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Royal Pains season 7: premiere date

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Royal Pains renewed or cancelled by USA Network? When does season 7 come out in 2015? Fans are waiting for the new episodes and premiere air date!

TV-channel: USA Network
Pilot episode: June 4, 2009
Creators: Andrew Lenchewski, John P. Rogers

Season 5 Episode 1: 3.68 million U.S. viewers

Season 6 Episode 12: 1.92 million U.S. viewers

According to the statistics, the sixth season of «Royal Pains» TV show has lost its fans, as at the moment its number comprises about 2 million viewers compared to 3,68 million fans the year earlier.

The producers aren’t sure concerning the new episodes ordering and announcing of the premiere date of season 7, as USA Network television channel will focus only on the profitable TV-projects in 2015.

The final verdict is promised to be announced in November, so we need to wait patiently. We’re following the updates and are ready to publish the USA Network decision concerning the future of «Royal Pains» television series as soon as it is announced.

Royal Pains season 7 start – [June 2, 2015] (UPDATE 1)

Follow the updates of the given article and you will be the first to know!

UPDATE 1 (Nov.5, 2014): USA renewed the series for season 7 and season 8. Each season will consist of 8 episodes.

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  1. Jana

    They will probably renew it. i hope…

  2. Francis88

    Please renew Royal Pains for season 7. Best show on USA Network for me.

  3. Sophia Elliott

    Its a very good show and after every episode it leaves me wanting to watch more and more. hope for season 7

  4. Tiffany (New Jersey)

    GO GO Royal Pains! Can’t wait for season 7 in 2015! I need more episodes. Keep em coming!

  5. SEAR

    Amazing show! Paulo Costanzo – freakin brilliant acting!

  6. Debbi

    Please do not cancel Royal Pains. With so little to watch on television, USA network has the best shows. Royal Pains is a great show and eagerly await each episode. Please, please do not cancel Royal Pains. Please do not cancel one of the best shows on television. Thank you.

  7. Gayle

    Royal Pains and Suits, maybe the 2 best shows on TV…….ever. PLEASE KEEP THE EPISODES COMING. We NEED shows like this.

  8. Leslie

    Pleeeeeeease don’t cancel this show. It’s such a great show. Lots of fluff, but just what we need. It’s light and the actors are great. They all seem so cohesive and so genuine. People you’d actually want as friends. Great casting of “the Fonz” as Eddie Lawson. Keep those new episodes coming!!!! Here’s to season 7!!!

  9. Ray

    It was a lovely show that I truly enjoyed but I think it’s time has gone. Ready to move on

  10. Glen

    the reason Royal Pains went from 3,68 million fans to 1.92 million fans is the space between seasons.

  11. Al

    Lately I’ve noticed USA giving up on a lot of their shows. I.e. Burn notice (that was a huge loss) necessary roughness. (Figured it would have got a season 4 atleasT and tie up the series) most recently white collar USA network ordered a 6 episode season 6 the final season. While were left with a show like satisfaction which honestly sucks. I hope that they don’t hang royal pains out to dry. The shows I mentioned before were the USA networks first round of series and I felt they were good and all had diverse plots. If they are gonna cancel royal pains give them a full season to tie up every plot they have right now. But I hope they renew for a couple more seasons. The only thing that can be done is to hound the USA network to not cancel it. There’s been a few tv series that were Renewed after fans complained about it being canceled. If anyone knows how to do that I would love to know and help out.

  12. bonnie

    This is one of the few shows I actually find on tv that is simply pure entertainment…great chemistry between the actors,beautiful location, funny an of course those wonderful McIver medical procedures on the beach! Please keep this show on the air and save us from more violence,bad language and murders.

  13. Theresa

    Bring it back for more. royal Pains is awesome. Like to see Evan and Paige have a family. More on Emma and Henry Winkler. Bring Jill back and more intrigue with Boris. Hank is such a loving person. Needs to find true love. Also Divya and Jeremiah. So many wonderful things can be done with this show. I agree the problems are all of the distance and time between episodes and seasons. Just like Franklin and Bash. People get tired of waiting and think the show is done and get frustrated. Come on USA Stop procrastinating!

  14. Christina

    So glad USA renewed for season 7 & 8. I just finished watching season 6 …. there is SO much unfinished storytelling yet to be written. USA cannot cancel a show with no satisfying ending!

  15. Nancy F

    This is a great show! I look forward to seeing it every summer. If you need someone to be an
    extra – let me know. I am an author of childrens books and had another one published in October
    2014. Keep bringing back Henry Winkler for episodes because his character has so much depth
    and adds interest. We need more shows of this caliber!!

  16. Rebecca Stephens

    I want to know when the show starts again. I love this show although I didn’t want Roj (bad spelling) to leave.

  17. Cindy Beckett

    I think Royal Pains is a very entertaining show, and I look forward to each episode. The problem is that dreaded interminable length of time between seasons. One tends to forget when six plus months go by without seeing the show. I’m old enough to remember when one only had to wait through the summer before a show started up again!

  18. Sally

    I really enjoy watching Royal Pains. It seems every time I enjoy some thing it is taken off.
    I wish you would keep it on.

  19. Kelly H

    Please keep Royal Pains on the air, Its a great show! How about focusing on a consistent schedule so people can keep up with dates and times. I think that is where some viewership has been lost.

  20. Debbie

    Please keep Royal Pains going. Absolutely love it. I have watched every episode again and again! Can’t get enough ! Need , need ,need more! Divya, Dr. Hank Lawson,Paige Collins,Evan,Dr. Scans,Boris and Jill.

  21. Concerned

    Please, please, continue the show-best I’ve seen yet. I have watched all shows several times and still learn and enjoy every one. Realllly want more.

  22. Pam

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. Please keep up the good work and the episodes coming.

    I can only find the first two episodes dates. Need to plan my summer as to when I need to be near a TV for the new episodes.

    There’d better be more than just 2 episodes this season.

    We are quiet but loyal fans !

  23. Pati

    Totally love this show!!! It needs to keep going. I don’t have cable use to but I do watch it on Netflix if USA don’t want it take it to Netflix to keep it coming.

  24. Rusty

    I am a Loyal fan and want to see more, Please do not cancel Royal Pains.

  25. Margaret baker

    Please please renew royal pains I really love ❤ watching royal pains I look forward to it every. Week I really will be so so sad if you don’t renew it I have chronic back and neck pain watching royal pains helps me forget my pain for a little while I have never not liked any of the episodes they have a wonderful cast . You guys need to bring back hanks first girlfriend.

  26. KCJ

    Titan pains is excellent. Keeps you wanting more but you never can expect what’s to come

  27. Helen

    Found this show. Been binging on it. Love it

  28. Iliana C

    Love this show. Very refreshing . Beautiful settings.Devoted to watch every episode

  29. annonmaui

    Renew, there is so much more story!

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