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Dracula season 2?

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When does Dracula season 2 premiere? The series renewed or cancelled by NBC? The show has not lived up to the expectations of many fans!

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: October 25, 2013
Creator: Cole Haddon

Season 1 Episode 1: 5.26 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 10: 3.04 million U.S. viewers

The fans of Dracula television series hoped the release date of Season 2 would be announced already in January the current year after the first portion of episodes ended.

A long pause, made by NBC, generated a lot of rumors concerning the project, as every fan and critic expressed his opinion on the necessity of continuation. Everything fell into its place on May 10, 2014 when the rights holders announced about show closing and thanked the viewers for the attention.

So, the further development of the given drama isn’t being planned and over 3 million American, who were watching the final of the first season, have to enjoy the similar television projects. But can they replace Dracula?

UPDATE 1 (July 20, 2014): Dracula has been picked-up and renewed for a second season by Netflix. No premiere date yet.

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  1. Milan

    Hopefully, another network will pick Dracula up. I know the show had several fans.

  2. KafKa

    I am so upset that Dracula is not coming back. It was deep and intellectually stimulating…

    • roansmom

      I so agree with you regarding the depth and intellectuality of Rhys Meyers Dracula. He is the perfect blend of villain heart-throb no wonder his world centered on his female counterparts. As posted below by others, now TV is once again a vast wasteland. Bad call as usual by NBC. No wonder I never watched their network before Dracula, nor since. Been watching Meyers career since Michael Collins and he grown as an actor. Happy Birthday, Jonny 7/27

  3. likeaboss

    I’m incredibly disappointed. It’s a real blow to fans of intelligent television.

  4. Kasandra

    Loved Dracula and all the actors who made Friday night something to look forward to. Is there any chance it can be picked up by another network or something!!! They need to give it a proper ending!

  5. phil

    The storyline is classic and has mass appeal. I enjoyed the script and all of the actors played their part absolutely fabulous. Bad call to cancel this show!!

  6. Carollyn

    Of course they cancelled. You actually needed a brain to enjoy the show and it is increasingly clear that the majority of Americans are brain dead parasites.

    • roansmom

      Touche’ Carollyn. It is sadly clear isn’t it?

    • denise

      Instead of Americans using their brain, they like movies that EAT brains.

    • Christine

      I agree that NBC ruined the best night on television. NBC must be getting some payoff to discontinue such a popular show. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and all of the actors in the show were wonderful. This is a huge disappointment. I absolutely adored the writing and the acting! NBC was offered a bribe to discontinue the show…God forbid we find something other then The Walking Dead to entertain us. Cable networks were definitely interested in acquiring such a show. I’m so sick of cable television, it’s expensive and the shows are limited. Why pay $200 for cable? So we can see 6 seasons of the same damned show which is gruesome at this point, how long can the Dead LIVE for God’s sake? At this point the Walking Dead would be skeletons!!!! 6 years without embalming would leave them all skeletons after season 1, I’m so sick of flesh eating…I want to see Vampires!!! Highly sexual vampires!!!

  7. laura

    very bad move to cancel this show it was not given a fair shake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sofi

    Finally an intelligent show on American television and it’s given the boot. There was a good reason to discontinue our television contract and simply watch select programs online. All ads and brain-paralysing shite. No quality. Shame.

  9. Sheba

    Well, really disappointed, was looking forward to the series continuing. What they really should do….you TV networks….Listen up….Stop airing stupid mindless reality shows and put some decent programming on.

  10. Annette

    Show they should cancel the don’t, such as the bachelor I can’t stand that show!!! but they cancel the only reason why I like my Friday nights. NBC is a bunch of a-holes.

  11. Michelle

    NBC has no idea what viewers want to watch or half the cr*p wouldn’t be on and Dracula would be. Why are executives to ignorant.

  12. Dana

    Dracula was a good show I’m so bummed that it’s not coming back on=(I loved Tudors with Jonathon Rhys Meyers so maybe Showtime will pick the series up I hope=)

  13. Kat

    Well, once again the network “herd” is following the same tired old pattern. If the other networks have a show that is a hit well lets just make a cookie cutter version for our network. I was surprised when The Black list was picked up for a 2nd season. I agree with the other postings that you had to have at least 4 active brain cells to enjoy this show.

  14. theresa

    I was looking forward to Season 2 Dracula, I hope and wish they change their minds about airing the 2nd. season.

  15. Maxmillen

    I’m so disappointed that NBC decided not to go ahead and produce another season of Dracula. It was amazing when I watched the first. Rhys Meyers was outstanding and just couldn’t wait for more. Pity

  16. Amber

    I just can’t believe they would cxl such a great show!!!

  17. Anna

    So upset it’s not coming back! I’m obsessed with the show I was so exited for the second season, hope it comes back soon please

  18. Jaylan

    Best TV show ever and they ended it. But even if they wanted to bring it back up again, they mite not be able to because Rhys Meyers is in the movie series THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS. Which he is a great actor in like always, but he was also a great actor as Dracula. So I hope that they do do the 2nd season, and I can’t wait for the second movie of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series.

  19. Anonymous.

    This is so upsetting that you cancelled Dracula. I hope another network picks it up because we were left hanging. You’re gonna leave us hanging dry?

  20. Anonymous

    This stinks! I’m a huge Dracula fan and I dvr everything so I never even heard about this show until Netflix recommended it to me! What’s up with the advertising of new programs? They are canceling numerous compelling series this year. It’s so disappointing.

  21. Patricia

    Typical. That is why these networks are failing.

  22. Deidre Gordon

    Unbelievable. I hope there is 1 smart person @ NBC who know how retarded it is to cancel Dracula!! One of the best shows NBC has had hits the screen and after the 1st season its cancelled. Why cant the smart executive who thought of showing 4 BACK to BACK episodes of Grimm (which I love) SEASON 1 every Wednesday , do the same with Dracula. This is the new way to watch Television. We prefer to BING WATCH dummies. I guarantee if you do the same with Season 1 of Dracula you will find millions of new viewers just like your finding with Grimm. Please some one give this a try. Stop cancelling GREAT SHOWS, just try another format or please sell this show to FX or another station who knows real value. This was the most entertaining and intellectual narrative of Dracula I have ever seen. I’m on the verge of not investing my time in a new show unless it makes the 3rd season. That way I don’t risk getting my heart broken by a surprising Cancellation never knowing how the story ends.

    So disappointed in NBC….

  23. C.A.R

    I really enjoyed the rich depth and psychology to be very entertaining

  24. Sam

    Netflix announced that they will be picking up Dracula for a second season!! It’s set to air sometime near the end of 2015!!!!!

  25. phil

    If Sam’s comment is true, then I would consider getting Netflix. Loved the show

  26. J. Reynolds

    Man I hope this happens. I really enjoyed the show. I was so pissed when it was canceled. Especially when reality tv shows grow in popularity. Dracula is a great show with a great story. Please bring it back!


    let meyers drink and do drugs he will be a better ,vampire on the show I love the way he sat by the fireplace at the end of the show, reinfield is on so many other show how are they goona get him back, I should be directing this show, it would last forever just like supernatural,cw11

  28. harris west

    Hey guys when is Dracula coming back have missed this movie so much and cant wait to watch the season 2,pls try as much to bring to bring this movie back ok.

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