the characters…. Not a good decision to cancel. Good, solid, entertainment.

  55. Andrea

    So sad! I loved CA and was looking forward to it’s return.

  56. Francios

    Covert Affairs is a great show minus Augie. His character is totally bogus and impossible. Sorry it is cancelled.

  57. Sharon

    I was really excited that Covert Affairs was being renewed in 2015. I love this show.

  58. Melody

    Keep it coming !

  59. Viviane

    This is a great show. Well acted and with high production values. Please keep it going.

  60. SY

    Is USA crazy? Covert Affairs is one of the best shows it has in my opinion. Season 6 needs to be aired. If ratings slipped it may be due to the change from original airing times. Why does a network take a #1 show and start shifting it around in the airing line up causing rating issues.
    Execs have no one to blame but themselves for rating drops to popular shows. Venting over!

  61. Linda Trushenski

    ive watched it all for 5 seasons & was looking so forward to season 6. We have stupid shows like the survivor, kardashians & they stay on TV for ever & ever. Covert Affairs ways a popular show & should keep going. This show was my entertainment.

  62. Dee

    Bring it back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  63. Michelle

    One of my favorite shows!!! I have it on auto-record just so I don’t miss an episode. Why cancel it! Stupid move USA! At least give it a chance for a decent finally like Burn Notice did. But don’t leave the fans hanging. Not good business!
    USA network airs Law & Order re-runs over and over again and cancels a great show like Covert Affairs! Makes no sense!!!! They talk about ratings; I can’t imagine over 1 million people rather watch the same re-run for the um-tenth time over a new episode of Covert Affairs! Honestly…put Covert Affairs in the place of a Law & Order re-run.

  64. Sandy W

    Please renew the Season 6 contract. I enjoy this series very much. Annie is a go-getter and I
    Love Her!

  65. Karen l

    My husband and I are SO sad Covert Affairs has been cancelled. It’s been one of our favorite summertime shows.

  66. carol baker

    i love that show. please renew.

  67. Lydia Q

    Please bring Covert Affairs back. It was my favorite show and I saw the world through this show.

  68. Zach

    Her heart condition killed the show for me. I got sick and tired of her nearly having a heart attack every time she chased somebody. That makes her a useless agent and that in itself destroyed this great show.

  69. Kristen

    Covert Affairs is one of the best dramas on TV! I agree that it needs better PR, I accidentally found it while channel surfing during its first year. I have been an avid fan! The acting and writing is first rate… I specifically enjoy the fact that they film in the actual locations that the story takes place. Please bring it back! I’m always on the edge of my seat!!!!!

  70. Jeannine Griffin

    My husband and I watch Covert affairs and love it. It is our most favorite show to watch together. Please bring Season 6 to us.

  71. lisa

    Covert affairs is a must have show. I love it and need more of it.

  72. Kymm

    Bad move USA. Cancelling Covert Affairs and Burn Notice wasn’t smart. These two shows were two of the few my entire family watched together. Maybe if enough people stop watching the carp you show now, another network might be smart enough to pick it up. I haven’t watched a single thing on your station since.

  73. Melanie

    No,no,no, they can’t cancel it, I have been waiting all summer. This show is so good. Please bring it back on.

  74. Brenda

    One of my few, favorite shows cancelled?!? So sad. I hope to see it pop up on another network. Bring back Annie and company!

  75. Elaine

    Please don’t discontinue this show…the people are great..all the shows that do not have category.. Stay on…this had everything, please continue with show

  76. Evelyn

    I agree with many of the above comments. I look forward to seeing this show and hope you reconsider your cancellation decision. Keep Annie coming back!!! Thank you.

  77. Jennie

    I loved this show and always looked forward to it. Please don’t cancel it. I hope you reconsider it.

  78. Cathy Fellins

    Love it. Keep it going

  79. Debbie

    I was shocked to hear that they are pulling Covert Affairs I loved the show. Maybe another network will look at taking this great show on.

  80. Darlene

    Put it back on

  81. Jerry mimes

    USA totally s*cks. Covert is a great show and I will
    Never watch this network again. I’m furious over
    The cancelation. Really bad job USA. Once again you disappoint
    Thanks so much

  82. melissa miller

    You have to be kidding me, this is one of my favorite shows!!

  83. Tersia

    Bring back Covert Affairs.
    One of the best shows. Have been waiting, just to find out USA has cancelled it. But they will play law & order: Over and over everyday.

  84. Jennifer

    I hope the profit is good enough to employ the actors for season 6. I have enjoyed 1-5. Sad to see season 5 end.

  85. S willbanks

    This is an awesome show. Why do they always cancel the good ones and replace them with garbage. I guess they can add 1000 more law and order episodes. No wonder people are going with non cable options so they can choose what they subscribe too and watch. Covert Affairs crew you guys are great. You will be missed. i guess ill watch reruns on another network I found.

  86. Darla

    I am SOOOO DISAPPOINTED!! I love this show and it was one of the most interesting on TV; with all of the other weak show offerings, I’m surprised that this show was sacrificed… and for what? Burn Notice was another good one that was cancelled… I will miss this show BIG TIME!

    Thank you to the cast and crew for turning out a fabulous show!!

  87. Jimmy N

    This is an intelligent well documented series. I enjoy the realism of the locations many of which I have traveled to and thus am able to incorporate myself into the story. Scenes such as Those in Hong Kong and Argentina or Paris, London see what make this a unique show. It would be a shame to have it stop. Bring on more intelligent shows and make them relevant to current events.

  88. Geri

    Major Mistake. Great show. Bring it back or sell it to another network.

  89. Wendy Robinson

    I think Covert affairs is a fabulous show, please keep it going

  90. ed

    better this than 100000 . reruns of castle and bones

  91. ezcovingtonbelle

    Love covert affairs???? Why when yall dump a good program at least give some closer for the true fans. TV isn’t worth a cr*p now!

  92. jim

    Let there be 6. It’s better show than most Donnie and skank.

  93. Patsy Irvin

    I love this show. One of the best shows on TV. I CANT BELIEVE THEY ARE EVEN THINKING OF CANCELLING IT. The actors are great as so is the drama. Do t cancel this great show!!!

  94. Lydia

    This show is so good please keep it on the air. I’m sick of ratchet TV!!!!

  95. Trish

    Please do not cancel the show is great one of my favorites

  96. CR

    I love, love, love Covert Affairs. I cannot believe it was cancelled while so much garbage is still running. Please bring Covert Affairs back. I never miss an episode, no matter what, I make sure I’m home to watch it.

  97. Jack

    I love the show. I DVR it so I can watch it at my leisure at an earlier hour. Characters are great. Never could get into Graceland or white collars. Needs another season at least

  98. Iliana C

    How unfortunate another great show cancelled. Can’t understand how all those trashy reality shows stay on. I’ve refuse to watch them. Yet they sure. Too many ingorant people in this world.

  99. Laura

    The series is excellent. I especially loved season 5. I hope there is a season 6 and more.

  100. Fan58

    This was my favorite show. If I had to miss for person reasons, I’d watch it as soon as possible (next day) on demand! Please bring it back!!

  101. judith anyango

    i love watching covert affairs please i would like to watch staffel 6 von annie und rayan

  102. Mary Wark

    Please do not cancel this show. It is well made and acted and involving. When I heard the news my initial reaction was “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING? ARE YOU CRAZY? I watch this show, most of the NCCIS derivatives, Game of Thrones and Sherlock. I don’t care if celebrities can dance (NOT) or what new and awful way the Kardashians are making money, or who is thrown out of what house and why, All trash. Keep Covert Affairs!

  103. Keshia

    I hope my favorite show will come back on, I love that show Annie is my favorite and I love auggi

  104. Raryl

    I know Covert Affairs. How could they end the show the way they did. I loyally watched it every week. Miss it terribly. Bring it back!!! Love Piper!!!

  105. Sharon

    I can’t believe that they cancelled it. it was one of the best shows.

  106. Renee

    I just binge watched all five seasons and just found out they cancelled the show. What a shame! It was fantastic! Please, please bring it back!!

  107. Lynda J Reed

    Watched the show. Very good like it. Don’t cancel.

  108. Marcel Dextraze

    Please bing back Annie.. We are missing Covert Affairs!!!!

  109. JAE

    why show us a series and get us hooked to it if you want cancel . the series is tops

  110. Wilma

    Just watched all 5 seasons. All the good shows get cancel! Covert Affairs, Burn Notice and nearly Beauty and the Beast to! Bring it BACK!

  111. Michelle

    I have just finished watching all 5 seasons of Covert Affairs. It was gripping and exciting I really hope that there is a season 6. I really think that it would be a hit as it was originally.

  112. Deni

    I just watched all 5 seasons on Amazon of Covert Affairs. I love it. Please bring it back. Great tv show.

  113. tina

    I just watched all 5 seasons and I am so sad that there isn’t anymore. Please bring it back. Such a good show . Great Tv show and I know lots of people that would watch it.

  114. Donna

    My favorite show!

  115. Michelle

    I just came across and watched all 5 seasons and love it! Where was I this whole time?! Bring it back!

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