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«Alphas» season 3: air date

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When does «Alphas» season 3 start? Renewed or cancelled? Air date known?

Science fiction dramatic television series «Alphas» premiered on the American SyFy Channel in July last year. 24 episodes combined into 2 complete Seasons have been already aired. In October, 2012 TV viewers watched the final episode of Season 2, but by that time the information about the series continuation didn’t appear on SyFy official webpage.

Later it was announced that the rightsholders plan to produce the new episodes, as «Alphas» ratings were falling constantly. SyFy is known to make for the bankable project, that’s why the continuation of «Alphas» for Season 3 was in doubt. Preliminary air date for the new episodes, discussed on Syfy forum, was scheduled for July 2013. But generally the fact of Season 3 production wasn’t confirmed by the authorities of the channel.

Multiple fans’ requests weren’t satisfied by series creators and «Alphas» show was officially closed after Season 2 in January 2013. Was that right? Let’s support the show in comments!

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  1. Ratchet

    no it’s wasn’t right they need to make Season 3

    • Mike

      Syfy you are fools Alphas even now 10 years later is better than any mutant type show out there the setting so real the actors so believable and down to earth it should be brought back !

  2. cathy

    bring back this show. it was great

  3. amelia

    NO NO PLEASE the show MUST go on!!!!!

  4. luke

    Please bring back the show.

  5. Kim

    We need to see more of this show it was great !!!

  6. Robert Lord

    Very entertaining program. Much better than lot of those junky reality shows.

  7. john

    the show alphas is very entertaining. there isnt any reason for it do be cancelled

  8. pjc

    Love this show….you must bring it back! You can’t leave it with everyone but Gary laying on the floor. We have to know what happens…..if no series, finish it with a movie and bring it to a closure!!!! (I opt for the continuation of the series though)

  9. Susan K. Beal

    I love the show! I thought Ryan Cartwright did a brilliant job in his portrayal of Gary Bell. I was so looking forward to another season this summer – especially since there’s not much on during the summer. I’m devastated!

  10. rod

    This was a very interesting show that was not like any other. It should be brought back and I know there were good enough ratings to support it.

  11. lisa andersson

    NOOOOO it cant be! ive been anxiously waiting for new season of alphas. BRING BACK this amazing show!

  12. Miriam

    Alphas needs to come back! This is such an intelligent show unlike a lot of the garbage that’s out there!! Please bring it back for Season3.

  13. Cyrl


  14. Denise

    I soooooo looked forward to find out why — it’s just that kind of show. It just gets you hooked and they cancel it ;( BRING IT BACK, PLEASE

  15. Tracy

    I really enjoyed Alphas, you should continue the series

  16. Lorie

    Alphas what a different show not the norm. The series should continue it will be missed.

  17. tyrell ( Trinidad )

    I really enjoyed Alphas, my daughter and I would always follow this series intently as well as warehouse 13.

  18. esther

    Please please, am in Uganda but i watch Alphas. Please bring it back on. Please

  19. rachel n lochie woods

    Omg u so need to make a series 3 we love the programme and want to see if poor gary is left on his own? Please make more series please

  20. rebecca

    Please bring back Alphas. It’s not right to leave it like you did. We, the fans, deserve to know what will or does happen. Is everyone but Gary gone or what. Please bring it back and let us know.

  21. tony

    i am amazed that this series has not been given a justified sean 3 the scrip the interaction and the emotion driven plots are great you cant leave it with out an ending .one of the best programs l have had the plesure to watch in a long time

    wrong move on many aspect if you don’t have a season 3

  22. Maria

    this show was different from others. they needed to give a chance to grow. it would have been a great hit.

  23. morgan

    My daughter and I loved Gary on that show! We watched it every season and every episode.. with all the other cr*p they leave on tv, not bringing this back is plain stupid! The acting on Garys role alone was worth waiting the whole year to watch him on one episode!

  24. Paulo

    there are so many bad series still on air like CSI and NCIS and stuff like that,and a very good show with a great plot finishes like that… it can not.I hope that the producers will think and at least make a third season to end the plot like it should,not leaving so many questions unanswerd…..

  25. Kay

    Please bring it back you can’t leave us hanging like this

  26. Carole

    bring Alphas back please!

  27. ellen jones

    I want to see season 3 of the alphas, im love this show. thank u

  28. Adrienne

    I need Alphas back! It’s one of the only shows I watch on T.V. I bought an entire subscription to Amazon prime just for the re-runs. It’s such a great show!

  29. Monique

    This show is so brilliant that it MUST have a Season 3.

    I just lost two days of sleep after bumping into it on We should all get our friends to watch it on AMAZON, and let them collect THOSE statistics. Once you are in, you are in with this show.

    We at least need closure! HOPE. Something…

    ALPHAS is my oxytocin.

    Is this possible ALPHA Series cancellation perhaps Parish’s evil plan? To cause us all full system meltdowns after withdrawing from our ALPHA fix becomes impossible to bear?

    Remember the episode where the mother of a teenager who committed suicide gave oxytocin then taketh away–causing those at fault to “burn up from within”–thereby avenging the untimely death of her son?

    SyFy, really, this could be blood on YOUR hands! Do NOT let Parish control you…FIGHT!

    Just a bit of advice from a rabid fan.


  30. Lisa

    Bring it back! I’m addicted to this show! I need to know what happens to Gary!

  31. Uli

    Please bring season 3 back I promise I won’t ask for anything else.

  32. Tom

    Just watched 2 seasons on Amazon in about a week. I thought the season 2 finale was perfectly set for a season 3. I would love to see a season 3.

  33. Catrina

    I am so pissed right now, I thought for sure there was going to be a season three. I just started watching the series and was hooked…… only to find its no longer:( Boooooo

  34. NBD

    Alphas was awsome please bring it back

  35. Major Carter

    we really need to continue this sh*t so we pleadin’ on syfy to bring back this show….please

  36. Theo Seaman

    Bring it back. It I s a great show

  37. 7Hillsgal

    What a cliffhanger! Season 3 has to happen so I can find out what is going on – I Love this show

  38. mathew pimental

    you cant just leave the show on a big cliffhanger like that we need to know what happened please find another network to take it over i dont know whats wring with some viewers to not like this show. it was a highly action packed show and MUST GO ON please you do not want a protest because ill protest

  39. susie primer

    We have to have a Season 3. Gary’s got to help the others regain their lives and abilities.

  40. Mickey

    It really is a great show, you left too many loose ends though. Let`s start with why the light blast effected everyone else but Gary? You have left you viewers at a very bad hanging point. Remove some of these stupid reality shows & get back to the imagination so people can for a short while & get away from the real world & enjoy the possibilities of some unheard of. FREE THE MIND &THE REST WILL FOLLOW.

    • colt

      I agree with mickey. we have to know what happens to Gary, and why the lights did not affect him as it did all others. yes take some of the stupid boring shows off.

    • Robert S. Hanson

      I believe that Gary’s unique alpha ability is what stoped the flash from working on him. I mean thats what he sees on a regular basis. But we will never know because they left it like this.. its totally wrong to leave us viewers like this..

  41. Morne

    Please bring back Alphas,we watch it as a family and enjoy it very much.Please don’t leave us hanging with out Alphas to watch please bring it back, please.from a big big fan.

  42. Vivivic

    We just discovered the show this summer. We think it’s a great show and they have to make a third season, the second season finale needs to be answered. Please bring it back.

  43. Gloria

    Just found this on Netflix and love this show. Please bring back this show for a 3rd Season!!!!

  44. Kim

    So very disappointed. Absolutely love this show, too much has been left unfinished. Please bring it back!!!!

  45. jester

    I’m using my alpha ability to “push” the writers and producers into season 3-

  46. Rick

    Cmon, U cant end a show like that without another season. I hope there is at least one more. I just have to know what happens to Gary ! You can prolly start a show bout him if theres no more ALPHAS and you can call it GARY .!!!!

  47. Randi

    We need more Alphas!!!!

  48. Nette

    I really miss this show. It was one of the best! We need a season 3 and more if possible!

  49. colt

    you can’t leave it like that. the show must go on. this is a great show. it was not done at the end of season 2. got to know what happens.

  50. Keren

    Powers That Be: Please finish Alphas! The story is too good to leave flapping in the wind like that. We all need closure. There are way too many unanswered questions. How are we all supposed to get any decent sleep with the entire city of Manhatten lying on the ground and not even a hint as to if there are any survivors – except sweet Gary, of course. Alphas is amazing. The cast, the writing, the energy – please continue <3

  51. Paul

    Alphas is, or at least was, one of the very best series on television. Brilliant, intelligent, riveting, addicting, and so different from the usual dregs that appear on TV. Alphas was never given a chance to get a larger audience in part because it was moved around to much. Make no mistake about it, though, right now, today, this minute, there is a fiendishly faithful fan base, and a growing legion of new ones by renting the DVDs or borrowing them from the libraries. Consider what happened to Star Trek. At least it got 3 seasons before it was cancelled. But the show grew in popularity year by year as people “discovered” it, and before too long, a billion dollar franchise was born.

    Cable was made for shows that don’t play to the lowest brows in the house, and SF was right to air this jewel of a show. It is a shame that they contributed to its demise by fiddling with the schedule. CBS has several shows presently airing that characters with, shall we say, interesting abilities, and not of the Marvel Comic variety. Producers, please reconsider reviving this incredible show. Perhaps pitch it to CBS or another cable network that has more faith in the shows they buy. Look at the comments on this page and you will see that the folks here want this amazing show back, not a two-hour wrap-up movie.

    Remember “Frodo lives!”? We think that Gary lives, but we are all invested in the show. Did our own government quietly intervene because some parallels were too close for comfort? Think about it! Much of the show presented (not promoted) DANGEROUS ideas that could potentially upset the status quo. Might there be a Binghamton now? We now know that transparency is only for the masses. It seems like this would be the perfect time to see if the beast is as benign as it says it is. I would hedge my bets if I were you.

  52. lisa

    Bring back the show or at least season 3 and end the show right

    • CHUCK

      PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!

  53. Zane

    Definitely produce series 3 and more … loved this, I found the portrayal of Aspergers excellent

  54. TJ

    I’m disappointed and angry. This is the second series I’ve enjoyed from the SyFy that they cancelled out of the blue after a second season. What are they trying to do…keep the miserable low budget shows they had a reputation for in the past?

  55. Robert S. Hanson

    You cant end the show like that. Most viewers watch theses shows weeks after they air. i wait till the season is posted sometimes on amazon or netflix. They did this to roswell but after consideration atleast the ended it with a 3rd seeason.. and think about farscape.. left us hanging there but then finally you put out that mini series to end it.. i mean this is crazy. Ending with with a cliffhanger like that is cr*p.

  56. Jessica

    My heart is broken that there is not a season 3 or even just one more episode to conclude the story. Syfy you can’t do this to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please reconsider this is just wrong!

  57. Jessica

    Please bring back the show or at least a few more episodes to conclude season 2! Too much of a cliff hanger!! We love this show And I cannot believe that there isn’t a season 3!!!

  58. Brandy

    I NEED to know what happened after the last episode. PLEASE BRING BACK

  59. Annie

    They always cancel the best, most interesting and thought provoking shows. I found this show late in 2013, which shows you that it didn’t have a chance to grow to it’s height to develop a fan base. You canceled it too soon. Really crummy way to end the show too. I hope you’re just developing that fan base to get ratings once you announce the show will be back!!! So many avenues you haven’t gone down for the plots and new Alpha talents!! Where’s the Alpha who can speak to animals? Or the one who can make metal act like rubber? Or bring Rosen back as an Alpha who can speak to dead people and see the future.

  60. Tracey

    I need my guilty pleasure back on the air. Nina, Bill, Gary, Rachel, Cameron, and Dr. Rosen. This show was nothing short of amazing and it has to return.

    • Ken

      I feel that Tracey was in my mind, she spoke my words EXACTLY!!!

  61. Lacey

    We just need one season so we can put an end to the huge cliff hanger u left us with all we need is closure

  62. Rebecca

    I’m so disappointed I really want this show back on more than anything.
    I watched like the full 2 seasons on Netflix and the last episode made
    me cry a bit and now I’m curious 🙁 I love all the characters so much
    I wish they would just make 1 final episode if they’re not gonna make a season
    so then I can at least be content with the ending. Now Gary’s just walking
    around clueless and that’ll be in my mind forever!
    Please make a 3rd season or a final episode! All Alpha’s fans
    would appreciate it! We love Alphas <3

  63. Emma

    OMG PLEASSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! D: I love the show, make season 3!!!!

  64. Kara

    Please bring Alphas back, it is a awesome show. My husband and I loved it! We just watched season 1 and 2 on netflix and now I’m in Alpha withdraw. I really would like season 3 please!

  65. Carolyn

    I’ve been waiting for season 3 of Alphas only now to learn there is no season 3. This show you cancell but keep crap like Faceoff, Ghost mines and all that reality junk you keep. I watch tv to take a break from reality, not to watch scripted reality shows. Oh Syfy you’re turning into every other channel following the same trend. Please give us back the Syfy we know and love along with our favorite shows, Alphas, Warehouse 13 and those original sci-fi movies, I begging you.

  66. WhatHapd2Gary!!?!!

    please bring back the show for God’s sake I live in Hollywood does my opinion count? We want our show back! Not a wrap up episode at least the dignity of 12 episodes for season 3 with stipulations and options for S4!

  67. Joyce

    Hello Alpha fans.
    I am so pleased to see that I am not the only one in this world that finds fault with networks that like to play mind games with the public. Science fiction is one of my favorite types of shows to watch and alphas had be hooked. I agree with all the comments that you all have made except for the comment Carolyn made about Faceoff and am also praying for SYFY to decide to continue the ALPHA series indefinitely!!! I to am disappointed to here that there will not be an eagerly awaited season 3 WOW stupid move on the part of SYFY, or was it an calculated move to get more people interested in the show like a few of you commented on, only time will tell SYFY’S true motive for their decision to cancel the show.

  68. Kristie

    please continue the show. Alphas is a good syfy show to watch. The problem why the show rating wasnt high enough I believe is because of the low advertising/broadcasting of the show. I just got tired of watching reality show and so happen to pick to watch this show on netflix. Somthing new to see. and It was good I’m totally addicted to every aspect of the show. I really want to see what happen on the next season.

  69. John

    Bring Back Alphas It Was A Beautiful Show

  70. Melanie

    Please continue show!

  71. Lauren

    I will cry if you do not put in a season 3, you have to make a season 3,

  72. Rochelle

    Bring closure at the least. Mini series or movie. You did it for others.

  73. jillian

    Why do they seem to cancel the good shows. I love alphas, it was entertaining and funny. I loved all the characters especially Gary. But what I really liked was getting to see Summer glau again. I loved firefly. Networks really need to start computing other factors in the rating systems like Hulu and Netflix. I watch most of my shows online or netflixs after its off for the season because of my schedule. I just ended season 2 of Alphas and wanted to stream the first episode of season 3 ….guess not.

  74. castor

    faite la saison 3 svp on es tenu en allen du debut a la fin sa peut pas se finir ainsi

  75. Myra

    I just saw Alphas on Netflix on and I loved it. I wish it would come back! I thought it was great fun and drama. Great ensemble cast!

  76. MissMia

    I wish the big wigs actually gave a cr*p about what we had to say. If they did then season 3 would already be airing. But shocker nope there’s nothing. So sad. Another amazing show bites the dust. So sad:(

  77. Tyler

    We need to start a Facebook page to bring it back! Everyone sign up for it. If there isn’t one already, then make one!

  78. Eric

    Alphas Series was innovative and great. How disapointing to see it stopped at the end of seeason 2.
    I really enjoyed the 2 seasons. Please let us have a season 3 ! Let the show go on !!!

  79. Cathy P

    I really enjoyed this series and would hate for it to not return! The season Finale of season two cannot be left as the cliff hanger you created!! It needs closure!! I look forward to season three!

  80. Elaine

    I just watch Alphas for the first time it”$ the most I’ve seen sence Hero and
    WEARHOUAE 13 .witch I’m so happy to see back on the air.Even though it’s there finales season
    So I know there is away you can finished about another 36,Epasode pales

  81. Giuseppe

    I am from UK and i have been watching alphas on netflix. I cant get over the fact they have scrubbed this show. I know loads of people that would love this show (barring the first 3 episodes).. In all…… i am very disappointed….. why show 2 seasons of a show and scrub the rest??? Please re instate this show…….. Thats all i can say about it.

  82. Anya

    Definitely needs at least a series 3!

  83. Eileen

    I finally got some free time on my hands so I began watching Alphas; this show is GREAT! I even got my grandmother watching it. I am so disappointed, this is not acceptable. This show must continue.

  84. Larissa johnson

    Bulllllshiittt you can’t leave it like that!!! I need to know what happens!!!!!

  85. jorge

    they should make season 3 the series was good

  86. linda

    Seriously what no season 3… Bring the show back.. What happens to Gary… Grrrr

  87. Jenny

    WHAT THE HAY???!!!! I agree with every post that is in support of the show.. some one should buy the rights and finish them self.. Netflix.. anyone.. this was a GREAT show and you can’t just stop like that.. try putting it on at different times or something.. but you can’t just stop… FINISH SEASON 3.. !!!!

  88. Erika

    i absolutely love The ScyFy Network they have the BEST Shows & Alphas WAS 1 of them, that show was awesome you shouldn’t have left all of your loyal viewers wanting closer like that.. we grow to love those charactors.. we need to know what happen to them someone please I also agree with them above another Network or Netflix would be great as well please pick this show up & continue Alphas with a Season 3 & beyond.. You would have your viewers that you need because this is a great show with a great story.. Please listen to your public & continue this show… WE WANT ALPHAS BACK

  89. Wendy

    BRING BACK THE SHOW…. Or let NET FLICKS PICK IT UP .. Just bring it back..

  90. mike

    I just watched both season on Amazon Prime not realizing it was canceled. This is a HUGE disappointment. Not only do I want the show to continue, but the ending of the series left way too many question. It is ridiculous that just because some ratings were down they need to shut the show down. We, the viewers, should be what is important. And to let so many people down is terrible. I hope the whole network lost/losses ratings now.

  91. Dan

    Season 3 please. It can’t end like that so many questions. Is Gary the most powerful one of all since he was still up?

  92. Vicki Hull

    I have only just discovered Alphas. I could not believe it when I went to buy session 3 and found out that the show had been cancelled.

  93. Dri Dukes

    They cant leave Gary all alone… Whats next???? Make a season 3 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Thomas

      I so agree you need to make a season three you cant leave poor Gary alone

  94. twotall82

    yes, please bring the show back! it was a very awesome intense show to watch & very exciting. it was mouth dropping & very powerful to see all the many different powers & gifts that the individuals had? the characters were entertaining & were great too. please, give it another chance! don’t give up on it. it deserves a go again? come on! it needs that third season that I & everyone else to waiting for & want to see it happen? I want to see what is going to happen next? please, finish the plot & storyline! when you all do this? your letting us down very badly? 🙁

  95. Jeb hall

    Great show would love to see season 3!!! Don’t give up on a good thing!!!!

  96. Thomas

    Don’t give up on the show it was awesome DON’T LET US DOWN

  97. I love gary

    This show is my everything I just watched both season on Netflix in 4 days. I need to see what happens you cant just end it like that. I need to know if all the Alpha are alive and the civilian are dead. don’t give up…

  98. Luke

    It feels unfinished

  99. Edna

    I loved the show Alphas. I also want to know what happens next. I hate when a show leaves you hanging. Alphas was enjoyed by many, many people. Please, you must bring it back. There aren’t many shows I enjoy, but the Alphas was one of the best.

  100. evens

    I loved the show Alphas. I also want to know what happens next. I hate when a show leaves you hanging. I would love for it to come back with season 3,4,5,6 ,7 or more

  101. Joyce

    Will just add my voice to the chorus of voices already raised! SYFY you have already invested a lot to create this great show and a following. I’ve never watched a show on SYFY in my life but this one hooked me and many others. Do you really want to do this to those who have discovered your channel actually has something good to offer? Just remember for every one of us who took the time to write a comment there are probably 20 other viewers who didn’t take the time to do so but feel the same way!

  102. Luke

    Just finished the ending and I’m hurting in the heart. Please make season 3

  103. Jackie

    I love this series!!!! I have Netflix and just finished watching both seasons and can not BELIEVE that they left it like that!!!!! They need to continue the seasons, it’s awesome!

  104. Ann

    I can’t believe they would cancel a wonderful show like this!!! Seriously people, what was you thinking? Oh that’s right, you wasn’t. You would not have left everyone hanging as you have if you had been thinking! I agree with some of the other posters here. The network leaves shows on that’s not worth watching, but yet you discontinue a great show like this. You treat the human mass as we are your personal puppets. Perhaps the viewers of Tv can start boycotting shows you seem to deem popular then. Turn about play eh?

  105. dillan

    we want season three. we the people dont care about rating and the money ur business make only the right to complete the show that we have started and left hanging like wet clothes on a clothes line

  106. Vonnie

    This show was great, please bring it back. Awesome. Why does the great shows ends, it had great writers.

  107. kim

    i loved this show please bring it back

  108. Karen

    I cannot believe you left the show with such an ending. What happened to Skylar and Kat? And the rest of New York and the outside world? What were you thinking canceling such an entertaining show? Alphas is exactly that! Please consider bringing it back!! Or at least sell it off to Netflix to continue it with all their characters. That’s a shame….we have too much bullsh!!t reality tv shows and you cancel an actual show that entertained? I thought that was what your business is….syfy entertainment. Smh very disappointed syfy!!

  109. Marisa

    Really! if you did not plan on making season 3 you should have at least given it a real ending not the cliff hanger. Bring back Alphas, great show and entertaining.

  110. Jay

    Bring back the show..I was locked in!!!

  111. Brian

    Don’t cancel it as this is a great tv show. So many people have told about it and have recommended it so let’s go season 3

  112. Rose

    WTH!? Seriously… at the very least an epilogue for closure!!! I just discovered the show on Netflixs… others WILL catch on and be dismayed at being left hanging!! UGHGHGHH!

  113. melanie

    what the heck u have to renew for season 3 it cant end like this there are at least 8 characters that we dont know what happened to. i want to see more i have been waiting for the next on e please come back with a season 3 of defince i love that show i watch it all the time and plan to buy all of the seasons please dont let it in like it did

  114. quvanyour

    When you have a good thing whey would stop? Is it because you lost the good people you had or just a dumb *ss in the front office. I could go for a long run if you let it run.

  115. Jen

    Yes they still need a season 3

  116. kay

    Please do season 3 if only a Netflix or amazon prime exclusive.

  117. Andy

    Simple.. That’s the last time I invest anytime on a program made by syfy.

  118. Robin

    BRING IT BACK!!! I don’t even like Scify normally and just fell in love with this show! It’s smart, witty and very entertaining. AND, I love all of the characters!!

    The show is soo unique and soo thought provoking – I NEED it back.

  119. Anthony

    What is wrong with these ppl that was the best show if seen in a long time and I am a stay at home dad, there needs to be a season 3 you can’t end a show like that where everyone appears dead!!!! MAKE MORE! SEASON 3 IS A MUST!

  120. Pat

    We really enjoyed this series. We would love to see a season three or at least a movie wrapping it up.

  121. Renee

    I just watched the whole 2 seasons on Netflix, and loved it! We want to know where the show would have gone; what happened to everybody- did they die or will they wake up? What happens to Gary? So many unfinished details; please do a season 3.

  122. heather

    please make a season three. best show ever. I rarely watch tv but as a prime member stumbled on the show. I never laughed so hard in my life. I had to tell everyone about the show. more…please!

  123. Denise

    I just watched in year 2015 and loved this show! Show owners should give third season a try this is the kind of stuff is what people are into these days! Might just be surprised how it turns out! That’s if these posts actually are read by people who care about their fans! I guess time will tell!

  124. Jan W

    I love this show — please make more. I have rewatched Seasons 1 & 2 and introduced houseguests to the series — everyone thinks it is great! Good characters — blasts politics but is gentle with the people (how can we not love them?). Please… soon?

  125. alpha fan

    BRING IT BACK! I literally JUST finished watching all 24 episodes and I looked online to see when season three will be aired and its not, I almost started crying and got a huge lump in my throat, so please listen to the fans! BRING ALPHAS back!
    Maybe the reason your getting low ratings is because you stopped the show and I want know WHY Gary is the only one alive, We want answers !

  126. Veda

    Please bring Alpha House back.

  127. Jillian

    please bring back Alphas….don’t leave us hanging. Really enjoyed watching the series.

  128. Chris M.

    Bring back the show!!!! Or at least finish it with a movie…. like firefly did with serenity.

  129. Dianna

    It’s hard to understand why a season three isn’t available. The last show of the alpha’s in season 2 was an awesome season final. But if that was considered the end of the Alpha’s well then that was one of the worst endings. Help me to understand why Netflix and hula can pick up shows all the time but Alpha’s can’t even get one more season to make things right?

    • SiNN#17

      WoW how messed up is it to leave me holding my breath after watching season 2 just to find out season 3 was cancelled and won’t ever be able to know what happens with Gary or the others.

  130. Jenni

    This is ridiculous why the heck does stations do this. You can’t end a show like that. I think everyone should just stop watching sy fyi to get it through their thick heads that this is cr*p

  131. Veda

    Please bring back Alpha House

  132. Alli

    Pleasssseee someone be smart enough to bring back Alpha House its a hoot so funny when politics are so cruel! Look at VEEP???? Emmys and everything! ALPHA HOUSE, ALPHA HOUSE, ALPHA HOUSE!!!!

  133. Franchesca

    PLEASE bring the 3rd SEASON already! I am still wondering WHAT HAPPENS with the elections? This was an awesome awesome sitcom/show, very entertaining, funny, serious, GREAT GREAT GREAT

  134. Nelle

    I i am from South Africa and I got the series from a friend who gave it for me…. I was hooked the first season and now that its the end of season 2 I need to know why is the only servivor who was not effected by the light not effected? and what is he doing on his own and is he the only one now or how many was not effected by the hands off that evil man???? I want to know!!!! Gary you rock you my favourite!

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