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Downward Dog no season 2

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Downward Dog season 2

Are you waiting for the 2nd season of the Downward Dog series? Bad news… ABC canceled the series after one season. No release date in 2018.

A comedy series “Downward Dog” was not very long on the ABC channel. It is not worth waiting for the release date of its 2nd season, because the right holders have not support further financing.

The reason for cancelling the show is quite simple and it is connected with a low rating. The creators hoped that the number of viewers who watched this project weekly would not fall below the level of 4 million people, but now this figure is already at the level of 3 million people.

Of course, this is not enough to get a “green light” on the production of new episodes, so it’s time to say goodbye to the TV series “Downward Dog” on the ABC channel.

Note that co-creators Samm Hodges and Michael Killen have begun to “look for a new home” for this show, but so far there is no positive news. We are following their pages on Twitter and if there is new information, we will immediately publish it in this article. We hope that you will not have to wait long and “Downward Dog” will be renewed for the 2nd season.

Downward Dog season 2 release date – [cancelled]

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