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«El Barco» season 3: release date

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When does El Barco (The Ship) season 3? Release date is known.

Spanish series about the ship under the name «Polar star» and its passengers, survived after global disaster, spins up. Creators of this story officially prolong it for third season. The serial will replenish with 17 new episodes. First of them will be shown on Spanish channel Antena 3.

There are no approved data about the terms of new episodes issue, but high ratings of the picture guarantee, that it will be soon continuation of El Barco season 3. Release date is just approximate: in October 18, 2012 (update).

As regarding official data, it is exactly known that full – scale filming are carried on, but actors’ stuff remains the same. This post millenarian drama is created by forces of GloboMedia company for money of Antena 3 channel.

El Barco (The Ship) season 3 release date – in October 18, 2012

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  1. Sara

    El Barco/The Ship
    Absolutely! Yes for season 4.

  2. Ana Lara

    Please bring back El Barco Season 4,
    We love all the cast members, y’all were just so amazing and gorgeous people!!❤️❤️❤️

  3. Ana Lara

    I just can’t get enough from watching
    El Barco , El Capitan Ricardo, Julia, Ainhoa, Ulises, Gamboa, Vilma,Estella,Pitti, Julian, Salome,Burbuja, Ramiro,Palomares. I want Season 4, please we want more of this show!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Maribel Silos

    Please bring back season 4 I have never heard of it until a friend of mine just told me about it through Facebook recently ended up having surgery and have to stay at home so I started watching it through Netflix since I really like it I canceled all my shows and watched it from beginning to the end in 2 weeks just got done with it a half an hour ago great show made me laugh and cry great recommendation from a friend

  5. Ann

    We need Season 4. This was one of the Best Series I have ever watched!! Acting is Phenomenal!!!

  6. Frederique Flynn

    For sure! I want to know the rest of El Barco!!!
    Please another season 4!!! Hopefully! Will it happen again??? Thanks.

  7. Betty Smith

    Please bring back from america

  8. Frank Kennedy

    Waiting with anticipation for season 4 please return

  9. Brenda

    The best #1 TV show I have ever seen “ El Barco”… There should be more seasons please…. I miss it so much…

  10. Michelle

    Please bring Back El Barco season four. I don’t even speak Spanish and I’ve actually started watching it all the way from the beginning until season three episode 16 and I am in LOVVVE. It’s so good, however I didn’t expect it to end like that hoping that there will be another season, so please please bring back season four.

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