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Criminal Minds season 13 release date

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Criminal Minds season 13 return date

CBS renewed the Criminal Minds series for a thirteenth season. When will Season 13 return in 2017? Give us the exact release date!

Are you waiting for season 13 of the series Criminal Minds? The release date is expected by more than 7 million fans (in the USA), but right holders again delay with the renewal.

It is confirmed that financial issues do not yet allow the CBS channel representatives to renew the series for a new season, but this does not mean that there will be no renewal. At the moment, there are discussions with the cast of actors, right holders and representatives of the channel, so the release date of the 13th season has not yet been announced (UPDATE 1).

The experts believe that no one is going to close the show, just like last year, it is not possible to settle financial issues in a short time. Well, we are waiting for an official decision from CBS and we hope that our expectation will be short-lived.

After announcement of the decision we will update this article and publish the exact release date of the 13th season of the series Criminal Minds.

Your opinion about this “long-lived TV” can be left in the comments. Do you plan to continue watching it?

UPDATE 1 (April 7, 2017): CBS has renewed the long-running procedural Criminal Minds for a 13th season. Return/Start Date – September 27, 2017.

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