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Criminal Minds season 12 premiere date 2016

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Criminal Minds Season 12 premiere date

Do you like the Criminal Minds series? Will there be a Season 12? We want to know the exact premiere date on CBS in 2016!

Original network: CBS
Production companys: The Mark Gordon Company, ABC Studios, CBS Television Studios

Season 10 Episode 23: 9.61 million U.S. viewers

Season 11 Episode 20: 8.81 million U.S. viewers

On May 25 CBS channel representatives provided a list of TV shows that will get airtime in the season 2016/2017. Some of the projects in this list really deserved new season, but there are others, which presence is very doubtful.

The main surprise was that CBS channel did not include in the list its veteran crime procedural – TV series Criminal Minds, but this does not mean that there will be not Season 12.

At the moment, the right holders are not ready yet to announce their decision about the fate of the project, because there are discussions with the creators and cast. We hope that this is not the end and in the fall 2016 we will see the 12th season.

Criminal Minds season 12 premiere date – [September 28, 2016; 9 pm] (UPDATE 1)

It remains only to wait for news from the CBS and support the show Criminal Minds!

UPDATE 1 (May 6, 2016): Good news! CBS has renewed Criminal Minds for a 22-episode 12th season

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  1. Valerie

    Any word on why Criminal Minds is missing? Ratings are still good. Renew for a season 12 please!

    • Archie

      I think, they need to negotiate with the other 4 regulars before they can announce a renewal.

  2. Kendra P.

    I don’t want to see the season end, but I know that next season will be even better and more fantastic! Please make S12 of Criminal Minds

  3. Cary M.

    I sure hope this isn’t the end. Hotch will return and it should continue for many more seasons.

  4. 00--KiGo--00

    I love this show and would hate to see it end, I hope they renew for another season.

  5. Emma Jordan

    Fingers crossed for Criminal Minds

  6. patrick41

    I certainly hope they aren’t ending Criminal Minds, one of my favorites…

  7. Jaime Collins

    I love this show. Season 12 has to be there please continue!

  8. Vivian

    Please give us a season 12 CBS !

  9. Oscar Poole

    Yes hope there is a season 12 and please don’t let any more of the originals leave!

  10. gerald carleton jr

    criminal minds should be renewed for a 12th season its a great show actually the only show i watch on cbs period . so cbs needs to renew this show and soon. thank you

  11. gerald carleton jr

    I want a season 12 of criminal minds and then some best show on tv today

  12. Lisa Alvarez

    Wish to have Morgan back

  13. Gail Hale

    I sincerely hope that Season 12 will be airing soon. I would hate to miss out on the best prime time show on air not to happen. NCIS runs a close second in my world. I would like to see Anna Belknap join the cast too

  14. Daniel

    I’ve been watching since the first show and it tops my list of shows to watch. You need to get Thomas Gibson back unless his foot stuck up in someone’s *ss that’s a stupid reason to lose him when you lost Shemar Moore was heartbreaking now fix this sh*t and get the show back on!!!!

  15. Bobbi Wilhelm

    Please let me know when the new Criminal Minds begins. My fav show!
    sincerely, Bobbi

  16. shari

    Criminal Minds is the best show on, the cast is terrific. Please bring Hotch back! Crazy reason to lose one of your main characters, maybe everyone needs a group outing. Work it out “kids”. Also bring Code Black back please.

  17. Mildred

    I love Hotch too please get him back

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