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Under the Dome season 3: premiere air date (2015)

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Under the Dome science-fiction drama television series renewed or cancelled by CBS? When does season 3 premiere in 2015 on TV? We need the start air date!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: June 24, 2013
Developed by: Brian K. Vaughan

Season 1 Episode 13: 12.10 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 12: 7.04 million U.S. viewers

Apparently, «Under the Dome» television series, broadcast by CBS for two years already, is difficult to remain on air in 2015. The point is that the rating of the television project is rapidly falling, and the number of fans is being reduced.

The second season is being watched by more than 9 million viewers, though the first season attracted the attention of about 11 million people.

With each subsequent episode the show is only losing its audience, so the continuation of the television series for season 3 is a big question.

Under the Dome season 3 start date – [June 25, 2015] (update 1)

We are waiting for the official announcement hoping that the premiere date for new episodes will still be announced!

UPDATE 1 (October 9, 2014): Good news! CBS renewed Under the Dome for a third season. Return – summer of 2015.

UPDATE 2 (August 10, 2015): Nina Tassler: “The dome is coming down at the end of this season.” What about Season 4 of Under the Dome?

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  1. Erica*NY

    This is the best summer show ever! I hope it won’t be canceled.

  2. Matthew V.

    Please Bring back Under the Dome! I absolutely love the show!

  3. Donald

    They can’t cancel it now!

  4. Maria Burns

    Please CBS do not cancel this show! I look forward to every episode! What a perfect Cast!

  5. Jessica Clarke

    I love Under the Dome! This is my show, I look forward to watching it every week. Season 3 pleaseeeee!

  6. Sonia

    Please bring this show back for season 3. My husband and I love this series.

  7. melissa martin

    cbs,please don’t cancel under the dome it is a very exciting show we love it!,we watch a lot of cbs programs,dont make us not like cbs,continue onto season 3 please!

  8. Diana

    Please don’t cancel the show without wrapping it up. I look forward to under the dome every week

  9. Whitney

    Please bring under the dome season three back my sister mom and i look forward to it coming on every mondays and we never miss an episode so please renew it thank you

    • Bradley

      I missed the first episode and will watch it on internet but they cant quit now I need to know what happens like where does that white light lead I mean Melanie comes out completely soaked in water and says we are going home which means are they going to heaven or are they just getting screwed and sent back to Chesters mill while the dome comes in on its self.

  10. Diana

    Please don’t end the series without an ending , I look forward to it every week, it is losing ratings because there is too much time between the next season. Please finish it off before canceling it

  11. old dude

    CBC I will erase you from my tv if you cancel under the dome without a proper finish. Do it right for once.

  12. Maryola

    You can’t cancel, need to know what happens…not a good way to leave a show off with so many questions.

    • slee

      so true please don’t cancel some of us people like TV shows that don’t have a bunch of drunk house wife’s calling each other trash and showing us how much money they have and back stabbing each other in the back NO MORE REALITY SHOWS TAKE THEM OFF THE AIR !!! I really like the show Under The Dome

  13. Qiana

    My son and I faithfully watch the show. At least give us an ending before you cancel it! PLEASE!!! You just can’t leave us hanging like this!

  14. Melissa

    They can not cancel Under the Dome now!! They left all of the fans hanging on the season 2 finale. We need to know what else happens. Isn’t 7 million viewers enough to keep a show going.

  15. sharon

    Please CBS don’t cancel The Dome. We have watched this show from day 1! There are 7 million viewers. It’s a great Summer show and we (the viewers) cannot be left hanging.

  16. melody cherrette

    I’ve read the books, u should finish season 3 & give us an air date

  17. Madison

    Cbs you obviously havent tried to fix your # of viewers! I got on the cbs app on mondays all the time and yet i dont see whats on at 10 while it loads since that show you whats playing at 7,8, and 9 NEVER 10 makinh half of the people on your website loose viewers! I watch this show every monday and enjoy every second of it! But really! You gotta try harder! Make Dome less long of a wait for each season, or give us hints of what will happen next or release specials or play previous episodes every momday for once! Dont cancel such a fantastic show! Get Dome out there! You CAN have a successful 3rd season if you REALLY try

  18. mark k

    why cancel a show when its an obvious hit? its the best show you have on during the summer months! please don’t cancel !

  19. Cida Cestaro

    I live in Brazil, i love the serie. Season 3 now

  20. john p

    Do not cancel under the dome!

  21. timd

    I hope you bring it back. Let the show have an ending.

  22. Teresa

    great show do not stop now

  23. vickie

    This is the only show good on TV. My self, my husband, my daughter and even my 6 year old grandson watches this and loves it. First we bought the 1st season box set. Then we recorded the 2nd season. We can’t wait until season 3. Please finish the story.

  24. David and Pam Conrad

    You can’t cancel Under the Dome..David never watches TV with me and this is the only show we watch has given us some time together to watch a terrific show…I agree that it should not be a year between seasons…bring season 3 earlier than a whole year..PLEASE PLEASE DON’T CANCEL SEASON 3…

  25. Joy

    If they’d stop stretching it so far in between seasons they might not lose so many viewers. By the time the new season comes along you’ve almost forgotten what the show was about!

    • Jo

      Joy: I agree with you 100%! Anything that adults seem to like, they take off or cancel, and leave you w/o an ending! Like you said, the time between most of these shows is too long! Sometimes, I even forgot some of the shows I’ve watched, and believe that is the reason for the low ratings last year! People forget what was on, there has to be something CBS can do! Instead of putting all these ridiculous shows on that make no sense, or so called comedies, put shows on that most of us like!

  26. Caleb Kahne fan 5

    DONT CANCEL!!! Especially after the season closer episode! I can’t be left hanging!!!

  27. kutsla55

    Only nine million viewers! Supernatural has 2.5 according to this site. Well I love Supernatural and Under the Dome. Come on we are sick of reality shows and stupid sitcoms. Well written television shows are becoming very rare. Stupid seems to be the norm.

  28. Paula

    DON’T CANCEL!! Need to see Season 3. It would be horrible to leave at this point.
    Don’t leave everyone hanging!!!!!

  29. Phyllis

    Please bring back Under the Dome ASAP! You can’t do that to your loyal viewers. I’m sitting here ready for Under the Dome to start and they talking about something else. That’s why I stay away from TV. I get into a great show and then it goes off. I need to be one of the Nielsen viewers if they still use them. Lol! People please keep under the dome!

  30. Woody

    Please finish properly if you must cancel the show. I love this show. I have friends come over and we watch it together. It’s a good clean show with a lot of suspense. Give it another season, please.

  31. Cindy

    I’ve been watching EVERY episode! I have the book….but didn’t want to read it until the series was over. Don’t make me have to read the 4 inch thick novel right now…(No offense Stephen!) It would be absolutely awful to dump the series before giving us the grand finale! Please don’t cancel it. I do agree that there is too much time between seasons. This isn’t HBO ya know. You need this show to keep Monday viewers tuned in to CBS. Thanks in advance.

  32. Amy

    Me & my daughter loved Under The Dome, we saw every episode together from day one. I was so sad to hear it may be no more. Please bring it back.

  33. mabel wilkins

    i love this movie under the dome please bring it back

  34. Tito Pacheco

    i dont understand why this show would be stopped in the middle of the story and leave us all guessing what the domes purpose actually is. my whole family is waiting to get answers of the show and it needs to be brought back for all its fans out there.

  35. Claudia

    Started watching, great plot – but dislike the characters and acting….

  36. Patty Robbins

    I am a new fan and went and purchased season one and two… I am anxious for season III. Please hurry and give us a few hints………….

  37. Marilyn

    The first season was fabulous… I love the characters and the actors portraying them. But, the plot is becoming silly and tedious… They should have ended this season….

    • Taco

      They shouldn’t end the season and they didn’t

  38. Robert

    CBS is my all time favorite broadcasting station, however, I was so disappointed when they discontinued the unit. Please don,t make this mistake with Under The Dome.

  39. Robert

    If you are going to end the series then end it correctly and not on a cliff hanger.

    • Delores Krause

      I agree, I am so glad they are bringing it back, my husband and I were so disappointed when they canceled The Unit, loved the show.

  40. I.L. Caterpilla

    In all honesty, I really enjoy the show. I don’t think it’s the greatest show out there, but I looked forward to my Monday nights because of it. I do, however, hope that Season 3 wraps it up. I think it will really start losing it’s edge, as it already has started to drop in ratings. By wrapping it up in Season 3, they won’t drag it out too far.

  41. Melissa

    Please Bring Back Under the Dome!!! It’s awesome!!!!

  42. Mona

    I hope it’s not cancel I really love this summer show Under the Dome It’s awesome

  43. Eva

    I’m a big fan of Under the Dome……I don’t usually watch local programming because there is really nothing worth watching……well. I love Survivor, but other than that local programming seems to have gotten lazy and instead of coming up with good programs, they would rather show silly relationship reality shows and shows where people live together and make asses of themselves, or other such shows where we have to nose in on people’s daily lives…….there’s not as much involved in just sitting and filming as there is coming up with scripts for good shows. We’ve become a society of voyeurs…….I hate those shows and never watch. Keep Under the Dome.

  44. Patty

    I’m a huge fan and so glad to hear that Under the Dome has been renewed for a third season. (doing my happy dance) This show is like a ray of sunshine after a long dark winter. I plan my Monday around Under the Dome, and everyone knows it, no visitors, no calls, no text, no facebook, no anything, just the Dome (and a glass of wine, doesn’t get any better than that!)

  45. ari wilde

    under the dome is my life. exicted squealing that only a fan can do at the renewal news.

  46. donna

    please don’t cancel this show, i have been waiting patiently for the 3rd season to begin. i discovered the show in the second season, i liked it so much that i bought season 1, so i could catch up. i to plan my evening around under the dome. love the show

  47. Kathy Smith

    Please do not cancel Under the Dome it’s one of my favorite shows. Love Stephen King!!!

  48. Betty

    Glad to hear it’s here for another year at least. Love this show!!!

  49. Kelley

    I am getting so tired of interesting or intelligent tv shows being cancelled because of falling numbers when those numbers still are a lot of people. Pretty soon all we will have available is reality tv, sports and contest based programs. The rest of us just don’t matter to the powers to be. I hope this season will, if the last, end it for us instead of leaving us hanging like so many of the other bygones.

  50. Joe Zapata

    The reason your loosing viewers is that it takes too long between. Seasons….

    • juanita

      yes…too long to wait…still millions of viewers…maybe consider re-runs…many shows go that way…and we enjoy over and over.

  51. connie

    would be a shame to cancel .

  52. Christina

    Just love Under the Dome! Can’t wait to see how it ends.

  53. Taco

    Season three better not be canceled other wise I’m going to be mad! Also I think your losing viewers is because your curing out some good actors and people who are great like Jr’s mom.

  54. Jason

    I just finished watching Under the Dome 2&3 on Amazon on their new offer to premiere members and went searching for season 3 which is how I came across this site. I really do hope CBS follows through and broadcasts even a final season 2015. Looking forward to it!

  55. Shirl carvell

    Please keep under the dome on the air, I love mike Vogel,he is so hot.

  56. Bethany

    I loved reading the book. I Love watching the show. Season 2 did not end, so it HAS TO continue!! CAN’T WAIT!!!

  57. kIM hAMMOND

    “Under the Domes” is one of the few highlights on television. As you become more involved with the characters and turns of events, it beckons you like “Twin Peaks” years ago. We definitely need a continuing season to answer all the questions each episode leaves us with.

  58. Dr. Voyt

    Cancel this show, it is horrible. Worst thing to happen to America since the Detroit riots of 68′

    • donna smith

      If I don’t like a program I just don’t watch it

  59. love the show

    when will the ssecond season air

  60. Kerri

    Love this show. Glad your not getting rid of this one like the rest of them!

  61. Roberta

    addicted absolutely have never missed one show and unless I die I never will

  62. Jessica Overgard

    Can’t wait to see Season 3 of Under the Dome in June, 2015.

  63. Polly

    This was an interesting program until it became as convoluted as the “lost”series. It seems like the writers have to stretch to find meaningful content to keep the story going. I hope the series comes to a believable conclusion and is left to die a natural death.

  64. donna smith

    I never watch TV as it is all trash. Under the Dome is one of 3 shows that I watch. How sad it is that a good show is having problems. You might fix it by not having such a long time span between seasons. I , like a lot of folks are sick of stupid sitcoms and unreality shows ugh. Big mistake to think of cancelling.

  65. SueJ

    If people aren’t watching, it’s because they can’t understand good television when they see it. This series is outstanding – I love it – I rewatch the episodes & find nuances not seen before. My one & only complaint is that the hiatus is way too long. I’m ecstatic that there will be a Season 3!!!!!!

  66. Darlene G

    CBS why do you only count US viewers? There are a lot of Canadian viewers too that would really hate to see this cancelled I agree there is too much of a time span between seasons. Reality shows are pointless and not worth watching. Please keep producing Under the Dome as well as Devious Maids. Two of the best I have seen in a long time.

  67. Lucia

    Ya’ can’t end the show until the dome disappears or everyone dies. We gotta have closure! 😉

  68. helen

    Looking forward to season 3 for sure !!!!

  69. Pinkey

    Please do not cancel the show. It was one of my favorite shows to watch. I will be so upset with CBS if the show is cancelled.

  70. Lenae

    Please do not cancel the show. No matter where we are I always watch the show. Even if I am at the beach or in the mountains I still watch the show.

  71. Joyce Holloway

    Do not take this show off. It is a good summer show. Every time we start to like a show, CBS takes it off. You need to talk to other people, than where you are getting your information.

  72. Marty

    First year was on ABC.

  73. Jim

    Ah Rachelle
    Widowed, shot, spiked in the leg and still gorgeous. Though with a slight limp. I love this classic cliffhanger series

  74. Eric

    Best show on tv,please renew

  75. Carol

    Bring back “Under the Dome”!!!

  76. jessica

    Bring back “under the dome”!

  77. cindy

    It was supposed to be a mini-series. The first 13 episodes were really good, but season two just got stupid. Make one more episode to end it, and put us out of our misery.

  78. Kathy

    I and my husband LOVE “UNDER THE DOME”. Yea for the above news (if true) that they renewed it and it will return summer of 2015!!!! Can’t wait!

  79. ann moran

    you who make all these dramas make me mad we ENGLISH get use to wathing them then you go and pull the plug i am glad we dont do that

  80. lunchlady607

    guess I a little late on begging for another season but can say thanks for the new season like others my husband and I both watch this program if we are unable to catch it on reg Tv its on Prime. But we just make sure we watch it keeps us guessing from week to week and there are not to many shows on tv anymore that can do that to much reality tv BIG YUK

  81. Tony

    Under The Dome started out great but it should have been a mini series. After the first season and a half somebody lost the book.

  82. Plunder

    Please don’t cancel the show, if you have to, move it to the winter months, but don’t cancel! I think the reason for loosing viewers may be summer months people may be on vacation and spending time outdoors!

  83. Sandy

    Please do not cancel. One of my two favorite shows.

  84. milcah

    under the dome is one of the best series ive ever seen. its very interesting and stuff like that and I would like 2 c more of it and how it ends so please CBS don’t cancel the show. atleast not now 🙁

  85. Deenie

    While I enjoyed season 1, season 2 was a bit ridiculous.
    I hope they wrap the show up and finish it in season 3.

  86. Deborah

    Please hurry up with Season 3, June is so far away. If you want to cancel please finish it to the end before that. A big fan at 64 years old.

  87. Eileen

    It is a great drama, why should wait to long? And why losing its audience?
    I and my children lives…please coming up as soon as possible!

  88. sherita womack

    I really enjoy the dome. it is a favorite with my whole family my daughters and I cant tare away for one moment we even on line to fined out how to watch season 3. I just found it very hard to be leave that we are losing fans! My daughters and I are domers for life!!!!!

  89. Yvonne

    My hubby and I are obsessed… Please bring it back!!!!

  90. Gran

    Love this show!!!!! I can’t imagine the fan base is down. This is one of the best summer shows!!!!

  91. Karen Moore

    I absolutely love Under the Dome if you losing viewers maybe its because we have to wait a whole year to see the next episode. Its very irritating! I and many others love this show maybe you could have two seasons a year. Its very easy to forget about especially after not seeing it for several months. I’m a fan and will continue to watch as long as I don’t forget about it. Which since I watch CBS more than any other station.

  92. JeanJ

    I really enjoy Under the Dome. I missed the program when it originally aired, but watched it on Amazon in three consecutive days. I would hate to be left dangling (like a participle) over the ending of this fine show.

  93. Irene Foss

    I love Under the Dome. It is an exciting show, very well written. The actors and actresses are perfect in the parts they play. I’m so happy to read that there will be another season this summer. Please keep The Dome going.

  94. cathy Robinson

    Don’t cancell love this least have a good ending before cancelling.Not a dead end

  95. Brian N

    This show is the most intriguing show on air today. So much goes on and it keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times. Ending a series before the book’s end is not the way to go out. You have to at least finish the book and maybe the show could go on after. Start a Dime marathon. Get the viewers back into the show and they will come.

  96. Kathy Lee

    These shows that go for 6 to 8 months before the next season are consistently losing viewers because one loses not only the story line but the emotional attachments that have developed with the characters. It is sooooo disappointing to realize that you have to wait months and months before you see what happens next. The production people need to think hard about this because I believe this is the biggest reason people walk away from the show.

  97. Anthony

    I really love the show,can’t stop anticipating

  98. sharie

    This series needs to be replayed and made a more permanent series. It is great!

  99. cri

    Please finish it already. Very irritating to get interested in a show, then they just leave you hanging.
    Loved it the first season, then waited, loved it less season 2, now tired of waiting.
    Stephen King, I am appalled that you allowed this to happen to one of your books.

    Tired of Waiting

  100. the squaw

    Don’t like the LONG waits. That is why ratings go down. People forget what a series is about. When you cancel so many series we are gun shy of even beginning to watch what you have on your channel. Get it together please!!!!

  101. Sharon

    I know i did forget about it till just now and i remembered i want to see what happened…wow…ya long waits are not fun they seem to do this with all the series though
    heck i live in the city and dont know any of my neighbors

  102. Brandy McDonald

    My girls and myself watch UNDER THE DOME every season. We hope it continues to air. Can’t wait to see what is going to happen now that the the egg is outside of the dome.

  103. beej

    if it is losing audience, it is because there is too much time in between seasons. we forget everything that has happened, or some other great show comes along and we forget all about one that hasn’t been on in forever. they just die off in silence. hopefully it will come back.

  104. Natalie

    I love this show, have not missed an episode….CBS keep in mind that people do like watching certain programs…this would be a big loss for me

  105. Jim

    Make the show ending more interesting like having a contest or drawing to win Under The Dome merchandise.

  106. John

    The ratings are falling, yet “brain-dead” shows such as The Big Bang Theory (with the insidious and irritating laugh track) garner high ratings?

  107. Cheyenne

    This show is so amazing, it should be illegal to cancel a show under 5 seasons! Sadly it’s not.

  108. Kat

    Love this show. They took off Terra Nova and I love that show too. You have too wait too long to see what happens in the next season. If these showed reruns may be they would hang on to the viewers.

  109. angela

    Me and my 7 year old daughter love watching this show on school nights I had to push her bedtime to 9 when it was on last year she’s been asking when its coming back on

  110. Laura

    There are still avenues to explore…at least tie up loose ends!

  111. Patty

    Please don’t cancel the show, or at least another season to wrap it up. It’s not fair to those of us who have faithfully watched and enjoyed the show. One of my favorites!!!

  112. Eydie

    I heard it might be cancelled, I sure hope not, I was so excited for the 3rd season to start. It can’t end after season two, don’t do that to us fans.

  113. Ray

    Please don’t cancel or wait till end of season 3 and bring the dome question to an explanation / end. Don’t leave us hanging.

  114. Stratcrowder

    My daughter and I just saw a teaser for the show this past Wednesday while watching Survivor. THE SHOW IS COMING BACK IN JUNE!!!!

  115. roberta

    thank you every show I love gets canceled this and one other are the only tv I watch and enjoy

  116. Helen

    I am a huge fan of this show, yous air a good and interesting show, and then it gets cancelled. Please don’t cancel this one……Keep it!!!!!

  117. carmen montanez

    I cant wait for 3 season my family seat thogeter to watch it

  118. sharon

    please bring it back. I read the book and loved it and I love this show. if you are going to cancel it wrap it up and end it. don’t leave us hanging

  119. Heather

    My family and I love this show… We want to know what’s next!!!!

  120. Peggy Setzer

    I love under the dome please air it . the book was great

  121. Nicole K. Carter

    They did not follow the book, killed off key individuals. I saw the show and then read the book. Season one was good, but season 2 lacked the same energy as season one. Good luck I will watch the first show this season, but if there are no changes I will stop.

  122. c. hoskins

    this show should be main stream not a summer watch. it loses viewers because of the slow time which you CBS choose to restart it in the summer. typical bull

  123. Sue

    Glad Under the dome is coming back. Looking forward to it. I am glad for something interesting and informative to watch during the summer months when other shows stop. DVR’s are the best.

  124. Curtis

    Gee whiz,It is a no brainer as to why they are losing fans & viewership,when you go almost an entire year between seasons, of course the ratings are going to decline, what do you think what was going to happen?
    Just look the show LOST, they would go 9 months between seasons. Another good example is The Walking Dead,they have these so called mid-season finales then 8 months later the rest of the season is finished.
    IMO,you just can’t go that long between seasons & still think that you can retain the same amount of viewers from season to season,

  125. linda

    Please dont cancel the show I love it I even bought both seasons and watch them over & over

  126. Jacky R.

    This is a show my dad and I looked forward to each week, and the episode would usually end in on of our “heated” discussions. I say this, because we argue different “facts” as to why the dome was put there. Please bring it back, it gives us something to “discuss” while waiting for our beloved football to return.

  127. Susan

    How can they still call it Under The Dome now that they are out?

  128. Alice dahl

    Please bring back Under the Dome! There’s nothing good on T.V. Anymore except cr*ppy reality shows, car shows or jerks that live in Alaska! Every time I see a white box truck I think of the beginning of the show. Pleeeeeese Bering it back.

  129. MrRhee

    They (the tv execs) always wait until you fall in-love with a show… AND THEN THEY CANCEL IT!!! But I guess “ratings” have something to do with it. However, often times, they (the tv execs) sabotage a show by moving it to a “very bad spot” to ensure fewer viewers… THEN THEY AXE THE SHOW as if the ratings are the show’s fault.

  130. Carol

    I was intrigued by the first two seasons of Under the Dome, so read the book to find out what happened. I found out that the TV show is nothing like the book. Which isn’t a surprise I suppose, but I enjoyed the book as being a much better story and recommend you forget the TV “adaptation.”

  131. Pat

    I have watched this from the first episode and now you are going to take it off the air? Stephen King is the king of sifi. I would watch anything by him also waiting for Haven. The trash sifi will stay on the air but the shows that make you think a little get taken off. Not fair to us thinkers and I am 71 years old. Not happy.

  132. ray

    well looks like if they cancel under the dome season three ill make sure to make a note NOT to watch anything on CBS ( the cr*ppy boaring Sisturn ) anymore then byeee CBS

  133. Tina

    I really like this program but agree that CBS does nothing to promote this show and with such a long time between season showings why don’t they do a ‘recap’ each time they are getting ready to air a new season so we can refresh our memories to what happened last season. One more thing, does anyone watch TV ‘live’ anymore? Everything I watch is either OnDemand or DVR’d … so live rating are pretty meaningless, don’t you think?

  134. Jane

    I hope that before you cancel it, if you do, that there is some kind of explanation for the dome and an ending that ’rounds things out’.

  135. Umar

    I am asking when are you releasing the next episode?

  136. Aginah


    I loved under the dome, please do not cancel he the show, get some new writers they changed the show to much it was not show it was the poor story line, give it another chance.

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