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Criminal Minds season 11: premiere date (2015)

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We are waiting for the new episodes of Criminal Minds in 2015/2016. It should be cancelled or be renewed for an 11th season? What about the start date?

TV-channel: CBS
Creator: Jeff Davis
Starring: Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini, Shemar Moore…
Genre: Police procedural

Season 9 Episode 24: 12.03 million U.S. viewers

Season 10 Episode 20: 10.37 million U.S. viewers

The fans of «Criminal Minds» television series are completely sure the given show deserves to be on CBS in 2015/2016. The critics support this opinion as now the show has great rating and more than 10 million fans, simply forcing the rights holders to order Season 11.

It should be mentioned, that CBS representatives have already confirmed the fact of spin-off «Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders» production and the information concerning the original series renewal is still being awaited (UPDATE 2).

We are following the announcements and are ready to report about the premiere date of the new episodes as soon as it is confirmed by CBS.

Criminal Minds season 11 start – [September 30, 2015] (Wednesday, 9 pm)

Season 11B premiere – [January 13, 2016]

Don’t miss the update!

UPDATE 1 (May 6, 2015): Jennifer Love Hewitt not returning for Criminal Minds season 11.

UPDATE 2 (May 11, 2015): It’s Official! CBS renewed Criminal Minds for an eleventh season.

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  1. Teresita

    I love this amazing show, love the characters and the stories. Please bring it back for another season!

    • Joan

      Without a doubt the VERY BEST show on TV. I has to come back. Except for one other show, this is the only good show on TV. It’s hard to find a show where everyone works so well together and the story lines are so good. .

  2. Myrna P.

    Please don’t cancel Criminal Minds! We need season 11!

  3. Tena Kean

    Please renew. It’s still the best crime show if not the best show in general.

  4. Carson-11

    I would like to see this show renewed, but without Jennifer Love Hewitt!

    • Trent

      Jennifer Love Hewitt is just amazing in her role! It’s my opinion.

  5. ...Pamula...

    I hope it continues and I do think JLH really doesn’t fit in this show.

  6. angelina

    Criminal Minds is the best show ever! I have enjoyed this show from the beginning please keep it on!

  7. gerald carleton jr

    keep criminal minds on for at least 2 more seasons great show and please premiere criminal minds beyond borders good cast

  8. Natasha

    I need this series in my life!
    I need season 11!
    Please DO NOT cancel this show!

  9. Ashley Huang

    Please don’t cancel this show:(( we NEED season 11 !!!!!!

  10. barbara

    I agree with someone above who said Criminal Minds should and needs to come back for season 11 for all of us fans who have followed the show since day 1 as I have. Still watch all the repeats even though I know most stories by heart.
    Jennifer Love Hewitt however must go, she does nothing for the show, I’d love to see
    Emily Prentis(forgot her real name — sorry) return if they can get her back. She was by far the best of the 3 I remember . JJ, Garcia, Hotch, Rossi, Reid, are great, Morgan is getting on my nerves a bit though. He’s only good when he interacts with Garcia. the rest I’m beginning to dislike. He’s the only cast member I feel this about, and its only been recently as i watch some of the reruns this is happening. For most part though this is the greatest show in many years not just in the criminal justice category, but in genera.

    • Fifi

      I totally agree with you on Morgan and Garcia, but I think that’s the whole idea. There’ s a lesson to be learned watching those two flirt with each other.

  11. RosSs

    Bye-bye Jennifer )))

  12. Ben

    I hope they have Ashley Sever back. Jennifer will be back but in couple seasons later. They will have new actress or actor in Season 11 so we have to wait. I like Reid he is my favorite BUA Agent.

  13. NicholaS

    FINALLY! So happy about it!

  14. Don


  15. Javier Garner

    Thank God Criminal Minds is going to be renewed. It’s the most I care about.

  16. SILVIA

    THANKS CBS for bringing back this show for another season…in the midst’ of the avalanche of
    reality Tv and bunch of junk other networks put on….this is FAR the best show still on regular TV…thanks for keeping the drama and all good acting on…I never miss all the re-runs on cable all day marathons too….only does X-FILES, can be put in the same class on shows like these.

    Excellent cast, creative writing, believable plots and enough suspense and action to keep you loyal to these programs.

    Live-On Criminal Minds..

  17. Eddie Beck

    Why not do a couple episodes where Elle comes back rogue.

  18. meh

    please bring back criminal minds don’t cancel. Love the show and cast

  19. Janice

    Definitely the best crime drama I have ever seen. Looks at it from the other side of things. The team dynamics and relationships are the bonus. You are always looking forward to how the ‘family’ piece is going to play out. The personal relationships are great and so touching. The serial crime story doesn’t even have to blow your mind every time if there is a personal story that you are following and looking forward to. Could have used more of that in season 10.
    There is so much reality garbage on these days. Thank goodness that CM’s is going to continue on and hopefully for a few more seasons.

  20. cindy kenneth

    My husband has watched the re-runs so many times I feel that I have new relatives some I wouldn’t want as family.

    I have enjoyed this series from the beginning.

  21. cooper

    My wife and I have bought all the seasons . We are long haul truckers an realy enjoy the show. It makes us actually think . Is there that kind of monsters out there roaming around. Just keep up the great work. I,we think in alot of ways it’s educational for people to see that there are people out there that want to hurt people.

  22. Susan Jordan

    Best show ever! My favorite tv series ever..please don’t ever cancel.Bring Prentiss back..love all of you…so educational and informative..

  23. Faye collins

    Hi I am a long time fan of Criminal Minds and I haven’t been seeing fall previews on TV!! What is going on!!! Where is my favourite show???

  24. Faye collins

    Yes bring emily back or sever… Rachal Nichols ( sever ) is now finishing continuum!!

  25. Gail

    Please do not ever cancel Criminal Minds. I have watched every episode since day one. However I have to agree with others, JLH needs to go. Bring back Sever or Emily. Either of these two fit in the series.

  26. Earnestine E.B Copeland

    i do not want to see the show cancelled at all.give it more than one more season.the actors and actresses are awesome.Shemar Moore is great .i for one would love to see 100 more seasons of criminal minds.Shemar Moore makes the show as far as i am concern.if he leaves the show,there is no criminal minds.and please don’t kill him off.i even have an episode that i would love to see.PENELOPE AND THE TALL SKINNY SMART GUY. I BELIEVE HIS NAME I REED.IF IT’S NOT CORRECT,YOU KNOW WHO I AM TALKING ABOUT. I VOTE THAT THE SHOW STAYS.

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