Sep 22

Dog With a Blog season 4 ?

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What about Dog With a Blog season 4? When will the new season come out? Bad news… Beth Littleford confirmed the ending of Dog With A Blog.

TV-channel: Disney Channel
Created by: Michael B. Kaplan, Philip Stark
Directed by: Matthew Goddard, Shelley Jensen, Joel Zwick
Starring: G Hannelius, Blake Michael, Francesca Capaldi, Regan Burns, Beth Littleford
Genre: Sitcom

American comedy series Dog With a Blog became popular not only at home, but also all around the world. Three funny seasons, aired on Disney Channel since October 2012, were always attracting a huge auditory and contributed to the nomination of the project for numerous prestigious movie awards (Emmy Awards, 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards…).

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end… The rights holders decided to cancel the show in 2015 without ordering of Season 4, that’s why the release date of the new episodes won’t be announced.

In one of her interviews an actress Beth Littleford confirmed all the episodes of the show had already been filmed and the story would end in autumn. We should only thank actors and creators for the brilliant project and wish them good luck!

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  1. Rootty

    Why is this show ended? I like Dog with a blog! Come back!

    • Peter

      Please renew dog with a blog for season 4! 🙂 please bring the cast, and crew back for season 4! 🙂 you need to get your act together, Disney! 🙂 please bring the cast, and crew back for season 4! 🙂

    • Peter

      Please renew dog with a blog for season 4 my mom and I watch this show every day please bring the cast back please make a season 4 of dog with a blog this is the only good show on disney channel all the other shows aren,t as funny this one is funny and has a great sense of humor please bring the show back for another season

  2. Ligia

    I am pretty sad that this show is coming to a end. I don’t know what i am going to watch now.

  3. Deana S.

    This is my favorite show! Make a season 4 please.

  4. Clar

    I think they sould make a season 4. I love watching this show. This is the best Disney show we’ve seen.

  5. Dan))

    Dog with a Blog should come back for Season 4 because it is an overall amazing Disney series!

  6. janette

    DWAB is my favorite Disney show I don’t think it should be token off of Disney channel. Well written and well acted. I would like the show to continue on season 4. I want to know what happens next after everyone knows Stan can talk.

  7. Dianne H,

    Bring it back, we love Dog with a Blog!

  8. ---belinda---

    If Disney doesn’t bring it back we will never watch Disney shows again!

  9. Nina

    My son was so upset with this cancellation. Bring it back, it is really a good show, not just for kids, the adults liked it too )))

  10. Leona

    Please don’t end it! Make the fourth season! I cried during the finale but I hate calling it the finale.

  11. Peter

    Yes, please release season 4! I want to see what happens in the series finale, after the parents find out that STAN can talk! Why is the network cancelling this show! Continue with season 4 please!

  12. Peter

    Please renew dog with a blog for season 4! 🙂 I watched the first 3 seasons, they were good! 🙂 I’ want to see what happens next after the parents find out STAN talks! 🙂 this is a great show! 🙂 why cancell it after season 3? 🙂 this is the best show on tv! 🙂 why cancell a good show like this one? 🙁 this is a heart-warming story! 🙂 the cast is great! 🙂 love you guys! 🙂

  13. Peter

    Please renew dog with a blog for season 4! 🙂 why stop here? 🙁 why do you want to end this show so soon? 🙁 come back for season 4 please! 🙂 the cast is great! 🙂

  14. Kaelyn

    Bring it back!

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