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Time After Time season 2

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Time After Time season 2

Will there be Time After Time season 2? Bad news… ABC cancelled the series after five low rated episodes. No release date!

Are you still waiting for season 2 of the series Time After Time? Will there be announced at least a release date of unaired episodes?

Unfortunately, the ABC representatives decided to cancel this show after the airing of just five episodes. Its place was taken by the game show Match Game, and the fate of the remaining three episodes is still unknown.

The rightholders are very unhappy with the fact that the series Time After Time has so low rating. Every week it was watched by about 2 million people, and the rating was at the level of 0.5. Match Game shows better results (more than 3 million people and a rating is 1.0), so there is simply no chance of returning of Kevin Williamson’s project on the ABC channel.

Is the show really boring? Your opinion on this matter can be published below in the comments.

Time After Time season 2 release date – [cancelled]

The series told about the adventures of the young writer H.G. Wells, who invented the time machine, but Jack the Ripper was the first to experience it. Wells is obliged to prevent a maniac…

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