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«Shaman King» season 2: release date

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Will «Shaman King» return for season 2? What is known about new episodes and premiere?

Seiji Mizushima, director of the premier season of «Shaman King» anime series, created 64 episodes of the given show. It was extremely popular among the fans of such stories.

The rightholders didn’t make an announcement about the next season production after the final episode broadcast. Nevertheless, its fans believed «Shaman King» Season 2 to be shot soon. The release date for new episodes is still unknown, since the creators can’t come to an agreement whether to continue anime series or not.

The foreign experts believe that TV show plot has very little in common with manga plot to make the series successful.

It should be noted that last year «Comix-ART» publisher licensed the manga and produced the first volume of the given story. Probably it can initiate the production of «Shaman King» Season 2. What do you think?

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  1. Hala

    I don’t think that the anime can have season 2…

    • dammko_18

      It will be becaus they made more manga stories about asakura family.

  2. little A.

    Comix-ART come on!!!! give me season 2!!!

  3. Animelovie

    Definitely a season 2! That’s not even a question, I have been waiting for this for years!!!

  4. jarrah

    ive been watching shaman king episodes for years now and ill keep watching them until theres a season 2…best ive ever seen…yahi hope theres a season 2…and i know a lot of people who watch it and love it..

  5. renz

    i hope that have season 2 because the anime is so beautiful and meaningful i will till i can

  6. unknown

    I hope that it will have season 2 , I’ve been watching it since when I was still a little kid and I still like it even I’m a teenager now

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