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Graceland season 3: start air date

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When does new episodes of Graceland drama television series premiere in 2015? Will the show renewed for a season 3 by USA Network? Give us the start air date!

TV-channel: USA Network
Pilot episode: June 6, 2013
Creator: Jeff Eastin

Season 1 Episode 1: 3.32 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 1.56 million U.S. viewers

The rating of the second season of «Graceland» television series, broadcast by USA Network, didn’t manage to keep the high position as well as the number of its fans was reduced in the comparison with the first season.

According to the experts, such figures don’t contribute to the rapid financing of the new episodes, so the ordering of season 3 is now a question. The critics already shared the opinion that the air date of the new season could be announced only when the rights holders were sure the new episodes were profitable.

The official verdict is being expected in the nearest future, so we recommend waiting for it! Follow the updates of the article!

Graceland season 3 premiere – [June 25, 2015] (UPDATE 1)

Is the new season in 2015 really so essential?

UPDATE 1 (Nov.11, 2014): Graceland was renewed for a third season consisting of 13 episodes. Start – June 2015.

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  1. Ida Wilson

    The show is great, Please renew

    • Juli Hogan

      Waiting impatiently for Graceland. Yes it is essential. So many shows such as Grimm, and the walking dead, and these supernatural, cookoo shows get renewed, I love Graceland, it shows all facets of life, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and the heavy side of law enforcement undercover wise. Please let’s renew it already. Thank You.

  2. Bennie

    Anxiously waiting for Season 3 in 2015! USA Network go go!

    • nola B

      I agree I am Anziously waiting for Season 3

  3. Rhonda F.

    I love the show and will be very upset if they cancel it!!!!

  4. HWL77

    I certainly hope Graceland gets renewed. My favorite show in 2013-2014.

  5. Jerry Luna (from NY)

    Graceland needs to come back for season 3. Please USA Network, renew it and soon because the suspense is killing me.

  6. GhostlyGhoul

    This show must be renewed! Must! Be! Renewed! Please!

  7. Nicky

    Please USA Do Not cancel this show! I look forward to every episode and Wow! What a perfect Cast!!!

  8. Rg

    Must renew, great show

  9. bird

    please dont cancel. or do a webseries with a conclusion! wtf!

  10. Amy

    Graceland is my FAVORITE SHOW!!! And I just got more people into it! If they cancel Graceland I really might boycott USA I mean they do have other good shows but there better be a season 3 !!!

  11. gove

    Need a season 3 and please keep Mike alive! Don’t cancel!

  12. Joe

    They can’t cancel it now! not with that cliffhanger!

  13. Dee

    Love the show. Can’t wait to see season 3!!!!

  14. Lyn

    Graceland is my favorite show with the most awesome cast. I just love Daniel Sunjata, happy he and Charlie are level again but can’t wait for next season! Please renew.

  15. Barb

    Please, please USA, renew Graceland for Season 3. Love the show and terrific cast. Mike needs to recover!

  16. Frank ponzio

    One of my favorite shows. Must get renewed

  17. Tiffany

    Please renew Graceland for season 3. It really is my favorite show, although Charlie and Briggs should not be in a relationship. The cliffhanger needs a resolution and closure.

  18. jj

    Awesome show! PLEASE RENEW!!!!

  19. bj

    Please renew for season 3 and beyond. Good action filled dramatic series! Love it!!!

  20. Prudence

    Don’t cancel the show and keep Mike alive coz the team needs him, and he needs to look at Paige in face and confront her.

  21. Patti

    Best show on TV. Don’t cancel. Please!!

  22. rosie

    This show has been truly a hard core look at what the FBI and Secret Service do behind the lines. The undercover ops’ that the common public know nothing about. Each episode is very intense and the writers of Graceland should be commended for a great storyline. I plead that this show will continue with its tenacity and fortitude that is so well enjoyed by myself and many others. Thank you

  23. Liv

    Graceland is amazing! One of the most unique TV shows especially on a Wednesday in the summer! Please renew so at least viewers get closure before it ends!!!

  24. Jansen


  25. Lauren

    I love Graceland. If you don’t renew it I will be very upset.

  26. Liz

    I love Graceland. All the twists, turns and unpredictable outcomes keep me watching.

  27. autum

    Must be renewed!!!!!! The show cant just end like that!!!!!!!

  28. Linzi

    This show is great i love it. Should defo do another season
    I love all the twists and unexpected outcomes,cant stop
    Watching and need to know what happens to mike he
    Cant be killed off

  29. Kelly

    I love this show! Please don’t cancel it. It’s the only one I know that shows what it’s like to be undercover all the time. Great cast also.

  30. Denise

    If you don’t renew GRACELAND I will never watch USA. Again. We love that show.

  31. Lisa

    I love this show and I am anxiously awaiting for it’s return. Wishing it would air before summer, while we are all stuck in the house for the winter!

  32. Angel

    Plz, plz, plz bring it back. I love Graceland. Very exciting show. And season 2 cliffhanger, omg!

  33. Teresa

    Please renew this series!!!

  34. Darren

    Missing my favorite show! Need season three!

  35. michel


  36. Betty Hinks

    This is the first time I have ever watched a series on tv and I will be so disapointed if it is canceled. It is such an awesome show. Please don’t cancel it. I will miss the cast, each one of them is perfect for their role and watching the show they seem so believable.

  37. Jill

    Love this show!! Waiting for season 3!

  38. Chris Murphy


  39. MareCadTITANIC


  40. Tera

    Please Renew Season 3! We do look forward to watching in the summer. Favorite !!

  41. Kathie

    How can you not renew this series??? I can’t believe there is even a question. It should be a given that it will be back.

  42. Stephanie

    Seriously need to renew this show. Waiting almost a year for another season is annoying already, now to maybe cancel the show!!! Come on, it’s an AWESOME show and should definitely continue !!!!!!

  43. therese

    Love that show a lot especially Daniel sunjata what a hunk and agreed he should not be in a a relationship with Vanessa Cerrito he’s too cool.

  44. Celeste Fulkerson


  45. Ro

    Love this show… great characters and script. So glad it was renewed for a third season!

  46. Gale

    Yes please renew don’t keep us hanging

  47. marcella

    i just watched both seasons and loved it I hope they have a season 3 I will be watching it for sure great acting and stories

  48. Zulma

    Graceland Graceland Graceland!!!! Need I say more!!!! This show is amazing cant wait for season 3

  49. TW

    Luv luv this show!

  50. Jene'

    I am on this site only to respond to renewing the show, class acting, stories are excellent and it keeps you wanting more. I have also seen many of the actors in different series and drama but this is their best show all of them have performed, renew please.

  51. Michie

    Thank Goodness! So happy to hear we get another year!! A realistic and unique show!!!! Get rid of the Walking Dead > Get a life!! 🙂

  52. Rae

    I just got into Graceland it’s awesome please need more of it

  53. Thomas

    Graceland is an excellent show with a lot of twists that I didn’t expect. I watched the entire first and second season in one weekend and am glad to know there will be a season 3.

  54. Katie & bobby

    Whhhhhattt are you kidding NO season 3 you’ve got to be kidding me I just finished season 2 on nexflix it was like a marathon OMG it can’t be I NEED to know what’s happening…. Is mike dead ???? Charlie and Paul still have baby come on guys what about jake, Jonny and Paige it can’t end like that

  55. Yc

    Started watching season 3 for the first time ever and I love it. I used to watched the commercial but never cought my attention. Not sure what did this time but I am loving It.

  56. Scott

    Just started watching it on Netflix…. amazing show, have a hard time pulling my self away from the tv…. renew! five stars….

  57. Kim myers

    Love this show so addicting greatest show ever hope it doesn’t cancel

  58. kathy rollins

    loved the series -please continue watched on netflix non stop. i just don’t seem to know about these great series till they reach netflix.

  59. Pat Yarbrough

    Please, please, please renew this show. It is the best show that I have seen in years. Ii watched it on Netflix and watched every episode in 2-3 sittings! I had never heard of it until I saw its availability on Netflix.

  60. Sandy Hagen

    I love Graceland it is one of the best shows on TV can’t wait for season 3.

  61. Mary Lou Torrie

    Great show……great cast….. Please renew.

  62. Trenesie Feacher

    Will there be a season 4

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