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Fear the Walking Dead season 2 premiere date

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When will Fear the Walking Dead season 2 come out? We want to know the exact premiere (start) date for the new episodes in 2016 on AMC!

The prequel of the television series The Walking Dead got the name Fear the Walking Dead and became one of the most anticipated summer shows 2015. It premiered on AMC on August 23 and attracted the attention of more than 10 million Americans.

The debuted six episodes, combined into the first season of the show, were approved by the critics and got high scores on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. The given project became the winner in “New Show You’re Most Excited to See” nomination of “E! Online Best. Ever. TV. Awards”.

Many experts believe the above mentioned popularity of Fear the Walking Dead has been ensured by the original version of The Walking Dead. The rapid decision on the renewal of the show for Season 2 also influenced the high rating of the television series.

It should be mentioned, that in March current year the rights holders ordered 15 episodes of the second season (will be split into two parts) without even waiting for the release of the pilot episode. The premiere date of the renewal is scheduled for April 10, 2016, that’s why be patient and wait for the return of the show on AMC!

UPDATE 1 (Oct.30, 2015): The Walking Dead has been renewed at AMC for a seventh season.

UPDATE 2 (April 15, 2016): AMC has renewed the Fear the Walking Dead series for a 16-episode third season.

UPDATE 3 (May 24, 2016): The series will return for Season 2B on August 21, 2016 (at 9/8c).

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  1. Andres

    This show just s*cks and is bringing down the The Walking Dead brand!!!

  2. Lesley P.

    im glad this got renewed

  3. GennieTTT

    Bring on more zombies and less family drama!

  4. AnnAlee

    I actually like FTWD better than the original ))) Can’t wait Season 2

  5. Raptor

    It’s embarrassing that they have the nerve to call 6 episodes a season. But so it is with the standard 10 episodes that has become the new standard.

    With only 10 (or fewer) episodes per season every episode needs to be a home run and that is why so many shows fail to get renewed. Viewers get 4-5 good shows per season and get disgusted with wasting their time for such little satisfaction. If shows went back to the standard 23+ shows per season then every show would not have to be a home run. But that would require those in Hollywood to do something that is beyond their concept; work for a living!

  6. Marilyn Lewis

    I love this show! !!!!!!!!

  7. syn

    they already f*cked up by not showing the great panic, instead we got tons of patchwork-family-drama, drug addiction, teens being teens and oh yeah , a few zombies…sometimes!
    what the people wanted to see, the undead wave walzing into the city, unstoppable, desaster and panic , people running, THAT kind of drama…. yeah…no.
    nowhere to be found.
    i wonder if they can get this whole thing going again after such a weak start.
    lets hope this doesnt get so bad , that they really decidde to kill off a major character in the original show, to keep their ratings up.

  8. Greenbud

    I only watch the show to see the characters die that’s the only thing I look forward

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