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Longmire season 4: premiere date (2015)

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When does season 4 of Longmire crime drama television series come out? We are waiting for the premiere air date in 2015! Will the new episodes start on A&E?

TV-channel: A&E
Pilot episode: June 3, 2012
Developed by: John Coveny, Hunt Baldwin

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.15 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 10: 3.86 million U.S. viewers

Uncertain start of the third season of «Longmire» television series provoked discussions concerning its fate. Some critics even allowed themselves to talk about the imminent closing of the show, but still there are no reasons for project cancellation.

According to the statistics, the current season has lost about 1,2 million fans, but the number of remaining viewers is enough for the series to be profitable. The rights holders aren’t in a hurry to take a decision and the premiere date of the season 4 hasn’t been announced yet.

We hope the creators will take the right decision and in 2015 we will enjoy the new episodes of the «Longmire» show. Follow the announcements and we will inform you about the verdict.

Longmire season 4 start – [September 10, 2015] (update 6)


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UPDATE 1 (Aug. 28, 2014): Bad news… The show was cancelled by A&E after its third season. However, Warner Horizon Television is shopping it to other networks.

UPDATE 2 (Nov. 13, 2014): Netflix is in «deep negotiations» to order a fourth season of the Longmire show.

UPDATE 3 (Nov. 19, 2014): Netflix announced that it has picked up a 10-episode fourth season of Longmire show. Netflix will debut new episodes in 2015.

UPDATE 4 (May 28, 2015): Ally Walker will be appearing on Longmire show during Season 4, which will be released on Netflix sometime this fall (TvLine).

UPDATE 5 (July 9, 2015): The production for the fourth season of Longmire has come to an end, release date still unannounced.

UPDATE 6 (July 28, 2015): Netflix announced that the Longmire’s 10-episode fourth season will drop on Thursday, September 10, 2015.

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  1. Kimberly F.

    Longmire is the best show on basic cable. Please RENEW!

    • Marilyn

      i totally agree. This is the best show on TV. Please do not cancel it. Maybe those 1. million views tape the show then watch. Like my husband and myself we tape it then watch it. I can’t wait to get home from work to sit down get comfy and turn it on. thanks

      • Christine

        I love the “modern day western” feel of the program. The writer has given us a new hero with integrity to admire. We also set the DVR to record the episode and watch it later. Please bring it back! We have so few choices to watch that aren’t loaded with profanity, explicit sex scenes and violence.

        • Toni

          Love the show. Glad to hear it will be renewed. Shame on A&E.

        • John

          Christine’s comment struck a chord with me. The writers deftly portray a lawman with integrity, who has a code of ethics that is uncompromising. His life has suffered heartfelt losses; he cares deeply about others and is committed to act instinctively, but thoughtfully abiding by the code. The writers also thoughtfully create episodes laden with action and a narrative that is comprehensible, but complex, and have avoided the telltale sign of running out gas (imagination), namely creating themes that are increasingly convoluted and nonsensical. A resounding Hoo-rah! for all responsible for this series. May I be Oliver for a moment asking, “May I have more please, Sir?”

        • Lynda Dickson

          Love, love, love this show. To me, this is the best show on television. Lots of suspense, no profanity. If Netflix is airing this show, I will definitely subscribe to Netflix just for Longmire.

          • Kng

            My husband and I will never miss a show. We love it!!!!! Please bring it back to netflix!!!!

        • cj

          very true! i’m no prude, but if i want to see a woman with her face in another woman’s crotch, just one example, there’s p*rn!

        • Caroline

          Well said !! I agree with you . It’s refreshing to see a series without all the trash in it.

        • marie

          Love the feel of the program. The real cowboy look is good. I watched Robert Taylor in an Irish series made years ago—-handsome.

      • Sue C

        Yeah for Netflix! Every show I like gets cancelled! I subscribe to Netflix and will be so happy when the new season is on. Thank you so much for renewing the Best Show on television!

        • Debbie

          I agree with Sue C. Yeah for Netflix. Pretty soon I won’t have to have Satellite or Cable TV, I’ll just invest in Netflix. Everything is great on there.

        • BJ

          This is the best show. Watching on Netflix and it’s great.

      • william f westcott

        my wife and i watch longmire every time we see it listed and are looking to watch season 4 …..we hope they dont cancel the series

      • gerri d.

        absolutely love Longmire and hope it’s back on soon

    • Penny H

      I completely agree it to be the best show i’ve seen in a long time,
      Please continue…there is so much more to the development of each
      of these characters…

      • Jan Gillam

        Please renew Longmire and The Glades 2 best programs on TV or put on cqbel I don’t have netflex just regular. shaw direct.

    • Genov11

      I agree! We also DVR the show and watch later due to our schedules. Love the show and hope they renew especially with the cliffhanger. I hated that they didn’t renew The Glades that also ended on a cliffhanger. Please renew!

    • Larry

      If A&E isn’t bright enough to renew, surely another broadcasting network will pick up the option. Longmire is excellent television. Bring the broadcast time in line to compete with idiot reality shows, and the majority of other television dramas, and Longmire will dominate that air time and space!
      Who is picking your shows, a bunch of runny nose yuppies with lots of deranged tech knowledge, and no clue of what good, wholesome adult entertainment should provide?
      Maybe someone should remember the seniors are the majority right now, AND WE HAVE ALL THE BUCKS! Get a clue! Hillbilly nose pickin’ shows are not attracting viewers with money that your advertisers want to reach! They are only attracting other moronic nose pickers that identify with the morons!

      • Joann

        Larry you are absolutely correct!! Not only do we have a dumbing of America with “hillbilly nose picker shows” of no substance, now you can watch Mountain Monsters, Hillbilly Monsters, Swamp Monsters, Bayou Monsters and Alaska Monsters. They seem to have the same story line. The hunters all look like barber shop runaways dressed in a variety of “hunting garb with the campy flourish of a bad off Broadway show”, they all run around yelling and screaming like cooped up children at recess, and, amazingly, they never, never, ever catch the monsters they’ve chasing! One was bad enough! Then you have the shows that show how selfish, manipulating and backstabbing people living together, sometimes on an island, sometimes in a house, can be towards one another. Yea, watching that will really give you a prospective of how people are when there is money at the end of the show!! But……..for whatever reason, oh I’m sorry Neilson ratings, a couple million viewers isn’t enough? At least Longmire showed creativity, not only in the type of crime it portrayed but also in it’s depiction of the attitude and treatment of people……our native American population, women, the well off. But, it is done in a manner where certain injustices have an appropriate outcome that is more “reality” and human than the reality shows. It is well written and creative….and believable and the characters have so much more to evolve to in the story lines. It’s the only program I watch on Monday!!!! Get a clue A&E…..Larry and all of these other comment sampling are only the tip of the viewing iceberg!!!!!

        • Linda

          totally agree with Joann, reality television should have one channel, so those shows can be avoided !!!!

        • Reader

          Cancel your T.V. subscription!

          Go to the library & check out all of Craig Johnsons books, as they are far superior than this series.

          Buy used DVD’s or borrow them from the library as well, that way you can watch all your favorite movies + new releases, because T.V. is a big rip-off, unless your as quoted a “hillbilly nose picker ”!

        • Ronnie Harville

          Longmire is a great show. Most of the shows coming out now are garbage. Who wants to watch this cr*p? Not me. I may cancel my Direct TV and just use Netflix.

      • Carolyn Newton

        I agree, surely someone will recognize the value of showing Longmire!

    • Dale

      I totally agree. I watched the first two episodes on Netflix and then bought the season 3 from Amazon. Great show!!! Keep in running.

      • Mack Crump

        I like the show so much that I purchased all three seasons and hope the fourth will be picked up by some one. I could not wait for each episode and if I couldn’t watch it I recorded it.
        Pleases someone pick it up.
        A&E you lost a good show

    • longmire

      please dont cancel the best show on tv we in st cloud fla love this show thanks

    • rick p

      please do not cancel this ,this show is the best

    • Rita

      Are they going to have a fifth season?

  2. Maison

    Longmire is the only show I watch on A&E. hope for season 4

  3. xiao

    Show has been good since the beginning and just gets better. I think it will be renewed

  4. Bernard woods

    I like Longmire it is a very good show.
    So don’t take off .

  5. Mary

    Longmire is an excellent show with great characters! Not many shows like it. I hope it continues.

  6. Pat Smith

    Longmire is one of the best shows to come along in a long time.
    The actors, the plot, the dialogue – all fantastic!
    Please renew the show.

    • Shirley

      If Longmire is not renewed for 2015 I will not watch A&E again, this is one show that is GREAT do not make the mistake of letting the viewers down.

      • kate

        Totally agree. If they don’t air it, won’t watch A&E. I am done with mainstream tv. Keep shows that show “true” reality, not a bunch of weird people running around doing stupid things. That is not entertainment. It’s a dumbning down of the senses.

  7. Dora

    I love the Longmire show and wait for it each week. I usually watch it twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Please, please RENEW!!!!

  8. mary lee

    Longmire is the best show in years!!!!!! It would be a great disappointment if it was taken off the air. I hope this helps keep it on the air.

  9. Eugene

    I am almost 50 years old and I have children from the age 6 to 18 and we all really enjoy watching Longmire. The story lines are great and allow us to discuss the possibilities in the next episode. Really a great show we tell all of our extended family and friends to watch it. Sure hope they have many more seasons. Thanks for the series!

  10. Billy Graydon

    This show just keeps getting better. Really how do they come up with that viewer number??? Our whole hospital unit tunes in on A&E every Monday night! We fight to schedule breaks at that time and patients stay up to watch. We have a bet pool going at present regarding whether Walt stays strong and doesnt make Vic while she’s still married to that “milktoast”.

  11. cam

    I love this show and have followed it faithfully since the very first episode. I would hate to see this cancelled after the 3rd season. I think it’s one of the best shows on TV.

  12. Terry Rose

    i want more Longmire..OMG..im stuck on this show!!!☺☺ Please….

  13. Swan

    Just love

  14. judy rogers

    This is the only show i will set down and watch.my husband and i love this show. There are very few shows worth watching but this ones great.please dont take the one good show off. Thanks

    • roger gilreath

      Longmire is one program that my wife and I watch religiously together. The season is too short and needs to be 6 to 8 weeks longer.

  15. Michelle

    I LOVE Longmire—it’s the best program on television!! Each episode leaves you counting the days till the next. All the characters are well developed and the acting is superb. Season 4 cannot start soon enough for me!!

  16. dusty

    Oh come on stop this playing with viewers …. this show could be something really big add a few more shows to it and give us at the very least 8 season …. this is hands down the best show on tv and your going to play games…… if this show is gone A&E will be blocked at my house.

  17. Ricky

    One of the best shows on television, disappointed that we only get 10 episodes in season 3.

  18. Jim

    Longmire has been a favorite of mine, and many friends for some time now. It’s a refreshing change from much of the badly written garbage that passes for TV. Excellent viewing.
    Bring it back for at least a couple more seasons.

  19. Charlie

    Longmire is the best show on TV, one of the very few I take time to watch. Perhaps initial drop in viewers caused by long sabatical from season 2 to season 3. My peer group also plans Monday night around Walt and friends. Have a schedule, plan it, advertise it and the viewers will come.
    Last comment, Longmire best thing that ever happened to Dodge trucks, and I bet they know it.

  20. pappy

    Its been a long time since there has been a series this good on TV.Last one was in the fifties to seventies Gun smoke.Yes that good and better. Hope it would last as long .My wife and I really enjoy the show and characters totally believable .When I say break a leg I say it love !

  21. Cathy Shapcott

    Longmire is the best show on television. Robrrt Taylor is an excellent actor. My entire family can’t wait till Monday gets here during the summer. I wish it could be added to the fall schedule.

  22. Thomas

    Really enjoy The series. The story lines our outstanding . Bring the
    Show back in 2015

  23. Bob Bandemir

    I have just read through all the positive comments about Longmire – I agree with them all. This is simply one of the best shows in years. Monday is the season 3 finale and I am already hoping for season 4 – great cast and story lines. Thank you so much.

  24. Joyce

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! It better come back! This has been the best season, too!

  25. Longmire Watcher

    Almost everyone I know.. watches Longmire.
    Can’t believe it hasn’t be renewed yet.
    It truelly is a very good program… I’m already looking forward to next year….

  26. Kelly

    PLEASE don’t cancel this show. This is the best yet season yet. DONT let it go.. Perfect mix of bad-boy western… and modern day out in the middle of nowhere.. Good feel.. makes you want more. THANKS.. Keep them coming. Im on ROKU.~! NO CABLE Television.

  27. Rena

    Watched every episode every season. Sure hoping for season 4. This last episode was absolutely great. Really keeps you watching and waiting for the next week. It may be a short season but if it will keep running then I will settle for 10 episodes. Don’t want to see it cancelled. Watch on line after Mondays just to make sure nothing was missed. Please keep your loyal viewers in mind. We LOVE this show and keeps you coming back!

  28. Bill Baldwin

    Best show I ever watched on TV. I LOVE all the characters. Will Walt ever get a cell phone?

  29. Cheryl Anderson

    For those of us who grew up watching and loving westerns Longmire is the best created, true-to-fact show on any network. The best show in a long time that has everything it takes to be on top. It’s the only show I schedule to watch and then watch again and again on On Demand. Some friends without cable got ROKU service just to watch it. Keep a GREAT thing going. PLEASE.

  30. Holly

    Longmire is the best program any network has produced in years. The writing is excellent, cast is fantastic and it is as fresh today as it was after season one! My husband, yellow labs and I look forward to viewing Longmire every Monday evening. Please renew for season 4 and many more! I am telling those who have not watched to tune in. Great show, which is hard to find today. Thanks.

  31. Suzie M.

    Love Longmire! Monday night viewing a must and I usually watch it twice. Really hope the series is renewed.

  32. Tess

    The true entertainment value of Longmire along with good acting and writing , makes the entertainment value of this show important to people who enjoy a show such as Longmire

  33. joyce

    Longmire is the best show on TV. It seems like the new season had just started and it was over. Can’t wait until the 2015 season.

  34. Cindy

    I love Longmire. This is tv worth watching. Season 5 better be in 2015. Don’t know who I love more, Henry or Longmire. I love this series.

    • sandra rodackerr

      We love to watch Longmire. I hope it will be back on soon. One show my husband and I both liked to watch. A&E have really bad show. This was one of the best thay had

  35. Nathan

    I guess the reason for the dip in viewers at season 3 is they waited almost a year for it. The season 3 is done just 10 weeks later to wait what another year?? It is a GREAT Drama… so plz commit to full seasons. Longmire has a large following.

    • Rose

      I totally agree with you Nathan. I don’t feel A&E has promoted or been fair with this show at all.

  36. Mimi

    Love this show! Just keeps getting better and better. Please give us a 4th season!

  37. Kerri

    Love the show, best show on TV! We want a new season in 2015!!! Please don’t take it off and replace with junk like other TV station!!! There is already way to much junk on TV. GIVE US MORE LONGMIRE!!!!!!

  38. Susan

    Longhorn is a great show with complex, drawn out characters. I hope this lasts for years.

  39. PK O'Neill

    Great 2014 final show…..can’t wait for next season……thanks a&e !

  40. Lynne

    Please return LONGMIRE. Family watches every week. Lou Diamond Phillips is fantastic as well as the rest of the cast.

  41. marlena

    Every year we as family enjoyed Longmire….season 3 ended up with such a great ending….Can’t wait to see it back in 2015..

  42. Natalie

    Longmire is my favorite series to watch. I think all the characters and story lines are fantastic. Can’t wait for season 4.

  43. Fred & Olivia Randall

    Longmire is the best show of all the networks. The cast is superb. The show is a fresh western; just what’s needed. Branch was amazing in season 3. We look forward to season 4.

  44. Melissa

    I LOVE Longmire! One of the BEST shows on TV! Please continue it!!!

  45. Joann

    I love Longmire. A modern day John Wayne . Great TV watching on A&E

  46. Becky

    Longmire is a great show. My daughter & I never miss an episode. Can’t wait for Season 4 to begin.

  47. Melody Goodspeed

    This is a great show! Please do not cancel it!

  48. Jackie P

    We love this show!!!!!! Ready for 2015

  49. Sharon

    We have really enjoyed watching Longmire. Like somebody said it reminds me of westerns. I missed season 1, but got started with season 2 and we can’t wait till it comes on. We even dvr it so we don’t miss it. Please bring it back

  50. Fred & Olivia Randall

    Longmire is by far the best show in years. This fresh western is well written and the cast is superb. Branch’s acting was superb this season. We look forward to season 4!

  51. Patricia Vittoria

    Longmire is the best series and I have great hope Season 4 will happen in 2015. Please continue this series.

  52. pattie

    We all love Longmire. Have watched every episode and can hardly wait for the next one. It is the one show we watch on A&E. Please renew for another season…

  53. Sharon

    Bring Longmire back in 2015. Never has there been a show with such strong, fill-out characters in such a long time. You sit down to watch an episode and..it’s over before you know it. Terrific writers..terrific actors!

  54. Patricia

    This is seriously one of the best tv shows. Sad to see the last episode of the season tonight. It would be great if they would air new episodes at least twice a year. We want more Longmire, and less of the ghoulish junk and shows with no morals or standards. Listen to your viewers,and advertise ahead of time for the future series. I applaud the cast, they are great.

  55. Karen

    “live” for Longmire on Monday nights. Please renew in 2015!

  56. Brian Mathews

    My favorite show on TV. Give me a heads up when you renew……

  57. Tammy

    Best show! can’t believe we have to WAIT so long for season 4 . Season 3 finale was awesome! so did not expect that ending great job!

  58. Paula

    My husband and college-age daughters love this show!! Please don’t cancel it!! Best show I’ve seen in years!

  59. Jean

    2014 season finale of “Longmire” was great! Answered a lot of questions and ended with an unexpected cliffhanger. Next season’s premiere date???

  60. Tracy

    I never knew about the “Longmire” series until this season and I was so addicted I bought Netfix
    To be able to catch up ,please don’t cancel as I truly can’t wait until season 4. The down fall is I hate waiting so so long between seasons.

  61. shirley johnston

    This is one of the most intelligent shows not only on A&E but television! And the only show that presents the native american is a realistic and positive light. PLEASE RENEW!

  62. Todd A.

    I wish the seasons were longer. I like everything about the series. Looking forward to season 4.

  63. Laurie Hickey

    Hello Mr. Craig Johnson, my husband and I want to let you know we love Longmire the show and the books. We hope that the tv show continues to air. Please Craig if A&E tries to pull Longmire from their lineup go to another network, but not LMN it’s apart of A&E too. Thank you for signing my book in Billings Mt.

    Hello A&E, my husband and I just want you to know if you pull Longmire off of your line up we will stop watching A&E entirely and get many many others not to watch your channel and sister channels. Your head Idiot has cut so many good shows and some you also have tried to cut, then put IGNORANT shows like Big Smo, Bates Motel, Shipping Wars and many others on that doesn’t even last a minute. Just to let you know I get what I want ask Dish Network, they tried to get rid of the ION channel. I also suggest you get The Glades and Those Who Kill back on the air or you people will loose a lot of viewers. So I’d think about it getting a grip on your customer service issues. If i remember correctly customers are always right and when you upset one that one tell ten then those ten tell ten, so you need to do the math.


  64. Mari Blevins

    Please let there be a Season 4..Longmire is the best show that’s been on tv in a long time

  65. Pamela Williams

    Longmire is my favorite program. I am so tired of reality shows and sitcoms, it’s great to have a program the whole family can enjoy. Please bring it back for another season! It’s a winner.

  66. Mpalfy

    One of the best shows on television. I wish it wasn’t only a summer show I think some people may forget to watch or lose interest due to such a long time between seasons Crazy ending for season 3!!!!!!!

  67. John

    I can’t imagine life without Longmire on Monday nights. Please renew this show it is the best thing on TV

  68. Gary

    A great show with great story lines. Please renew for 2015.

  69. Teri

    I so agree that there is to long of a wait in between seasons. There is no reason why you could not run season four during the holiday season when they take off other shows epessically since you only run 10 shows per season. Run two seasons per year and you will have way more viewers. Season 3 just finished and you want us to wait a whole year before tou run season 4, that is just plain silly. There is no reason why you cannot run 2 seasons per year 2014/2015. You try it, play it and we will WATCH It. Just give it a try one year and see if ratings go up. You have nothing else that measures up to Longmire on A&E and no reaason you coudln’t give it a try running two seasons. Like the saying “Build it and they will come” well “Play it and we will watch it”

  70. Lo May

    Keep the best TV show ever going Patiently awaiting season 4. THANK you for this great TV show. Being Native American, this show gives me a sense of pride that someone actually produced a program featuring a Native American as a main character. Both Henry and Longmire are great in this show.

  71. Lomay

    BEST show ever. Please renew ASAP.

  72. Jon

    It has been a long, long time since a show of this caliber has come along. Solid casting, outstanding characters and a riveting storyline make this the BEST series in decades!! With some 1000 channels out there flooded with reality shows and zombie this and that, It’s great to know that at least one night a week my family and I can sit down and watch a great program together that isn’t filled with sex, drugs, language, etc. We are all rooting for a long solid run of Longmire, PLEASE KEEP IT GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Linda

    Just started watching this year. Immediately bought season 1,2, recorded 3 watching over and over till season 4 starts..pleading to keep filming. Awesome show. July 2014 issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine featured the show. “Craig Johnson’s Guide to Wyoming”, which included details about the Longmire loop, and the 3rd annual Longmire Days July 18-20, 2014, in Buffalo, WY.
    Linda new fan loving the show, but the cliffhanging end episode..tough to wait for next season!!!

    • Fred

      Craig Johnson’s’ books are awesome, The series is awesome. Longmire Days in Buffalo, WY is awesome. Dedicated fans come from all over the country to meet the cast. After we met the cast there in Buffalo, we fell like they are our friends. Wih John Wayne’s death, we had to wait for decades to get in touch with that caliber of stand-up acting. Now A&E–in their short-sighted, nonsensical greed–has canceled the series. I hope to heck someone at USA grabs the chance to take this away from A&E so that I can watch it there. The season needs to be have more episodes, and we need to get it back on sooner than a year later. PLEASE GET THE SERIES SCHEDULED.

  74. Mary Hart

    Best show on tv. Please renew!!!

  75. Mark

    Great show, not sure what A&E can do to get that 1.5 back. The watchers need to do their part through social media.

  76. Bon

    My husband and I have watched Longmire from the beginning, and we love it. Season 3 was the best one yet–characters and plot more complicated and intriguing. Love the inclusion of Native American symbols and people. Please continue this fine program.

  77. cjstewart

    There MUST BE a season 4!!!

  78. Frank DeLeon

    My wife and my self love the show and would like to see it come back in 2015

  79. Janet Sudhop

    I can only add to the positive comments above. Longmire is a long-awaited for show in the summertime. Both my husband and I, along with several of our closest friends watch it and have nothing but high praise for its plot, its characters (all of them), the actors performances, each one excellent in their own right. To see some of the other stupid reality shows on cable and know that we could lose Longmire at the drop of a hat, is completly unacceptable, as can be seen by the others of us who continue to wait anxiously each season for its return. For the sake of quality tv, please forget the idea of not having a season 4; give us a reason to look forward to summer tv. As for Walt, Vic, Henry, Branch and Ferg: you all do a fantastic job and I believe you believe in the characters whom you portray. Hope to see you next season. I don’t know if I can wait to see who was shot, if anyone. What a cliff-hanger. Let’s don’t let us all fall of the cliff!

  80. RSG

    I LOVE this show. I look forward to watching every Monday night. It has inspired me to READ the Longmire mysteries. I do not like much on A & E so..if this show is cancelled I will be heart broken!

  81. Ray Weeks

    Longmire is a great show. It just keeps getting better and better. I love the west and Indian folklore and Walt an gang takes care of business in their own unique way. Can’t wait until episode 4….if A&E doesn’t renew Longmire for season 4 I’ll be shocked.

  82. Sam Anderson

    Love Longmire!!!! One of the best shows on TV. The characters are great – all with their own unique personalities. Great cliff-hanger – can’t wait to see who got shot. Branch’s character was outstanding this season. I wish Vic weren’t such a ditz where men are concerned. She seems brighter than that.

  83. dorothy weathered

    longmire is the best show on tv.i love the way write the show and, give a lot of drama and, action. please renew for 2015.

  84. luz

    Excellent show. Watched all 3 series within a month. Will anxiously await Season 4. Best show I’ve seen in a long time.

  85. Linda&Vince Gasaway

    Longmire is the best show on TV! PLEASE bring it back. You have great writers, I can’t believe you may not bring it back. I am begging you to please reconsider and bring the best show on TV back. My husband and I are pleading with you! We love the show so much.
    I know there will be more people watching, I will even post it on Face book.

    Thank you for a great show,
    Linda Gasaway
    San Antonio, Texas

  86. Jo-Anne Renault

    Please renew the Longmire show, it is so hard to find good shows and this is one of the best!

  87. Billie

    A friend & I look forward to watching Walt every week. This the best TV show ever! The “who did it” keeps us guessing. Its a plot within a plot. We love all of the characters with the exceptions of Night Horse & Branch’s father. We need & want more Longmire!!!!!!!

  88. Phyllis Webb

    10 weeks is not long enough — and what a way to END!

    Please renew and continue — this is the best show I’ve ever watched. All of my family and friends are addicted too.


  89. diana beauchamp

    I agree 100% leave Longmire live……..best show on aetv….lose Longmire lose me!!!!
    better not off Branch…………he’s the best looking man in a western hat I’ve ever seen.

  90. Nancy

    Ashes to Ashes was the perfect season finale!! Longmire is one the best shows on prime time TV, can’t wait to see what season 4 has to offer.

  91. julie

    if you take this show off I am done with your station. you always get us hooked and then cancel please do not do that to us again. what a great ending I wish the new season starts tonight but nope I have to be patient please hurry and lets get this going

  92. Theresa Watson

    Longmire is an amazing show. You must renew. Please. You can’t leave the cliffhanger unsettled. Thank you

  93. chuck dozier

    bring this show back it fantastic

  94. Ed Holcomb

    This is perhaps the best show on all of cable tv. I just hope A&E renews. I am anxious to find out what happens to Branch!!!!!!!

    • Robert Crider

      Me too man how could a Father put wealth before his own kin?

  95. Rebecca lemons

    Longmire is my favorite show! It’s one of the best on tv right now. Please keep it going!! Thanks

  96. terri

    Season finally was so intriguing! Please renew! More advertising needs to be done to get this show out. There can not be any other reason that this show isn’t taking off. It’s one of the best shows out there!


    This show is AWESOME! I do not watch a lot of TV, but I always watch this show. Please renew!

  98. superfan

    Please bring longmire back. It’s a great show!

  99. SHELBY

    Oh plz don’t leave everyone hanging after tonight’s season finale? I have fire tv and bought season 3, I am upset your season is only 10 episodes? It’s worth it but I think it could be more than 10 wks per season?

  100. David Lester

    Love the show and the characters! Bring it back in 2015!

  101. Mindy

    Longmire is one of very few shows that makes my cable bill worth paying. Please bring it back for Season 4, and the sooner, the better.

  102. Shirley Lane

    Have watched since season 1 and ready for season 4.Please don’t cancel such a wonderful show. It should be a classic. Makes me want to find the book series to read. There should be more programs like this. A&E, I watched Glades the same year this show started. What happened to it?

  103. Joni

    Great show – definitely would love to see it renewed!

  104. C Pellett

    Longmire is well-written, with gorgeous cinematography and a fantastic cast. It’s better than anything else on TV. That having been said, it will probably get cancelled because none of that matters to the suits. Sad, but experience has made me wary. My husband and I love it, and tell people to check it out, but we’re not used to the networks – even cable – appreciating quality!

  105. jason H

    I have watched this fantastic show since season one with my mom we just love it, but they do wait too long in between seasons, it an addicting show too watch, love it, Can’t wait for season 4 in 2015!!!

  106. Pat Martin

    I love this show! Please renew.

  107. Robert Crider

    There has to be a season 4.Will Walt take his wife’s murder investigation to the next level and what the hick will be the fate of Branch how could his dad do what I think he did ? Talk about a cliff hanger man this show is awesome
    P.S. I need more of Kate Sacket too, man is she Hot!

  108. D Johnson

    Very good show, it should have more episodes or it will lose viewers. A person gets involved in the show just as the season ends!!

  109. Josh

    This world needs a lot more people like longmire as role models

  110. stacy sarver

    I agree with everyone of the people on here Longmire is great my mom watches it nothing else on a&e holds a candlestick to Longmire it needs to be renewed in 2015 please bring back thank you

  111. lynda w

    The show is great, Please Renew the show.

  112. Lee

    One of best shows on TV next to NCIS and the reruns of Mash and Andy Griffith Show please bring it back.

  113. Jay

    A and E, don’t be stupid…renew Longmire for Season 4! You need to have at least one good show to break up the never-ending parade of inane “reality” shows you offer. Longmire is a great show, and it keeps getting better.

  114. WEndy

    Anxiously waiting for Season 4!!

  115. Debbie b.

    My husband and I are hooked on this show. I find myself holding my breath it’s so intense. Please give us more!!

  116. Ken

    Can’t wait for season 2015 longmire is my favorite tv show my whole family loves it them writers need to keep on writting

  117. Sabrina

    Please renew!

  118. Jo

    Longmire is the most refreshing show on ANY channel. Tired of ‘reality’ shows. Hope Longmire will last a looooong time!!!!!!

  119. s sloan

    Love the show. Looking forward to season 4.

  120. Toni

    There are 3 Generations in my family that have been faithful watchers from the first show. Please continue filming!

  121. Carol Bolduc

    Love the show

  122. Rebecca McLeod

    Longmire is one of a select few shows that is really worth watching anymore. Please consider keeping this show around for a while longer. Thanks !

    • Joanie Z

      I truly hope the powers that be will renew the Longmire series for 2015. It is by far one of the best written and well acted shows on television today. If A & E needs to cut some of its shows start with the dumbed down ones. They certainly have several from which to choose!!

  123. Mike C

    Although I don’t subscribe to Cable/Satellite TV I do enjoy watching this show on the A&E Website. Got hooked from the Netflix Release of Season 1 and went from there. Hoping for Season 4 like everyone else on here !!

  124. Caroline

    Robert Taylor is the closest Actor in years yo resemble John Wayne as a cowboy..except he is a better actor…the whole cadt is awesome…absolutely luv the show..the best one on TV .

  125. D Sylvester


  126. tulaniangirl

    This is a wonderful show, the only show on A&E that I watch. I used to watch The Glades and was not happy with how that was handled! But Longmire is exceptional in so many ways: writing, acting, as well as cinematography. Please renew!

  127. Jule

    Please bring back Longmire for another season. We love this show!!!

  128. Sandy Bigler

    Longmire is a favorite program I enjoy, please give us a 4th season…thx

  129. Sherrie May

    This is the best show on TV. The only problem is there is not enough episodes in a season. The first show my whole family will watch together. So please continue with more episodes

  130. Dora

    We love this show and never miss it. We even record it in case someone comes over or calls.
    We are always waiting for news on the new season. The station needs to advertise the new season date several weeks in advance. My machine is set to record always.

  131. Katherine C

    Longmire is the best show ever. Do not cancel this show. Please we need season 4 and please don’t wait so long to come back.

  132. Malinda H.

    Longmire is the best show on TV! It fulfills my desire for an old-fashioned Western. Please renew!

  133. Penny

    My whole family loves Longmire and we wait for each season to start and watch it together. There are so few shows that are for family viewing. I hope A&E keeps supporting this fantastic series!

  134. Dee

    This is one of the best shows ive seen on t.v. period! Its refreshing to have a show thats not full of sex and fowl language. Please keep it going …

  135. tmacg

    A great show on par with the infamous Gunsmoke – it would be extremely unfortunate if it isn’t renewed for the 2015 season

  136. Joe

    We never miss Longmire. We bought seasons 1 & 2 already. We are really hoping for season 4. Great series!

  137. David

    Really enjoy the show. I think ferg needs to get more involved.

  138. Ruth A!

    This show just gets Better and Better! It’s exciting.. although the 2nd to the last episode I found a bit over the top.. A little too much gratuitous violence.. but this show is in it’s infancy.. it could easily run for 2-5-7 more seasons. There is so much room to grow! Branch and Vic and Longmire,etc and the town is growing and events are culminating and times are changing! So much room for growth with captivating plots and intriguing characters…With an excellent Mainstay!! Additionally The whole group of actors that make up the show..too numerous to name are Amazing! Sorry David Ridges.. You were an interesting character but so glad you’re gone!..
    At any rate.. I certainly hope the directors etc. recognize when they have a winner!
    Keep us Happy.. the Show Must go on! 🙂

  139. Sue W. W.

    One of the best shows on A&E. Enough said!!!

  140. Rob

    Please renew LONGMIRE. It’s a great show and one of the VERY FEW I watch on TV.

  141. Diana

    IT’s. Hard to find a “Marshall Dillon”on tv were the main character holds To high standards and do “the right thing” on tv in 2014. We really enjoy this show. We are quite tired of vulgar language normally found on cable.

  142. Monk Sanders

    My wife and I love Longmire and hop it continues

  143. Christine Hale

    Waiting for Season 4. PLEASE!!!

  144. Richard Jones

    Best show on TV by far,The actors and story line are great. It is so nice to see a show where old fashion values prevail. I just wish it was 20 episodes vs 10 this season.

  145. Jay Hall

    This is such an exciting show they’ve got to continue with it they’ve left it open ended please please please continue

  146. Bonnie

    I never watched Longmire until this summer 2014. Was hooked from the get-go and caught up on all episodes. Each week I look forward to a new episode. The season finale last week was one of the best. Please renew, it’s a great show.

  147. M.E. O'Brien


  148. Laurice Rubel

    Longmire has to be renewed! Each episode is outstanding. I love the story lines and the actors are great. I only watch two television shows and Longmire is one of them. It’s a big hit with my family and friends! Please renew this gem!

  149. montana

    An excellent, fast paced, intelligent series dealing with the west and relations between whites and natives.
    I am so tired of seeing zombies and witches and violence oh my!
    Please don’t cancel this show….

    • Bobert

      I like my zombies TWD is great check it out

  150. Robert

    We can’t wait for the 2015 season!!

  151. Ashley

    My husband and I just recently discovered this show on netflix and have binge watched every episode! Then we found season 3 thru VUDU online and paid to watch the first 5 episodes, then found episodes 6&7 on our xfinity A&E app on our iPad and finished off episodes 9&10 on our DVR!! We LOVE this show!! PLEASE let there be a 4th season! Thanks for such a great show, I love Walt, Henry, Vic and Branch. I can’t wait to find out what happened with Branch… I hope he’s in season 4!

  152. Terra Abroms

    We just bought the Season 3 season and watch it marathon style. More of my friends are now catching up as I spread the word. Unbelieveable show.

  153. J. Miller

    LONGMIRE is going to be the next huge success that Breaking Bad was and I can’t wait for the excellent writing and acting to continue! More LONGMIRE now! It is the only reason I watch A&E.

  154. Sandi Andersen

    With all the cr*p shows all over the networks, Longmire is one of a very few that I look forward to. It is one of the better series in a long time. I hope the producers won’t be stupid and cancell it. Pretty soon all that will be left are reality show trash, sports, oh let’s not forget the news and politics. I would really keep my satellite subscription for that, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. Charlotte Haile

    Longmire is the best show on tv. Please have another season. I just love the show.

  156. Butch

    Great series. Good stories and excellent character development. We look forward to Series 4!

  157. Bobert

    My entire family watched this show. We wait every Monday to sit as a family and see what they are up to. Please keep this show on the air. Is Branch DEAD?

  158. Dianne Glissen

    I would be heart broken if this show does not continue.It is my #1 favorite show.I vote to keep the show going,bring on #4…..PLEASE

  159. Tom

    It will be back, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger ,said i;ll be bock!

  160. Terri

    Fantastic Series!!! I am so looking forward to Season 4!!!

  161. Fay Kelley

    Great story and entertaining … please renew !

  162. el

    Longmire is one of the best shows television has to offer. Am so hoping A&E will renew for a fourth season. Just wish there were more episodes in the season. My husband and I always look forward to watching Longmire, as well as my grown children. Longmire is one of the shows which we can watch an episode more than once. RENEW LONGMIRE A&E!!!!

  163. Edna

    Please keep Longmire on the air! There aren’t too many decent shows left on TV anymore, and I truly enjoy this show. I watched all I could on Netflix, only to get cable with A&E, to find out season 3 was over! I missed the last episode, and am waiting to see if Netflix will add it to it’s choices. Hoping you will continue to air this show!

  164. Gail Fuhlman

    I just found this show, and I totally have been enjoying this season. I hope to be looking forward to a season 4!

  165. DWW

    Don’t leave us hanging!!!! MORE LONGMIRE!!! SEASON 4!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  166. pattie

    I,m back checking again to see if there is any news on renewing LONGMIRE for another season.. Please consider the fan’s of this show, we are a faithful lot. PLEASE RENEW LONGMIRE for season #4!!!!!!!!!!!

  167. Gayle

    I don’t believe this series lost any viewers …. This is one of the best series in years.

  168. Denise

    Please renew Longmire for season 4! This is such a great show and I want to see where things are headed with Longmire and Vicki they have such a strong attraction to each other and I would really like to see it become a stronger attraction! PLEASE RENEW!!

  169. Tessamae

    I love, love, love Longmire. WOW can not believe they would even consider canceling it. It will make us crazy not to see the season 4 opener!!!! It is the only show that we watch on A&E. Hate to see this one go away. Hope you bring it back. I will forever live in suspense without a season 4! Was it Branch ???? was it his Dad???? You just can not leave us here not knowing!

  170. ANNA

    My husband and I love this program. I even bought the books for my husband to read. We do not watch these ‘reality’ shows and to have a good show with a story line, especially a western it just great. Hurry with the new show and make more episodes so the season lasts longer.

  171. Bee

    Enough Duck,already!!A&E, come on ,get it together!!Figure out what the folks want.Longmire,Longmire,Longmire!!And come on,let’s finally let Walt and Vic get together.We’re waiting!!!

  172. Neva

    Longmire is by far the best series on television. It’s about time that there is a show on that the whole family can watch without fear that something inappropriate will happen or be said!

  173. Judy K. Brandenburg

    I would like to know when will be back on, this is the best series on television. My kids and I are waiting for the program to return. We want the show to come back on, I wait every week for the program to come on. Please bring it back.

  174. Vanessa Bagwell

    The show just has to come back on since it left me hanging as to the fate of Branch. This is just a good family show that we all just can’t wait to see each week.

  175. J. L. Baker

    I went to local library and found the series of books that this is based on. Story line stays very close to books. Enjoyed the books but enjoy the program more.

  176. Kaila

    We only have a Roku so we discovered it on Netflix and finished up the 1st 2 seasons just in time for season 3. THANK YOU so much for putting the new episodes on the A&E app the day after. We were always ready for “Longmire night” every Tuesday. The whole week was just a countdown to it. Please bring it back for season 4!! Such a great show!!

  177. Jerry S.

    We’ve been big fans of Craig Johnson since his 1st novel ‘Cold Dish’. The Longmire series has been outstanding from the beginning. All of our friends watch it and think it is ine of the best series to come along in a long time. Lou Diamond Phillips didn’t quite match the physical size and presence of Henry Standing Bear initially but his acting and interpretation of the character quickly bridged the gap. I hope this series makes it to season 10,000. Great Series!!!

  178. Pat W.

    Love this show. I look forward to watching this everyweek. Please renew

  179. Rhonda Hans

    I just could not get through the week without the next season/episode of Longmire. Please, please, please renew this awesome, gripping, intelligent TV show. This is what great television is all about!!!!! Waiting on pins and needles………..

  180. Sheila Willey

    Oh please bring Longmire back. I look forward to this show so much it is the highlight of my entire viewing week. We tape it and watch it again the next day just because we love it so much and to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Actually we love it so much we only let it tape about 35 minutes and then start viewing it because we can’t wait the whole hour.

  181. Tom McKnight

    Longmire is one the few shows on TV that I look forward to watching. Hoping it continues for many more seasons.

  182. NellyWelly Elliott

    We will be sick if it doesn’t come back. We waited and waited and only saw about 3 or 4 new shows and then the FINALE! What? What happened? Just as it was getting really good. Please renew it!!!! We recorded it so we would never miss an episode. what HAPPENED?

  183. Lauri Betzold

    Longmire is the best show ever!! Please renew it. We record the show as well so we can watch it at our leisure – and as many times as we want. I don’t know if those of us that choose to record it are hurting the ratings or not – but obviously from all the comments – the show would truly be missed. Every actor/character on the show is interesting and we all need to know who was shot at the end of last season!!

  184. Darlene Buckingham

    Season Four please!

  185. Suzanne

    Longmire is one of the two shows on TV I will tell others I watch. And I hope that you will continue this outstanding program!

  186. Wickie Willer

    Freaked me out when I saw ROBERT TAYLOR DEAD – he was a 1940 Star – This Aussie is hot and the show is too..hope they continue for 5 more years!!

  187. Faye

    Please renew Longmire for season 4….and more. My husband and I don’t have cable, so we go to the website to watch the new episodes. It’s a real treat for us. We both love this show.

  188. Susan

    Superb writing, acting and setting!! I too never watch weekly TV shows until I caught this one on Netflix, so I saw two years that way and one year on the A&E website.

    This is a marvelous show that should be continued!

  189. Jacqueline Muoio

    Wish they had a fall or spring series.

  190. Ron Basile

    please continue and give us all a date, Great program!!

  191. David

    We need to see Vic get some other offers now that she’s single making things interesting. Maybe Walt’s daughter becomes involved with the lawyer from Denver and Chance is left all alone! Ferg becomes a player in the detective world and Ruby makes a play for Walt!!!LOL!
    Great Show! Walt needs to become more open with everyone and this lets Vic see his heart and falls madly in love with him and even offers to quit the force!

  192. Lisa

    We discovered this show on Netflix while we were homebound from a shoulder surgery. Purchased Season 3 on Vudu because we couldn’t wait for it to come out on Netflix. Excited for Season 4! Love this show and will never miss seeing it!

  193. Lorna

    Great show. Please renew. We don’t watch TV but buy it as soon as the season is finished (and we don’t have to wait for the next episode or watch commercials).

  194. Janet

    Longmire is the best show on TV. If anything is cancelled try Duck Dynasty, Hoarders etc.

  195. Becky

    I LOVE watching Longmire! Great cast and Great episodes! Can’t wait for season 4!

  196. mary jane

    this show is number one in my book.

  197. Judy Goodson

    I’ve never, in my 60 years, had a tv series that I enjoyed or looked forward to more than I do Longmire. The storyline and the cast are unmatched. PLEASE reconsider not cancelling it for the 2015 season. I had just made a comment on FB, the week after the last episode for 2014, that this is one show that I wish would run 9 months out of the year. I often had to rely on my DVR to be sure not to miss it, but it’s one of the very few shows that I can even tolerate anymore. PLEASE RECONSIDER!! I have all 3 of my grown children and their families hooked on it, as well as many other family members and friends.

  198. Walt

    do not cancel!!!!!!!!

  199. Bonnie

    NO! You can’t cancel this show it’s the only show on TV that I will stay up to watch. Forget about the reality show’s they all s*ck and there make believe, just like storage wars we found out product’s were planted and I haven’t watched that show since. Longmire is a good and decent show one of very few on TV these day’s PLEASE don’t cancel.

  200. deevee

    Longmire is honestly the best show on television…Hopefully another network will pick it up. I am now through with A&E as Longmire was the only show I watched. I’m sure A&E will find another “reality” show like C**p Dynasty to put in its place!

  201. Janet Rose

    If they take this show off, it’s a huge mistake!!!! It’s my favorite show and the best on tv!! Please keep it on! :))))

  202. Jack

    Best show on TV, the characters are great. I believe A&E didn’t give any advertising for the show. People who find the show are stuck on it. The big networks need to pick up show. HBO now is your chance for a great score.

  203. John Brockman

    Love the show. Got to know about Branch or his father. Who is dead or is it both?
    My favorite show and the scenery in New Mexico. Great writing and acting. Touched upon many contemporary issues and very fairly. I guess it was just too good.

  204. jerry landry

    That’s to bad another good show gone just like the Glades. Cancel the stupid shows. Like storage wars and the mountain men monster show it makes southerners look stupid.

  205. Gloria

    I don’t watch much TV, but Longmire I absolutely love. please don’t cancelled it. My entire family is glued to the TV when Longmire is on. The characters are magnificent.

  206. nancy

    How could they not renew such a good, exciting show?! It has good actors playing well written character parts. It is probably my favorite and I am very upset that it is not renewed.

  207. Tim

    I have not gotten into a show like this in a long time. The cast is great and the story line is fantastic. Please renew the show it is the best.

  208. Lauren Ledig

    Longmire is the best show ever…all the actors and actresses are supurb and they have great script writers, everything is top of the line in that show…….everyone I talk to in Canada and in the U.S. wait for it each week and then discuss what’s going on as if it’s really happening….the plot keeps us guessing as to what will happen next and why…….please don’t cancel it.
    That would leave us with the fake “reality” shows that are really scripted in advance, the innane “comedys” that think you are so stupid, that you need a canned laugh track to tell you when it’s funny and when to laugh, and then, there are the low IQ sit-coms………that are really all the same with the muggiing and supposedly funny one liners…….ugg! I predict that another cable channel will grab this winner up and that nobody will watch A&E because of their poor decision.

  209. Ann

    Longmire is the best show on TV. My family watches every week and can’t wait for the next episode. We are done with A&E if they go through with cancellation of this GREAT show.

  210. gae ike

    Please bring Longmire back to 2015 tv
    everyone loves this show!!!

  211. Angela Raygor

    I had no idea how much a show like Longmire was needed in my life. In is most stressing moments a sense of calm is always projected. On of the few shows offered that at the end you wondered what just happened. I was so excited for season four without Henry being in shackles and the two being the friend combo few get to experience in real life. So sad what happen hunnybooboo get old enough for a late night spot.

  212. Darlene Hollingsworth

    Please keep this show, it appeals to my whole family and is now show I am not embarrassed to tell people I watch. We need Longmire!

  213. Bev

    If Longmire is not renewed for Season 4 A&E personnel are fools. With the cr*p on tv, Longmire is quality TV. Get real A&E !!

  214. Raquel

    Please renew. At my house we look forward to the odd friendships that Longmire has with his deputies. This is one of the few shows that I can actually say my family looks forward and sits and watches together. My Husband. Daughter. Granddaughter. Watch this sow with me. I personally am looking forward to the special relationship with his daughter. Love the story line. Never. Boring.

  215. John

    Bad move by A&E. Longmire is a quality show with more room for character growth. I HATE when shows are cancelled and not allowed to come to a conclusion. I hope another network is smart enough to pick it up!

  216. mike


  217. Daryle

    Please find a way to keep this great show on the air. I look forward to it every week!

  218. Kathy

    Longmire is a great show. No everyone has cable or tv provider. We watched it streaming from A&E and would hate to see it cancelled. It is nice to watch a show that is not full of sex and foul language.

  219. Kathy

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL LONGMIRE! This show is amazing in the characters personalities, the settings, the scenery and the drama. Our whole family watches this show together and we can hardly wait for the next episode. And if anything could make the show any better it would be adding a little bit more of the spice that is in Craig Johnson’s books. He writes a great story!

  220. Carolyn

    Do not tell me you are cancelling Longmire, it’s one of the best shows on TV today!

  221. Lynne

    My husband and I are not TV watchers. However, I have to say this is the ONE TV show that we watch faithfully. We don’t have cable and first found Longmire on Netflix. When we saw the 3rd season was not available, I got I the internet and searched for it, finding it available on Amazon Prime. We were so taken with the show that we bought the whole 3rd season. Now that we are hooked we find that A&E is cancelling the show???? How can you leave us hanging like that/?? Please bring back Longmire.

  222. patricia smith

    I love to watch Longmire on tv or computer so to find that A &E IS CANCELLING is heart breaking

  223. laura braggiotti

    Longmire is a TV show with class. Enough of these over sexed, over sick killing, noisy chases and shooting the whole show. This mystery, western is classy, deep, has real value.
    I guess that is why they are canning it?! Why would we want more sick crime TV? America wake up. TV broadcasters take a stand!

    Longmire is amazing. Please keep this show running.

  224. sally

    please renew best show on Tv have bought all dvds waiting for season three on dvd

  225. john

    My wife and I love the show so much we bought the dvd’s . Hope someone picks it up.

  226. crn

    This is the best show on TV ! I hope another network will pick it up and continue the series. If

  227. Vicki

    GREAT SHOW! PLEASE don’t cancel!!!

  228. Barb

    How can you cancel Longmire and keep all of the stupid shows. Reality shows, storage wars just for starters all s*ck. If you don’t bring Longmire back I hope another station will pick up this show. I’m sick of all the blood and gut, all the sex and the bad language just for starters. Longmire is a good family show. I just hope your not stupid and cancel the best show to come in a long time.

  229. Wally

    Love the show. Always tape it due to odd schedules.

  230. Terrie

    We watch the show also.What does it matter if you dvr.We love westerns and this is pretty close to getting updated westerns.I see that they advertising the show so I am not knowing the fate of Longmire.

  231. jhp

    Excellent show that my husband and I both enjoy and dvr regularly.
    Hope it doesn’t fade into oblivion.

  232. Pwest

    Longmire is on of the best shows on tv. Why in the world it should be cancelled is beyond me. I hope you reconsider or it gets picked up by another network. It would certainly be a boost to anyone!!!

  233. Cheryl C.

    It never fails to amaze me, when you finally get a excellent dramatic show to watch the network cancels it. Yet, they leave all those trashy reality shows alone. They cancelled “The Glades” and left us hanging on the ending show, same as with “Longmire”. I might as well just cancel my cable and just watch my Blu-ray, at least it would be something I enjoy! I hope they shop the show to another network, like TNT. I think that would be a good fit!

  234. JW

    This is the best show on TV…I can’t believe A&E is doing this tous again. The Glades was great and they threw it away and now Longmire. I am officially through with A&E and the cr*ppy shows they are left with. Bring back Longmire!

  235. jimmie h

    With so much garbage being shoved down our throats by the networks, this jewel of a series gets cancelled? This show is the only reason we watch tv on Monday nights.

  236. Mr. AH

    Longmire is a show I make sure and recommend to anyone who comes into my business.
    My patients are hungry for a show of this quality without all of the social aberrations being forced upon us. Shame on AE. Longmire is the only reason your network is on at our house.

  237. Minto Athabascan

    PLEASE BRING BACK LONGMIRE!!! Or will another company pleeeeeeease purchase it!!! You can’t end the show on the last episode, it left us all hanging and wanting more……Won’t be a smart move, Longmire has waaaaay too much to offer to just let it end after only 3 seasons. I’m sure if they didn’t do it where you have to wait 1 whole year to watch the next season fans wouldn’t loose interest or simply forget about the show. I’ve recommended this show to many people, and I’m pretty picky when it comes to shows!! It has to grab my attention right away or I just don’t have any interest in it, honestly, all good shows have that quality of you wanting more. I know I’d impatiently wait for season 4!!!!! COME BACK LONGMIRE!!!! Lol.

  238. Steve

    Longmire gives those of us who like believable stories of real people living real lives- hope that the Gunsmoke good guy – bad guy days are not completely replaced by shallow, glitzy , juvenile programs. We older folks like a taste of reality, & will continue to watch this very entertaining show as long as it is kept on the air. A & E screwed up & will regret their mistake when someone with more appreciation for quality TV productions picks it up & it holds its millions of viewers for many more seasons. Hopefully another network that caters to mature audiences will show better judgement. Resurrect Longmire. The adults for better TV will reward you for it. RSG

  239. N. Kay N.

    Longmire is AWESOME!!! Finally a great show. Please don’t cancel!

  240. Jon N.

    Not many shows worth watching today. Longmire IS one of them. A & E shouldn’t cancel the show!

  241. Allison

    This by far is the best series on TV, it’s not junk reality shows. A &E will make a huge mistake by not continuing it. Please reconsider A&E!!! This is a great show!!!!!

  242. JIM

    I love this program and can’t wait to see the next episodes. Longmire is a very good program certainly much better than most of the garbage on television today. There is never a dull moment. Keep it going, please.

  243. Blackcloud

    Love Longmire! DO NOT Cancel! If you do we will cancel you!

  244. Bob

    My wife and I love the Longmire show. We think it deserves more episode per season, not cancellation.

    There is nothing on AE that interests us except that show. Please find another network with good sense who will bring it back for next season and many more to come.

  245. J Lee

    It is rare for a show to have great chemistry in its first season…example CSI lol
    Longmire is truly a show that got it right from the start and has kept right on going…networks should take into account in season 3 as to the slight viewer drop/ the season was short and pushed back it’s start date…
    I, among many many, believe canceling this is a mistake. Longmire could be a well watched long running show.
    Put the time and effort into it- it is already better than most shows running on mainstream TV.

  246. kathie Z.

    definitely the best show on tv… A&E what are you thinking leaving us up in the air??? get your heads out of your you know what and put the show back on!!!

  247. Annette

    Why is A & E still advertising Longmire as if it will be returning soon. New season Monday nights? Love this show. Please do not cancel.

  248. Black Bart

    All I can say is that in “Senior Land” (South Florida) the show has a good following. I would say that the folks at A&E should take a look at the demographics. Anyone who advertises on Longmire will get my support and money. If you want to expand the viewing consider changing the show to the dead air time between 7 & 8 PM where there isn’t a whole lot of anything on.

  249. Logan

    I really hate seeing this show cancelled, it is a great show and should be picked up and continued by another network.

  250. Barbara

    How many great testimonials do you need to convince you that Longmire is one of the best shows airing on TV. You’re canceling Longmire and keeping Duck Dynasty? Longmire is intelligently written, completely entertaining, and has millions of followers! Wise up!

  251. Diane

    Why is it that a good show comes on , people love it, it’s a great hit and it gets cancelled ?? Then the most degrading shows (Big Smo) get to go on,, Give us decent shows to watch please Bring Longmire back give us more of the same please, no more reality shows , I live with real all day let me enjoy TV , at night Please

  252. pattie

    Here I am again. I have no faith that A&E will reconsider and go with Longmire for a 4th season. I am hoping another network will pick it up, personally we are through with A&E and will move on. Hoping we can do it with Longmire somewhere else.

    • janetg

      yes I agree with you , I have even got rid of my Comcast because I found out I could get it on Googl TV !

  253. Trish H

    I live in Wyoming and picked up the first Craig Johnson book when it was released and have bought after subsequent Walt Longmire book. I was immediately drawn in to the characters and story lines and was very excited when I heard Longmire was going to be a series. Every Monday night I could hardly wait to see the show. As soon as season 3 ended, I was already eagerly anticipating season 4, so needlessly to say when I saw on the front page of the Powell Tribune (note front page!) that A&E was cancelling it, I was stunned and upset. A&E has lost a viewer.

  254. StephanieRN

    I love this show! Please don’t cancel it!!

  255. janetg

    What began as Longmire’s demise may be the information needed to save it!
    If Warner Horizon cannot locate another home for Longmire on another cable provider due to advertiser’s age requirements, they will then have to do an in run around their business model. But if they can we should all be very loyal to that network along with their advertisers. Right now many corporations are going through the motions of getting rid of the middleman as we see what Amazon is doing to publishers, authors are next! And cable providers are wanting to go with it in-house productions only. This will definitely end up as greater profits for them, but as we can all see, it also ends up delivering a poor quality product to the customer.
    Whenever I miss an episode of Longmire I would go to my You Tube TV and look up Longmire season 1 or 2 and pay the $1.98 to download it, no commercials, no cable network, and no cable company to deal with! Because I do not have a DVR I would only do this when I missed the show. If Waren Horizon (as a last resort only) should put up a webpage and sell each show for $2.00, it should be enough to cover their expenses with the American and Australian audience combined.
    Like it or not cutting out the middleman is the wave of the future in the entertainment industry. Currently cable networks along with cable providers have the upper hand, but if production companies can or will adapt to the new business model they will be at the top of the food chain in the future. And that would be a good thing to! Only because they have the expertise in bringing us could quality shows with in depth subject matters that keep us coming back for more!
    Unlike reality shows that are not reality shows at all, in fact they are well scripted or to scripted. And we always know what’s going to happen, there’s always going to be a petty conflict that amounts to nothing, serves no importance, and pretty much leaves us board. I can say all this because I have tried to watch reality shows in the past and I just can’t stomach it anymore! But in some ways I do feel sorry for A&E their boots must be getting higher tops on them all the time, as many of their reality show personalities have been stepping in it from time to time, this is probably why some people like to watch duck dynasty! I’ll admit it’s kind of fun watching A&E trying to clean up their messes
    Well it’s now up to Warren Horizon to let us in on what’s going on with this well beloved show that is currently in suspended animation! Are they close to finding a place for it, or are they going to let it die in the vine: or better yet are they going to march off into the future becoming the leader in entertainment production and provider?
    Stay Tuned for The Next Posting by:9/16/2014

  256. garry

    Both my wife and I agree that Longmire is the best show to come along in a very long time. This is one show that we enjoy watching together. It has great actors and story lines. Why is it that the good shows get cancelled? We hope you try your hardest to get this picked up.

  257. Elizabeth

    A & E you need to bring Longmire back again. Everytime you get a show on that I like you take it off. That is just like :The Killing: I loved that show and it got taken off. Please renew Longmire, it is awesome.

  258. Kathi

    Love the show. We don’t have cable and I make a point to watch it online as soon as possible.I hope there is a season 4!

  259. Mad Shelton

    Please please please bring Longmire back I looked forward to Monday nites . I even planned my schedule around the show. I’ve gotten all my friends into it an now your canceling it? Please don’t! What can the fans do to change your minds I’m sure we will do our part, at least I will

  260. Mary McDonald

    What can I (we) do to help get this on another network??? This is by far the best show I’ve seen since Breaking Bad! We finally get a highly skilled cast in a smart, edgy show which travels a road never traveled before, and the Network that has it, doesn’t promote it and then cancels it because they say the ratings were low! Apparently the intellegence shown in this series is not shared by those with power at A&E. They’ll replace this fatastic writing with another inane show, no one will ever remember! So predictable!

    Now perhaps we can get a network who will advertize the show, so everyone knows it’s out there. The 3rd season finale has left us all reeling, because of its intensity. The show really poured the heat on, this last season. I love this show. Unlike other programs, the writing is so outstanding that you can never predict what is coming next. This show is a standout.

    The actors bring every nuance to life. They deserve Emmys. It will just be a travesty if this show is not picked up. I simply can’t fathom the thinking behind this cancellation!

    Tell us where to go, who to call or write! What street should we be marching on?

    Never tuning into A&E again, isn’t a problem for me. If boycotting is the way to go, I’m all for it.
    Just point me in a direction!

  261. Steve K

    Longmire is my favorite show. Don’t cancel it, please. Why do the really good shows get canceled and the shows that relate to a very narrow genre stay on. Ya’ll got your priorities screwed up. Keep Longmire!!

  262. Pattie biron

    Are. You guys kidding me first the glades now the best show you have longmire please bring it back. Most of your show are stupid.

  263. Frank Nichol Sr.

    I dont understand why they take a very good show off the air and leave all these cr*ppy reality shows on the air !!!!!! Bring back Longmire the best show anywhere!!!!

  264. Mike Thomas

    A&E has raped the public before…Duck Dynasty and now Longmire…. I hope that Longmire production studios can find another network such as AMC to broadcast one of the best TV shows made…. A&E get your act together and quit playing with the public’s wishes…

  265. Jackie

    PLEASE bring Longmeir back!!!!!! It is a wonderful family show. You don’t have to listen to the F word or all the other realy foul words & you don’t have to watch all the sexual scenes. This is a great big plu for us. The actors are wonderful & they make you believe what you are watching. It is our favorite show. We always look forward to each new week & new season. I hate reality shows and I hate Duck Dynasty. I sure HOPE that A&E or another company puts it back on the aire. The only thing I wish is that Longmeir would have more shows with each series!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

  266. Bonnie

    In our family there are 4 households that watch Longmire. We always call each other to remind it is on and discuss what is happening. I think this show would be a good fit for FX, TNT or AMC. I hope it is bought by another network. We LOVE the show.

  267. SandyW

    I don’t understand why they keep advertising Longmire if they have no plans on running the shows. It’s just wrong. First the Glades now Longmire. I won’t commit to another.

  268. Mindy

    Such a good show. Outstanding acting…truly good story line. We need to keep this on the air.

  269. K

    My husband and I really enjoyed Longmire and looked forward to the 4th season to see what would happen to Henry. Please bring Longmire back. It had a hero with good values struggling with difficult issues. Such a bad decision to cancel it.

  270. Ginny

    This show is by far the best to come along in a while. Who’s running A & E and what are they thinking? They admitted that this series had the largest viewing audience of any new show of late. Here’s hoping another newtork will see fit to keep in on the air!!!

  271. Kathy D

    A&E cancelled Longmire, their best show, so I am saying goodbye to A&E, they have been cancelled. I will not tune into any of their so called (reality) shows but then again not much there to see.

    • terri fields

      I agree this was the only show worth seeing on a/e. Maybe history channel or fx will pick it up. Here’s hoping.

  272. Frieda Waller

    If Longmire is not renewed, I will never watch A&E again! Everytime I get really interested in a show on that network, it gets cancelled! Enough is enough! Yes, I am a baby boomer, but evidently you don’t know just how many of us are out there watching TV these days! BRING LONGMIRE BACK!!

  273. Sue R.

    There are very few shows on TV these days that are worth watching. Longmire is one of the shows that IS!!
    A&E has sorely disappointed the fans of this great show. I hope and pray that another channel with better sense than A&E will pick this show up and run it for many years to come!!

  274. Gail


  275. mark

    a&e just one question are you crazy this show is great why the hell would you cancle it if you dont pick it back up i hope some other network has the brains to pick it up ill admit the only reason i started watchin a&e was for storage wars and storage wars is ok still but not like it was when it first started but i saw the advertisement for longmire and thought it looked like a good show now im hooked and you people take it off the air i dont know i might just stop watching a&e all together cause this is just plane stupid

    bring back longmire

  276. Debbie Q

    Please bring this show back. I’m so disappointed A&E cancelled. I too hope another network picks this show up. With so much junk why pick on a good series like Longmire?

  277. Mary Jennifer

    I can’t believe Longmire was canceled. They could have been decent and gave a final season as most stations do. Thanks A&E.

  278. terri fields

    I finally enjoy a show that is interesting and entertaining then find out it isn’t being renewed because of age of the viewers.what a crock. I didn’t think I was that old. Only 56. After the fiasco will the Robertson family I would think you would be a little more careful about press releases you share. If you aren’t renewing longmire then what station is picking it up and I’ll switch to that station for my entertainment.
    Disgruntled viewer.

  279. Vanessa

    Let me guess, Longmire is being replaced with yet another mind dumbing reality show. If they truly think that we need yet another show with some backwood or rich, couldn’t be less talented people on TV, I can understand why they do not recognize good shows like Longmire and The Glades. I for one will not purchase from any company that advertises on their station. I’m in their range demographics and feel brain matter leak out everytime I even channel surf past a reality show.

  280. Sandi Andersen

    Why cancel an excellent show whith a good storyline. Why not cancel some of the reality trash, Housewifes of anything, Naked and afraid, dating naked, really, really what trash ? I cannot understand, you had great actors, story line. I hope that one of the networks wakes up and gives Longemire a chance and take the 4th season.

  281. Mae, Klette

    I really want to see the Longmire show after Logmire hears the shot at the end of season

    three. I really liked the show and would like to find a way to see season four and all seaons

    after that of Longmire. It’s a far better show than most of what is on A&E now.

  282. Charla

    This is one of the few TV show worth watching and should be renewed. One of the only shows on TV without cussing, great story line and moral values. I hope that you will find someone to keep it going, after all you can’t just have a gun shot with no resolution!

  283. Patricia Fisher

    I can not believe they cancelled this excellent show. Please someone have the common sense to pick it up.

  284. LETA & LARRY


  285. Dennis & MaryLou Schirner

    We sure hope you will bring this show back. We have watched it from the first episode, and it is a really great show. You canceled it before, and renewed it. There is a lot of really crappy stuff on TV, but Longmire is one of the good shows. Please bring it back, we Love this show, and I`m sure there are a lot of others who do too!!!

  286. Eileen H

    Please leave Longmire on, it the only show my husband and I actually watch together every week. Just when a great show comes on they have to go and cancel. Always happens to a good cast and story line. I am so sick of all the reality shows, which in most cases are garbage. I hope another network picks this up. Keep this show!!!!!!!!!! Love it

  287. Bonnie

    So–first it was THE KILLING–now it’s Longmire — now there is no reason whatsoever to watch this network– I am not interested in and will not watch the NEW popular shows–you know the ones with vampires – walking dead – zombies and other Non-human storylines–we all can redbox rent cheaper than we can subscribe .

  288. Sandy

    Please, please bring Longmire back. It’s the best show on TV. I can’t believe all the reality cr*p goes season after season but a quality show gets cancelled. What’s wrong with the executives of A&E???

  289. Ron Zientara

    Longmire is best show by far. Whole family from wife and myself, to our kids, our siblings, parents everyone. Hope a network picks it up. Tired of good clean shows being cancelled!

  290. Faye

    Love Longmire . Best show on TV. Please give the fans what we want and return it for another season….

  291. DAN COLE


  292. Kittie

    RENEW, So what if the older adults are watching this . It is decent and has a good story line and easy on the eyes. If not on A&E then at least put on another cable station.

  293. Deb

    Longmire is one of the best shows on TV. They may have lost viewers as they keep moving it around & you have to search to find it. I have recommended this show to friends, family & acquaintances. There are a hand full of shows that are truly excellent entertainment and this is one of them. Don’t let it go away.

  294. Alexis

    I will be so disappointed if Longmire is not renewed. I looked forward to watching it every week. I do not watch reality shows and don’t tell me they are not scripted. I am not interested in their messed up lives. I’m tired of networks catering to the younger generation. I feel like older people’s opinions should be considered.

  295. Goins

    Please renew. Best show on TV.

  296. Flo & Rich

    Don’t know whats going on in A&E’s head. Longmire is one of the best shows on TV today. But if they are that ignorant, better for the station who will pick them up. We are looking forward to it coming out in 2015. Keeping our ears and eyes open.

  297. Cagney

    It was bad enough when the Glades was canceled…now Longmire???? What is wrong with A & E??? Seems like the good shows are always canceled but keep some stupid show…..who cares about Storage Wars etc.



  299. Anita

    BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK, BRING IT BACK. A&E stands for Arts & Entertainment … Longmire IS ENTERTAINMENT … shows such as Duck Dynasty are GARBAGE.

  300. LMS

    My favorite show. Please return.

  301. Joyce

    Please, please, please bring it back. Best show ever! What in the world is the matter with A&E?
    That is the only show I watch on that station. Even a newscaster on Fox News said that she is in love with the series. What happened to Branch and his dad? I have also read all of Craig Johnsons books too and love them all.

  302. Kathleen Newhouse

    Longmire was a unique TV show. The characters were incredible, especially how we were enlightened every week with a glimpse of their personality. The actors that portrayed these characters was a perfect selection. The cast really made the show .
    The Indian history that surrounds the story is fascinating and truly original. I like the gritty feel and realistic cowboy style that represents Longmire.

    Please reconsider, it is a wonderful show, a true original drama.

    Thank you.

  303. Clara

    Longmire was one of the best shows on TV. My husband and I watched it every week and have been looking forward to the new season. Very disappointed that it has been cancelled. I will be looking for it to be picked up by another channel. A&E is going to have a lot of disappointed viewers.

  304. walter

    this seems like a dumb decision! the percentage of the mature audience keeps growing! doesn’t A&E look at statistics? Longmire will grow if properly marketed. You should blame yourselves.
    What possible show could you put on that would get these ratings? Reality shows are on the decline.

  305. Linda

    I am so in love with Longmire…I actually started watching this show on Netflix
    I was hooked…the beauty of Netflix no commercials …I love Netflix too!!
    My husband and I had to watched season 3 on A&E with the help of the DVR featured the commercials become very annoying when you are watching this great show.
    A&E what could you possibly be doing to your
    Audience????? Shame on you!

  306. mike


  307. Ken S

    It’s my favorite show. Hope USA, TBS or TNT picks it up. A&E doesn’t know what it’s doing, end good shows and keep reality show that are terrible.

  308. Shirley Naab

    Longmire is entertaining and full of heart. Living in Wyoming this series portrays the less populated areas such as Wyoming and it would be a shame if this series is cancelled. It is the best show that is on TV-hands down!!

  309. pam

    I love a show that I can’t predict. great storylines! but besides that, for me Longmire is like a comfort food. something so peaceful about the scenery. I’m so disappointed. this is precisely why I try not to get attached to TV shows. do they really have a better show that they needed to make room for??

  310. Mona H

    This is the best show. I read this is the second highest rated show on AE. Just because it draws a more mature audience is no reason to cancel. My grown kids watch at their house too. So the marketing people are full of baloney.

  311. Francis

    Please renew for 2015.

  312. Deb

    This is so disheartening !! One of the greatest shows on tv in a long time !! Shame on you A&E !!!

  313. lucy

    I just found this show, and I love it!! I really hope A&E will be smart enough to have a 4th season.

  314. Debbie

    This show was one of the few that my husband and I both enjoyed. He especially looked forward to it because of the western flavor. Being an old Texas cowhand, he looks for shows that keep Western’s alive. First you cancelled the glades which was fun and different. Now you cancel Longmire – why? Is it because the older viewers like my husband and I don’t count? A&E always seemed like a cut above most cable networks but lately I think they have sipped the reality show Kool-Aid. Come on dump duck dynasty and put some quality entertainment on the air!!!

  315. Sheryl

    I want my Longmire back on Television. A & E you are fools.

    • Bev

      Agreed. saw 1st commercial..wasn’t impressed. WATCHED 1st Episode..HOOKED. I need my LONGMIRE FIX now.

  316. Brenda

    Cancelling Longmire was a really DUMB move–bring it back. Awesome characters and storylines plus clean viewing. BRING IT BACK.

  317. Ande

    Really, keep shows like Honey Boo Boo and cancel Longmire! What are the real grown ups suppose to watch. We love Longmire! We have to DVR it so we can watch it sometimes and other times we can watch it when it comes on so the numbers aren’t always right. Give the show a chance (like 6 or 7 years) before you decide it isn’t worth keeping. Every time a good show comes on they kick it to the curb but put on a piece of trash and let’s keep it on for 10 years. A & E is suppose to be Arts & Entertainment not Abuse & Excuse.

  318. Chris

    Best show on television, let’s keep Longmire I am definitely a devoted and loyal fan.

  319. Shotgun

    Really ! Can’t believe what I am reading…….that Longmire has been cancelled!!!!!
    I know the guys at A&E MUST be smarter than THAT! Don’t shoot yourself In the foot! This series will be requested over and over for years to come! Take some of the junk off and keep this one going and pad your coffers for the future! It will be another Gunsmoke for sure!

  320. Kathy

    We want Longmire Back! This is the first decent show that we have had in years! Bring it back or we will boycott A&E forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!

  321. Mandy

    Please please please return Longmire. It’s my favorite show… in fact the only one I consistently watch!

  322. Velma

    My Husband and I truly enjoy watching Longmire. It has been a really good family show, and one of our favorites as well. We are hoping Longmire will be renewed for the fall showing! This is the only A&E movie we watch.

  323. snowbumbeck

    Something has to be wrong. Longmier is the one show our family really looks forward to watching together.
    I can hardly believe all the garbage on TV these days, like reality show’s for intance. They are anything but reallity. And do nothing to improve our childrens understanding of whats REAL in life for an average family. “Longmier.” is the one family show that is enjoyed by all, and it’s cancelled. I’m sad, sickened and outraged by this. Its time to shut off the TV and go back to reading books in the evening. Someone out there pick up this show and make A&E sorry cancelling it!

  324. kodiak57

    Since A&E announced they were canceling Longmire, I have refused to let my family watch A&E at anytime. I can’t believe that with all the stupid stuff on TV now, they would cancel a show that the whole family could sit down together and watch. I have no idea what kind of stupid people they have in their headquarters, but this proves that they know nothing about Art or Entertainment.

  325. AgnesA

    The story lines and actors are natural and believable. The series peaks your interest and keeps you surprised & guessing.

  326. Donna B

    Count me in as another one of those who records and watches on my own schedule. Not only that, but I save them from one season to the next so on long weekends, I can sit in and watch an entire season like a Longmire Marathon.

  327. Bill Flaugher

    Please renew Longmire.

  328. Tmacg

    It is a great show that has a terrific cast. If it is indeed cancelled it will be sad, hopefully another network will pick it up. In the interim there are always the Craig Johnson books “Longmire” which are excellent. Wishing the cast well and hopefully we will see them soon.

  329. andrew

    Renew, this is the best western in years, Don’t let us down

  330. Shirley

    Please do not cancel this wonderful show, after all of the other garbage on TV this one is a delight to watch with the whole family. Bring back the good old days of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry.

  331. Jeff

    Remember when A & E talked of canceling their Golden Goose ( Duck Dynasty )…. much of the same can be said for Longmire. We still watch duck Dynasty but the rest of their programming we turn off & go elsewhere. The upper echelon has to be the same Idiots we have in the White House……….Numb Skulls.

  332. Rae Smylie

    Longmire is the Only program that every member of our sixty- five family all watch! Please keep it going so we have at least one topic to discuss besides religion, politics and, well, you know. Please keep Longmire going!

  333. Carol Brown

    Why would you take one of the best show on A&e.You leave on these show that are so stupid who cares about running nude,the walburgers,or some of the other one. You guys are really stupid and numb skulls. There is about 20of us to get together about the show. Why did you do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  334. Cat

    Bring back longmire!! It was the best tv show, best acting, best writing i’ve seen in decades. Why would a&e cancel high quality art and entertainment? Did they forget what a&e stands for?

  335. Rose

    Everybody I talk to is so upset Longmire might not come back. It’s so nice to have a good show that doesn’t involve zombies, supernatural or monsters. Please find a channel & bring Longmire back.

  336. flip

    I looked forward every week to watch Longmire. And Yes, sometimes I have to DVR it. This show is on the top of my list and can’t believe somebody doesn’t want this show in there line-up.

  337. Bev

    ONLY show I watch faithfully (oh..and The Have’s and Have Nots)…but LONGMIRE is the best!

  338. Linda

    I hope that A&E takes another look at Longmire and decides to renew the series. My family loves the series and look forward to the day it is on to see what will be happening next. It would be a big disappointment if it was not on again.

  339. Tony

    The series actually serves as a constant teaching environment. I refer to the Native cultural aspects, interpersonal relationships, and awesome characters. All lend a unique tone to the wilderness style of life hemmed in by ever imposing and expanding Modern metro life pushing against Cultural traditional settings. I appreciate the writing and production.

    • Robert

      Can’t say it any better than this.

  340. Pk

    This show was well followed A&E is making a big mistake, come on other networks this is a proven winner. BRING BACK LONGMIRE!

  341. Mare

    Our family loves this show! We faithfully tuned in every week! We can’t believe it was cancelled! Not watching A&E anymore so someone … please renew Longmire!!!!

  342. Robert

    Crime Story, Firefly, and now Longmire. Why, why do they always cancel the best shows? The best stories, incredible acting and better than anything else on tv. Everyone I know watched this show. Just incredible.

  343. Ramiro

    Well… I think you are all right esp. Larry & Joann!!! When the Glades went off the air it was understandable but that was aimed at a younger audience. So the “excuse” that A&E is trying to shove down our throat’s is pure “garbage”. I’m 48 years of age, I’m in good shape, I may not be in the 20/30 age group, but I am still young enough to buy the advertisers products. A&E had the viewers, a fantastic loyal fan base, a very good show, advertisers that were willing to pay for their products to be shown, a well acted/well written show & they pulled it because they wanted one more cheep buck…. I guess they don’t want quality shows on A&E just to aim at a certain population & make a cheep buck. Lastly,most young people don’t watch A&E they watch Big Bang Effect/MTV/The Kardashians or some other laugh/fake drama/fake reality fest. I should know, I’m a middle school teacher. Lets see if A&E is not just testing the market & reverse course like they did with Duck Dynasty.


    why are you.ll waiting so long to put LONGMIRE back on tv it,s the best show on tv. Put it on channel 12 I know it well be watched.E veryone loves it.

  345. YOLANDE

    I’ve found Longmire is a refreshing show, please renew it for a 4th, 5th, etc… season.

  346. lee

    I have cancelled the portion of my dish network that airs A & E. A& E doesn’t seem to realize that there is an audience of baby boomers who are not interested in shows centered around 30 somethings. This is the 2nd show that they have brought out, that us older generation can appreciate. The first was Saving Grace, and now Longmire. The were both gritty, interesting programs. I hope another network picks it up.

    • Pam taylor

      Me too Lee, you said it……wright their with you……Pam

  347. Janet

    All of the reviews are right. Longmire is the most entertaining show. Tv is getting to many reality shows. I hate paying all that money for cable to watch all the crappy shows.I don’t think I will ever watch A & E again, and I’m going to tell everyone I know not to watch.

    • Pam taylor

      you go Janet……same with me, I hate all the reality shows …..so stupid…..FAKE,nothing but
      pay me the MONEY and most all of the TIME its 50% LESS than what you are promised in
      contract………But no one knows that unless they KNOW THE BUSSINESS…….

  348. Dana

    What a great show. My husband and I watched 3 yrs of the series in one week. We LOVED it!!! Please bring it back! There is such a lack of good TV…why take away a great thing?

  349. james weeks

    With the whole country on a downward spiral what would you expect. We have the best show on T.V. so we have to find a way to get rid of it. Quality is not a desired characteristic in this any longer.

  350. Pam taylor

    I really, really,really ,MISS my LONGMIRE……….please A&E bring it back to us. Is it’ not clear
    to your NETWORK and your MONEY LINE what kind of SHOW……FORCE that you have with
    us the PEOPLE who are watching,waiting and wanting at the bit for this SHOW….CHARACTERS…..and the AWESOME storyline to unfold…..we wait and HOPE to see
    WHATS ……….NEXT.

    Thank you for your consideration……Please, what happened!

  351. Tommy

    Best show on TV. Thanks to cast and crew. Something to be proud of.

  352. Pat

    We put in our time in the working years, it’s not fair to remove a show that is something different and worth watching…. Hopefully someone will pick it up and return it to the people who liked it.

  353. Wendy

    Please bring back Longmire. We really enjoyed this show. How disappointed to read the cancellation is due to target age group? Baby boomers have more disposable income than folks under 30. A & E needs better marketing research.

  354. Bob

    Longmire is a great show. Not the run of the mill detective show.

  355. Patricia M.

    A & E must have peas for brains to cancel such a good show as Longmire. Most of my friends loved this show while others didn’t know of it…..w h y i s t h a t ???? A & E didn’t try to promote this show. That I believe!!!! Word of mouth got people interested…..just think what may have happened if they had advertised. I am wondering why some shows are constantly advertised…..(some, being advertised are not children friendly…what gives??) who can understand all the hog wash. I just know, I have a bad feeling towards A & E for making such a bad decision. I hope the actors read these comments. I feel bad for them. Want them to know how well the show was liked. I hope another network realizes this as well!!!!!!!! Would a petition help????

  356. Dawne

    I love this show. I always record this show and watch later. A&E need to give their head a shake if they give it up. I have a lot of friends who also record and watch later. Please don’t let the show go.

  357. Dale

    Walt Longmire rivals the greatness of Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke. Keep it going. Please.

  358. Kevin

    Finally a show comes along with well written characters and great plots and A&E cancels it?!!!!

    For shame… I can’t wait to give my allegiance to a new network


  359. Sandi

    They cancelled Longmire because it was excellent. We can’t have THAT on TV – we must appeal to the mushy brains of the masses and young numbskulls who thrive on reality TV and techno-cr*p. Longmire was too well-acted, directed and written so we must not let excellence like that continue – my God, the people may come to expect it! I just keep hoping – and then get addicted to excellence. Wish I’d learn my lesson.

  360. Statia

    Recently traveled through Longmire territory. The tv show captures the feel of the scenery, and it’s not a reality show but a well scripted drama. Thanks for great summer intertainment. I’m hoping that A & E will renew this realistic look at this fly-over section of our country.

  361. Gloria R. Land

    I think cancelling Longmire would be a very bad decision! Not only does he have great chrisma on the program, the programs are always interesting, and he has a great supporting cast! Please decide to keep Longmire!

  362. Brad D

    Longmire is also one of my top 3 favorite shows, which is why I’m looking for it here. You can’t get the kind of ‘feel’ of a show of this type these days. Please bring it back A&E. You should get a rid of a show like Storage Wars instead, it really has played out.

  363. Julie B.

    It’s not just the fact that Longmire’s a great show, but they just left us hanging. Why don’t they at least give us a few more episodes to give us a decent ending? Anybody else getting tired of being disappointed by A&E. not only Longmire, but they did the same thing to us with “Glades” Shame on you A&E…

  364. Brenda k

    So sorry to see Longmire not being pick up by A&E. A big fave for sure. Great characters and story lines.. Boo to you A & E got taking another good show off schedule. Will b watching to see if another channel will pick it up

  365. Joe L.

    One of the few shows, since Lost, I made point of seeing every, As great cast with wonderful writers. Fervent hope it finds a new home.

  366. J Clayton

    Great show! Three generations come together just to watch Longmire. Please don’t cancel.

  367. T Comstock

    My wife asked me to check when the 4th season for Longmire start to air.
    It is one of the few shows we both like to watch.
    I am sorry that the program was not renewed.



  369. Hal Grimes

    Any news on being picked up? C’mon TNT or USA…. gain a winner

  370. Mark

    This Is Why I HATE to follow shows on A&E, Discovery and the like. There is NO LOYALTY to the fans. No closure, no nothing. The same thing was done with The Glades; just left us hanging.

  371. Judy

    Cannot believe they would cancel one of the best shows on TV. I agree there is no loyalty with some of the cable networks. Hopefully some other network will pick it up or I heard Netflix had an interest. There is not much worth watching on A&E so I will leave it in my dust!

  372. diane


  373. Anne-Marie

    Please renew for season 4 – best show ever

  374. Yvonne Dieffenderfer

    I am soon going to stop watching A&E all together. Longmire is the best show in a long time to come to television. shame on you for cancelling it.

  375. CT

    Longmire is one of my fave shows!! Can’t think of it not being renewed!! The A&E channel doesn’t have another show I will watch. I am hopeful the show will be renewed. The garbage the channels foist on we who pay the bills is atrocious!! A&E, RENEW LONGMIRE!! GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND GET THIS SHOW BACK ON THE AIR!!!

  376. Angela Cobb

    Please renew Longmire; the only tv that is left is a bunch of white trash reality nonsense. Please renew the best drama on cable television and why don’t you try to promote it a bit? Thanks!

  377. Brenda

    The depth of the characters, the relationships, the complete story line…it get’s better and better. It’s the ONLY TV show that I would miss anything else to be able to watch. It’s beyond my ability to understand why this great show would be cancelled. Please don’t.

  378. HELEN

    You won’t get such dedicated, good reviews from any of the above mentioned uninteresting shows. Hope the sponsors will be drawn to Longmire when they realize the interest is great. The mature audience is there, ready and willing to consider their products. RENEW LONGMIRE!

  379. Joe Bowman

    Longmire should have 26 episodes per season. This show has the potential to be the best crime drama ever. And, Walt and Vic need to be a couple.

  380. Judy

    We really enjoy Longmire, we do not miss an episode! Please bring this entertaining show back to TV.

  381. Debra

    I was a fan of Craig Johnson’s books and thrilled when they turned it in to a tv series. I haven’t missed a single episode in three seasons and even record and rewatch every episode. If they don’t renew the show they are making a hugh mistake. The characters are well written and it is nice to see a show with integrity, morals and not afraid to show people trying to do the right thing. I live in northern NM where the show is filmed and even visited the locations of Walt’s cabin(Valle Caldera), his office(Las Vegas, NM). This is the best show on tv, some of us still want to watch intelligent, thought provoking shows not idiot reality shows.

  382. Robin

    I agree, please keep it going. It’s a wonderful show, just pulled 2 of my sisters into watching it.

    One of the show my husband and I can’t wait to see, especially from season3 finale’.

  383. SourceCodeX

    Friends of Longmire! Join Twitter and/or Facebook and search. for #LongLiveLongmire and join the Longmire crusade to bring the show back. Sign the various online petitions to renew Longmire. Be proactive and call Netflix and write to other networks to get their attention of the 6 million strong fan base for the show. Find the Longmire Posse on Twitter and Facebook and make your voice heard. Thanks!

  384. SourceCodeX

    Sign the Longmire petition here:
    longmire [.] epetitions [.] net
    Help save a great show!

  385. leta plack

    You cancel a great show but you RENEW DUCK Gag me with a spoon Duck is one of the worst show I never had a desire to be a part of!!!

  386. Barbara

    Longmire is one of the most interesting, intelligent shows on TV. There is nothing on cable like it. I started reading the Craig Johnson Longmire book series because of the show. That’s how influential this show has been. Please keep this deep, reflective series going. Thank you.

  387. Tara Adams

    Love this show bring it back

  388. Senais Edwards

    Helps to make my nights bearable. What am I to do for winter? Watch a blank screen? We want it back. My peace of mind. Somerhing to look forward to. Bring it back, please. Now.

  389. Kathy N

    LOVE this show. I’m never able to catch it on regular schedule, but absolutely love to marathon watch. TV watching has completely changed with DVRs and On Demand. Simply can’t judge a show’s popularity by weekly viewing anymore. Please bring this show back!

  390. Lynne

    An absolute delight to watch. Please renew. Acting is superb and story line very good. Its refreshing to watch a series that has it all.

  391. Kathy korsen

    Why is it all the good shows are canceled? We have polygamist shows, to many reality TV shows. Networks are over flowing with stupid sitcoms. And shows that people over the age of 30 want to watch get canceled. Everything on TV is all about sex. Add more sex to it so you have the younger kids watching it. But then that ruins it for the rest of us who like it as it is!!!!!

  392. Rebecca

    Love Longmire. Please renew. It’s the best show of its kind. Love the characters and story lines. Doesn’t deserve to be cancelled.

  393. Pam Mills

    My husband & I are avid Longmire watchers! Please don’t cancel the series. This is one of the best shows on tv. It would be a shame to take it off. Long live Longmire!!

  394. Debra Jones

    Will someone please renew the show? I will follow wherever it goes. A&E is off of my viewing channels now. Longmire is an excellent show and we baby boomers have disposable income now. We are still a force to be reckoned with.

  395. shirley

    Unbelievable that it is cancelled on A & E. Amazing drama with depth to the characters and the story line. There is so little for thinking adults to watch on TV that does not have explicit sex or violence. Get a clue programers. Reality shows of half wit hillbillys, selfish shallow bimbos in the suburbs, Monster chasers of all kinds. I’ve seen ads for these shows but won’t waste my time on them. Longmire was worth watching, worth waiting for. And to end on such an intriguing cliffhanger is abusive. Come on, networks, somebody pick it up. I’ll chip in $100 for a ticket to this show.

  396. Carol-Anne

    How can we help?
    Strange how no one cares about Baby Boomers disposable income.
    And, lets face it, this was good TV.
    Excellent story lines, wonderful scenery, really good acting and A&E cancels it.

  397. Bette H

    I was totally blindsided when I heard of the cancellation. I could not wait until it came on. We talked about it the next day at work. This show had a plot. I cannot believe that they cancelled this show. And shows like Honey BB still goes on. I guess the station only goes for nose pickers, dirty language, slutty women and people that like to yell and fight with each other. They don’t seem to have room for a decent show. I heard that the network was only looking for the younger market and Longmire was said to have a middle to older market. WHAT??????? DON’T WE COUNT???????? PLEASE BRING LONGMIRE BACK. Thank you for our time

  398. Kathy

    I agree with everyone on here about Longmire! We want him BACK!!!!! I would like to suggest that everyone go to A&E.com and leave feedback there also.That may have a bigger impact to voice your opinion straight to them! Until they bring him back,we will continue leaving A&E out of our TV viewing!

  399. Barbara

    I am a faithful fan of Longmire. For you to leave us hanging at the end of season 3 and not know the outcome is unforgivable. Renew !!!!

  400. Dave

    My wife and myself just love the show can’t wait for new episodes ever week. Please keep it on the story line is so great, the actors make you feel so enthralled, about what going to happen next. Terrific series

  401. Lance Axness

    Season 4 and 5 and more episodes!!!! This show is the best. Not standard thoughtless cr*p on TV.

  402. Katie W

    I watch very little tv and Longmire is a must! Please bring it back for many seasons to come.

  403. michelle

    This is an amazing show!!!! Please! Get it back on!!!!!!! SHAME ON YOU A&E! It was a stupid reason to cancel!

  404. Susan

    Longmire is a great show! Please renew it!

  405. M.S.Wrigh

    Please renew Longmire, it is the best show on TV. My husband and I both love it.

  406. Rob

    Loved the show, the characters, the story lines. A Martinez was great. Branch and Vics tension added depth. Stood out.

  407. Pam

    There is so much cr*p on TV now, why this wonderful series was cancelled, I’ll never know. whose bad decision was this?

  408. kim ward

    This was a really good show. It needs to be renewed.

  409. Kristen

    Please, please, please renew!!!!!!! LOVE the show so much!!! I’ve been spreading the word to try and boost interest. 🙂

  410. Julie R

    A&E cancelled Longmire?!! Did I read that correctly? (Sigh)
    I think it is an excellent show – script, acting, scenery
    I don’t usually get involved in tv shows but Longmire has me captured.
    It is a show with substance; not shallow like so many other shows that are kept on the schedule.

  411. Diane

    Great show please continue it ,class act acting and story line , unique in many ways

  412. Cindy

    I came across Longmire by chance. Just when I starting to spread the word about this fantastic show, it was canceled! I am a selective TV viewer. Imagine my thrill when I saw a show that actually had innovation, intellect, and over all appeal. Please bring it back.

  413. lurine

    please bring longmire backk

  414. Liz

    Please bring back, the show and cast were such a pleasure to watch.

  415. FLO111111111111111


  416. Tooter

    One of the better shows! I’m so tired of all of the sex and nudity that Longmire was a breath of fresh air. Was terribly disappointed when it was not renewed. PLEASE keep working on getting it back.

  417. Jean

    Please A&E continue the Longmire series forever. This series, other than Hell on Wheels, is the only Western on television. Instead of running so many repeats of the tired Duck Dynasty, how about continuing the really good Western shows like Longmire? The stories are always good ones and the cliff hanger at the end of Season 3 warrants more and more series to come for years to come.
    I’d like to know how A&E came to the conclusion that they had lost 1.2 million viewers of Longmire. They sure didn’t ask me or a lot of other fans whether we watched and loved it or not.
    There is way too many “reality” shows on television now and we don’t need our good Western shows canceled to make way for any more reality type shows. PLEASE continue Longmire!!!

  418. Faye

    Please bring this show back, it is awesome.

  419. Morris

    this is a great show I have watched ever show 2 o3 times just weighting for the next season 4 to start I check for it often

  420. COOKIE


  421. Mike

    We want Longmire Back! This is the first decent show that we have had in years! Bring it back or we will boycott A&E forever!

    netflix you’ll be lucky to pick it up & will have a ton of instant fans!

  422. Loremay CAR


  423. Bonnie

    Glad to hear Netflix has it’s head in the right place. The network’s that are even thinking of cancelling Longmire, Dallas and The Bridge will be joining the other worthless networks in the gutter and will lose many faithful viewers. Please reconsider.

  424. LUCY

    I hate the wives of blah, all of us have problems and don’t need their hyped up baggage. Longmire is a great break to forget ourselves and watch a good ole’ down to earth detective do his best for his town. Love the wide open western scenes and small town feel of the show. Hats off to the people that write it and all those that make it possible for all of us to get caught up in a modern day american western. Not many things worth watching but this one is a keeper.

  425. Denise

    One of the best shows out in years. I am so over the ridiculous comedies and reality TV. My husband and I arrange our schedules around Longmire. A&E has lost some loyal customers by letting this one go. I really don’t care where I watch it, as long as I get to continue watching it!

  426. Pam

    Canceling Longmeier, the best program you have? Figures. I think I will cancel A&E.

  427. Jean

    Everytime A & E gets a good show they never keep it long except reruns of Criminal Minds. Thats a good show but one gets tired of it over and over. Glades was another good one that they cancelled. Hopefully Longmire will come back stronger and will last a long time. We can do without all the reality shows that are not really reality.

  428. Rob

    Glad it’s being picked up, be nice if cast stayed the same as this was the strength of the show. Way to go Netflix.

  429. veev

    When can we expect Longmire back? Only enjoyable show -so tired of cr*ppy reality shows.

  430. James

    Great show
    do nt cancel

  431. Billy

    Love this show Please don’t cancel.

  432. Toni

    Really happy to hear there will be a new season. I’ve really missed it. Definitely one of the most original shows on the tube in a long time. Characters are real and storylines are intriguing. Can’t wait!

  433. Arturo

    I do not have this channel on my cable company because we are on a island. But when my brother told me to watch it at Netflix I was hooked up. The culture, intrigues and format of the show it is amazing. I would agreed we everyone it is one of the best drama series that I can watch in this days with all the reality garbage. If a mayor Company takes this show and rerun it so others viewers like me can discover, I think you would more that double your fans. You can be as great as NCIS or any of those great shows.You would not make just another season you can get until the 10th if you keep all that team together. Hopes this gets read by any of A&E your letter means art and entertainment and you are losing it!!!!

  434. Pam

    Absolutely one of the best shows on TV. Have watched from the beginning. Would love to be watching it right now!!!!!!!
    Thank you Netflix………
    A & E….what the heck were you thinking….????
    Duck Dynasty…….seriously….????

  435. Alexis Anton

    Longmire is the best show on TV for decades. The acting and storyline is terrific. Its seems only quality shows are canceled and the garbage/scum remains. I am seriously thinking of canceling cable because I hate spending money for such low brow shows.

  436. C MICHAEL

    I totally agree with all the above. I understand that Netflx has picked up LONGMIRE for 10 weeks. my statement to Netflx, smart move. LONGMIRE has the potential to be as great or greater than GUNSMOKE . but, you need to run it full season , from September to May of each year. your audience will continue to grow year by year this way. too much time lapse between seasons now. you need to start advertising the show now. on your normal adds, slip in the name Longmire and the date of the first show. I don’t know who picked the cast for LONGMIRE,
    they should be thanked for doing a great job. I HOPE LONGMIRE RUNS FOR ATLEAST 10 YEARS.

  437. LARRY M.

    Can’t believe USA or any other network hasn’t jumped at the chance to air this show . This is one of the best TV shows to come along in decades . A great sponsor with DODGE also , with being featured within the programs . No foreign autos being featured . Great writing , great actors , great sponsors , what more do networks want / need . I also agree this show would do good against these so called ” reality shows “.. PLEASE find a network for this great program . THANX

  438. kate

    CAN’T WAIT TILL SEASON 4 BEGINS! Hurry up, going to start reading books based on.

    We are native peoples and enjoy this series. Aho! Ona

    Kate and glenn

  439. FONDA

    OMG….we finally get a decent show about heros and people who do the right thing for the right reason and stand up for what they believe in and it’s cancelled. That doesn’t say much for the American people and their standards of watching television programs. Many of us were raised on farms and ranches and love the great outdoors and this program is just great for teaching the beliefs of the American Indians and the lovers of the Great West. Those of us who grew up watching Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Lassie, Sea Hunt and those great role models that kids now call ancient or “who are they” can now experience a great TV series. Can’t wait until we get to see the new season FINALLY ! Hope it starts showing early 2015. We’ve been waiting long enough…..there are millions of us out here!

  440. cindy

    I hope that longmire 2015 new program will soon be coming to A&E. We love that show!

    • becky

      a&e cancelled it NETFLIX picked it up

  441. becky

    Love Longmire and glad my son has a netflix subscription. Something they might consider is 10 episodes is hardly a season, you just get back into it and it’s over for 9 and a half months. Doesn’t surprise me a&e dropped it with a crappy ending, did the same with the Glades. really going to be difficult to watch anything new from them. THANKS NETFLIX!!!!!

  442. phylliscamp


  443. don

    Longmire is the only reason we watch A&E. Enough said.

  444. Steve

    New viewer and completely hooked! Can’t wait for Season 4.

  445. stodghie

    this makes me glad I got raku for my own Christmas present. I can now go to net flix and get a show I really like. shame on a&e, they don’t seem to have a lick of common sense.

  446. JERRY

    As I get older,I see that every thing runs on how much MONEY we can make.This was a show that I looked forward to watching…..

  447. Edmea

    Please, please return for another season

  448. Karen and Joe Ryan

    We LOVE Longmire and are so pleased to learn that it is being broadcast by Netflix. Thank you to everyone involved in making this decision!

  449. Jack Renkert

    I heared that Netflix is picking up a 10-episode of “LONGMIRE”.Why netflix…? It’s not even a cable station. DARN!!

  450. Joe and Janice

    Love Longmire. Please do not cancel this amazing series. A&E is making a HUGE mistake. This is great believable TV. We are 63 yrs old and have enjoyed watching from the beginning and we are not the only ones in our age bracket that love it. Please, please keep it going.

  451. Doogie123

    I’ve been antipating Longmire season 4 since last season’s finale. I am truly upset that it’s been cancelled!! Are you NUTS? It was one of the best shows on TV. I’m not inclined to turn to A&E again – I’m that miffed! You’ve really disappointed a LOT of viewers!! Bring it back, please?!??!!

  452. Pat Shupe

    I hope a network will pick up Longmire from now on. Both me and my husband believe it is definitely one of the better shows. I think it was a huge mistake to cancel this great show.
    Hope someone looks into this better and saves a terrific show with a great cast and very interesting plots.

  453. The Bronson Trevino

    Man I love this show, it should have at the least 10 seasons… It has the best potential of any show out there right now… add a little gold prospecting to his job title and its a hit…

  454. Dione

    This is the best show. Why would you cancel it?

  455. Franklin Two Crows

    Longmire became one of my favorite shows, I enjoyed it in many ways, the use of Native Americans made it even more enjoyable. Its true and wholesome no blood and gore to many good shows are being cancelled and replaced with garbage.

  456. STEVE C.


  457. Greita

    This is one of my favorite shows – please renew

  458. Jean

    Please continue one of the best shows on TV

  459. Doug Flink

    I know all my friends feel like myself about the new season not being shown. We all are very disapointed in A&E for not showing it. Please rethink this and make a lot of people happy.

  460. Yvonne Lee

    We finaly get a good modern day country sheriff show and you want to cancel it!!! Please don, t.

  461. joyce owens

    please let me know when new season start good show and good actors please renew.

  462. Debbie

    We love Longmire I cannot believe they are not renewing it. We DVR when we are not home and gave not missed an episode. A good show cones along and they cancel it, but we have to see commercials for shows so stupid like Portlandia and modern family. Television has went to the dogs!

  463. Nancy

    Longmire is the very best show on t.v. Can’t wait till it gets back on the air. Good going Netflix.

  464. Sue

    I have enjoyed Longmire since the first episode and have been hooked on it since. Please don’t cancel it A&E–you will lose millions of viewers if you do…It really is an amazing mix of personalities (especially Walt) and a storyline that can’t be predicted. Keep Longmire alive!

  465. Nancy,Weir

    I am so happy to know that Longmire will air in 2015. I will be a follower!

  466. Nate Bennett

    I started watching a show the other nite , it started off with a woman getting out of prison and going back to her broken family . It talked about using drug money to start up the EMPIRE ! then it jumps back in time to watch a father put his son in a trash can because he was wearing a scarf and his mother’s shoes ( about three years old ) . So would someone please tell me why we have shows like this and not like LONGMIRE . I am so sick of junk tv , when a great show comes on some idiot cancels it .

  467. cathy dalton

    yes you have to bring back the glades and Longmire it’s a must on sunday nites who’s idear was it to cancel ? the people have spoken

  468. cathy dalton

    I can’t afford all these pay channels don’t need the added expense of Netflix leave on A&E you’ll e sorry the people have spoken get it

  469. Barbara

    What are you thinking? by canceling Longmire? A & E must be nuts to do this to this favorite and admired series. I can honestly say that we waited every week for the episode and looked forward to the start-up each year and sadly for the season finale. Please continue, Netflix, and hopefully get the original cast to return. I have never reacted so strongly about a cancellation – enough to respond like this. Looking forward to a new season in 2015 and many years to follow.

  470. Lee Qualls

    I rate longmire up there with ncis I love the show. Please bring it back.

  471. Brian Walker

    I truly hope that the people that run A&E will have enough sense to air the 2015 series 4 of Longmire. It is by far one of the best, if not, THE best show on television. I am sick of all the moronic “Reality” shows and the rest of the garbage on the tube these days! Longmire is by far the best show on television and it would be a shame to cancel it. However, if A&E is dumb enough to cancel the show then surely another network will pick it up.

  472. Mimi

    I love this show. I think it is crazy that they did not renew.

  473. Maggie

    Stop watching A & E because they dropped Longmire. They didn’t think this one through.

  474. Bill DeVisscher

    Longmire and The Black List are the two best shows on TV. Who is going to carry it in 2015?

  475. mike

    Absolutely a top notch show so of course they have to get rid of it. Seems as though every time my wife and I get into a good show with great characters it goes away. Sick of so called reality shows that are mind melting garbage. I am not getting net-flix just to watch one show I like because the ones I pay for don’t want to keep it on.. Shame on A&E

  476. Bev

    I refuse to watch A&E anymore after they cancelled Longmire. I understand that Netflix is bringing in the new season. However, I do not have Netflix on my line-up and it is not cost effective to attempt to add it to my tv service. I have bought each boxed set of the Longmire seasons so far, so guess I will continue to do so instead of following it as it is aired in the new season. Longmire is by far my most favorite show in the entire world!! Being from and living in Wyoming, it means a lot to have a show that is supposedly set in the state. The entire cast is a wonderful array of characters that all fit together like one big family! I certainly hope that this show continues for years to come!!

  477. Elaine

    Longmire cancelled. Whos the dumb one that decided that. Longmire is a terrific show with a fantastic cast. Sure as hell better than reality shows. Most of them s*ck. Found this program late in season 2 and I was hooked. BRING IT BACK

  478. Michelle

    As a wife who hasn’t loved westerns, I’ve grown to deeply love Lingmire, and the entire cast and storyline. Living in the southern US I love the background shots and am fascinated by the dynamic of native Americans and westerners and Vic, the Yankee. It’s complex, respectable, and worth my viewing time. Thank you!!

  479. Alice

    I hate it when quality shows go away, but the sitcom garbage, or the fake “reality” shows keep coming back. Not only do those idiotic reality shows come back, but there are also more them being produced. For what? What ever happened to really good TV shows?

    • Paula Lauer

      I so agree with you. All ABC, CBS, NBC has is stupid comedy shows that are remakes of shows from the 70’s and 80’s. They were somewhat funny then, but not now. “Blackish” REALLY? Where is Al Sharpton to protest when you need him. lol

    • Thomas

      Alice, you are absolutely right!! Where did good TV programming go?

  480. Judy A.

    This is, by far, the best show on TV….Thank goodness Netflix has the brains to realize that!

  481. nemonova

    love this show. it is a toss up for me between this and downton abbey, another great show. the acting in Longmire is superb, the cast is wonderful and everyone is so well suited to the character they play. lou diamond Phillips is fabulous as henry. if this show is cancelled I will be so disappointed. wish they had a longer season. each season should be at least 13 episodes and more would be preferable. I like this show better than many that have come along for a long time. some of the shows, new and old, are just stupid but they seem to last unfortunately. as far as reality tv goes, I wish a lot of those shows could get the ax and be replaced by more shows of the same calibre as Longmire. I impatiently await a season four and hopefully many more.

  482. Iva Lane

    I love this show and I am so upset that A&E didn’t pick it up,they seem to have no problem picking up all the smut that is on tv ,but a truly good show they don’t want to do it what a lot of bull.i hate all the reality shows and the good shows are slim pickings ,I hope someone wises up before we just give up cable tv .

    • Thomas

      You go girl!! You nailed it!! 😉

  483. Paula Lauer

    Someone had better pick up Longmire…..I know many many people that watch it faithfully. We also tape and watch it live. We just got through rewatching Season 3 that I had tape from August of last year. I love the show. Everyone is great and we need to know if Branch shot his Dad or his Dad shot Branch. I have been patiently (or maybe impatiently waiting for the next season since last August. Maybe USA could do Longmire, they have SO MANY GREAT shows as does TNT.. PLEASE SOMEONE ANSWER MY PLEA!!!!

  484. Monti

    I love this show. I needed a fix for the actual cancellation, I read the entire series of Longmire, and am waiting for the next book in May. You need to get a brain back A & E and put the show back on.

  485. Thomas

    One of the best shows on TV. There is an over-abundance of reality cr*p and you want to cancel great TV shows. Go figure.

  486. judi shanks

    Longmire is a fabulous show and has a great cast that has a lot to offer. Please bring this show back …many people are waiting for more great entertainment from Longmire! thanks !

  487. Janis

    Great show. Now that I know Netflix will have it, I and many others will go to Netflix, and A&E will lose a lot of viewers!

  488. Harold Higgins

    Been wondering when the 2015 season of Longmire was going to air……..then I find out that A and E canceled the show….what’s wrong with you people….I’ll go to Netflix and payiif I have to and drop A&E.The same goes with all my family and friends from California to Pennsylvania and down to Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Texas. We all keep a running conversation about each Episode.

    • Thomas (in WV)

      Harold, I’m wanting to include West ‘By God’ Virginia in that list of A&E drop-outs!! And, what’s even more amazing about the whole A&E mindset is that it actually stands for “Arts and Entertainment” which hardly describes many of the shows they prefer to air. Unbelievable!!

  489. Lanna

    Hoorah for Netflix!! I have been a subcriber for years make me proud to see that they have the good sense to give the people another decent series! Can’t wait love love Longmire!!!!

  490. Rod and Shardell

    Longmire is one of the best shows on TV. A&E — you are crazy to cancel the show. Don’t know if we’ll be able to afford Netflix or not (retired, limited income) but we’ll certainly look into it.

  491. Liz

    Longmire is one of the best shows ever broadcasted, and it’s a shame that it can’t be more appreciated by A&E. They should think of all the fans that are invested and love the program.

  492. SHANANA


  493. Kaye

    They can show all the trash but cancel everything that’s actually fit to watch. Longmire was the best show on tv. I plan to not watch A & E again. Every person I know watched Longmire and they’re all mad about it getting cancelled.

  494. Atlas

    I agree with Kaye this show never should have been cancelled. With all the same type of shows being televised today Longmire was a very refreshing show. Atlas

  495. Ronna

    I can’t believe that they cancelled Longmire and left all the other junk on. Why Longmire had over 1 million viewers what kind of following does a show have to have to stay on??????

  496. SAR

    My husband & I LOVE this show. Please bring it back soon – we miss it!! It is a modern day “western” with plots that are very realistic. The actors are ideal – both loveable and not so much loveable. Can’t wait for the return!!!

  497. Beth W

    I love Netflix and now I love it even more. I agree, how can A&E call themselves art and entertainment. What they choose to show may be entertaining but not art. Longmire is one of the best shows on TV right now. Smart move Netflix. Can’t wait.

  498. Jerry B.

    I agree wholeheartedly with all the positive comments about Longmire. It is the best show on T.V. It needs to be on a major network, though, and we need more than just 10 episodes per year!!! 52 would be just fine , without reruns.

  499. David Menteer

    The wife and I enjoy this show very much, and looked forward to seeing it every week. It is a shame that A&E did not renew the show. I hope some other station will pick it up. Longmire was such a pleasant change from all those phoney reality shows.

  500. Radonna

    Sad this is not being renewed. I love this show. One of the best. Cable is starting to turn people off.

  501. ALICIA


  502. Mrs. Greene

    You would hard pressed to find a better show on A&E than Longmire. Some of your cancellation choices over the last several yrs., have been very, very questionable, and at time crazy. You need to bring back Longmire, and I wish you would be back on track to the Art portion of your name. Bring back Longmire, and if you really wanted to bring a good show back you would see about restarting Leverage.

  503. Chuck Minks

    Television quality in general is on a downhill slide, and a steep slide at that. This is one of the few shows I can find to really not want to miss. There is no stupid trash talk which seems to be the norm in most shows today. Please , Please some quality network seriously consider keeping this program going.

  504. Herbert Bright

    Longmire to me is one of the TOP Episode on any Network . After watching I go on line and watch several more time see even more in the Episode . If you do this you would say how did I miss that ??? You can keep this coming for years and I’ll be watching . THANK YOU

  505. Cindy

    Please don’t cancel Longmire. I grew up watching Westerns and this is the closest it get. We don’t have near the westerns in present time and my husband and both love it!!! Can’t wait for the next Season! Please don’t take it away!!!

  506. Jeanne

    I keep checking back for the start date of Longmire. Please do not cancel. It is a great show with great actors. Much better than a lot of other shows on today.

  507. Rebecca

    I love this show! I always look forward to watching it and would be very disappointed if it is cancelled. I want to find out what happens next with all of the characters. The writing and acting makes it worth the wait each year. Please bring it back.

  508. lillian

    for pete sake dont take one of the best shows around off the air now A&E bring em back we love them every doggone character on the show

  509. Mike Murdock

    I really enjoyed this show and I was a loyal watcher ! A&E really blew it if they dropped it !

  510. Jim

    This is a great show. Characters are believable and strong but still vulnerable — human. Great story line excellent acting! The long time between episodes hasnt helped but it’s worth waiting for!! Thanks NETFLIX for picking it up.

  511. carol

    I can’t believe you are cancelling Longmire, it is definitely one of the best shows on TV today, my family loves it even the teens. Please reconsider and make your viewing public happy. I’m sure you can find a space for this show and get rid of one of the other worthless programs that no one watches. I will be hoping and watching for the season premiere.

  512. Diane Flynn

    Longmire is a very good show. The scenery is outstanding and I love westerns. This is a show that is well written, well acted and well produced by a cast and crew that care what they are doing. The combination of western and crime drama with both drama and a bit of comedy makes for a variety of episodes that make me want to watch. I can’t understand why it was pulled in the first place. Please keep Longmire on the air.

  513. el del pan


  514. Joan

    Longmire is the best show on tv right now. Can’t wait to see season 4!

  515. Diederich

    One of the best shows on TV. I know many who watch it regularly. Drop the show and Ill drop the channel.

  516. Beck

    I was really disappointed when I found out that this show was going to be cancelled last year it was one of many that I really looked forward to watching. I was going to write to the F/X channel as
    they have so many great shows to see if they would pick it up. Also AMC since Hell On Wheels is a huge success on that channel. I myself do not watch A&E anymore as many of the shows have little value. I will pick up netflix to watch Longmier and many other great shows.

  517. Teresa

    I very diappointed to hear that Longmire has been cancelled. There is very little on TV that interests me any because most of it insults the average person’s intelligence. Longmire is one that is refreshing in light of the events of this day and time. Also, it has come to my attention that the show has been cancelled because it hasn’t attracted enough of the “younger crowd.” Does that mean that my years of education, school and hard work doesn’t matter because I’m too old?? It might make more sense to reach all your audiences rather targeting specific age groups. Aren’t all groups important??

  518. Ed Sleeper

    We watched season 1 and 2 on Netflix, bought season 3 fom iTunes, now waiting for season 4 to commence. We pretty much watched 3 episodes at a viewing, and when we rec’d season 3 it took 2 evenings to complete season 3. It’s great on Netflix, no commercials, uninterrupted streaming video… We’re glad Netflix to pick up series.

  519. Barbara F.

    WOW! The best series for a long, long time. Please renew and give the viewers a chance to enjoy this fabulous story. Closest thing to a cowboy that we have and we will all miss the opportunity to watch something other than big city crime shows. How much can we endure? Go Netflix, go.

  520. cptjack67

    If this awesome show is cancelled for good, it would be a crime that Walt should look into! It’s lead-in show “The Glades” was definitely starting to show a decline in the quality of it’s writing, but “Longmire” was just getting better and stronger!

  521. Pat Corley

    My husband and I really enjoy Longmire, and hope that it will be on for many seasons to come.
    Please don’t cancel this show.

  522. Rick

    A & E missed the boat again by not picking up the show

  523. Vilma

    This is the most relaxing show, yet dramatic, cowboy style series. The setting of the series is beautiful. If it truly is Wyoming, then you picked the right place for open air type American beauty. Please don’t cancel, don’t you know that you have a prized show here?

  524. Connie gross

    Longmire is a great series. To bad the tv reviewers can’t see it. It is a good, honest, down to earth series. There should be more series like that. I think if longmire was on at an earlier time more people would have watched it. I purchased the 1’st 3 series and will continue to purchase them as long as the series is on. I would watch it on tv if it were on.


    The best show I’ve seen in ages. Please renew.

  526. sue

    Would love to see another season. Never missed an episode and watched it again on Sun. Still watch it on whatever channel is running it.

  527. Tee Tee

    Please renew the series of Longmire!!!!! We love the show! We are huge fans & I do agree, it’s the best show on basic cable! What do we need to do to ensure that the show airs?

  528. Christie Williams

    Longmire is my favorite show. It is the only show that I care to watch the whole week long. I always make sure that I am back home to watch the show and if something comes up in that time frame I don’t do it I watch Longmire. I cannot believe that they canceled this show. I will not watch A & E anymore. I am sick and tired of the stupid shows that they show. Longmire was the best show they have ever came up with. I love each and every character on the show. Why do networks cancel good shows like Longmire and stick with the stupid shows? I am so sick of stupid networks. You cut your nose off to spite your face.

  529. Denise

    Thanks Netflix, my loyalty to you is even stronger knowing you picked up this great show!!!

  530. D.Doubleday

    Best show I’ve seen in a long time on A&E and they cancel it. I don’t have Netflix but why not show it on showcase or the aboriginal channel. I very seldom watch anything on A&E because the shows they show are cr*p to put it bluntly Duck Dynasty, Dog/Bounty Hunter oh God give me a break. Longmire was interesting the network was still making money and the acting was great. Nice to see a show without tits and *ss and actually makes sense. Refreshing to watch but like everything some big wig decided to cancel it. Wonderful

  531. Sue

    Please renew Longmire to a regular TV station. Most people will not acquire or do not have NETFLIX. Put it on USA, TNT, Lifetime…NOT NETFLIX that you have to pay for!!
    Bring back The Glades also…2 great shows and A&E cancel…WTH is wrong with you people!! Bring them both back!!! Cancel Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, and some of the other cr*p shows…

    • Coleman99

      In total agreement with you. Both Longmire and the Glades were good shows. There’s too little programming for those with an IQ over 85.

  532. Kate

    Have been waiting for Longmire’s return on A & E. Sorry to say but the rest of their programming stinks. Not interested in Duck Dynasty or Criminal Minds. Don’t subscribe to Netflix but have a library card, will have to read the books. Have watched reruns on the Aboriginal channel and Showcase would be a great option. D. Doubleday you were right on the mark. Thanks

  533. Phyllis Benson

    My husband and I watch Longmire, then watch the reruns. There are so many subtle nuances in this show. The characters have blossomed as the seasons have unfolded. Unfair to all who love a good modern-day western drama. Not to mention the scenery around Santa Fe.
    Guess we’ll have to subscribe to Netflix now. Unfair that A&E dropped it.

  534. Mike Layton

    Please don’t cancel this show!!! I know many people who watch the show.
    We all love it.

  535. L markel


  536. christa lee

    A&E are total idiots for letting this show go,and what have they put on since cancelling Longmire????Donnie loves Jenny,what a freakin joke,who gives a rats you know what if he loves her,i sure as heck don’t.These morons picking the shows need their heads examined,they are total,total morons,,,,wouldn’t know a good show if it jumped up and hit them in the face,example,,,,cancalled Longmire and put on an idi*t show like Donnie loves Jenny….TOTAL IDI*TS !!!!!!ENOUGH SAID!

  537. Maryann Bumgarner

    If someone finds out the start date of Longmire again could someone e-mail me the date, time and channel, as i would not know of another place to keep looking as our cable channel ……..no help etc. thanks in advance–

  538. Cookie

    Please bring back Longmire it is a very good show, My whole family loves it

  539. George & Linda Fowler

    Longmire is one of the great ones. Please do not let it go the way of “I’ll Fly Away”, another great one! Not bringing it back for a 4th season would be a mistake

  540. Mary

    I still watch as many of the old episodes as I can on Roku/Netflix. Glad it’s coming back; but only 10 episodes????

  541. Rolland L. Heiss

    I still can not believe that A&E would cancel the best show that they have offered in quite some time. I would hope that they will decide to reconsider that decision and return Longmire to their list of upcoming offerings. I, for one, miss this exceptional series!
    One more thing . . . doesn’t A&E stand for Arts and Entertainment? Where is the art in all these low budget reality shows? Does Donnie Loves Jenny or Duck Dynasty represent anything remotely close to art or intelligent entertainment? I don’t think so! Get real and bring back Longmire! There are some things more important than dollars and cents!

  542. Donna Ewing

    Love Longmire, please bring back A&E.

  543. Tom

    Please bring back Longmire it is a very good show, My whole family loves it…my kids who are 30, 27 and 24 and their husband and wifes watch also. Not sure were A&E thought it was only over 50 were watching it. Hard to find good shows like Longmire on TV. A&E reconsider…Awesome show and good family TV!!

  544. dawn

    i have watched Longmire from the beginning. Glad to hear it is coming to Netflix. I subscribe to Netflix for this show. Can hardly wait. sorry to hear that A&E feels that the crap reality TV shows they have on in place of Longmire is so much better to watch. I used to watch a lot of A&E now it is very seldom. Some of the other channels are also showing reality shows that are a waste of my time to watch. So now with netflix i can watch old TV series, movies, etc and then the shows that Netflix has decided to air exclusively, such as House of Cards, good show.

  545. boogieman


  546. mary

    Our family and friends are upset
    We all loved the show and really hope you put it on again soon

  547. Diane

    Please don’t cancel this show ! I love it and want it to continue, it’s one of the best !

  548. Jim

    I am in full agreement with all the other posts I’ve read. Longmire is one of the best shows on tv. With all the “reality” cr*p shows on that you have to weed through to find something interesting & creative, Longmire is a breath of fresh air. I, too, am sick & tired of the insulting,”dumbing” down of entrtainment on tv. My wife & I have been anticipating the release of the new season & saddened that there is even talk of not having one. It is a shame to see the the stupid, over violenced, over sexed, dramas & insulting sit-com’s continue to get priority vieiwng on tv. What a sad commentary it is when you have 300+ stations to scroll through & can’t find anything inteligent to watch. A&E get you head out of the sand!!! Bring Longmire back!!!

  549. Dianne B Jr.

    Please renew this great show! I don’t know what my husband and I will do with no more Longmire. We finally get a good western to watch and get involved in all the characters! Don’t leave us hanging! Renew it and bring it back for at least 10 more seasons! We love this show – and the actors!

  550. Dennis

    Why take a good western off? One that was a realy good believable show that we could get interested in. But l guess ratings are more important to these people dumbarses !!!

  551. aedgar

    My husband and I love this show. It is one of the FEW that we enjoy together. We do have two young children, so I record it and preview it before letting them watch. But I appreciate not needing to worry about sex and bad language when we watch it. We love Longmire!!!!

  552. Silvia

    Longmire is the very best show that was on television. The characters became people we felt like we knew. Please bring it back! It was the only show we really made time for and looked forward to watching. We baby boomers don’t care about the stupid and inane reality shows that air these days. We are the majority and would like to be heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  553. Edward

    Kudos to Netflix!!!! Don’t understand why A&E would cancel Longmire after 3 seasons but it’s one of the best shows out there. Longmire is at least the top 5 in classic shows, right behind Gibbs from NCIS…..

  554. smiley

    When I heard that Netflix was picking up Longmire, I resubscribed to Netflix just so that I can watch Longmire. If and when they cancel Longmire, I will cancel Netflix.
    The last I heard, Longmire will have it’s first showing on Netflix this month, (March)!

    • clyde

      this month? how do you find out when??? we love Longmire-got hooked on it last year and watched all 3 seasons and boom couldn’t find it anymore-then saw Netflix was picking it up…anxiously awaiting season 4…I’ll keep looking for new episodes!!!

  555. Wade

    Cmon bring back one of the best shows on television ! We never missed an episode . It beats most of the reality shows . By far ! If I can’t watch it I dvr it . It just has such a realistic feel , I realize it is not about everyday occurrences like zombies eating people , or about some other kinda bull on television . It’s just a great show and I think I’d have to quit watching A&E really, if it’s discontinued .

  556. Coleman99

    How the best show on t.v. got cancelled is beyond me. Why do these networks think that we are all so stupid that we want to see all this “reality” garbage? Longmire was a great series with a great cast and story line. I certainly hope that a network picks them up again. There is obviously a desire for quality programming.

  557. Keith

    Like many others I record each episode and watch it when I can. Love it.

  558. Bonnie

    This was a wonderful show and it is a big mistake to take it off. Everyone does not have netflix so please put it on basic cable.

  559. Fred

    This is number one in my book. One of the only series that isn’t capitalizing on the gay element, Family oriented, Not an F word in every other sentence.. My favorite show. Looking forward to season 4-5-6 etc.

  560. Jennifer McM

    I am tired of all the “reality” shows that are so fake and scripted. It is really taking the credibility of A&E down to a new low. I know networks like them better because you don’t have to pay actors salaries, but you get what you pay for and what you’re getting is crap. Please get back to quality shows like Longmire. Longmire is well written and a fantastic story plot that keeps you hooked. We need season 4 now.

  561. joann

    Longmire is the best bring it back please

  562. Chad

    Thank god for Netflix. Longmire is one of the best shows, love it. Haven’t missed a show and don’t intend to.

  563. andrea maas

    i have been waiting for information on longmire. i think a&e is so stupid.. older audiences spend more money on dvd, than younger people. and we take advertising much more serious..where do you think all the young people get there money….. dahhhhh

  564. john clevenger

    love the show when will it be back on tv

  565. Jane

    I love Longmire! Please do Not cancel it. I watch it on APTN

  566. Steve

    my wife and i both really like this show. she doesn’t watch a lot of TV and very little in the way of series, But she loves this show. great to see Netflix or someone is going to pick it up. to bad it missed a season with network inactivity. i also agree that these “reality” shows are anything but.
    Looking forward to the return.

  567. Billie

    Shame on A&E network for thinking baby boomers don’t spend money. We have less debt so we have more money to spend. Our family loves Longmire and we will continue to watch it any way we can. I also have a message for A&E network. We are tired of you cancelling all of the good family oriented tv shows soooooo we are now cancelling your network. We can’t wait for Netflix to release the premier date.

  568. Holly

    Nooooooo!! Don’t cancel this show!! My husband and I found the first 2 seasons on Netflix and then we bought season 3 on Amazon. Absolutely love this show! Can’t wait to see what happens next. Smart, entertaining, mature television is so hard to find now. This show is definitely worth saving.

  569. Tigua

    I am so frustrated to hear my favorite TV show is cancelled! Unbelievable. Maybe because it was a good, clean show. I don’t have Netflix. I don’t understand why other TRASHY shows seem to last forever on A&E? I suppose whoever doesn’t find reality shows with uneducated stars and ridiculous content entertaining better choose another channel to watch. Another great show bites the dust. S*cks.

  570. Lisa Humphreys

    My husband and I love and miss this show so much! Love the characters!

  571. Karl

    My wife and I have been vey disappointed that Longmire has NOT been on lately. We keep waiting for the next season, BUT, no. We would like to know why. It is a very good story and interesting. It is a shame that the producers are so greedy that they would hold this show up because they aren’t getting enough money. Greedy, Greedy, Greedy.

  572. Rita C

    Please bring Longmire back to A&E, it is the greatest show, we have followed it from first episode. We don’t have Netflix, would much rather see it on TV. Have been waiting for the cliffhanger to be revealed.

  573. Michele H.

    Get rid of all that reality TV junk and stupid sitcoms. Bring back a riveting, thoughtful, interesting show like Longmire. It’s the only show my husband and I enjoy together. Waiting patiently.

  574. Corla

    This is a great show with excellent actors. It has never had proper exposure. American themes that are interesting to most people .Beautiful natural scenery. I always wish the shows had more time.

  575. Chipster

    Shucks I am disappointed. Good western action. I always wish the show was more than ten episodes. Bring it back, even on Netflix.

  576. mic walker

    There would be ZERO RATING issues if they would not WAIT SOOOO long between each season, why try to fix it if it’s not broken. Thank you NET FLIX for picking up and saving a worthy show, let
    A & E continue to lose viewers and keep showing duck flicks, I know I’m not the only person sick and tired of boring reality T.V.

    • jim logsdon

      I fully agree with you Mic!!!

  577. Elizabeth J. Kurth

    Please renew on A&E I love this show. I really miss it.

  578. Virgie

    Please pick Lomgmire up again. It is a GREAT show. I can not get netflix.

  579. Glenn Duncan

    A & E must have some stupid people running the network when we heard it dropped Longmire we were really pissed.I am a huge Netflix subscriber and am looking forward to seeing the next season of Longmire. Guess I will not have any reason to watch A&E anymore.
    Longmire is one of the shows we tape when on and watch together my Wife and I do not miss an episode

  580. Andi Rush

    Please don’t cancel!! My husband and I loooove this show and haven’t missed an episode. Please please please

  581. Rose

    Longmire is one of the few shows you can watch with anyone, mother, father, children. Renew the show allow TV some class.


    i have been waiting for a new season of Longmire. My son (who does not live with me, he has his own house and family) also is waiting , not too patiently, for the new season. I hope cable picks it up, because I don’t think we get Netflix here, and I live in a condo and cable is included in monthly fee. Everyone I talk to loves Longmire.

  583. Rona Belser

    We love Longmire!!! Please return!!!!

  584. Debbie

    I never knew of this show until my son told me about it. Don’t think A&E promoted very well because we usually look for shows NOT on the big 3 networks and never saw anything about Longmire. We watched it on Netflix and couldn’t wait to see what happened after the season finale only to hear that it wasn’t renewed. How many times this happens!!!! Every time a truly good show is on tv, it ends up canceled. Yet, every stupid or disgusting reality show is renewed year after year. What the he// is wrong with networks. They promote shows for a younger audience even though it’s the older audience that actually has the money to purchase products shown on the commercials. IDIOTS!!!!! Will definitely keep my Netflix subscription since the best shows can be found there. I cannot remember any other show I watched or watch on A&E.

  585. Brian Walker

    Because of Longmire, A&E is the only network television channel I watch. If they drop, or have dropped Longmire, then I will not longer watch A&E. I work in a production plant with about 2 thousand people and everyone of them watches Longmire! I think it is the best show on television and believe the people at A&E who decided to cancel Longmire are complete morons! Hopefully someone will be smart enough to pick up the show. Looking forward to season 4 and find out if Branch or his Dad bought the farm!

  586. jim logsdon

    Please do not cancel Longmire!!! I absolutely love this show. I don’t care for the high tech killing of other shows. Longmire is the type of show I love, and everyone I know loves it just as much!!!

  587. barbara

    It is so refreshing to find an adult show with great character development. You actually have to be able to write and act in this series. The scenery doesn’t hurt either. Not every show can end with a computer miracle. This is a good honest character study and I hope it goes on forever.

  588. Linda

    Love this show. Kudos to Netflix, one more reason to keep my subscription. I turned quite a few people on to this show and now they’re waiting for season 4. So refreshing to watch a show with a character who has honor and integrity. You don’t see much of that anymore. That’s a big part of our population’s problem these days. Of course what do you expect from people who tune in to watch the reality drivel like the “Kartrashians,” hillbilly shows and the never-ending gratuitous sex crap that permeates movies and TV shows. C’mon, bring back Longmire. We’waiting.

  589. Barbara Miles

    Please do not cancel Longmire. Every generation of my family, from the youngest to the oldest, LOVE Longmire. We live in Wyoming. It is nice to see. Plus the story lines are phenomenal. We can’t wait to see who hired Miller Beck to kill Walt’s wife. And what about The Ferg, and Branch and Vic and Ruby and Cady. Please keep the show going. We all love it. And I promote it to everyone I know. Thank-you.

    • JoAnn

      I wish A&E would change their mind, and bring back Longmire. Netflix I would not subscribe to because we pay over $100 month for DISH. I will admit I’m of a slightly older generation, and I was so sorry to read the statement that only the older generation likes this show. That is so untrue. I hate the reality shows. They are cheap to produce and air. I have read all the books that this TV series Longmire is based on. I have tried my best to promote the show to everyone who appreciates quality TV. So A&E I will no longer watch your channel.

      • Margaret Buzzanca

        I’m an older viewer too and wonder why everything is geared to the teenies when there are many more of us older viewers. Like you, I hate the reality shows and have NEVER watched one. Survivor–REALLY?! Tribes trying to get the better of each other? Please, real life is too much like that and I don’t need to watch it on tv. Comedies? The few I started to watch didn’t even produce a grin, so why waste my time. I only watch a channel if it carries something I like. Like you, I may not watch A&E if it cancels Longmire.

  590. Fred MacWilliam

    Those of you who are so wrapped up in this TV series should read the books that the series is very loosely based on. You will love the books and wonder why the writers would choose to change the characters and their actions and motivations to suit a viewing public which must be served pablum .

  591. Bertha

    Strongly like this show. Love the characters. Look forward to SOON release date please.

  592. ted delage

    So many very good comments on a hell of a great show–yep i see so much garbage on tv–then a show like Longmire comes along and gets cancelled……I only have direct tv–know nothing about net flix–but will be happy to purchase the tapes when available—really loved the show [ wish they would all speak a bit louder for my old ears ]

  593. kathy

    I can not understand the issue of Logmire. This is one of the best shows on TV. I couldn’t wait until it came on weekly. everyone has their likes when it comes to TV shows. I feel we are inadated with reality shows. one night a week is ok, but it seems like every week they take a show off. then of course theh Voice. The Voice is a great show but I don’t need to see it every night . So please consider keeping Longmire on

  594. cindy yarbrough

    This is the best show on TV. My mom and I so look forward seeing the new seasons every year. My mom is 83 and we don’t have Netflix. Don’t understand why a great show gets cancel. I can wait and get the DVD when it comes out. There is so much garbage on TV and then we get a good show and you cancel.

  595. Margaret Buzzanca

    I really enjoyed this show in 2014 and am anticipating it starting up in 2015. Please don’t disappoint me. There are few good shows on tv.

  596. Mae. Turner

    Longmire is a good show watched by different age levels. It also has an educational side that some

    So called popular ones don’t have. Looked forward to watching the show without being embarrassed if younger ones watched.
    When viewing begins fan number will increase.

  597. La Center

    We absolutely loved it. Please tell us there will really be a fourth season. Everyone in our neighborhood watched it. And we are all waiting.

  598. Ron

    Gotta get Longmire back on!!!! I really enjoy this down to earth show, very good acting & writing.

  599. BJ

    I wait all year for a new season of Longmire, please renew for years to come.

  600. Rosemary Giordano

    when does the 2015 episodes air on TV & what channel

  601. Jeanne

    We LOVE Longmire! PLEASE RENEW!!

  602. gary paul

    excited to hear Netflix picked up Longmire for it’s fourth season……… cool beans!

  603. Tillie Kinsley

    Tillie- My husband and I both loved Longmire, I don’t know why A& E has to cancel the great shows . if you are looking for ratings bring back the great shows that people watch and take off the stupid stuff.

  604. Lea

    I can’t wait for new season to be shown. I’m going thru Longmire withdrawls. Best show on tv in years!

  605. Anna

    Please bring back Longmire. I love this show.

  606. Michele Love

    I love the show. I listen to audio books and have heard every single one of them. They are written by Craig Johnson and are great, funny and scary (the situations that Walt gets himself into) at the same time.

  607. Jill Byous

    We have been wondering about further shows of longmire. We ove this show, please don’t cancel, it’s one if the best that’s been on for awhile.

  608. Lorraine Cantor

    Longmire is a beautifully filmed series I love the wide open spaces, the mountains and countryside of Wyoming the scenery is fantastic I can almost smell the freshness of the country air. I love it as much for the scenery as well as the great cast, Robert Taylor is fantastic as Longmire, I have been a fan of his for some time he is a great Australian actor who knows his job and does it well. Please continue this series it’s one of the best, I have actually bought the first two seasons and have watched them twice already and I’m looking forward to more and more….please

    • kathy sharpe

      totally agree

  609. Sandra davidson

    Love this show. It’s been a long time since we had a good western. This is the only show I have ever searched to see when its coming back on

  610. DeeAnn R

    Longmire is the best. Bring it back.

  611. kathy sharpe


  612. Kathy

    PLEASE bring Longmire back. It’s one of the best all around shows on television; great cast, scenic locations & good writers. Also, one of the few shows with active Native American casting. Shame on you A&E for believing this show appeals only to the “older” audience, as a 20-something viewer, I appreciate quality TV and Longmire is just that – quality TV.

  613. Rick

    I find it difficult to understand how the network could be so wrong? This a great and very popular TV series.

  614. gerta

    i am sooooo glad netflix picked up the show!my husband and i enjoy the show so very much.

  615. Robert & Dawn

    Please continue with this great show! The writing is wonderful and each episode is exciting. We miss watching great stories with good story lines. This story is one that has values and morals.
    We really like Longmire! Please keep the seasons coming! God bless you.

  616. Judy Beebe

    Longmire was not only the best show on A&E, it was the best show on TV, PERIOD! I own all 3 (so far) seasons and will continue to buy the DVDs as long as the show continues. Yay for Netflix for picking it up!!!!! I can’t wait to see what happened between the Connallys at the end of season3.

  617. Barbara

    Is anyone tired of reality shows, moronic sitcoms and the like? I cannot even count on one hand the number of shows that are worth watching. What has happened to television? I am tired of seeing celebrity reality shows, moronic sitcoms, not to mention the number of shows where someone is trying to get you to buy a product that you will send back because it is a piece of junk. We need more shows like Longmire. A&E canceled The Glades, another good show. I would like to see Tom Selleck in the Jesse Stone Paradise Cove series come back to TV. I watch Hawaii 50 as I think it is a good show. We need more “old shows” brought back like Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, I Dream of Genie, etc. Oops, I am giving away my age here aren’t I. Anyway, Netflix will give us 10 episodes of Longmire at once. Bad for me because I will end up binge watching all 10 then be sad there are no more to watch until, hopefully, Season 5.

  618. Linda

    Also, Longmire is a wonderful show and I’m so glad Netflix is picking it up, looking forward to the new season.

  619. don

    best show on tv never miss an episode.i can’t believe the bone heads at a&e dropped this program it was the best program they on.

  620. Ben

    A really neat aspect is Longmire’s deputy. Not model slim, maybe a bit heavy but man, can she move. All the characters are good and grow well with time. One of the best TV shows so naturally they cancel it. Thanks Netflix for keeping it alive. .

  621. Danielle

    Please DO NOT cancel this show!! It’s the only show I actually watch, and carve out time for. I love the Wyoming setting, the storylines and think every man/woman should have to take a ‘Walt Longmire’ life course on love, loyalty, integrity, honesty and morals 🙂

  622. Sharon

    I am so upset with A&E. For taking so long to get Longmire back on the tv. Do they not realize that it is a great show. The cast is awesome and do a great job.

  623. Vicki

    Please ,bring Longmire back on the tv. It is a great show and I agree it has a great cast.
    can not watch Longmire on Netflix. Would like to see the new season very much!!!! I am very up set with A&E also for not bringing Longmire back for the new season.

  624. anne

    Please bring Longmire back to A&E !! You can’t leave it with a gunshot at the end and not know if one of them was killed !!!

  625. Pam

    I absolutely love Longmire! One of the best shows I have seen in a long time! Sure hope someone picks it up! Love the cast!

  626. Pamela

    my husband and I looked forward to watching this show each week. sad to see it leave.

  627. Marylan

    Please do not cancel Longmire. My husband and I thoroughly love the show. We hit the DVR and know that we can watch the show/s anytime we want with our crazy hours. It has been the best show. Not too many good shows left out there but Longmire is one of the “Good Ones.” Please do not disappoint all of these fans. There are other stations that are surely interested in Longmire. Shame on you A & E. Your fingers should be whipped for pressing the delete button. Just like me pushing the next station up or down and not watching A & E.

  628. Barry L Elder

    The best program series on television and A&E doesn’t want it. Must be run by the same pigheads that have ruined television viewing for the last 5 years or more! There must be someone out there who appreciates quality television rather than junk tv like reality shows, cooking idiocy, singing egos, and other such trash!!! A lot of us viewers like television programs that require an IQ of 100 and the ability to think, read, write, and spell English.

    • Rmiller68


  629. Elizabeth

    We enjoy the show an the actors. Please bring it back. All the shows older adults enjoy seem to be cancelled while some of the stupid shows stay.

  630. Muriel

    Longmire is the only TV show that I have EVER enjoyed enough to find out when the next season would be airing. If A&E hasn’t picked it up for 2015, I’ll have to get NETFLIX. Pity.

    • Rodd

      I’m not David Ridges are you David Ridges?

  631. Rmiller68

    My husband and I have been patiently waiting for Longmire to come back. When we finally went in search of information about the show we found that it had been canceled. What?!!!! Why would you guys do such a STUPID thing? This was one of the best shows on Modern day television! Sons of Anarchy, Justified and Longmire were all quality, well written and well thought out shows. What have they been replaced with? CR*P! Mindless, poorly scripted, poorly written cr*p. Don’t even get me started on the so called “reality” shows. Please!
    It’s am sure that the younger 20 somethings may not be this shows target audience, however the later 30s – 40s and so on Love this kind of programming. We are the Television watchers!
    Longmire was the one show we couldn’t wait to get home and watch. We always DVR’d it, but it would barely finished before we sat down to watch it. Please reconsider your decision to cancel this masterpiece of a show.

  632. mack

    why not the real housewives of wherever and bring a show with some entertainment value and people wth fully functional brains can watch without getting a brain cramp. bring longmire back you id*ots

  633. Betty

    If A&E doesn’t renew Longmire, they might as well shut down. Longmire is the only program worth watching. DirecTV should listen to us too. We pay a lot of money to get good programing. Not all so called reality programs are worth watching, so cancel them and bring back Longmire.

  634. David Menteer

    The wife and I enjoyed the show very much. It is to bad A&E did not renew the show. It is one of the few shows that made you look forward to seeing what was going to happen next. Unlike the reality programs.

  635. Jack W.

    As you can see there is significant support for the Longmire series. For each individual that expressed his/her sentiments there are thousands that think the same, but don’t have the resources or abilities to express themselves. I for one have enjoyed the shows tremendously for their “down to earth”, common sense plots and outstanding character performances. They were always one of only three TV shows I looked forward to each week. It would be a crime not to continue the series.

  636. willeen schneider

    please renew Longmire. We loved the show. We have been watching the seasons over again on Netflix.

  637. Martha

    Can’t wait for the new season to start. Please keep going, love the show

  638. Bunny

    Longmire is by far the best adult program on tv, even ahead of ncis. Give us a break and put it back on and continue it for years to come.

  639. PTM

    If you didn’t wait a whole year to start a series again, maybe you wouldn’t lose so many viewers. Thats why series like the Walking Dead, Revenge, The Blacklist, etc etc keep there viewers, because they can see there show every 6 months. Get it together

  640. Bobi

    Yeah!! When the offer came for me to purchase season three, I could not resist. I have watched all thru twice and about to finish a third time. Can not wait for the 4th season to come out. WALT!!! Go Get Em!!

  641. Teresa

    Can’t wait for Longmire. It’s what TV used to be!!!!!

  642. JOE

    best drama on tv buy far. was great at start, a little flaky of late but still best on tv.

  643. Wallace

    My wife and I started watching the show from the pilot. We loved it from the first minute to the final of season three. Excellent cast, writing, directing, etc. Our schedules made us DVR watchers like so many others, but easily one our favorite shows. Shame on the powers that be at A&E for taking it from us and kudos to Netflix for picking it up. Now we’ll have to work out something to continue following the series. Our busy lives mean we only make time to watch good shows and there were never multiple episodes of Longmire to be seen like others we follow. A&E has lost two more viewers and can shut down the network all together as far as I care after this and their original stance after Phil Robertson’s comments. It’s a shame anyone can say anything and it’s their right unless they are openly Christian. Just go away A&E.

  644. Elva Wood

    Totally love this show , the chemistry between Longmire and Vic is electric. Funny too how they try to deny it while everyone around them can see it so plainly . Please don’t cancel

  645. Paul White

    It’s just like other great shows that have had the ratings but with the wrong crowd watching it. Sponsers are always looking for that 23-34 year old group that they think still watches commercials & doesn’t FFWD thru themon their DVR. Thank you Netflix. Its a great program and considering what you have done with some of your originals, I’m really looking forward to season 4 under your production! Now if only Tom Selleck would start a Jesse Stone TV series or @ least make some more movies. Mr. Robert Parker; you better get to writin’!

  646. wayne

    I guess I should buy stock in Netflix. They seem to have an excellent capacity to rate entertainment.

    The networks are reminding me more and more of the government: Here is what we think is worth watching; screw what YOU want.

  647. MJ

    Totally agree that Longmire is the BEST! My husband and I really looked forward to every episode. We are anxiously awaiting its renewal and the date for same. Kudos to the writers and cast!!!!! Now will you please make it come back on? Thanks and Blessings.

  648. Ann

    Longmire is the best. This show is raw and real! Each episode provides snippets of today’s real western life drama. Every year I can’t wait for the shows long winter hiatus to end, yeah!

  649. zr

    I can’t believe you would cancel Longmire which is one of the best shows I have ever watched and very true to life. What is the matter with A&E what are you thinking. But you put a bunch of junk on that no one watches and keep it on forever. Wake up A&E!

  650. Gail

    I love Longmire,please don’t take it off.My favorite drama show.Seems like all the junk stays on and the good shows are taken off.We love it.

  651. Delta Bing

    Longmire was a masterpiece. Hard to believe that any dufus network would drop it. Kudos to Netflix for picking it up!

    Now is someone would do the same for another gone-too-soon series, Pan-Am, things would be good. It’s amazing that networks seem to cater to the age 13-16 group and ignore the rather larger audience who actually has money to spend. Idiot sponsors tolerate this?

  652. Debbie

    Longmire is THE best show on cable. Please Renew A&E.

  653. Larry B.

    We have been searching for the information on season 4. We really hope it is run as this is a great series and is worth doing a fourth season. Netflix has started showing season 3 but we watched season three on A&E so will not be watching season three on Netflix.

    Bring on season 4.

  654. Kim D

    Love this show please change minds about cancelling on A & E.

  655. Robbye D.

    Such a GREAT show, PLEASE bring it back!

  656. Eric K.

    I love the Longmire series. Please continue the Series 4 and beyond.
    Thank you.

  657. Sheila Fish

    I have confidence in USA they will pick up this great show ! A& E you snooze you loose 🙁

  658. kathy

    you left us all hanging with no ending this s*cks sorry I watched it and anything else your name is affixed to we will not watch if this is what you do

  659. Deb

    My husband and I love this western saga! The characters are fully developed and the lead actor,Robert Taylor, is a contemporary Marshall Dillon! Some of the comments on blogs, are ageist rants. Any person between the ages of 25 and beyond will enjoy this will-written detective drama! We are SOOOO looking forward to Netflix’s renewal of Longmire! Hopefully, the language and adult situations will also be more realistic too, without the censorship of the A&E Network!

  660. Joan

    I love this show Longmire,, Waiting for next season

  661. Brian Gladwell

    great show please have a season 4

  662. Diane

    Longmire is one of the best shows on TV. Producers need to stop taking off TV shows most of the people like. They need to remember that the people who watch their shows are the ones that spend money on the advertised products in the commercials. So get started on Season 4!

  663. Matt Gaffney

    Let’s get hot on putting season 4 on the air.

  664. LeeBob

    “Longmire” needs to return to television. There are too many of us that KNOW this show is TOP NOTCH television viewing. It gives us all at least ONE night out of the week to look forward to quality entertainment. TV series come and go in time. Longmire was taken off the air far too early.

  665. Linda Curia

    Please, someone show Longmire Season four. The acting is tremendous with none of the garbage other crime shows have. I know the twenty and thirty year olds don’t like it, but hey. What about the rest of us?

  666. Blanca

    The only thing that I see now in A/E is Criminal Mind but I’m getting tired of the repeating of the same chapters. I loved Longmire , I never missed one chapter and now they cancel it. That’s not fair. I’m not going to watch A/E anymore.

  667. Mary

    Love the show and the characters. Stimulating storyline. Edginess of life in a western town with the criminal underbelly keeps the plot moving. KEEP this show going as it’s great TV!

  668. Caroline

    Please, please continue this show!!! I love it!!! I just finished the 3rd season and my jaw literally dropped. It is so well written that I couldn’t stop watching, just like that amazing book you can’t put down! And every one of the actors in this show are amazing! Again, PLEASE keep this show going!!

  669. ron

    my wife and i never miss longmire….. its the most interesting and entertaining show on tv thank you netflix for taking over the show … you will not be dissappointed at all and probably will be astonished at the number of people who watch this series….

  670. James

    This is a well thought out series . The writers and actors bring values we very rarely see on film these days . The basic concept of good verses evil has once again been revived , superbly.
    We need more of Longmire
    The series evokes discussion and dialog on ethical topics. Please keep this alive.

  671. Carol Retrumm

    As a nurse treating active military with PTSD, I used information learned in Longmire to work with an Iraqi vet who happened to be a Native American with PTSD. Due to the Longmire episodes with frequent information in the episodes about Native American culture, we could talk about many Native American traditions and he really came alive.
    Such a great show–actually gets to your mind and heart.

  672. Robert Willbee

    Just another reason I don’t watch much TV. Cancel the excellent Longmire and keep on feeding the public trash about fat guys in the woods and survivors. Mental midgets.

  673. Teresa

    Please renew Longmire. It’s a great show that will have a good life if you just give it a chance. The story line is great and entertaining.

  674. nancy

    Longmire is the best show on t.v. Bring it back. Can’t wait to see the new season start.

  675. Tangela

    OMG!!!!!!!! You have to bring it back. I started looking at the series on Wednesday evening and just finished Sunday. My Mothers day gift after church was to be left alone to finish looking at the series. I am in love with Branch and I have to see what happened. Please, please, please bring it back. If someone has to elminated then let Vic go.

  676. ladymax

    Longmire is one of the best shows on TV. Glad Netflix picked it up. A&E only plays loser shows.

  677. DENISE


  678. Debra

    Been looking for when the show will premiere on Netflix. Does anyone have an inside scoop on this?

    I agree that Longmire is the best show to hit the small airwaves in a long time. Too bad A&E thought us folks over 49 were not important enough to their sponsors to keep the show on board.

    Boycott A&E and its sponsors.

    Whoever heard of cancelling a tv show because the viewers were over the 18-49 range that sponsors pander too????????????????

    This country has gone insane.

    I want to give a shout-out to Netflix for saving our beloved LONGMIRE. I just hope it lasts more than one season.

  679. Brian Palmer

    Morons think we want to watch stupid reality shows and unfunny sitcoms.

  680. Mary

    Husband and I just binge-watched Season Three, now having significant withdrawal until Season Four is available. When will the “executives” who make decisions about programming realize that there is a significant market of viewers who will not, under any circumstances, watch reality TV. Longmire is a great story, excellent writing, talented actors who bring us quality viewing.
    PS. Save Branch!

  681. Nancy

    I am so looking forward to another season! I was so excited when I saw the season being advertised!

  682. Cynthia Lebo

    Please bring Longmire back. Throw out the BS reality shows and give us a story with integrity, excellent acting and life lessons. I love Longmire!

  683. Jacquie

    This is modern day western that appeals to both men and women. The storyline is rock solid. The actors make you believe in their characters they are so good and so real. Longmire, Vic, Henry and Cady. . . Robert Taylor (Longmire) and Lou Diamond Phillips (Henry) are friends with such a strong bond you just know they will find a way to help one another. The romantic chemistry between R. T. and Vic (Katee Sackhoff) has great promise. The pathetic reality shows and ridiculous sitcoms need to end. Good television needs more shows like Longmire. The show has everything – excitement, action, romance, and a bit of humor. Whatever network picks up Longmire will also find a great following from Longmire fans for their other offerings. Yea for season 4!

  684. Bob Brazas

    This is an excellent show, no horror or blood and body parts everywhere like some of the others. One of the best on any TV channel, Cable or Major Network.

  685. Yvonne

    Cannot wait for the next season, read all the books, first show that you can read a book and watch a show and it seams to flow. Cannot wait!

  686. Larry Wojton

    I hate network executives. The idiots cancel the good stuff and then stuff that reality cr*p down our throats. Put and or leave the good progamming alone.

    • Beth

      I so agree. All the shows I have truly liked have been canceled. I hate, hate, hate reality shows; they are so stupid. Why would we care about watching that kind of silliness?

  687. Teresa

    Please bring Longmire back to A&E, I loved watching this show & would love to see season 4 back on cable, before Season 5 is aired. If not on A&E, maybe on another cable channel.

  688. kathy

    I love Longmire. He is a moral man in an unmoral world. It is nice to see Branch following in his footsteps. I want Season 4. I want more than 10 episodes.

  689. Sherry

    This show was our favorite, the only one we never fought over watching it. We both liked it. I hope they bring it back we really miss it. We have Dish and over 300 plus channels and there is nothing to watch that compares to this show.

    • Thom Edwards

      Please don’t cancel one of the greatest detective stores of this time.

  690. kim

    they always seem to cancel the shows I like (this year Mentalist, CSI Vegas, Heart of Dixie, Revenge, Last Man Standing etc) and then put on more stupid reality shows that promote lying, cheating and back stabbing. In defense of cancelling Mentalist, writers killed that show by changing the format and stars. We the viewers do not matter to them and until we ‘boycott’ the station and demand them to stop jerking us around, this is going to continue. When the started to cancel ‘Criminal Minds and delete JJ. the viewers were instrumental in changing that and continuing show which has proven to be very popular. With cable fees rising but ‘good’ shows decreasing, we need to really fight for the shows ‘we’ want or we will not watch that network as a whole.

  691. linda anderson

    cannot wait for the new season..one of the best shows on tv..thank you netflex!!!!

  692. Jim

    Dear A&E,

    Wow, did you ever blow it! You had the best show on television, and you dropped it. What a stupid decision. I tell everyone I know about Longmire and urge them to watch it. Now I’ll have to deal with Netflix. It’s not like your viewing lineup is so wonderful. In fact, I can’t think of another program that you offer. As others have mentioned, no reason to tune to A&E anymore. Oh well, I’m sure you don’t need more viewers.

  693. Carolyn Newton

    The statement that I saw was that A&E canceled Longmire because it drew the wrong age group. Well, I am 72 years old, my grandchildren range in age from 22 to 32 and guess what – they like the series so much that we have purchased the DVDs and pass them around to watch them over and over. I have purchased all the Longmire books that are available in my area and re-read them too. PLEASE return the series to A&E because we do not have NETFLIX. And, I pledge to support the sponsors who pay for the series and I am sure there are many more who would also. Thanks for letting me comment, I certainly hope someone listens to the many of us who want Longmire back. And another thought to consider – we could all stop paying for A&E and the sponsors would suffer.

  694. Barbara Storm

    Please, please, please return Longmire. Us old fogies love it. Better than all these stupid reality shows. Give me PBS and Longmire over Housewives of wherever or families of 30 kids or Swamp People or I didn’t know I was pregnant. How insulting to the public. Longmire come back we miss you.

  695. Ginny Gregory

    Please, please bring back Longmire! That is our favorite show and can’t wait for it to come back. Plus the last season left us hanging on what happened with Branch and his father out shooting clay piegons. Looked like one of them was possibly killed. I agree with Cynthia and Larry that it is way better than all these stupid reality shows. We would not miss Longmire, either watched it or DVR’d it. These are way better actors than a lot of other shows. If you don’t bring it back A&E you are crazy!

  696. Connie

    The neighborhood comes to watch. We have made it weekly gathering. Not only 5 or 6 couples but our adult kids are watching. I have bought the DVDS and also purchased extra as gifts. Since A&E dropped Longmire, we now have Netflix. Big mistake for A&E. No reason to tune it in. We could hardly wait every week for Longmire. Needless to say your sponsors are not going to get the support either

  697. John Sharp, Korean War Veteran

    Some months back I ‘FLUSHED’ my comcast cable TV..TOO MUCH SOS>>DD & relied on my lap top connection with Netflix, etal for ALL needs.. Longmire has been my MOST FAVORITE program..Not only because of the QUALITY of it’s presentations..the total cast & guests have been exceptional.!
    But, I have a SPECIAL AFFINITY for Mr. Robert Taylor in that I placed a picture of my Grand dad, over the likeness of Mr. Taylor & COMPLETE with the mole on his right cheek, narrow nose, & dark brown cowboy hat..I WAS LOOKING AT MY ‘GRAMP’, John W. Sharp a Missourian transplanted to homestead in Western Montana back in the mid 1900’s. Where he met my Grandmother, Forrest Nance & they, despite her family’s objections, she jumped out her bedroom window & they rode off on horseback & eloped! As kids, my 4 younger brothers & I used to listen by the hour of ‘story after story after story..he sat in a rocking chair, sipping beer from a tin cup..Just can’t tell ya how DAMN proud & LUCKY I’ve been to have been born here in America..& being able to share this with all y’all!

  698. cliff reed

    Love this show. It,s like “gun smoke” but in modern day. Please don’t cancel.

  699. Amanda G

    I love this show. So glad it’s not gone yet.

  700. Jade Morgan

    My mom and aunt turned me on to this show and I love it!! I was devastated when they told me it was cancelled, especially since I just finished S3 and was expecting more. I’m really glad Netflix has the good sense to pick it up. It’s totally become a favorite.

  701. Bill Taylor

    I have four very favorite shows and “Longmire”
    is one of them. It is a masterpiece.

  702. Bev

    Please bring Longmire back to A & E or some other channel. Have read all of the Longmire Books and really enjoy the TV show. All of the characters are so down to earth. I have quit watching TV as I hate all the nonsense that is suppose to be entertainment. The news is about the best thing on. Please bring Longmire back for 2015

  703. Keyser Söze

    Longmire is a breath of fresh air among the garbage of reality show and bachelor and bachelorettes that don’t show any values to our younger viewers, Longmire show honor and integrity, respect for our tradition and our people something that we desperately need as a country, Thank you Netflix for bringing back the show.

  704. Tori

    Love this show one of the few that is still worth watching so please bring this show back.

  705. Dianne

    Looking forward to Season 4 and SOON! Bring Longmire back to an audience who knows good television. Thanks!!

  706. Pamela

    My husband and I just found this show and watched all three seasons. Love this show. Please do a fourth season.

  707. BE

    If A&E doesn’t listen to the Longmire fans, then maybe the sponsers will. I will not buy anything from sponsers on A&E. Really!! back to back, back to back of Storage wars.

  708. Ileana

    I think the audience has been waiting long enough! Time to start Season 4 ASAP!! Thanks.

  709. Coe

    Love this show!! I have require seasons on DVR Wondering where I will watch Season 4 on Dish Network Cable?

  710. David Mofet

    To bad for A&E it was one of the only shows they had that I’d even watch guess its time to get netflix if this is how they gonna b! Good bye A&E!

  711. momma hogan

    a&E bring back Longmire.. It is one of the best shows on TV. do not disappoint.

    we want Longmire back on the screen

  712. Beth

    Has Netflix released the Longmire Season 4 episodes yet? It is a great series.

    • Phil90

      no (

  713. Lewis

    Very strong fan devotion and a very enjoyable show !!! Please renew !!!

  714. Marje

    I have to say I just discovered Longmire on Netflix because…..COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING ON REGULAR TV. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As stated above…..enough of reality TV! This was so refreshing….actually entertaining and contains life lessons. I live alone and am sick of channel surfing to find decent programs. I would really like to know if Branch’s dad actually shot him. I have to say I am turning more and more to Netflix and Amazon for my TV choices. I substitute teach and am worried about our youth and the future of our nation after hearing them talk about the things they watch and how “funny” they think it is…..sad. Let’s give them some entertainment they can actually think about. If A&E doesn’t pick it up I encourage those who don’t have it to get Netflix. I can’t wait for Season 4!

  715. Debbie

    Longmire is OUR favorite program. We NEED Longmire to help us cope with all reality cr*p that is now everywhere. PLEASE do NOT make any rash decisions. Over 1 million people can not be wrong about this. Your problem is giving us 4 or 5 episodes then make us wait for more.

    We all want and need to know if Branch’s dad blew his own brains out and when will Walt and Vic finally realize how they feel about each other.

    Please, please give us more, a lot more!

  716. Dianna

    Love this show. Please renew. Stupidity on A&E’s part.

  717. Mike Mackenzie

    I will sign up for Netflix when Longmire starts airing.

  718. Kathy

    Why would you cancel one of the best shows on TV??

  719. Jim

    There are very few tv shows with real heroes these days outside of comic book heroes. Longmire is a person that will back you up when the going gets tough. Respectful with integrity, a man of his word. And, it’s already been stated, no profanity. You can still make a good show without all of the cursing trash. This is one of very few shows my wife and I really enjoy watching. So what if I bleed cowboy blood!! Bring on Longmire Seasons one through forty………………………..

  720. Longmire Fan

    Longmire is the best show out there and spans the generation gap. Our family has 3 generations that are all hooked on this show! Great writing & acting. We even bought the DVDs from all previous seasons & have ordered Netflix just to watch this show!

  721. loretta stammer

    I love this show, why would you cancel this show. Its a western, mystery, clean. Walt is my hero. I love to watch the reruns have all the books. cannot wait until its on again

  722. Sherry

    My husband and I watch Longmire and I agree with all comments commending this show. This show continually demonstrates that quality matters. This country needs more quality shows for quality people who care what they and their children watch. So tired of reality TV. Integrity is worth fighting for. Netflix should consider other shows/series that capture captivating plots without profanity and raw sexual overtones. We are inundated with trash and somehow TV station execs want to give us more. Stay strong Longmire fans…. continue to advocate for this show.

  723. Diane

    This is a great show without all the sex, cussing and women now kissing women and men kissing men and women half dressed. Why do these shows think we and our children want to see that stuff. Longmire is a good clean show. Good going Netflix for picking it up. I will subscribe.

  724. Nancy Davenport

    I am looking forward to the new season. Have enjoyed it very much. When is it coming?

  725. wayne royer

    i love the show. im waiting to find out what happened on the last show. who killed who. the suspence is killing me.

  726. LINDA


  727. Billie Weingarten

    I love Longmier. I put it along side of Blacklist. I sincerely hope it continues for a long time. I am sick of reality shows. Just about ready to tell Direct TV to take a hike. So please leave this show on the air. I need something to watch. Thanks

  728. Genevieve

    I joined Netflex just so I can watch future shows of LONGMIER. Best show in a long long time.

  729. Cindy

    Please bring back Longmire, it’s one of my favorite shows. I love it!!!!
    Bring on Longmire!!!!!!!

  730. Debra B

    Longmire is a favorite of mine. I look forward to it like a five yr old looks forward to her next birthday. Great cast and story lines. What’s not to love? Keep the series alive please.

  731. Amy Carrell

    I hope someone does pick this show up , I’m like so many other people on this hoping my comment will make difference . Longmire is one of the best shows on tv now , it’s clean u don’t have worry about ur grandkids watching there is no f**k this or gd that . AE ur nutts for not renewing this show people r hungry for this entertainment. Please ask ur viewers what they want I’m pretty sure it’s not more reality cr*p we all leave in our own much less watching someone else’s that’s FAKE .I love LONGMIRE please please please renew . I’m pretty sure ur pockets will see results !!!!

  732. Hollywood Huddle

    We love Longmire but we just don’t have any idea how to watch the new 2015 season……we know it’s on Netflix but when and how do we get it?
    Please help!!

  733. Sheila N

    Please A & E, don’t cancel Longmire. It is a great show, my husband & myself DVR it & have not missed an episode. Bring it back, please.

  734. Joan U

    Please don’t cancel Longmire. We love that show. Can’t wait for the new season to start.

  735. Theo

    Longmire is a wonderful show well worth watching. One of the best on the air with fantastic acting, great story line and well written. I hope this series will continue for a long time. I don’t watch much television as I have not found much worth watching.

  736. Karen Foster

    Love Longmire. Top 10 of best shows out there. It had high ratings. Why aren’t other cable or tv shows picking it up? Netflix woukd mean an extra 9 dollars a month. Come on AMC OR FX pick Longmire up. Please.

  737. Sue S

    Love the story lines, location (finally, something not in New York), and actors. Wish it was on more often. So long between shows it’s no wonder it can lose viewers, it makes you wonder if show has been canceled. Don’t have Netflix, so I don’t know how I will catch season 4.

  738. Cam& Leslie

    One of the best shows ever. I can’t believe that anyone is considering cancelling this show. I also can’t understand why it hasn’t been picked up by any major network. We look forward to this show every year and only hope that it runs all year instead of just in th e summer.

  739. jim ahrens

    I have watched every show 3 or 4 times, can’t wait for season 4. So get with it .

  740. Lanie

    Love this series

  741. marco P

    I think Longmire is one of the best cop shows ever. I don’t understand how people don’t watch it!!!!!!

  742. June Hrbacek

    I love Longmire. With all of the positive comments, it is hard to believe that A&E is not going to renew the series. Please reconsider and renew Longmire, as it is one of the best shows on TV.

  743. Debbie

    Bring back Longmire a great show I love it and mis

  744. Dave and Linda

    My husband and I LOVE this show! We watched all 3 seasons through Netflix, please bring it back.

  745. Patricia

    I love this show!!! Like so many other people. Please bring it back.!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is with out a doubt the best show for everyone no matter age are gender.

  746. Kaare Vassenden

    Truly looking forward for Season 4

    Please let me know when



  747. Perry Ream

    I really like Longmire it is a great show and my wife and I enjoy watching it together. Please bring it back.

  748. Eileen Serzan

    My husband and I love the show; really hope it comes back!

  749. Cindy Ash

    I am a retired Police Officer, 34 years. Longmire is the best show I have seen since Baltimore P.D. Bring it back !!!!

  750. Betty Brown

    My husband and I just watched all of Season 1-2-and 3 we were so glued to the TV. We had never heard of these shows, I purchased them at a Garage Sale. We LOVED them so much. I hope to see more of these kind of shows. Bring them Back Please!

  751. Elle G

    We all love Longmire, we need it to come back. It was done so well and so much better then most of the other stuff on network tv….

  752. Shannon

    Smart writing, smart directing, smart acting. What more should a show present to the viewers. With all of the garbage on “everything” A & E is missing the boat.

  753. ken

    one of the best since gunsmoke , too bad some do not take the time to watch, and also too bad for a&e to loose a great entertainment for its followers,, this just does nto make good reason .
    great actors and writings keeps the suspense from week to week , one of the only shows I watch reruns of . ok my words have been spoke , who is listening?



  755. Debbie

    For shame A&E! Are you nuts? Well written, amazing cast, beautiful settings. Try rerunning it so people can see it and the ratings will soar.

  756. Dennis M.

    Longmire is the best new show I have seen in a long time. I can’t believe a Big network wouldn’t pick it up.

  757. Rebecca


    • Mariana nichols

      I agree, I can’t stand thinking it’s over I just finish watching season 4. Please season 5 , 6′ and more

  758. Carol Gridley

    Can’t you get your act together and give the people what they want. Longmire was one of the best shows. With all the junk that is on cable, we watch Netflix.

  759. Greg Williams

    My wife & I both love Longmire.
    Look forward to it every week during
    The season. Wish there were more eps
    In the season and less time between seasons
    Best show on tv. Please find a good and
    Permanent home for it.

  760. Carolyn

    Greatness, integrity, humanely kind, this has to be one of the best series to ever be on television, especially in a day that all we see is sex, horrible language, sarcasm, and absolutely no respect for someone or something else. My husband and I are watching Netflix shows from the previous seasons anxiously waiting for Season 4. I am tired of the networks working toward a certain age group. It is hard enough to live in this world now. Longmire shows what humanity is all about. The big executives from all of the networks could learn something from this series, get rid of the filth and language and put families back together watching a decent, respectable show. I love all of the characters on Longmire. Please keep it going just for those of us that need to get away from the horrors of present TV and the horrible movies which are being released. Long live Longmire!

    • marie

      Well said

  761. Frances

    Please don’t cancel Longmire!!!! In our opinion it is one of the very best shows ever on TV. We are hoping it will be back in the Fall of 2015.

  762. ALF

    Yup, since A&E cancelled Longmire, there is absolutely NOTHING worth watching on A&E. I can’t bear to watch stupid programs, like the Dumb Ducks, etc.

    I sure hope Netflix sells DVDs of Longmire 4.

  763. David Norman

    I am a young parent totally from the Transformers and Marvel Super Hero Generation of entertainment consumers and I absolutely Adore Longmire! For a guy who started out working for a wireless company in Austin TX when cell phones were new to being in everybody’s pocket while going to college in the late 90s and I hated having one. I missed the freedom of not being pegged down or wasting time texting and hate constant social media consumers and live and live many in my life that are but I love Longmire b/c he’s REAL AND I THINK ITS TGE BEST SHOW ON TV PERIOD! I’m so happy it is being renewed. It’s a great show w/ an amazing cast, especially Sherriff Longmire himself!

  764. DeAnna B. Brown

    My husband and I never tire of watching Longmire, even reruns. It is wholesome, clean and always entertaining! We love the locations with all the beautiful country and wildlife. We were hooked watching the first episode. At first I wasn’t sure if I would care for Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry, but now I can’t imagine the show without him. All of the characters grab you and drag you into the drama. The cast is wonderful! I was so surprised to hear Walt speak in the trailer. He does such a good job as Walter and not one hint of his accent. I have been anxiously awaiting the new season! If it is not A&E I will pay for whatever channel it is on, just PLEASE put it on!!! We love Longmire.

  765. BWP

    Longmire is a program I can relate to. A small town everybody knows everybody and it is not in the big city.

  766. Lori

    My husband and I enjoy Longmire so much. Why would A&E cancel it. It is the best show that A&E has. We too have watched from the very first episode. Please bring it back.

    • Michael Whitebear

      Because a&e doesn’t care about quality! Only duck dynasty and storage wars

  767. Michael Whitebear

    Longmire has been canceled in favor of that stupid Christian redneck f*ck a duck dynasty BS. A&E has totally sold her soul to the devil!

  768. Rodger Wilson

    I have a $1.00 bet with the wife that Branch was shot in season 3 finale. She claims it was the dad that was shot…..

  769. Dottie R.

    Boy have the boys in charge made a bad mistake. Longmire is one of the best shows on tv. I personally liked Lizzie for Longmire better than the deputy. This show was a good modern day western that appealed to the people who love westerns. Taylor made a good hero and Phillips made a good partner. It was a good show that we anxiously awaited on in middle of summer. All you folks on A and E should listen to the fans. Some of the shows on tv now shouldn’t have been made much less put on tv so people could actually see it.

  770. Douglas Tolley

    All the good shows get taken off and replaced with trash. bring Longmire back.

  771. Barbara D

    My favorite show on T.V. . I got Netflix just so I can watch it. I binge watch the first two seasons and then watched the 3rd. Can’t wait till the season starts this fall. I have everyone I know addicted.

  772. Gloria

    When will season 4 start? Tired of no info on this!!! Such an awesome show with fantastic actors and characters!

  773. Jim

    Hey, I’m a retired Deputy Sheriff in rural Utah. I really, really enjoy Longmire. It is better than 3/4 of the trash on the networks today. Please renew the show. Ps, I’d love to just do a walk on… Thanks JM Utah

  774. Marti Huck

    I agree with all the Longmire fans who have commented. This show has a fabulous cast, interesting ‘who done it’ plots and carry over drama that keep interesting for returning fans and drop in viewers. A&E really dropped the ball by not renewing this series. Now I’ll need to get Netflix to find out what happened after the cliffhanger ending of season three.

  775. julie werner

    I wish they would make 52 new shows each year. Love the Longmire series

  776. JJ

    I agree, one of the best shows on TV! Always had set on the DVR, since we couldn’t always be home to watch. All the actors are fantastic, great story lines that are good drama and easy to follow. Thank goodness for Netflix, I was totally disappointed with A&E, but, oh yeah, it’s always about money, forget the other 1 million viewers, just disappoint us. Geez, really A&E!? Thank you NETFLIX you rock!!

  777. Teresa and Tom Epps

    Best show I have ever watched. My 11 year old granddaughter is even a fan. We love netflix. We would love new episodes watch reruns every day.

  778. marie

    Oh no… please don’t cancel this show. This is such a well written and well acted show. I was so looking forward to watching it this summer and have been searching like crazy. Please don’t leave us hanging with the 3rd season ending. Finger’s crossed that it will be picked up ….#FAN

  779. Rick

    Best show on TV So glad Netflix picked it up. hoping for many more seasons

  780. Burt

    C’mon Netflix, what’s the holdup? Let’s have Longmire NOW! It ‘s been the best show on television for three years running! Why the delay?

  781. Carolyn

    We don’t have a computer and can’t get Netflix.Can’t you please put this show back on cable TV?I watched it every week when it was on and love the show.

  782. Cowboy

    Hey, people….what’s with this age business…my husband and I are nearing 70 and we love Longmire. In this day and age with all these “reality” shows, it’s totally devastating. The story line and all the characters are A-ONE….it is truly the VERY best series on and there are millions who feel the same way. A&E really messed up by not renewing…..wonder how many viewers they’ll lose because of this one GREAT show????? Can’t wait for Season 4…watched every episode since the beginning (more than once) and bought all three seasons. Really great show!!!!!!

  783. margaret

    We really want to see this show come back!! We have really missed it please let us know when it is scheduled to come back on!!!

  784. Bob Scheldt

    It’s too bad that the new “model” for watching really good shows like Longmire is to be forced to subscribe to Netflix. Surely there is a network other than A&E that sees the value of a show that features a rural cop with integrity, in a well-written and culturally relevant drama that is far more entertaining (and instructional) than most of the cr*p that passes for cable fare these days. Show some of these comments to Spike TV, USA, TNT or even HST. Somebody will see the value of a show that appeals greatly to the 40+ demographic.

  785. Sandra KTucker

    I along with the 100’s of other Longmire viewers, are fed up with the cheap reality shows that are taking up 99% of television air time, and I,m sick and tired of the increase in cable , and the Reader guy or female stating that we stop viewing Longmire Mad Men ,Las vegas, keep reading as I love love love Longmire, I love Robert Taylor and Lou Phillip Diamond and some of the other cast members. You should read some of the comments of the people who are waiting for A&E to wake up and get Longmire back on. You probably will have a big surprise of how many viewers are paying your CEO and all the other employees. Iam on fixed income and I’m tired of good television being trashed.And people in corporate offices taking andmaking my mind up as to what I want to have removed from TV WAKE UP!!!!HURRY UPAND BRING BACK LONGMIRE1!!!

  786. Betty W

    We have enjoyed all seasons and have been waiting for the next series. Own all series on cd and watch over and over. Bring Longmire back on TV. Finally a series that is not a reality fouled mouth trashy show.

  787. Mary Jane Heller

    I agree with everything Betty W said. I have been waiting and waiting for Longmire to return to
    A & E. Please, please bring it back.

  788. Karen

    My whole family ages 20 through 54 love this show. We have been waiting and waiting with bated breath for months. We have had several dozen discussions trying to figure out Branch or Barlow. I like then both, Gerald McRaney is great in the part of arrogant Barlow but I also think Bailey Chase is the bomb! Hoping that Branch just wounded Barlow so we can figure out just why Barlow hates Walt so much. I absolutely can’t wait to see the sparks take hold between Walt and Vic! September can’t get her quick enough for this family.

  789. marcia

    We are so excited that Netflix picked up Longmire! It is a great show. We can’t wait for many more seasons! Thank you Netflix!!!!!

  790. James & Karen

    We believe this is the best show going. I TiVo and we watch them together. We own all seasons on DVD. Can’t help but lose a little respect for A&E for not renewing…Can’t wait for season four!

  791. Katie

    Now that the confederate flag cr*p, and the removal of the show The Dukes of Hazzard, I really don’t have another favorite tv show other than Longmire. This show is amazing. Not only does it take place near to where I call home, it doesn’t have bull cr*p and a cr*ppy story. You really get involved in the mystery. Most series lack that. They try to cover up their bad acting and holes in the plot with stupid humor. Longmire is 100% genuine good acting and good story line. Please, please…. Let season 4 and more seasons come….

  792. The Killion's

    what a treasure to find on Netflix can’t wait for 2015 please keep it coming

  793. Bill Taylor

    I love this show, it is in my top three shows on TV.
    Please don’t stop. It is a classic and the cast is perfect.

  794. Ronald LeTellier

    I think A & E is stupid for not bring back Longmire. It was the best show they had.

  795. Bob LeClerc

    Glad to hear that Longmire is returning in some form. Live in country in S.W. Ontario so my chances of pulling Netflix in are limited. Guess I will buy the DVD for Season 4 when it comes out. My only concern is that after Season 1 the plots of the shows deviated considerably from the books. It seems to me that it is becoming quite divergent from the books, and while I enjoy it… the books are better.

  796. Judy Pennington

    My husband and I have tremendously enjoyed Longmire series and are in hopes that there will be more. Please.

  797. Decembre

    This show is amazing. I love it. I was devastated when I heard it was going to be canceled. I’m only 14 and this show is one of my favorites. Today I heard it was going to have a fourth season I can’t wait to see how it starts off from season 3 final episode and the way it ended. Can’t wait

  798. Sonya

    Longmiere is one of the best shows. It needs to return to regular tv instead of Netflix.
    Some of us can’t get Netflix. Plz return to regular lineup!