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«The Ship» (El Barco) season 4: release date

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Will «The Ship» return for season 4? What is known about premiere date?

Due to the numerous fans’ requests «The Ship» (El Barco) series was renewed to the second and later to the third seasons. It was expected that the show would keep its popularity and would reach top in Antena 3 rating.

Unfortunately, it didn’t justify its fans’ expectations since every new episode was loosing 15% of its viewers. At the end of the season the number of fans fell to 2 million. Such a drop in ranking threatened the possible continuation of «The Ship» (El Barco) series for Season 4. The release date for the new season wasn’t announced for a long time. But finally (ie. January, 24) the reason for such «silence» was detected. The authorities of Antena 3 finally decided to produce the continuation. It was announced that Season 3 was not planned to be shot and the project would be closed. The reason for such drastic changes hides in low rating and a huge drop of TV viewers’ interest.

Globomedia representatives, responsible for the production of all aired episodes, confirmed that the episode 16 of Season 3, broadcast on February 21, 2013 was the final one.

Would you like the show to be renewed?

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  1. Artur M

    I want, i love the series!

    • Sharon taylor

      I loved El Barco. I laughed, I cried, thought actors were wonderful and was kept guessing. Please bring back Season 4

      • Anna Maria

        I know Im the same way. Its the 1st ever Spanish show or Season of any kind that I have ever been interested in.

        Loved all the Actors & Where can I watch Season 4. Please keep having seasons of this one show!

        I love you all on
        El Barco

      • Mya

        Please bring season 4!!! So many things left unanswered!! It was a great show !!

      • Frank Kovach

        Loved loved El Barco one of best series ever made. Great acting and well written with a fabulous cast. Please let’s bring back season four!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jenny

      I want season fout even if i haft to read sub gitles i want to see vilmas baby i want go see if Ulysses and ahinoah get seperated i wanna see alot of stuff u cant just leave a cliff hanget and not fufill it BRING BACK SEASON 4 PLLLLLEEEEEAASSSSSEEEE

      • Migdalia Barbosa

        Am with you all the way want to see season 4 want to know if its all satarting over Vilma’s baby..Gamboas life with his daughter…burbuja living with Marimar if the wedding between Ulises and Ainhoa takes place etc.

        • Sylvia Limón

          I enjoyed El Barco so much I watched it twice and I definitely want to watch season 4.
          Que si El Barco me encanto los actores son MARAVILLOSOS!!

    • Margarita

      Want season 4 of El Barco

    • hunter

      the series needs to continue I’m dieing to know what is coming next I love the series even though it’s in Spanish and I have to read the sub titles but it’s still one of the greatest shows I’ve ever watched

      • Antonia

        Please please bring back El Barco season 4!!!!!!’n

    • Deb

      I totally agree!

    • R Williams

      Loved it ❤️ wish they do a season 4

  2. duska stanacev

    the best series ever

    • Deb

      Oh my God! I’m watching from the U.S., reading the subtitles. I normally can’t be bothered with subtitles, but this show was so fantastic, that I didn’t mind at all.
      Please renew for more seasons.

  3. kuklataa

    iskam tova e nai hubaviqt serial koito sum gledala aktiori vsichko e prosto unikalno trqbva da ima 4 sezon !!!! obojavam go tozi serial

    • bubs

      This is thhe best serial i ever seen the actors and everything i hust beautiful and perfect !!! I loved this serial i want season 4 :))))

  4. Ani

    I want seasone 4

    • Linda guler

      It’s 2019 I watched the series 2 is amazing…writer was amazing..cast was amazing…I give it 5 stars… season 4 should be bought to t.v .

  5. natali

    we waaant season 4,love it so much <3

  6. Violet

    yes, want season 4

  7. vel

    i want season 4 !!!

  8. constanta

    vreau sa fie publicat sezonul 4

    • istvan.hamza

      deja este sezonul 4 ??????

  9. Petya

    I want season 4

    • Jake

      Bring back season 4!!!!!! USA

  10. Lubava

    Yes, of course!!! El barсo best TV series!!!)))

    • Deb

      Agreed! The Best Seriez on Netflix, hands down. Subtitles and all.
      Please renew!!!

  11. Saci

    Yes,I would love to!!! El barco para siempre!

  12. Milica

    We all want season 4!!!

    • Frances Jones

      Yes I loved the serious and cried like a baby at times so entente I would get worried it would end bad. Lots of great scenes.

  13. Chris

    Contains spoiler!

    I can’t believe they just told us the end instead of playing it in a
    episode. Such a rush and short work on the most wanted and important
    moment – the finale. All these time we were waiting for the
    culmination. There are so many scenes which are filled with children’s
    games or discussion but there wasn’t actually a final episode. One of
    the best shows, great idea but why such a fast end in which we see
    nothing of what we waited for. How Ulises escaped from the hotel and
    got to the beach, where he took the things in the wooden box he dropped
    with the parachute, where the air plain got from how he survived the 4
    bullets? We did not see the happy life of Barbuha and Marimar on the
    island, he deserved this. We did not see the meeting between Gamboa and
    his daughter and the moment she understand that he is her father? What
    happens with the other ships from the project? Do they ever reach the
    coast? What actually happen with the people from the hotel? What
    happens on the submarine and how Barbuha plays his role there? What
    happens with Alexander and his plans? They just told us what is in the
    red folder with one sentence?? I’m very disappointed with the finale.

    • Leelee Black

      SO wait does Ulises survive the 4 bullets? I thought he died? please tell me I’m wrong and that he is alive. Favorite character ever

      • Connie

        One of my favorite all time series. I would love a season 4. The whole cast was superb

    • Jessica Goins

      I agree with a lot of this. There were so many unanswered questions. I wanted them to show what Ulisis and Ainhoa were doing on the French ship for those 2 weeks and what was going on in the submarine while Ulisis was gone and how he got away and where the people from the hotel went? Did they die. Also is bubble on the Island with everyone plus all the questions you have I also had. I was kinda disappointed as well. I wish they would make another season to show and answer all the questions.

    • Crystal

      Me too!!! I loved the series but it got confusing and way way too rushed towards the end. I wanted to see more!! Every question you had I asked myself as well. We deserved a better ending.

    • Beverley

      I agree that the finale was very poor. It left us with too many questions and no answer. What happened to Bubble and Marimar. Ulises some how survived all those bullets? We want to see the babies born and some more explanation on “why they were chosen” and what is with the store blood?

      Lastly, the ending says “it’s starting over again”. This can lead into a good season four! Excellent writers.

      • Josie

        I agree! I’m addicted to the series and I have no idea why. Something about the cast and the plot just got me from episode 1. I’d love Season 4 to see the babies and much more left open.

        • Josie

          Oh and I rarely watch series where I have to read subtitles. I don’t speak Spanish but Netflix shows English subtitles.

      • mary jane

        I agree, season 4 should be released to the public ASAP

    • Deb

      I thought it was a fantastic ending to season 3, until I read that they may not renew for a season 4…….
      The writers left too many unanswered questions. And it would have been wonderful to see them living happily for awhile.
      Then, the noise and comment that “it’s happening again”. What a lousy way to leave us loyal fans hanging.

    • Nicole

      Yes Please make a season 4, and write a nice finale.

  14. Alma Perazzi

    Sì alla stagione 4. Troppe domande senza risposta.

  15. Robert

    YEEEEES!!!We all want season 4!!! 🙁

  16. Jelena

    :)4 season:)!Pozzz iz Montenegra!

  17. Dimitrios

    The best european series ever!!!!!! Don`t stop it!!!!

  18. Alex

    The best serial…it would be perfect if they want to continue with the season 4…I am waiting for it.

  19. qnica

    we waaant season 4,love it so much <3 !!!!

  20. renata

    i badly want a continuation of the series, pls go with the season 4………………

  21. kalu

    nem csak 4 évadot szeretnénk hanem még akár 100-at is !! LEGESLEGJOBB sorozat a világon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. arnela

    Yes, of course!!! El barсo best TV series <3 <3 <3

  23. yoana

    Yes, I want to be renewed ! I love it.. Make it for the fans 🙂

  24. Denis


  25. Serbian

    I want season 4 season 5 season 6,7 ,8, 9…. and i wont to watch el barco all my life. Best ever

  26. Leelee Black

    GUYS!!! I seriously need help. I really need to know what happened in the final episode. DID Ulises dies or something. and why was Ainoha wearing a white wedding gown? please give me some good news please!

    • Bianca Jimenez

      Based on what I’ve seen, Ulises died and that was him in heaven.. Ainoha was wearing a wedding gown coz she was getting married to Ulises, they were both saying the wedding vows on the voice over.

  27. vikitoriq

    Iskam da ima 4 sezon tova e edin istinski serial v koito aktiorite igraqt rolite pefektno i istinski , Obicham ELBARCO…………..

  28. Iuliaa

    Guyss! Can anyone please tell me where i could watch the third searon of “El Barco”? :3

  29. L

    Season 4 Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait

    • Linda

      I want season 4 too amazing writer best series I ever saw.

  30. Zsuzsi

    Season 4 Please !!
    4 season you would like to know that you Ulises died or not important!
    Please be 4th season too!! Please!

  31. elena

    I like very much this movie,it is interesting but the end was not understood.We are waiting the 4th seazon.

  32. bartos csaba


  33. zorana

    we want season 4,love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333

  34. nicole

    when I found out about this show I downloaded all episodes at once n couldn’t stop watching them. please produce a 4th season. I couldn’t bare for it to be over. love love love this show

  35. maria

    we need 4 season right NOW…

  36. kristina

    i want season 4

  37. Martillla

    Legyen 4.-évad!!!!

  38. vladito9

    I want seasone 4

  39. Roma


  40. Sweden

    YES please you have to renew the show! I need the season 4 now, its so sad to leave it at season 3. It have to go on. Perfavor!! /Much love from your biggest fan in Sweden <3

  41. smile

    I want seasone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  42. TEDY

    YES seasone 4! PLS…

  43. Diana

    I want season 4!

  44. Adela Malina

    What?!No!! I want the seazon 4 !! Please,is the best serial ever!!! We want it!!!

  45. iris

    What??? How can that be the last episode? I mean…what happens next?Why is it all hapening again at the end? They are all going to die? And what happens in those 378 days ? Thi is not fair. We want seasone 4!!! Love El Barco!

  46. Ramona

    Vreau sezonul 4! EL BARCO e cel mai bun si frumos serial!!!

  47. cynthia

    Definately i want the series to be continued !! i love it !!!!

  48. Sorin

    Yes we want season 4 and 5 because is very cool

  49. Anja

    I want season 4 this end is stupid

  50. bianca

    i really want season 4 with all my heart!!!!it is impossible to end like that:(

  51. andreea

    i really want season 4.

  52. adriana

    ca cei toti care am urmarit serialul,am ramas cu un gust amar la finalul filmului. nu se poate sa se fi terminat asa brusc si fara raspunsuri la multe intrebari,una dintre ele fiind cu cine se casatoreste AINHOA cu Ulises sau poate cu Max?Cine nu a urmarit serialul nu poate intelege ce inseamna sa cauti disperat pe cineva cu care sa comentezi asupra filmului sau sa gasesti raspunsul la intrebarea va fi si sezonul 4. Eu una il doresc ffffffffffff.mult

  53. Paulina

    I want season 4

  54. Iman

    I Want Season 4 .

  55. Marishka

    Want season 4.It’s the best serial I’ve ever seen

  56. joe

    i want season 4 !

  57. karzar

    Season 4 and 5 ..

  58. nelu

    f*ck,no seaseon 4??? :(((((((((

  59. Ionescu Cosmin

    Best serial ever!!!! But why he emd like that?? I’m really disappoined hoppe will be at last 1 more season

  60. amir

    I am iranian and I saw the last series. It was very beautiful and many people in my country love it. I want seasen4,…..

  61. evelina

    I want season 4 please

  62. angi

    I want season 4. The most beautiful El Barco !!!!

  63. Ruchi

    Filmin final sahnesi cok kotu hicbisey anlamak mumkun degil ben anlamli bir final sahnesi istiyorum ve el barco nun 4 sezonunu cikmasini istiyorum

  64. Varduhi

    I want seazon 4

  65. Andjela

    Season 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. AkiSerbia

    Look its better to make another season or at leat 2-3 episodes since the series finished with so many questions. Yes, there was a drastic loss of fans and thats certainly not good. I know that the money they get from us watching can’t cover all the costs or it barely covers them. Still such a great story should not go to waste like that. The story is great, characters are great and everybody fell in love with the whole story. The thing is, these 3 seasons were great and making another season is too expensive but instead of making a whole season why not make 1 more or 2-3 episodes just so we could put all the pieces together… I just wish it could be done since its sad that such a good story wont get a appropriate ending. It would be great if this would be taken in consideration. P.S. Really sorry about the spelling mistakes(not my furst language). I hope i will be hearing from you.

  67. Steroid

    yes i want a season 4 because i think they still have something to show us and mayby the rating will go back up if they have more publicity

  68. Andrei

    Yes. Season 4!!!!

  69. marcel

    yesss .season 4

  70. Adriana

    I want season 4

  71. Inga G

    I want season 4, really looking forward to.

  72. Kristina

    will there be a season 4

  73. Crystal

    There need to be another series,I watched the whole show in spanish and i only understood a few words but the acting was so powerful and good i knew what was happening and i felt like i knew spanish!!!!!!!

  74. Adrian

    Yes, we all fans want to see a season 4, or even more seasons.

  75. Alba

    i want season 4

  76. Alden

    I wont seasone 4 that is the Best serijal, I wont more

  77. mary

    This serial is perfect. To tally disagree with the idea of putting a sudden end. There “must” be season 4

  78. Liz meza

    I want season 4. I love the show

  79. Joan

    Or at least, a longer episode in which they explain everything

  80. may

    Season 4 ……. we are waiting♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  81. Nagy sandor

    Yes same here WERY DISAPOINTED an awful, disaster ending. Absolutely we want season 4.

  82. dido

    Yes, want season 4!!!

  83. Eva

    yes..Such a great series! I want season 4, this show is the best what i saw in ages! love it!

  84. Paul

    I want to see season 4, please!!!!! It is the best series!!!

  85. Ana

    I really want to see season 4. There are so many questions and material for new episodes.
    Please,be nice and respect our wish.
    Looking forward for sequel. 😉

  86. sandra

    i want season 4 as well……. please. Can´t end like that

  87. emily

    i want season 4

  88. skrimer

    we want to know the end!!
    SEASON 4. pleaseeee

  89. JullIulia


  90. Isshe

    Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back ………

  91. mehdi

    i want elbarco season 4…….when come back?

  92. yousef.ji

    we want season 4

  93. Joe

    Please season 4!!! I fell in love with this show it cannot end like this i love the show great show season 4 is needed!!!

  94. antoniamanonia

    can anyone tell me where to watch season 2 and 3 in english or german? Can´t find it anywhere….

    • Jessica Goins

      All three seasons are on Netflix with sub titles.

  95. Berenice

    Make a season 4 and pass it in the Univision channels ppl will get addicted to it.


    El barco is very popular in Serbia, specially because it is released on one of the top 3 tv channels in Serbia and subbtitled version of it is released this year so last episode was yesterday and all Serbian viewers are waiting el barco to continue cause the last episode didn’t show what exactly happened and on the end of the episode there is a magnetic field that appears from nowhere and it is telling us that this story could continue… Please make the season 4 because maybe you have that low popularity in main country but in others like my country, El barco is the best to watch series for those who loves watching series! My english is not the best but u got the point!

  97. Saleh

    We all want season 4…

  98. susie

    I want Season 4,and more,l love it,,best on TV

  99. Mike

    Yes season 4
    Where is burbuja ?

  100. Mercedes

    Yes I love it

  101. Sparkle Robinson

    So for the past week in the 1st of July I have started binge watching this Spanish speaking show through sub titles cause I’m a non Spanish speaking African american. I like this show. I feel Netflix should do something with it. That’s where I found it.

  102. Kerin Scanlan

    I too am not Spanish speaking and my son and I have been glued binge watching this series I really wish it would continue personally I can see why some of the ratings dropped because it got a little too gooey and too sentimental all the time laughing. I mean seriously the captain is talking about non-essential personal crap about his daughter possible sleeping with Max ,while they have 10 minutes before the guns are coming and taking their time giggling when they’re about to be raided by guns. And having a bird cage on the ship really??

  103. Kerin Scanlan

    The show was intense interesting intriguing exciting adventurous nail biting at times. I loved the scientific mystery and all of reflections of past and how people became intertwined. But then it got to soapy Opera. I ended up fast-forwarding through a lot of the gooey over the top too much too long lovey-dovey crap. The Show be came unbalanced and very lopsided in dialogue and not enough action or scientific intensity intensity

  104. teresa torres

    Please make more seasons one of the best ive seen

  105. SHEILA


  106. Gwen

    Please renew. I loved it! And can not speak Spanish!!

  107. Susan

    Came across this show. It was so intense. I binged watched all three season this passed weekend. It was fantastic! Love the scientific aspect of what if, this could really happen. Growing up in a Spanish household love the cheesiness of the soap opera mixture of the characters. I may have finished the last episode feeling sad, and happy. Could their be another episode or season. That would be AWESOME! Netflix, pick it up and renew the season. It could be three years later kind of thing?

  108. Rino

    I want more ….it’s the best show I ever watched . I stayed up till 4am just to watch.

  109. Steve

    Yes, I am hooked. I like the characters big time. Come on – good plot – good story line – there is more to enjoy. Maybe the fans ar like me and enjoy the Netflix ways of watching series.

  110. Lorena Martinez

    Please make more seasons …

  111. robyn

    yes! i want more! please please renew

  112. Elizabeth

    Please make a season 4!!!! Explain the ending. I need to knowwwww!!!!!!!

  113. Anny

    We want season 4. Queremos la 4 temporadaaaaaa!

  114. Miosotis Sanchez

    Wheres is season 4 pleade come on love this show

  115. Jessica Goins

    I just discovered this show and I absolutely love it, I’m obsessed! It makes me really sad to know there was going to be a fourth season but they cancelled it. I would love a fourth season and the way they left it, it’s possible there could be another season. I’m gonna guess that the ratings dropped because Ulisis and Ainhoa weren’t even in half of the episodes in the last season. There were a bunch of episodes that they weren’t in and although I love the other characters, it wasn’t the same on those episodes or as interesting. There were also several episodes that Julia and Vilma wasn’t in at the same time that Ulisis and Ainhoa weren’t in episodes. There were about 4 or 5 episodes in a row that didn’t have those 4 characters in them, and I’m guessing that’s what made the ratings drop. Also Ulisis and Ainhoa were broken up more than they were together. I love the show but I just wasn’t as interested in the episodes where half of the main characters weren’t even in and I started to get a little bored. Also on the episodes those characters weren’t in on the third season, there wasn’t much going on in the show. There is excitement on almost every episode or something happening, but on those episodes there wasn’t much going on. It would be so awesome if the show could be brought back and given another chance, and as long as all the main characters are in the show for most of the episodes, I think it would do well. I would watch it either way cause I’m obsessed and I would be exstatic. Please bring it back!
    I read somewhere of the other comments an seen that some people think it’s to mushy gooey. I don’t think that at all, the love they all have for one another and the love each couple has were some of my favorite parts. I seen one comment that said there wasn’t enough action. That is crazy, almost every episode had something going on whether it was some kind of crazy storm, or Gamboa was threatening to kill people. The third season wasn’t as action packed but it was still very good. I do not speak or understand Spanish, but I’m completely hooked on this show and I binge watched it for 2 days straight with no sleep because I couldn’t stop watching it. Please please please bring it back!
    Also I’m completely in love with Mario Casas. I’ve never heard of him until this show or any of the other amazing actors. Because of Mario Casas and this show I am now watching other Spanish shows with sub titles, mostly ones with Mario in them.

  116. Steve

    Wished you Network guys would understand – people don’t sit around with the TV Guide like they did in 1950 and 1960. We are busy during the week…like Netflix where you can pig out on the episodes you like… try and understand the fans are still out there – so run your commercials that way. El Barco has so much more story line…comeon’ get with it…..there are plenty of adventure left and so many characters……it is the best show.
    If the network don’t pick them up, I hope they go to an alternate channel. Way to good of a show with lots more adventure than is done now. Want to see more of the show and the characters.

  117. Jessica Serrato

    They need to make a season 4 how are they gonna leave us hanging like that?????

  118. Diane K

    These characters have much more to tell! Please produce season 4 and as many seasons as it takes to complete this wonderful drama.I was hooked from the first 10 minutes!

  119. Lucie B.

    Yes please make a season 4 and 5 and … Great show !!!

  120. Martaisela

    They need to continue the season!!!! Tienen que continuar con el serie porfa, estamos adictos

  121. Carlos M

    More more more please best searies in awhile

  122. Rosalin delarosa

    Best show i ever watched..kept me in suspence episode after episode..please bring season 4..and more


    Here it is, July 25th of 2017 and we still can’t believe you’re not going to give us MORE! This is by far one of the best series ever. We want MORE! Please reconsider. I mean I just don’t believe the ratings went down so bad you won’t make more seasonS. Look at all the feedback you’re getting just on this page alone. Please, give us what we want!

  124. Elaine

    I just started watching it last week and I’m hooked. Not looking forward to reaching the end of Season 3 and not being able to continue watching more of it.

  125. tatiana

    I want more as well…the series is amazing! We’ve even learned conversational spanish watching. Please bring it back or make a tv movie.

  126. Sandra Ivette Negron-Torres

    I want seasons 4 is not fear to watch the entire 3 season for not see the final. . The best series I ever see

  127. Carolyn Alkire

    Yes, more please. I love everything about this show.

  128. Margie

    Renewed, por favor!

  129. damaris polanco

    Si me gustaría más porque el final fue horrible.
    Hay muchas preguntas que quedaron sin contestar como por ejemplo como salio burbuja del submarino????

  130. Sandra

    I just finished this show and I CANNOT believe that it doesn’t have more seasons !!! I am so annoyed the ending was such a cliffhanger, i want to know what happened after like are they dead ? How did they survive ? What’s going on? Please renew it because there are a lot of us who like the show and really want to see what goes on next. I think that the show would do great and I agree with others that have said that most likely the ratings went down because in some episodes Vilma and Julia were absent. At the end there wasn’t as much action as in the beginning but it was still very interesting. There really should be more seasons please bring it back!!! PLEASEEEEEEE!

  131. Karla

    NETFLIX. Darling. Wouldn’t a little mini series follow-up for El Barco be a wonderful project?
    Mucho potential! Think about it because we love this series and really want to see a proper finale. Thank you for your consideration Kisses

  132. sunaj

    Give us season 4 damn you!

  133. Eve

    Please don’t leave the show on a cliffhanger. All good shows don’t finish. A mini series follow up would be great.
    After investing so many hours watching this good show we need a proper ending. Thx

  134. Susana Torres

    Love that none of the characters died like they usually do in other shows, all of the main characters from season 1 remained. Even Palomares the priest who had to be revived through a strike of lightneing. The story was mushy and i didnt like that they were giggiling and talking nonsense just when they were about to be killed half the time but the scientific mystery is INSANE. Seriously i binge watched the whole thing and would deff want it to continue past season 3. More action though and explanations! Please

  135. Lilia Bustamante

    I want season 4 and more please.I love it

  136. patricia sanz

    bring season 4 please.. this show was awesome.

  137. Jen

    My daughter is younger and could not accept the ending. She actually asked so many good questions and when I could not answered she cried. I did not think that she was so impressed upon by this show. Please bring us some type of mini season.

  138. Jen

    I also think that the reason ratings dropped was because the lack of appearance by the main characters, especially Mario. We saw very little of him when he left for the ghost ship.

  139. Jenny owens

    So…. yellow need to make a season 4 stating 384 days ago starting at the point where ulisies was living in the water that would be amazing please make another season

  140. Janice

    I want more!!

  141. Yveyte

    Why would you make an ending like that if there isn’t another series after. You lose viewers with endings like that a mini series would be perfect and give us viewers some closure. Please consider it.

  142. Gloria Guadarrama

    Its 2017 and i finish watching it was good and it ended like they doing another part.

  143. Reyna Eichenberg

    please produce season 4 of El Barco…’s inhumane to leave us hanging with so many important unresolved issues…love the series, but i need to know how Ulises survived!!!!!

  144. Carmen

    I want season 4
    I Love the show
    I didn’t like the final episode 16 season 3
    Everything happened so fast
    I wish I could see the wedding of ulises and ainoah
    Or when Burbuja and marimar
    I mean I want more ….

  145. DE Henry

    Just finished watching…it is amazing on SO many levels. I have shared it many times in the past 3 weeks. There is something about it that makes it addicting…can anyone else put their finger on it?

    Although I know the actors must have gone on to bigger and better things…the writers, directors and producers are gifted enough to bring in a whole new generation for El Barco storyline and

  146. Sydney Denney

    OMG!!!! PLEASEEEE!!!! WE NEED SEASON 4!!!!!!! Best damn show, EVER ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  147. Danny

    Of all the wrongs in this world, please do the right thing and continue this series. By far the best show I’ve ever watched. Need more! Just finished the last episode on Netflix and I don’t even know what to do with myself.

  148. Lisa

    I need season 4 . I love burbuja!

  149. Yao


  150. Cristhian hernandez

    We want season 4 last episode of season 3 was just filled with questions and no answer please release season 4

  151. Cris & Family

    Not only did I find this on NetFlix and get beyond hooked but I got every member of my family hooked on it as well. Young and older. We all loved it and is became seriously addicting to watch! Love the characters and the story lines and I’ve lost so much sleep binge watching it. It was like watching a great movie every episode. We are all slightly devistated to see there is no season 4! I feel robbed by the quick ending with so many questions left unresolved and unexplained. I want more El BARCO!!!! Hope Netflix picks it up and brings it back! There is so much story left to cover within the plot. We want season 4!!!

  152. Madeline Paredes Price

    Yes, as everyone else we also got hooked on El Barco from the first episode. There are no many un answered questions. I loved all the flash backs on the main characters lives prior to boarding the ship . Great series, please bring it back and give us the ending we all deserve.

  153. Andrea

    They have to make a season 4 , like everyone else said there are so many unanswered questions and love loved it. I binge watched it every chance I got … This show was amazing it has adventure , drama, love, scary, sad, everything they will get so much more people watching it more if they make more seasons. !!! please make more seasons..

  154. Noemi Espinosa

    I LOVED all the characters. This is a smart and funny series with so many unexpected surpises. I absolutely NEED a 4th season!

  155. Jaime

    Yesss please bring season 4!! LOVED (el barco) it’s so good the best show ever!!!

  156. josephine rivera

    Yes we want season 4. I agree with those comments. When will or will have season 4?

  157. Vivi

    Bring El Barco back! Season 4!

  158. DR. Phil. A. Rota

    I can not believe that it is impossible to get way over 4 million viewers for another season !!!
    Marketing etc. This series shows so naturally human characters that it should be used to train anglosaxon producers and directors in order to get away from their trivial puritan crime and murder obsession !!!
    One of the most entertaining series I have ever watched. Come on you profit vultures of the production department … this story can be continued in endless interesting and fascinating ways in even 4 more seasons. Where are your brains with fantasy creativeness and vision???
    Where are your marketing experts ????

    Maybe you guys just do not have what it takes to make further successful seasons ???

  159. Emma Owens

    Yes season 4 loved it

  160. María

    Yes I want season 4

  161. Jessie

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  162. Jessica Wilson

    I WANT A SEASON 4 NOW! lol best show ever I love it! Im begging you!!

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  164. sandra barnes

    yes,season 4, 5 etc with the main characters..please

    • tracy hernandez

      Agree! Lots and lots more El Barco with all tbe original characters! Loved it!

  165. Lysa

    Yes Please!!!

  166. tracy hernandez

    I binged watched in USA on Netflix. I am totally addicted. I want more. So many unanswered questions! I loved the mystery, the flashbacks, the character development! I loved Robert/Burbuja and need his story along with Alexander’s further explored and the relationship between Alexander and the 80 year old man (the son of former Captain from 1941). Please bring back more seasons! At least season 4 if not more.

  167. Jose

    Yes please season 4. My wife started watching this series and I started mid season one i am hooked.

  168. Julie Davenport

    Yes please renew El barco I loved the show

  169. Ana

    I think that at least as a courtesy for the viewers, doesn’t matter is there were 100 or 2 millions. At least do a final episode, don’t really have to be a season but at least explaining all that happened how and why. Give the serie a nice closing instead of leaving it like that.

  170. Maria E Lopez

    Please season 4 is a MUST!!! LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT!

  171. Carol

    Please continue the El Barco series!! It is an amazing series. I don’t speak Spanish but love this show! The characters are great and yes some of the story lines are so far fetched but it is intriguing! Disappointed that there are no more episodes!! Put Ulises and Anoiha in them and the rating will go back up!!

  172. marilyn

    yes i would love the series El Barco to be renewed i loved it please bring back El Barco want to see season 4 or more

  173. David Ruggieri

    Trust me – there is a great story for a new season – with millions subscribed to Netflix – it will be a sure hit in the states and all the rest of the world that loved it – leaving it the way you did at the end of S3 almost assures a good storyline for S4.

  174. Suzanne

    Please continue El Barco with season 4!! I loved it and want to know what happened to the rest of the ships. There were seven ships that survived, but only 2 were revealed. Also, at the end of series 3 they didn’t show the wedding or how they survived. Much more to go!! Please make season 4 & 5. Thank you!

  175. Melissa Powell

    yes I want more sesons

  176. Becky Harding

    Yes I want it renewed with the same stars…Older now, for sure, but the land itself would age them, right? Please, please keep the drama with all the actors going, less silliness between captain and Solamare..?? what ever her name is. Okay? You left it making people either sad, or in a quandary because does he go to his wedding? I think not. he was very selfish about himself when it got right down to it. But in the future, he could?? lol I am a romantic by nature and would be ‘mucho-mucho’ upset if they don’t.

  177. Kathy Miller

    Please bring back El Braco season 4 and more.

  178. Becky Cheathem

    Claro que si queremos una cuarta temporada! El Barco es buenísimo con todos los personajes y necesitamos saber exactamente qué pasó con el resto del mundo. Ulises le dijo a su padre que había mucho más que esa isla. Pues adelante!

  179. CatLopez

    I just discover this show and I loved it! Please bring back I recommend it to many friends and family and they all loved it. We want season 4

  180. Elmarie Camacho

    I would love it if they continue it

  181. Marie

    Just happened across this series and have had a marathon run watching it. I am Canadian and loved it, the story and the characters!! Do another season 🙂

  182. adolfo

    i like to watch season 4 please

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    Yes release season 4 !!

  184. Maria

    Bring back El Barco season 4 please

  185. Karl

    I just found this show and love it, would like to see a fourth season and meny more

  186. Regina Rivers

    What a rushed lady episode and ending . We loved all the episodes and expected a better ending . Not fair to the committed viewers. Also doesn’t make sense that Ulises survives and Gamboa gets his daughter based on the ultimatum he was given. I guess no one wanted Ulises to die. Us either so why shoot him ? The writer missed a chance to formulate a richer ending

  187. Karen Huston

    I really enjoyed what there was, but we need Season 4! Otherwise I would not recommend anyone watch the show.

  188. Margaret

    Please bring in a season 4. I love the show.

  189. Deanna

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    Just found the series!!! Yes!! We need season 4!

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  192. Miriam. PEREZ

    One of the best series I have ever seen el barco please do season 4 thank you

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  194. Iran

    I want to continue the serial el barco and I would like to see season4

  195. Patti

    Please continue

  196. Cari

    After seeing the last episode I can understand why the show was cancelled. Why did they rush the ending? There were many questions unanswered. If they were going to end the series in such a horrible way, the least they could have done for the fans was to show Ainhoa and Ulises wedding. Why was Ainhoa in her wedding gown standing alone and Ulises sitting on a rock on the other side of the island? Where were the guest? Vilma, Piti, Burbujas, Marimar, Palomares, Ramiro, Estela, Cho, Max, and others, should have been at the wedding. I also want to know how Ulises survived, and how Gamboa was able to prove to Alexander that he killed Ulises.

  197. Ed

    Well add one more customer to list of wanting a season 4 why wouldn’t Netflix pick it up good acting and interesting subject mater

  198. Jovy

    I want to see season 4

  199. Mark

    Who wouldn’t want a season 4,….and 5,6 and 7!!!! This show rocks!!!
    Bring back Ulises!! Great show!!!

  200. Cori

    Wow I love this show and I have enjoyed a lot and hope they could continue to season 4 and ongoing as the ending of the season 3 it is not what I want to see it and want to know what s happening between on island to the 387 days and how did ulisie escape the boat and bubble in the submarines there is so many questions about this with ainhoa and ulises and other main characters so I would love to see to be continue and hope they will reconsider about this.

  201. cori

    I would love to see el barco to be continue into Season 4 as there is so many cliffhangers and there is something missing like how did ulises escape and how did he get into airplane. there is so many questions that needed to be answered. please reconsider to make season 4 and going on as it is very good show. so please reconsider to do that. smile

  202. Jacky

    Yessss i want to see season 4. BEST show EVER❤. Please do season 4..

    • Helga Hedderson

      Season 4 and up is a must

  203. Lenemarie

    I would love to she season 4 I want to see bulbujas and Ulises, inoha I want to see the babies being born please make a season 4 !!!

  204. Susan

    This is the FIRST series I have watched with English subtitles. I couldnt stop watching until I binge watched all 3 seasons. They MUST do a season 4!!!!

  205. Abby

    I love the series can you bring back season 4 please please

  206. Helga Hedderson

    I watched El Barco and sad to learn that there is no continuity
    Honestly , it is THE BEST tv show series I came across.
    The “ oh my god I can’t stop watching” kind

  207. Evangeline 2001

    Best Netflix series I have ever seen! I binge watched it 3 times. I hope the producers and Netflix executives read these comments to understand how many viewers love this series. When a series ends with so many unanswered
    questions, viewers assume there would be a continued season. Please bring back this amazing series.

  208. Sharon

    Please continue the series. I just discovered it and couldn’t stop watching it. Each episode left me wanting to see the next one immediately. Season 4 please!!!!!

  209. Julie Buggs

    I found El Barco on Netflix…Love, Love Love! Need to renew fir season 4+

  210. Julya

    I found El Barco on Netflix…Love, Love Love! Need to renew fir season 4+

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  212. Clorinda Mercado

    Yes season 4 can’t just leave it !

  213. Lucie

    Yes please renew and have a season 4 !! I keep re watching the series on Netflix and would like to see more of El Barco.

  214. Patty

    Season four please…. Soooo good!

  215. Kim Schaper

    Renew to Season 4 PLEASE!

  216. Diana Gagne

    Bring on Season Four, Por favor!!!! The acting was phenomenal, the story lines pull you in and I want to see what becomes of these characters! Aprendo a español. ¡Hablo un poco español muchas gracias El Barco!

  217. DJ

    Season 4 please…My kids and I loved it and it was a great family time for us especially learning and hearing the actors speak in spanish but the spanish was very fast speaking. I would like it if the headerds were a bit brighter to read sometimes the wording blends in with the white background 🙁 pleassseee season 4 you left us hanging with a lot of unanswered questions.

  218. Sandy

    I have binge watched this show over Christmas break, and I’m addicted! I would love to see the continuance of this show!

    • Dee

      Ahoj prosím nevíš jestly bude sezóna 4?strašně se my libi tento seriál ..a také mám plno otázek ..vůbec nechápu proc to ukoncily když tento seriál je moc pěkný a zajímavý ….a také nevím proc ho ukoncily když to bylo bez konec příběh…a zůstala sem stát a ptala sem se jak to atd.jsem z Čech a vím že tento seriál sleduje u nás dost lidí ..a já sem si ho zamilovala …moc chci sezónu 4?prosím……kam mám napsat ..??miluju tento seriál..Dee z Čech

  219. Dee

    Ahoj pratele..souhlasím že 4rada by měla být ..jsem fanoušek -El Barco..a jsem u Čech..a vím že je to už 6let od doby kdy skončil poslední díl 3rady,ale pořád čekám že bude další řada.Zacala sem na to koukát teď roku 2019…a.sem moc sklamana že není další řada..prosím vás moc udělejte radost nám fanouškům a obnovte seriál…zaujal mě každý díl a koukala sem ne něj s úsměvem..neboť mě to natchl..a také sem i brečela ..serial měl skvely námět a také herci byly skvělí miluji je..španělské filmy moc nesledují vydělá sem jich jenom pár ale tento seriál mě dostal..a jak sem koukala na poslední díl 3 rady tedy 16dil tak sem nevedela co si mám myslet..neboť to vůbec nechápu..nikdo z přátel aihnoi tam nebyl a co ulises ..a.jak Vilma atd prosím nemůžete nás nechat takhle skončit…tento seriál si zaslouží rozhodně víc…myslím si že tento konec by byl skvělý namet na další sérii ..a i další a další..prosím vás lidičky a mluvím za všechny kdo tu pisii …přiveďte spět –El Barco…nenechte to takhle.skoncit…prosim ….uděláte nam všem radost…a budu sledovat každý díl..prosím zvažte to…DEE z Čech …..prosím…………..

  220. Mary Beth Murad

    It was one of the best series I have ever watched. I actually binge watched a lot of it. Even though it was in Spanish with English subtitles, it was full of action, plot, love and excitement for the next episode. I loved it. I wish it would go further. We need to know what is happening to our people!!

  221. Alex bravo

    Bring season 4 I love this series my wife & I please

  222. Heather

    Please bring back season 4, por favor, por favor!!! The final episode of Season 3 left everything unfinished! So many questions!

  223. Li

    yo quiero ver los episodios de la season 4. Gracias

  224. Denise

    Love it please bring back season 4 please

  225. Sherry Christ

    please bring it back on elbarco is a wonderful show don’t let it end with such a cliffhanger

  226. Robi Gurganus

    Want more, please. This was one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time. Great plot, great actors, suspense, romance, action, drama. This series had it all. I normally skip shows that don’t have an English language option because it’s hard to read subtitles and watch the show, but my girlfriend wanted to watch it and I must say, I thoroughly loved it. Occasionally the subtitles were hard to read (white on white) or seriously delayed (they used different translators on episodes so it was inconsistent) but it was still one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve seen. I feel, like a lot of people, that the final episode was a cliffhanger. This show deserves a 4th and possibly 5th season. There’s too much left as unknown. Even now, 5 years later, additional season(s) would be enjoyed by many. Use Netflix as the primary platform for broadcast and I believe you would have the viewer base for success.

    • Christine Eisenberg

      Totally agree – show was well cast, well done in so many ways. Cinematography evolved quickly, as well. NETFLIX is your audience!!!! especially in the U.S. Subtitles could use work, but I don’t believe I missed anything, as far as I know 😉

      BRING ON Season 4!!!!!!! what does it take to make it a GO?

  227. Marivel

    Yes, yes, yes… please!!! Please bring back more… I loved the show, I cried and laughed!! I want more!!!

  228. Angelica Maria Orellana

    Plz plz bring el barco back….. ending was to rashed i have sooo many question thanks to netflix i encounter el barco nd fell inlove with this show and the actors plz bring back season 4

  229. Jessica Santiago Rivera

    Love this series…want a season 4 as well

  230. Patricia A Cain

    Requests for season four clear into 2019. Netflix…can’t you help with this. Rarely is a series as loved as this one.

  231. Deb

    We need season 4!!!!

  232. Veska

    Please, continue with the series. It is unfinished, so many questions unanswered.

  233. Robin Fortenberry

    Please bring it back I am so mad just finished watching all of it and it’s not right that it was ended like that

  234. Anonymous

    Bring the series back ! How did y’all just leave us hanging like that best show out there

  235. susan jerome

    Please Please Please have a season 4 ! Ir is one of the best series I have ever watched and the acting is so terrific,,Especially “Bubble” Rh whole cast is suberb!!

  236. Yuli

    Pleaseeeeeee season 4 el barco



  238. Lili

    Yes please! Season 4 of El Barco! Does Ulieses make it to the wedding? What happens to Burbah and Marisol? Will Gamboa finally pay for all his murders? Too many questions have been left unanswered.

  239. Rose

    Love this show bring it back

  240. Geoljina Ramos

    Good show I need more love it

  241. Araceli Verduzco

    We want season 4! El Barco

  242. Edward M Reiman

    It’s an amazing series! A 4th season … even a partial one … would be justified, if only to give it a proper conclusion. The actor who deserves TOP recognition is the one playing “Bubble” !!!

    • Christine Eisenberg

      AGREED! Burbuja, Ivan”s performance was superior!

  243. Karen Vaughn

    Love Love Love this show!!! Wished there were more

  244. Lydia Arroyo Rivera

    I love it please season 4 of el barco

  245. Cathy Day

    I loved the show! Please have a next episode. I started watching it on Netflix. I’ll even buy the video if you come out with season 4. Movie was Awesome. Ulises is very sexy. Gotta see more!

  246. Lori Velasquez

    I enjoyed every minute of el barco my husband is Spanish I am not but I didn’t mind reading the subtitles in I do want to see more of Mario and Blanca they’re both great actors I didn’t like the ending because we don’t know if you Ulysses died or if he’s alive there’s so many unanswered questions please bring on series 4 and even five I would be glued to the TV everyday after work I love all the actors but my favorite actor is Ulisses I loveyou Ulysses

  247. Linda Johnson

    Love this series, please do a season 4

    • Ada

      Please please Season 4 is overdue. Same actors of cause.

  248. Richard C

    A big let down without a season 4 or even 5.

  249. Dayana

    We need more , we need to know what happened with all the characters! Come on !
    I love this show, is the kind of show that leaves you wanting more ! Blanca and Mario , and their love story! Iván ( Burbuja ) wao ! They are awesome actors. I got hooked and even my husband is watching it now, he doesn’t like Spanish shows or soap operas, but this show is addictive. Please , please , please do season 4 !

  250. Christine Eisenberg

    Just binged watched the series and I WANT MORE!!!!!!! Season 4 PLEASE!!!!!!

  251. B Valarezo

    It was a great series. I enjoyed very much. Please bring season 4. It is worth it.

  252. Ray

    Pls bring back season 4 this show is one of the best ones out here…..

  253. Jeanne Kennedy

    love the series. there’s a whole new market out there for this series. I have belonged to Netflix for a few years but just found this series. Love the actors and atresses. the challenge would be in the plot for a fourth season. Just to continue Island life would be boring. a search for other people and other lands should continue

  254. leroy korfhage

    Have watched it three times and will probably watch it again, Please have a fourth season.

  255. Sher

    Best series ever, mystery,comedy,fright, suspence, love, WHY WOULD IT END AT 3 SERIES?
    At least do a couple of episodes… Better than any other series… Actors and writers did the series a disservice

  256. Hortencia

    I love “El Barco”. I wish they would continue with season 4. It has good plot and it keeps you in suspense. It has drama, suspense, love.

  257. Veronica Lossiah

    I loved this series, please we need a 4th season!!!!!!!

  258. Sandy Stevens

    Please, please continue this series. One of the best I have ever watched. Keeps you guessing every minute. I laughed , cried, stressed got mad right along with the characters and beg for more. The way it ended leaves us hanging. Is there more land, people, what is happening again as intended? Great bunch of actors and actresses on a GREAT series. Again, PLEASE CONTINUE ON TO MANY MORE EPISODES.

  259. David Crespo

    Yes, yes, yes. Bring It back for season 4

  260. Hope Gomez

    Absolutely without a doubt we want Season 4!! Then Season 5 and so on. It has many fans following it. Especially new ones like me who found it on Netflix and fell in awe with the characters and story. Love the actors on this series. And I don’t ever even see novelas!

  261. Solina perez


  262. Anne-Liis

    When first started to watching it , I thought it’s just another TV show what’s good to play on the playground while doing my chores! After second episode I couldn’t get my eyes off from the TV! In every free moment I was glued behind the TV! I just can’t believe how it’s even possible that people lost interest about this show!!! I haven’t ever seen something soooooo interesting!!! It made me laugh, cry , chew all my nails off…! Why oh why it had only 3 seasons!

  263. Jessica

    I would like for season 4 to come out a lot of questions not answered and is the far good serious I’ve been hooked on.

  264. leonel

    ofc the best serie ever

  265. Audrey Haberer Roman

    Omg you have yo bring back more. How can you leave us hanging this way. One of the best series I have seen on. Reflux. Although it gave me so much anxiety. the acting and stories were soooooo good. Please please bring back more

  266. David K.

    YES! I watched all 3 seasons on Netflix over the last 2 weeks and I want more, like right now! get this show back on immediately!

  267. Bebita

    Please I’m begging you!!!!! Bring season 4 please please please please!!!! I love this show ❤️❤️❤️

  268. Carolyn Arismendez

    Love the series, need to release season 4

  269. sally


  270. Josue chicas

    We want season 4 it shows about real life and how life is nothing without love we need season 4 because it will help people notice that love is one step to greatness I can’t believe that people don’t watch love movies that shows that they are not human I want the people and the actors of el barco realize that we can’t live without them plz

  271. Lenard Argenal

    Please renew I really really loved it and now that season 3 ep 16 was the final one. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to find any other better series. Please make a season 4!!!

  272. Mely

    Bring it back it’s one of the best series Netflix could have. I really loved it.

  273. Hanny

    Make another season I have seen the
    3 season over an over and over again. I love El Barco

  274. jacqueline simone

    please season 4

  275. cheryl

    the movie was excellent and we sure hope season 4 5 6 will come out just love much suspence and love and comedy..just beautiful story….

  276. Carrosales

    Yes Please make a season 4, and write a nice finale.

  277. Shelley

    please bring a Season 4!!

  278. Kathy Nielsen

    Please make a season 4. Pretty please

  279. Mikey P

    We want more El Barco!!!!!

  280. Jacquelin Rivero

    Please another season please

  281. Xtina R

    Just another Netflix subscriber in the US here to beg for s 4th season. “El Barco” has the same creators as “Vis a Vis” & “La Casa de Papel” (a.k.a. “Locked Up” & “Money Heist”), so it’s no shock it’s so addictive. The creators & actors/actresses are all doing quite well & keeping pretty busy, so I don’t think a continuation is very likely. But “La Casa de Papel” was resurrected by Netflix due to an influx of international popularity and “Vis a Vis” was resurrected by Fox España after its second season. Crazier things have happened.

  282. Zulema Cardenas

    I waited for the seasons 4,5,6 There so many things left to see I which we can see them I live there series we more of el barco

  283. Joan Houchins

    I enjoyed this show immensely! Even though it’s far-fetched; sometimes I just like to be distracted by mystery! There is something for everyone and the actors play their roles splendidly! Keep it coming!

  284. CONNIE


  285. Carla

    Where can I watch Season 4? I love this show, please if somebody has any info about it, please, please, please, leave a comment here.

  286. Nelly Perez

    I want season 4 please bring it back.

  287. Glenn

    Disappointed ending..iwant gamboa dead

  288. denisse cruz

    I love the show and i would love to see another season of it please continue with this show is really good.

  289. Sindy Lopez

    I LOVE EL BARCO !! Please bring it back I NEED a season 4

  290. Mac

    How can I watch season 3. El Barco is suddenly not on Netflix anymore

  291. KARINA G

    Where Can I See Season 3 of EL BARCO? and We want season 4 too.. Esta es una de las mejores series españolas numca antes vista.. We want more.

  292. Tanya

    Bring it back! Give us closure! More questions than answers!

  293. Maddie

    PLEASE we want a season 4 me and my mom were left unanswered.

  294. Anita

    Yes bring it back!!!….season 4 please!!

  295. Nicole

    Contains spoiler!

    I can’t believe they just told us the end instead of playing it in a
    episode. Such a rush and short work on the most wanted and important
    moment – the finale. All these time we were waiting for the
    culmination. There are so many scenes which are filled with children’s
    games or discussion but there wasn’t actually a final episode. One of
    the best shows, great idea but why such a fast end in which we see
    nothing of what we waited for. How Ulises escaped from the hotel and
    got to the beach, where he took the things in the wooden box he dropped
    with the parachute, where the air plain got from how he survived the 4
    bullets? We did not see the happy life of Barbuha and Marimar on the
    island, he deserved this. We did not see the meeting between Gamboa and
    his daughter and the moment she understand that he is her father? What
    happens with the other ships from the project? Do they ever reach the
    coast? What actually happen with the people from the hotel? What
    happens on the submarine and how Barbuha plays his role there? What
    happens with Alexander and his plans? They just told us what is in the
    red folder with one sentence?? I’m very disappointed with the finale.

    That’s so true chris! You couldn’t have said it better they left so much out is crazy they really should do a 4th season and probably a 5th one too

  296. Nigel

    bring season 4 out plz

  297. Jon Sundell

    This series was absolutely amazing. Such great acting, music, intrigue. This might be the best series I´ve ever seen. My wife and I were glued to the TV to the very end. But I’m unclear about the ending. Does Ulysses really survive? What about the other characters?

    Please make a Season 4!

  298. Angela

    2021 and still want season 4 I’ve already seen the series 4 times and every time I finish it I want more, BRING SEASON 4 ^.^ it would be awesome to see it ♥️

    • Densel

      I wish el barco was in Netflix again

  299. Wilson Ruiz

    I love this series ❤ I hope they bring back I waiting for season 4

  300. JoJo

    I love El Barco. I was always on the edge of my seat the whole show ! I don’t see how anyone could stop watching it. I was glued the whole series. I watched all 3 within in like 2 months . I was sad a season 4 was not in the makings at the time of me finishing the series. Even more so when I found out it was cancelled. Please bring it back. With the same actors and actresses. The one thing bout this show is that there’s always cliffhangers everywhere. It never once seized my attention away from the screen. I was hooked. Eyes going up and down the screen to watch/read (since I don’t know Spanish ) which leads me into my other opinion. English version . If you marvelous creators don’t mind. I’d like to think I’m not the only fan who would enjoy an English version . With the same actors and actresses. When I say English version I really mean audio version. Please and thank you . Us the fans would really love/appreciate it. I would literally buy a dozen of the series and give them as presents to friends on holidays/birthday , that’s how good it is in my eyes !! I can literally watch El Barco all day long non stop over and over. English or Spanish, it doesn’t matter. I’ve had to do a lot of rewinds and pauses lmao but that’s okay cuz the storyline is GREAT! I’d like to know what is going to happen to Bubble. And all the other characters. Please bring it back for a season 4 and possibly beyond ! This fan is not going NOWHERE! Spanish or English. Doesn’t matter . It’s that good to where I’ll read it again and again in caption. So please and thank you again. For creating 3 seasons. Even if we don’t get a fourth I am still content. Love all you on/made/produce/directed/acted/anything dealing with El Barco. It’s one journey im going to keep on repeating/riding till I die

  301. Fatima Garcia Solis

    Love it

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