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«Fringe» season 6?

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Will «Fringe» return for season 6? TV series Renewed, cancelled or ended?

An American science fiction series «Fringe» created by J.J.Abrams, premiered on FOX TV channel (USA) in September 2008 and immediately attracted attention of more than 9 million TV viewers.

The successful series debut was the main reason for the production of 5 Seasons of the show which involved 100 episodes. According to Kevin Reilly, Season 5 was the last one. Also he stressed that the answers to their questions the fans would receive in 13 final episodes and the series wouldn’t be renewed «Fringe» for Season 6. The release date for the final episode is scheduled for January 2013. After that the show will be officially «ended».

Kevin Reilly stressed that while creating Season 4, involving 22 episodes, the producers suffered great financial losses. That’s why Season 5 was called into a question. The last 13 episodes were decided to be shot only for the sake of the show fans, who deserved their favorite series to be finished logically.

Did you expect the show to be ended? Are you supposed to be a fan of the given show?

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  1. hackeron

    Best show ever! I new it will end some day. I think I will start from the beginning. 🙂

    • borimir

      Your spelling and grammar needs serious attention unless you are content appearing to be retarded.

  2. Beverly

    Don’t leave me like this , come back……….i need more Fringe. I loved this program.

    • nikolet

      ikr DONT GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  3. Andrew

    Best series ever apart from the x files.There are plenty of ways for this show to move forward.A real pity it was part of the FOX network.

  4. sa lo

    good show. pity that ended, but most shows that goes on too long then it gets boring.

  5. nikolet

    do be over its the best show ever keep making them till u die then before u die give it 2 some1 else so more shows come I WANT MORE SEASONS PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. esther ison

    Fringe is very addictive. What a pity it is ended. But all things must come to an end. I loved it. If anyone else took it up with different writers it just wouldn’t be the same. But I do wish there was more of Peter, Olivia and Walter.

  7. janrae

    Best tv series very. Better than fantastic episode story line, actors & actresses. Did not want it to end. Please continue, there just has to be more fantasic seasons than we have even seen yet!!!

  8. janrae

    I think Fringe would be like the first sci fi soap opera if it would willing to continue.
    How super fantastic would that be for all of us Fringe fans.

  9. Orion

    Fringe must go on, there are crazy number of humans who need it so we can keep going and carrying out the original plan of the only God.

  10. ginger

    dont gooooo. will miss it.

  11. Hello

    BEST SHOW EVER! nothing more to say.

  12. gris

    im from the other side of the planet and ai said fringe must stay its a great pice of art.

  13. Vic Snow

    This is the kind of show you watch and develop understanding and inspiration from the characters of the show. I am truly saddened to see the show go. I stopped watching when I got divorced and just finished watching the show today. When X Files ended I said there would never be a show to it, then I found Fringe and as suddenly as I found this escape from reality, it dies out.

  14. amanda

    Best show. I need season 6. I have never been one to watch a series andit.has been a point of pride, that being said fringe s*cked me in and I am more.than impressed. The story line is incredible, the acting especially on Noble’s part, astounding. I would be devastated if season 5 concluded
    the series

  15. tiffany

    Right now its Oct 19 2013 and before a week ago i had never even heard of Fringe but anyways i got real big into hulu plus this past year and recently discovered it in the Hulu recommended for me based on my other viewing selections anyways i think if this show would have been advertised more it would have made plenty of money it was a great show from what ive seen so far and ive already seen the 1st season in 1 week also theres another show called the event that i just discovered recently and its canceled also and it was amazing too just needed more advertising ppl watch the tv anymore advertise on Hulu everyone is chucking the cable and switching to wifi and hulu and theres commercials on hulu you cant skip through them so buy your ad space for the web and tv so we all preview the new and upcoming or other great shows also ratings should be based on internet and cable views

  16. marilyn

    I have been watching this show since it came out .it would be good if the could at least come out with season 6 This show is one of the best show ever made so please make it happen one last time.

  17. Luke

    Plz Gimme my Fringe back. 🙁 #BRINGBACKFRINGE xD lol

  18. casey

    fringe was fantastic but i am so sorry to here that it has ended on the post it said that there was 9. billion people was watch may be if it was 10 or 11 billion people it will come back i hope it dose it was one of the best show

  19. Wanda Ramirez

    I have seen Fringe over and over again and I am very frustrated they left it in a big clif hagging. I want more of Fringe not just 5 Seasons. Look at supernatural it was going to end in season 5 and they are in to season 10 I think now. FRINGE needs to return. To many people loved that show 9 million that you new of and how about the other millions of people that watched it through netflix internet etc… But i definatly recomend this to other people to watch and love the way everything looks so real. Thank You for Reading!

  20. From lebanon

    It is the best show ever
    Good job on leting us feel the emotions of every character in the show
    I was hoping to get more of fringe.

  21. Warehouse Girl

    I really, really, really, love this show. I can’t stress enough how I look forward to seeing the next episode. You can’t leave me hanging at episode 13 season 5. I want them to find Walter. There has to be a way. Ugh.

    • cork

      The future of Walter, and the reunion that may or may not be lies within the recesses of your imagination. Close your eyes and project yourself into the future… What do you see? Are you in a building? What do you hear? There should be a door that has a red circle painted on it. Walk through that door. Once you’re inside the room after walking in through the door. Activate the electromagnetic field from the device you were given, and you will see the future your imagination creates for their future.

  22. Lea

    i NEED Fringe !!!! what am i gonna watch now! 🙁
    crying like a baby

  23. `george craword

    I love Fringe, Put it back on.

  24. Tiff

    I love this show! I never knew about it til recently on Netflix. I love the characters! I need more Walter!

  25. Phillis

    I really hate that this show had to end. It is by far one of the best shows that I have ever seen. The characters are believable thanks to the great deliverance of the actors. There aren’t enough of these type of shows anymore (the kind that make you think and stimulate your mind). Too bad I didn’t know about it whenever it was on. I feel that t wasn’t advertised enough. If it had been, I think that it would still be on. There definitely could be more storylines. I for one would love to see the time between season 4 and 5. There was a 3 year jump and it would be great to see Peter and Oloivia actually get married and to see the day that Etta was born and also to see the Fringe division grow and Nina run it. Hopefully, there will at least be a movie to tell any new storylines.

  26. John Carter

    I lovED Fringe when it first began. Where each super-interesting episode could stand on its own, and be watched alone, but yet was part of a whole (like the early X-Files). But I absolutely hated how it deteriorated into this gobily-gook of theoretical what-if’s, dead-ends, and u-turns; with alternate universes, weird bald guys, and main characters that didn’t really exist. The show basically suicided, in my opinion, the same way many other shows did, which started out with a great idea and then died. So sad, because I would have loved to see subsequent seasons of this mind-refreshing show in a sea of cr*p on TV.

  27. from India

    Best Show ever. Please make more seasons, there are millions of Fringe fans in India too.

  28. Angelfae

    They have to stop having half-a** endings. What happen to complete endings. What happen to happy endings. Why couldn’t Walter stay with his son, he earned it. Why couldn’t September go with his son..that would have been more logical. Why couldn’t we see how the other lives played out.

    You know people have enough half-a** lives they already live. They have enough lives that end half-a** or tragic. You can also view it any day of the week on the news.

    Viewers spend time watching these series and you fudge it in the end. Whaaa!
    Why bother starting to even watch them if the end stupid like this one and many others.

    Make a series that is not so predictable or monotonous. Make a series with a complete love story or complete happy-ending.

    If you happen to bring this back, get another machine and reset, to bring back the original actors INCLUDING WALTER!!! Make it right!!!!!!!

    You are wrong Jackson. It will only be three years. Men age better then women, so get off the old age wagon, get in there and bat again. We need the whole team in it’s original package to make this final season brought back right!

  29. Candi

    I didn’t even know about the show until recently. It would be awesome if they would finish up season 5 or go to season 6 and so on. Supernatural and Bones are in their 11th season and Fringe surpasses then in every way. Walter left through a worm hole with an observer so why couldn’t he return to the time where Peter, Olivia, Astrid are and then let them fight fringe cases. To good of a show to end. Please bring it back!!!!!!

  30. L Gallaher

    Please Fox network…. bring Fringe back! This is one of the best shows that has been on for years. The relationship between Walter and Peter is awesome! Pulls the audience in. The relationship with the alternate universe also draws the audience in. There are so many directions this show can go in and continue on for a very long time. The other networks have many shows that have gone on to over 10 seasons. Why end one soooo popular?

    And yes the original actors… would not work without them…. they became family to all watching.

  31. fatebringer

    I miss Walter

  32. Sentury Rohr

    What a shame they always discontinue the good shows

  33. jawmore

    I wish JJ Abrams would reconsider and bring Fringe back at least for two more seasons. I can picture one of the characters all jovial saying ‘I know how to bring Walter back”.

  34. Bill Rowland

    I know that Anna Torv is staring in an Aussie political thriller series “Secret City”. I just think that the cast and concepts of “fringe” were excellent and I am sad that it has not continued. The cast chemistry was wonderful.

  35. Cobra

    How about FRINGE THE MOVIE!?!
    FRINGE is the best!! I just watched the entire series from episode 1 to 100 in under 2 months. Best, Show, EVER!

  36. Ella Grace

    Fringe is one of the BEST shows I have ever watched. The characters and storyline were awesome. I don’t understand why you would end a show SO POPULAR and leave shows continue for 10-15 years that don’t even come close to this Series “Fringe”. You ended an INCREDIBLE show that could have continued for many more years, especially since most are home from the Pandemic. The amount of people who would watch would increase exponentially, from day one. It is very sad that you ended this wonderful show where everyone came together and their characters just melted like they were a true family and that’s very hard to do.

    You disappointed so many fans that I don’t think anybody will watch the Fox channel again not unless you do the right thing and bring back this INCREDIBLE SERIES. I will not watch the Fox channel ever again because of this and because you have done this before with other shows and I’m very disappointed in the people involved in terminating the show and as all of the reviews suggest everyone wants this back.

    It’s a shame that most of the time and probably in this instance it probably has to do with money then what the people that are watching the shows actually want to watch.

    Most people have been home for almost 2 years because of the pandemic and I can tell you would’ve watched this series and loved every second of it as I did and so many more millions, I believe you said 9 million people.

    Those 9 million people were working at the time and now that they’re home or most of them they have time to really watch this series and make it into something that lasts for probably 15 years or more. There are shows on Fox that should’ve been canceled along time ago that are not worth watching. Like I said I will never watch anything on Fox again and I will send this to my 25,000 followers all over social media to ban Fox TV.

    That’s at least 9 million people that watched it at the time and probably 15 million or more that watched it on-line recently. SHAME ON YOU.

    Bring the actors and the show back; that is what we all want.

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