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CSI season 16?

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When will CSI season 16 be out on CBS? Will the show renewed or cancelled in 2015? We are waiting for the premiere air date and the new episodes start!

TV-channel: CBS
Created by: Anthony E. Zuiker
Distributor: CBS Television Distribution
Genre: Crime drama

Season 14 Episode 22: 10.01 million U.S. viewers

Season 15 Episode 18: 7.12 million U.S. viewers

The shortened last season of «CSI» television series forces the fans to worry about the possible renewal. The critics didn’t even have time to say that season 16 wouldn’t be produced; however the official announcement concerning the TV-project cancelling wasn’t made yet.

CBS president Nina Tassler noted in her interview, that the fate of the new season of «CSI» show wasn’t decided yet, that was why the preniere date of the new episodes had all the chances to be announced in 2015.

The rights holders don’t hide the television series deserves to be on TV, as it is still interesting for the huge amount of TV viewers and is quite profitable.

Will season 16 be produced? Let’s wait for the announcement from CBS!

UPDATE 1 (May 11, 2015): CBS has renewed almost all of its remaining Limbo shows. The only remaining show without a decision is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

UPDATE 2 (May 13, 2015): Bad news… CSI will end its 15-year run with a special movie event to air on Sunday, September 27, 2015.

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  1. Lynne Mathis

    Really hoping for a CSI renewal. It’s one of my favorite shows have been watching since it started.

  2. Rick78

    I love all the CSI shows. I would really be disappointed to see any of the CSI’s to end. Save CSI!

  3. Jill

    I have watched every episode since the show started and would be upset to see it cancelled. Please don’t cancel CSI. Make season 16!

  4. Anthony B.

    It’s not cancelled yet. CBS has to renew because I don’t think it’s time to end it quite yet!!!

  5. Nina

    please don’t cancel it! CSI has become a classic.

  6. Merle Daniels

    I hate to see CSI go. It’s my favorite show and canceling it would be a great disappointment. The show is still great!!!

  7. Meg

    I have watched the show from the get go, got all the box sets, the cast as my wallpaper, watched every spin off, got the album on my spotify, got a csi cup and hoodie!


  8. CFreak

    Bring in Season 16. Bring back Laurence Fishbourne

  9. Patricia

    Love this show, don`t screw up and cancel it…..Move it back to Wed….

  10. hsipen

    Ridiculous to even think to take csi off and leave csi cyber. No comparison.

  11. Coltrane

    CSI needs a finale. Bring Back Grissom and Catherine. It saved CBS. Season 16 should happen.

  12. duane

    get rid of all except the original.

  13. Linda

    Please don’t let CSI go just change the night it’s on.

  14. Jo

    I don’t understand why they would even think of canceling CSI. The past season was a nightmare just trying to keep up with where they were airing it. It isn’t the show’s fault if viewers couldn’t find them, but don’t punish those of us who tried. Bring back CSI!

  15. Christie

    It would be stupid to cancel CSI. I love that show. Especially with Grissom and willows

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