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The Walking Dead season 8 premiere date

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the walking dead season 8 premiere

When will The Walking Dead season 8 premiere? AMC has renewed the series for an eighth season. What about the premiere date in 2017?

The creators of the series The Walking Dead did not wait for the premiere of the seventh season and stated that the project has been renewed for the eighth. Such a quick decision was made due to the excellent rating of the show and a huge support from the fans.

Officially it is confirmed that there is financing for the development of 16 new episodes, premiering the first of which is appointed to the fall 2017. The place of showrunner again is entrusted to Scott M. Gimple, who has repeatedly proved that he is able to create high-quality horror series.

There is also good news for fans of the show Talking Dead, because it is also renewed for the new season. According to the right holders, this show of Chris Hardwick is an integral part of the series The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead season 8 premiere date – [October 22, 2017]

AMC president Charlie Collier, in his interview said that he was very pleased with the rating of the series and its renewal for 8th season. So, we are waiting for new episodes in the fall 2017!

UPDATE 1 (July 19, 2017): The series will return on Sunday, Oct. 22.

UPDATE 2 (Jan.13 2018): The Walking Dead has officially been renewed for a ninth season. The Walking Dead season 8B return date – February 25, 2018 (at 9 pm).

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  1. Vivien

    You should remove Negan, don’t like this character , comedy mix with this Walking Dead just spoils
    the whole show. Not to fond of season 7, can’t wait for Negan’s Death!! Hopefully, it will be done
    soon by the pastor!
    Don’t enjoy Walking Dead anymore, that Negan Character spoils the show!

    • Sharon

      I agree with you Vivien, i don’t like Negan character either.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve lost count on these, I see 7-10 today, I thought we were going into season 8 now?

    So how many more season 7 episodes are there?

    • Anonymous

      OK, so watched the last of Season 7 today, wasn’t what I expected, but so it goes on. Will be waiting for the “big war” and some “choice” people to be sliced and diced.

      In the mean time, I’ll be waiting for GOT to fire up :).

  3. who knows who cares

    How3 many episodes in season 8? Most of the last few seasons have had 16. They’re at 12 now.

    Seems this negan dude should be dead now instead of kept alive in that last scene with that broad holding a gun on him. Why waste the time at this point. At the least he should have been hog tied for crist sake.

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