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«Galactik Football» season 4: release date

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When does «Galactik Football» season 4 come out? Official premiere date is known?

«Galactik Football» French animated television series, co-produced by Alphanim, France 2, Jetix Europe and others has three complete 78-episode seasons. Now the airing of the next season, based on new idea and concept is being discussed on French Internet resources.

It should be noted that there is no official confirmation of the start of work on Season 4 and, according to the evidences, the new episodes haven’t even been ordered yet. Having analyzed all the available information it should be concluded that French series has a lot of fans, who are waiting for the quality continuation.

Representatives of Alphanim don’t respond to the official inquiries about the show, so everyone longs to express their opinions about Season 4 of «Galactik Football» on the forums. Release date, published by fans, is not confirmed, that’s why the claims about the premiere at the end of 2013 should not been taken seriously. It takes approximately a year to create a new season and, since the start has not been announced yet, it is difficult enough to calculate the exact release date.

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  1. Daniel

    I’m a big fan of Galactik Football and I will wait for season 4 and see all epesodene in season 4 and I’ve seen all three seasons and I am ivri on the season 4 coming and I’m excited to see fortsetelsen of history. 🙂

    • Luke

      I don’t think you should be existed

    • Mina Mostrokol

      A can not wait the season 4……. When start ??? I can not wait…..

      • best of fans

        Galactik Football was the best of the best !! It has to continue though it probably wont from what i have heard of till now!! mei and djok together please

    • Ajith

      Iam also the big fan of galactic football

  2. Saurav

    I just hope jok and mei gets back together.as for sinedd he might fall into some otjer girl while mei was transpoted to some otje galactik corner.and jok be the one to find mice and the gang

    • Ellis

      I completely agree i have just contacted a executive producer of france2 the company that makes Galactik football but how about djok saves mei and the kids but sinned only wants to save his siter who got transported too how about that.

      • apoorv

        How about micromice gets to become a hero this time as he is the one lost wid d kids and has flux too and djoke was hero in earlier season already and mice didnt get a chance to be, he used to be the center of all jokes.
        Now lets give him a chance and for sinnad get him other gal as a new member of snw kids

        • Saurav

          It’s what I want too…
          They should show mice as a hero…
          It would be amazing…
          To see a serious and dedicated mice…

          • Ajith

            When will the season 4 come iam waiting last 6 years

      • apoorv

        Imagine mice and his small kids were chalanged to play football on a planet where there were many other group of kids present and the condition was who wins d cup would be allowed to go back so mice trained them and they emerged as a best team and for others they savd other grp of kids by finding them and snw kids playing a face off wid d evil team which was frmed by a new villian who used to enslave d kids for his entertainment made them to play football wid no rules and loosing team was forced to wrk in mines.
        There sinnad finds a gal and falls in lov wid her and she also join snw kid as she also belonged to akalian and has same flux. Joke and may r back together and arch and his bro and other members helped them to escape by coaching snw kids again.

        • red

          me too been waiting for a long time for season4 and its still amazing to see fans in 2018-2019

          • blue boii

            I AGREE

          • Monica

            Yesss I want a season 4 of galactik football. There’s a petition to it to of if u want it to come back


      • Sorincau

        I WANT SEASON 4!

        • hadis

          who doesn’t?

      • Vishu Rao

        I am waiting for the next season since 2013 but I don’t know what happened after season 3 last episode. Last night i was watching the episodes I taught after so many years it must have aired but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I love football and football in animation was awesome. So please can you tell me what happened and why there is season 4 not available?
        If it’s there so please tell me. I really want to know what happened after season 3 last episode

        • Monica


  3. mohamed sharafathullah

    I want galactik football season 4 I just love it……………

  4. boot

    season 3 was the last…

    • Artegor Nexxiss

      u not seen trailors boot?

    • Aliou mabiala

      That’s not true season 4 will come out

    • Nicolai

      Are u st*pid? Didnt u see the endning of S3?? It cant stop there, all the kids, mai, and Micro who is missing?? St*pid

  5. ashik

    bring the season 4 quick and make joke and mei together

  6. d'jokxmay

    please!! i so want may d’jok and may to be together. may looks good with d’jok than sinedd. waiting for season 4 please may and d’jok an official couple

    • Ellis

      I completely agree i have just contacted a media executive about that same idea Great minds think alike

  7. d'jokxmay

    sorry if you think i spelled it wrong but may steal means mei

    • d'jokxmay


  8. John cena

    I just luv galactik football…..
    I am restless to wait for season 4…..
    i hope mei and microice and the small kids return back to genesis

  9. John cena

    I really am the greatest fan of galactik football

  10. John cena

    I want jok and mei together

  11. Toshan

    I want Galactik Football season 4 !!!! Best of all animated television series ever !!!1

  12. Artegor Nexxiss

    i hope to see noratta and arch settle their differences and move in with sonny. as well as this I hope bleylok returns and teams up with microice who gets his old voice back! I hear season 4 consists of the marriage of artie and Bennett with sxy results. go noratta go arch go snow go.

  13. stevenslover696969

    I hope stevens takes off his mask and teams up with luur in the xenons and maybe worren could join him too, that would be rad.


  14. robin

    i want micro-ice with yuki
    jok with may
    new era begins with new players
    add me as a new snow kid!

    • robin

      put me as a new snow kid
      name: Robin
      gender: male
      position: midfielder or defender but have good accuracy and a good playmaker
      hairstyle: same as Jock except it is black in colour
      special ability: good stamina, speed and awesome jumps
      about himself: kind and playful, he had a brother who died by an explosian. Lives alone and has a beautiful girlfriend who always cheer him up when he’s down

      • bob

        SHUT THE F*CK UP Robin. Y would they add you into the cast. They couldn’t care less about you.

      • Aliou mabiala

        Good luck with that I hope you get to be in it man I’ll be cheering you on

        • Robin

          Gee Thanks, Aliou mabiala 🙂

  15. Gallaticer

    make a new season im waiting!!
    i watched all the seasons four times

  16. denim

    I’m waiting

  17. GFCfan

    I want new teams new fluxs and the little kids to show there fluxs because there all different colours and from different plantes i want to see what abilities there fluxs have
    Idea for team

    Idea for flux
    The spell – magic waves, magic shields, magic bubbles, super jump

    Kernor form rykers and ahito forever

  18. Orel

    I am so waiting for it.
    This great series

  19. Sonny blackbones

    If the pirates had a flux then they would easily be the best team. They made it to the semis without it. D’jok will properly find a new love and is it just me or does that green light at the end of season 3 remind me of bleylock

    • Rocket

      Pirates have a flux called the seed of Shiloe.

  20. Lolz

    Dame Sembai

    Thats the names, and i doubt any of the makers are seeing this… so stop giving them advice on what to do (like the stupid advice on putting themself in the series)

  21. Emilie

    I loved this serie 2 years ago, then i forgot about it when there werent coming a new season. Two days ago i stumbled by a youtuber that had uploaded all the seasons (1-3) on his/hers channel and i fell in love with the series again. Please let mei and d’jok get back together and let micro-ice be as funny in love as the first season, and please make the 4 season come soon

  22. Sherlock hurairah

    I love this show since i was 9 and now iam 16 .i hope Galactik Football will also continue to season 5 and so on

  23. Sherlock hurairah

    Guys you all can search for the Galactik Football season 4 story line to know the what will happen.but they just posted for chapter 1,2 & 3 .

    • Aliou mabiala

      What webside do you go to

  24. Sunrita Paul Chowdhury

    please release galactik football season 4 fast & yes about the seasons released before they were toooooooooooooooo awsomme

  25. furba lama

    I just want a brand new episode of season 4.
    i m hunger of galatik football.
    I like ahito and microeyes

  26. Noah

    I really hope they make the pirates play better!
    They are soooo awesome!!
    And I want Xenons vs Lightnings!!
    *Stevens and Hawkings of the Pirates for ever!!!*

  27. Xachatur

    yes pirates they rule their skins I like

  28. Micro ice

    No don’t Disney killed galactik football let its death be dignified dont make a new season thanks for killing my favourite show Disney

  29. GF 4EVER!

    I<3 GF!

  30. Galactik star

    i think that sinedd and mei should stay as they are pretty good together but d’jok should get a new girlfriend one thats better then mei ( hotter some how ) and loves d’jok no matter what not one thats all am your biggest fan but who loves him. she should also play for the team up front or mid so that they work really well together ( so they can pass the breath to each other ).

  31. prateek

    I am a big fan too galatick football too good no words to describe how good it is….. so dam awesome….. i know how to play football but i wish we could play like them (with the flux)

  32. Krishna

    I hope season 4 comes soon and djock and Mei be together

  33. Love galactik football

    Please please please make a season 4 because galactik football is such a nice fantasy story and I love everything about it I love the original snow kids:):D please make a season 4:)

  34. Aliou mabiala

    Please make Galactic foodball season 4 and more and please make jok find a new girlfriend and mice be together with uki

  35. Lili

    I can’t wait for season 4!Mostly because of Mei and D’jok who have to have to they just have to get back together.Please bring them back!!!xoxooxooxoxxxo

  36. surya

    Please don’t let us down .We are eager to see the season 4#galactic football

  37. emre

    I love galactik football i watched it with 6 years and now ihave looked all enepisodes again and when there is no 4 seadon i will cry because its so spectacular qd they must bring another galactik football game for ps4 and xbox one and i think it will be good but when not then when i grow up i will make a game how s name ia galactik football 😀

  38. D'jok

    I want Season 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mei and D’jok back together not with sinedd !!!!!

    I loveee GF

  39. Macro-ice

    Hey , I’d like to see more powerfull tricks that only the snowkids can do, (Like A Secret attack)

    It will be great if the challenges are more exiting in a bit of difficult situations

    the voice of macro-ice changed and i dont know why, but i hope it all will be fixed

    and wat about the (childeren, micro ice…….) that dissapeared,

    it wud be a great idea, if they fall in a uknown planet with a hidden flux . so actually they already have (the breath,

    they could combinate the breath with the hidden flux to be the strongest ever.

    I’m a big fan of Galactik Football and I will wait for season 4 or a movie.

  40. D'jok

    I have talked with the Gaumont Animations ( Alphanim ) and unfortunately there will be not any galactic season 4 because the channels decided to stop galactic football after season 3.

    I am sorry.

    • emre

      Wtf noooooooooo 🙁 but why they also can made it for his self and look at season 3 there is an open end?!

      • King julian

        Extactly there is an open end like u can’t just end the show with open end no u end it with a closed end its like you have to write 4 paragraphs about summer break and you just write 1 sentence IHad fun. like had fun what did u do where did u go who were u with its like that and the cast is very STUPID to not make season 4

    • King julian

      That’s not how u end the show YOU’RE ALL VERY STUPID cast

  41. I want season 4 ALpHAniM!!

    i agree with Emre. I think that u are lying D’jock. Can someone please actually talk to alphanim?
    I really want to watch season 4. I only just started watching gf after a person named Tia Cain uploaded seasons 1-3 on youtube.

  42. roket

    finished all 3 seasons back to back again….. waiting for s4….. come on snow kids

  43. Season 4

    I hope that Galactik football season 4 will come out at the end of 2013!! nearly finished watching season 3. already watched the whole of seasons 1 & 2. Come on Alphanim!! make season 4 already. It’s been 2-3 years since the last episode of season 3 came out! And make micro-ice’s voice better!

  44. D'jok

    You can contact Alphanim on facebook. ( Gaumont Animation )

    • season 4

      so you are telling the truth? but what about the ending of season 3? why aren’t they gonna make season 4? I’m confused… and SAD!!

    • shreyas

      Are you really maicro ice
      But how

  45. season 4

    avaaz[ . ]org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?cJPtXcb

    This is in French but you can translate it into English. this website is a petition to save galactic football, I think. Please vote as it could affect alphanim’s decision to make season 4 GF.
    GO SNOW GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Kavish

    well at the last episode of galaktic football episode 3 there was a kinda bug and some of the payers dissapeared strangely.. i am so impatient to know what will happen next

  47. season 4

    today is the 11/12/13
    I wish that more people will start to like galactic football enough that Alphanim will have no choice but to make a season 4 of GF

  48. adi

    i so want that season 4 of galactic football start

  49. dame simbai

    i am big fan!!!! big fan! i really enjoyed season 10, i loved season 7 and i hope season 20 is half as good as season 18! it would be great! #snowkids

  50. Season 4

    Where are you getting all these numbers from? There is no season 10. There is only seasons 1,2, and 3!!!!

  51. mark

    pls hurry up with galactic football season4

  52. Sinned

    There is a season 4 I even saw the trailer and my dad works over a told me they are working on season 4 d’jok don’t lie

    • Rahul kumar

      Plzzzz release date plzzzzzzz on you tube

  53. lourd

    Season 4 will be awesome N DJOKE IS GREATTTTT!!

  54. D'Jok + Mei = Forever

    I hope Galactik football goes on and on. I hope season 4 comes out soon i watched this show when i was 4 and now i’m 11. that brings back memories of Galactik football :D.

    All Galactik football fans want season 4 so please bring it i keep on watching season 1 to season 3 all over again

  55. Sunrita Paul Chowdhury

    u mad 2013 has gone when will season 4 be released

  56. Vikas

    When will be the season 4 comes out. I’m eagerly waiting forward to it. D’JOK is my favourite

  57. Adhish Mathur

    I m a big fan of dis show(though i m nt french,i m indian)i almst forgot about the series…but i stumbld across it while searchin for avatar…i fell in luv wid it again….i just wnt season 4 to release as soon as possible i jst cnt wait….i wnt dis show to be unending

  58. kokstako

    i want galaktik fodbal season 4 aaaaa :@ i need this season i love it

  59. Djok 42917

    I really want season 4 considering that the ending on season 4 kept me in suspense I would like to see a Xenons vs Lightenings match or possibly another all stars match i guess we really do want a season 4 there would probably be more viewers watching the show. It’s a shame to waste and throw away a good cartoon series.

  60. Djok 42917

    Oh yeah and I wonder who’s better Warren or aarch

  61. micro ice 4ever

    i really hope there will be season 4, i just love galactik football, i just can’t stop watching it even though i’ve watched all the seasons already!

  62. charli3

    all i care about is to see more gf but keep jock and sinedd on the snowkids

  63. muthu kumaran

    I also a fan of gallatic football Please relies the season 4 soon

  64. Djok 42917

    Hi guys look at what I found in Wikipedia Movie
    A movie was announced on Sunday the 12th of January on Disney’s official Twitter. Roger Gregg said in an interview that this will not affect the TV series. The movie will have a tournament on Akillian with transfers and D’Jok’s contract runs out. It is set to release in May 2016.

  65. Djok 42917

    It’s along time ahead and sadly it won’t be a continuation after the movie which apparently is to be released on May 2016

  66. rocket

    Hi guys, I am a big fan of galactic football. I have seen all episodes. I just love this show..i just want season 4 to release as soon as possible i just cant wait….Please release the season 4 soon….

  67. Allpha

    I found a petition to ask for season 4 secure [.] avaaz [.] org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?cJPtXcb sign up here i guess

  68. wag1 cuZ

    Wen is season 4 cmonin out for F***’s sakes.
    I really don’t think their gonna make season 4 tbh (to be honest)

  69. ephraim

    when galactik football season 4 will comming we r waiting i just love it

  70. 19catwoman

    yes plz m desperately waiting for galactik football seaason 4. (in India 🙂 ) i reallyyy want djok and mei to get back together.. let sinedd have som1 else!

  71. sangram

    please begin season 4 I am waiting for it so badly

  72. George

    I’m a big fan of Galactik footbal which is why I went looking for season 4.

    There is a petition trying to bring out the 4th season. They need 3000 signatures to get the season produced without having to go through the problems of hearings.

  73. kostas

    i want some intesity put djok and micro ice in the shadows it looks impossible but it would be pretty interesting to see those two facing the snowkids.i want a better stevens as well. even though he does not have a flux he plays great. plz!!!!! i love those three and of course lurr

  74. dobri

    please open the season 4 and 5 please i am a big fan so please

  75. dobri

    what is going on why do you dont make season 4 f..k french

  76. GFFan4life

    SEASON 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz

  77. No season 4

    Dear fans of galactik football

    I have contacted the Gaumont Animation on email about the making of galactik football season 4 and they reply. ‘ There will be no season 4 because they don’t have TV channels as partners which put them into a bad situation yo make the season 4. It’s too expensive. Without TV channels partnership they cannot make it.
    So unfortunately, good bye Galactik football unless there is another way to prevent them from not making it.

    Thank you.

  78. VeeMoN

    I too would also like to see D’Jok and Mae to be together, also a love scene for Mark and Nina8 ot may have been short but they were perfect, and if Sinned is still the one for Mae I hope they can make D’Jok and Nikki4 back together they may not be the best couple but it would look nice to watch two people with ego clashing and have a relationship, something for Mice (Micro-Ice) I’m wishing for him to experiencing the opposite this time rather tjan him falling in love to another girl this girl will be very possesive and will flirt with Mice which will make Mice avoid her and make Yuki and the rest jealous (Cat and Mice), finally I want a proposal scene from Rocket to Tia!

  79. messi

    it was rocket earlier (in season 2) who scored penalty kick just like zinadine zidane in a real match. after international fifa wc 2014, we will have s4 soon. if u ask me… I ll make a guess of around july 2014.

  80. belen

    cuando sale la temporada 4 porfavor..!!!

  81. Surya kumar

    I’m biggest fan for GF
    I hope mei and microice and the small kids return back to genesis

  82. random boy

    It’ll be awesome to have season four. Last episode of season three isn’t “The Stars of Akillian Are Eternal” for nothing. It’s the best animated serial ever. Just go snow go!

  83. Shubham Thadani

    within 4 days i continuously watched all the 3 season and i m waiting for season 4 to come its a request to the maker of galactik football to make it fast and more interesting

  84. football

    This animated séries took me far away from thé reality , and i want from the makers to creat other teams and new fluxs

  85. Radhesh

    Dear friends,
    Bad news, I contacted them through mail and they wer kind enough to respond. I am posting here their respons.

    “Gaumont Animation

    May 14

    to me
    Sorry but for now there will be no season 4 of GF as TV channels decided to stop it after season 3.

    Le 11/05/2014 09:14, Radhesh ar a écrit :

    Its a truly unfair decision by Jetix to stop the series…

    • shreyas

      Did you really ask them then help me so I can talk to them seriously

    • Mercedes Alves

      how did you contacted gaumont animations?

  86. shreyas

    Please start galactick football season 4 on Disney xd
    Can enyone tell me how to contact alphanim or I think we should ask laurent tuner who writes all the scripts thanks
    I hope that this is not true

  87. shreyas

    I hope that this is not true

    • Anoyliss

      secure [.] avaaz [.] org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/ – This is in French but you can translate it into English. This website is a petition to save galactic football. Please vote as it could affect alphanim’s decision to make season 4 GF.

      • shreyas

        How to translate it in english

  88. Meixdjok

    I want season 4!!!!
    Plz bring back mei and djok
    I want aarch back coaching
    I really disliked season 3 because of that !!!!

  89. Kevin

    Wen Is It Coming Out I Want Season 4 Me And Richard Are Opsessed

    • shreyas

      Hope soon

  90. gt lover

    Season 4 may come if we get 500 singneter and the cant refuce right know we have 3018 we gust need a fu more
    And we cane get season 4 so just go to dis sigt o and its in French just transla and sin up please if you want to see gf season 4 go to dis sigt
    [.] avaaz [.] org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/

  91. shreyas

    Come on that cant happen

  92. GajaSulima

    C’mon guys if you want to save the Galactik Football series, sign the petition. We still need few more signatures :). 3158 signatures at the moment, we need 5000. Go to the address below, and click signer. It’s in French but well the show itself is french, so do not be discouraged with that.
    So let’s do this, let’s save Galactik Football!!

    secure [.] avaaz [.] org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?pv=22

    • Testonboli

      I dont no wat to do!!!!!!!!!

    • Mercedes Alves

      Great idea! don’t give up, you will get 5000 for sure 🙂

  93. Jennifer

    Season 3 was a JOKE!!! Im dure that they ran out of ideas thats why the made this stupid relationship with mei and idiotic sinedd!!! Mei should be with d’jok!! Any way im sure sinedd did that only to piss djok off!!
    And the animation S*CKED!!! Galactik football used to be the best thing ever but seson 3 was HORRIBLE!
    Aarch should have never ever left the snow kids!!

    • 123

      Shut up!!! Season 3 was the best season of GF! You are jealous, because that gay D´jok isn´t with Mei!

  94. D'jok 9

    You’re really going to give up on galactik football?!
    Fight and try ti return galactik football,
    You hurt all fans of galactik football when you don’t do the season 4 of galactik football.

  95. Testonboli

    At least have it out on 2015

  96. Testonboli

    This also better be fast

  97. Intira

    Hey, im a huge fan of galactik football! I’ve seen all the episode and are so exited for more!
    Take the time you guys need to make season 4, and make it fantastic and the best season of it all. I’ll be waiting, and i guess im not the only one that support galactik football♥

  98. GajaSulima

    Hey guys, we now have 3484 signatures and it is going up. It’s over 300 signatures in ten days. Excellent!!! But we can do better 🙂

    Let’s save Galactic Football!!

  99. nikas

    so when ?

  100. meisinedd

    i hope season 4 and 5 will come out.
    and i love that mai and sined are together and that rocket is the new coach of the snowkids
    gf is the best of all cartoons on jetix !!
    so all i have to say is go snowkids go.

  101. D'jok 9

    Galactik football!!!❤️

  102. Ed

    Look, the only reason it is not aired is because of the MASSIVE hiatus that happened when episode 9-26 in English was missing for about a year this was because payment was being held up to the voice actors and they refused permission for them to be aired. Disney put massive heap on the first 8 episodes which were aired before the 2010 world cup and it received a massive following BUT no new episodes were aired and when finally the dispute between the voice actors was settled it was too late Disney had new plans and the only way they could be aired was at slots at around 3AM where no ONE would be able to watch them. They cancelled it and now we’re here but im sure it can be a prosperous season once again after the 2014 world cup has shown many people the wonderful sport of football i think this is the perfect time to RE-LAUNCH galactik football !!!

  103. Mercedes Alves


    • Ed

      Jetix don’t exist you would have to contact whoever funds the show. Which according to credits the UK is funded by the Irish film industry due to many of the voice actors being Irish. I don’t know but the petition is going strong 100 signatures a day hopefully get the word round more.

      • Mercedes Alves

        the problem is they don’t have a channel partnerchip, so we would have to convince disney to be their partner, as they once were. however i don’t know how to contact disney. does somebody know?

  104. Nicolette

    Oh so flustrating always in the best moment it has to end -_- but i am exited i really wanna know what happened and how will it end ^^

  105. Tia

    I want it to be broadcast on Disney XD.This is my bestest show.I am seeing it when i was of 5 and now i am of 12.I have seen all the three seasons and i want season 4.
    And i want to say you really hurt the galactik football fans.

  106. Ed

    Email from gaumount animation
    You should send it to the TV channels that air the show, maybe they will like to finance a season 4 with us
    It’s a case if getting the tv channels to actually get it running again and with the wave of support to football I think it is I no brained to invest a lot of time and money into it. The USA was taken any storm during the World Cup and a football cartoon with a captivating storyline in my eyes would be a recipie for brilliance.

  107. gf lover

    Come on sine the piticion only 1007 more

  108. shreyas

    I think we are near to bring back gf

  109. GajaSulima

    Amazing guys, we are actually doing this :).

    We have now 4189 signatures. 800 to go. Let’s keep this up 🙂

  110. Loveegf

    If somebody can tell me how to do the signatures then count me in.
    I really love galactik football and you really don’t know what it means for me to see that everybody here wants season 4.
    I’m done with it and i am asking my friends to do the same for me. BUT PLS EVERYONE SIGN THE PETITION SO WE CAN HAVE SEASON 4! We are a great team together so let’s sign the petition for season 4!

  111. Anoyliss

    avaaz [.] org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/ – This is in French but you can translate it into English. (google translate). This website is a petition to save galactic football. Please vote as it could affect alphanim’s decision to make season 4 GF.

  112. gf lover

    405 more sine and we get season 4

    • Faat G agureo

      Omg how i can signe it

  113. Loredana

    Hi guy !
    i’ve contacted the disney xd channel , think thats really obvius we want gf back , so we have to convince disney to make a new project about the season 4 .
    i think u guys ar doing that great u can sign me in into the petition i would love if gf come’s back ! I watched it when i was 8 and now im 16 and i want to see how it ends with the team snow *-*

    • NENA


  114. Iridium

    I that there will be a next season but from how they left season 3 its going to be a long progress that is why i have suspicion that they have started but not said anything because its hard to start off from when the last episode left so i think they havent put down a release date if they beliefs that it wont be out on time thats all i really have to say so who ever reads this take it into consideration…

    my opinion is they have started but dont know how long it is going to take for all the great ideas to come together.

  115. jaden

    Yes there will be another season if there wasent A another season they wouldent let the kids, mia, and micro ice disappear

  116. ioanna

    i don’t know but i hope so that they make season 4…and this comments u write 2 eachother are unpolite things…stup write like this. lets hope so that they will make season 4 and finish! and you can see that they make trailer for season 4!!!! so the show will be continue!!

    • Loveegf

      Can you please give me the link of the trailer from galactik football season 4

  117. Constantinos

    I sent an email to Gaumont Animation and asked if there will be a season 4. They said there will be no season 4 of GF as TV channels decided to stop it after season 3 and without them it’s impossible for them to finance and make another season of the show. 🙁

  118. D'jok bomber

    Se il problema è la mancanza di un canale televisivo, non si potrebbe dare la 4 stagione e trasmetterla in un Canali per bambini, giusto per fargli vedere qualcosa di nuovo in modo che noi appassionati la possiamo vedere? Io avevo sei anni quando è uscita e me la sono subito vista. Adesso ne ho 14 e sono ansiosissimo di questa nuova stagione. . IO ADORO GALATIK FOOTBALL e sono curioso di sapere come va a finire con i bambini, tra Mark e Nina 8, tra D’jok e May!

  119. xenon fan

    Put in a new character
    Name: silviu
    Playing for: xenon
    From Ackiliam
    will join the snow kids He wont be accepted the snow kids that easy
    Does his job very well doesn’t care what the other says he will play to win everything in his way.
    He has black hair spike hair
    Tall as sined and skin colour a bit lighter than mark
    He also is a good kid and start thinking of his lost parent and start crying but a girl comes and cheers him up
    He also promised to his parent he will be the best galactik footballer and in the future he will be with the girl he meet she also plays for the wambas and she will join snow kids too
    And there will be a new team trying to win the cup so they can free their friends and the other kids that dissappear

  120. unkown

    oi people staring galactic football those series are awsome get season 4 out quick its nealy the end of 2014 get it out now

  121. shreyas

    In end of december they will bring out in lndia (maybe) gf her we come!

  122. MARI8

    GF season 4 is exit at the end of 2014 on franch

  123. Bishal Roy

    Me & my all frnzz are big fan of galactik footbal…we all hav watched all 3 seasons….plzz release season 4 quick as soon as possible…

  124. Arsenio

    I’m also waiting for GF season 4! Would be great to see the continuence of snow kids adventures)
    Hope it’s gonna be released nearest years!)
    Personally i think that plot is interesting and for now it deserves to be developed. Also would like to see mei and djok together again.
    Alphanim, France 2, Jetix Europe surprise us with that astonishing GF season 4

  125. Who Knows

    I used to watch this show when I was seven or something. The only thing I remembered was that the first person with the breath was a blonde girl. Now I watched all seasons and I love it. Make a fourth season please.

    That would be great

  126. manohar

    I m the biggest fan of galactik football…
    When is the 4th season arriving .?…?
    Can’t wait…..
    Tia, Rocket, D’Jok, Mei, Mice, Sinedd, Thran, Ahito, Mark & Arch……love you all
    Go Snow Go…..
    Very excited to see the 4th season plzz release it fast…

  127. Desolace

    Amazing to see the GF community is still strong after so long, let’s keep signing the petition!

  128. rocket

    I am really excited to see season 4 of galactic football. All 3 seasons were awesome thanks to galactic football team and my request is to release new season as early as possible.

  129. Gf lover

    Guys im sooo sad cuz i dont think there will be a new season cuz on wiki if u put galactik football search the original run info is usually 3 june 2006- present that means more episodes are still being made but if u look now it will tell u 3 june-27 october that means that they stopped at 27 october an no new episodes are being made!

  130. D'jok And Mei

    Well we should get more fans to vote for GF Season 4 maybe they will bring it back, right now I’am contacting all the producers and the Gaumount and Alphanim to make it happen

    • prabudh

      i m wid u tell me how to do it

  131. D'jok And Mei

    Also guys we need more sigantures so we could make a full house for the petition 🙂 Like it says petition makes the Tv Channels decide to make it 🙂

  132. Lets save gf!

    I think the fans are not that intrested any more cuz every 3mnth there is only like one new comment ://. And every one is starting to not care that much about it cuz after i saw all of the three seasons i loved it sooooo badly and i used to check every day for the bew info but now im starting to get bored

  133. D'jok And Mei

    Type in secure [.] avaaz [.] org /fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?fgcBsgb

  134. Iris from greece

    i want so much to see GF season 4 is the best and pliz make couple Mei and D’Jok again i don’t like to see Mei with Sineed.
    and if you need Signatures i give mine too 😛 !!!!!

  135. Mina Mostrokol

    I am big fan of GF but I want the watch season 4…. I am watch every season but season 4 is not enywhere. And Mei and Sined is beauty together.Is beautyful 🙂

  136. Levan Akhalaia

    Please season 4 season 4 season 4 please please please its my favourite GF GF GF

  137. aria

    plz say a date for releasing date plzzzzz do you it will release in 2 ro 3 months later?

  138. aria

    Guys plzzz if season 4 is coming tell me and if it is not producing plzzz tell me. im big fan of galactik football and i have watched season3,2,1 and im going to get crazy because season 4 has not released yet so plz tell me is it coming or not??
    Plzzzzz teelllll me guys im waiting for your answers

  139. siva teja

    i’m the big fan of galactik football . i’m eagerly waiting for galactik football season 4

  140. aria

    guys go and sign for galactik football season 4

    secure [.] avaaz.org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?cJPtXcb

  141. Gaddar

    plz try yo best we are tired of waiting i want to see ahito in action vs the zenongs

  142. siddharth

    It is amazing I wish season 4 will come out soon I cant wait

  143. Micro-ice

    Please give us season 4, I can’t wait. I’ll bookmark this page so please keep me and everyone updated about the next season, if it’s happening at all. Go next season so!!;)

  144. aria

    guys sign for galactik football season 4

    we need more signs:(((

    come on every body

    secure [.] avaaz.org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?cJPtXcb

    (use google translate)

  145. Jay

    Where is it i Really want season 4 they can not just leave it like that season 3 last episode had such a huge cliff hanger our they even gonna do it.
    I really want them to please make a new seaon at least one more please its been years 🙁

  146. Brian

    GF z one of the greatest animated series of all time,I agree wit everyone Season 4 must come out……Mei and D’jok should be bac together,they have a history since season1-2,Microice and the kids should return to Gensis, also he needs to make a big decision to be wit Yuki or to find someone else…We also want to see new challanges,teams,fluxes,villians,and league console make a tournments nt wat happened on parradisia….Finally Aarch should return to coach the team that he had faith in him since the very first episode

  147. Faat G aguero

    I lovee GF , i will season 4

  148. Faat G aguero

    I sent today a message too Alphanim. I hope they answer me back

  149. Faat G aguero

    Haay GF fans i am sorry i have bad news. They answer me back and they say

    Thank you for your email.
    Unfortunately, there will be no season 4 of GF as TV channels decided to cancel it after season 3 and without them it’s impossible for us to finance and make another season of the show.

  150. Faatda silva

    Heey Gf fans help me please i will sign the petion but what is the right petion please reply my back . I will season 4 pleazzee :'(

  151. aria

    guys its right that they have canceled the show but if we sign it can affect tv channels and they may star to make gf seson4 .plz dont get hopeless gf fans and sign more thank u.

    secure [.] avaaz.org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?cJPtXcb

    • faa da silva

      what are you think, soo we have the 7500 sign can they make season 4 i hope soo. But can they make it reall

  152. niyaz

    Please started season 4 soon please football fans are waiting

  153. aria

    Help Galactik Football!

    Unfortunately, after Gaumont Animation stopped Galactik Football due to the TV channels that cut the show, maybe there’s still hope! Send your emails to Disney XD and France 2. You can also email Netflix and Hulu or any other online services that view TV content. Finally, email Gaumont Animation because they may change their thought after all Galactik Football fans emails! So tell your friends or any other Galactik Football fan to email these companies. How to contact the companies:

    Disney XD: disney [.] co [.] uk/disney-xd/contact-us/

    France 2: france2 [.] fr/contact/form1_opinionsemiss.php?chaine=france2

    Hulu: hulu [.] com/help/contact

    Another way to help is to complete this form. I don’t know if it’s real or not but if 7500 people sign in, Galactik Football will continue. It’s already 5589. (It’s in french but if you use Google Chrome you can translate the site) The site is:

    secure [.] avaaz [.] org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?pv=22

    I had put a lot of effort to make this post so the least you can do is to like, comment or follow.

    • Hakan

      now it is 50000

    • aditya

      it already 8,834 my friend and they want 50,000

    • Aria

      i just realized that i wrote this comment 4 years ago..
      and still no season4… 🙁

  154. nazm

    i hop sincerly that there WILL be a season 4 n D’jok n Mei must bi re-unite while sinedd must return to the shadows…what say ?

  155. Ayhan

    I want season 4! please give me some information what is going on at the moment?

  156. aria

    Guys plz vote for gf season4 . Informaitioans are all above

    • Hussain


      • Dilvesh Ansh

        you must sign a petition

  157. badar

    Plz season 4 quick plz give the date

  158. Joshua

    Galactick football is my favorite serie I can’t wait until there’s season 4 coming out

  159. Hussain

    Please everyone go on google write’galactik football petition’ in order to enter the petition and you can help getting the series back it will litterly take a couple of second we only need 914 more petitions on the first link so help us!!! SEASON 4 PLEASE

  160. hari teja

    i am sick of Galactick football s4 but i will wait for it

  161. surya

    plz reveal the release date of galactic football season 4. We are so curious abot it. It will be super hit if season 4 release.

  162. Rahul kumar

    Plzzzzzz release the date of season4 we are eagerly waiting
    for every moment.plzzzz as soon as possible release plzzzzzzzz guys.one thing I want to say that you are so much more amazing by introducing galactic football.iam very appreciated and so much satisfied for your ability and talent
    Here plzzzzzz d’jok and mei be together in season 4 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I think you are understood. Plzzzzzzzz

  163. Muhammed Khaled

    I love galactick football so mch so please make season 4 so quickly because I can’t wait to see it

  164. Lewis

    Is the galactik football petition still going on?

  165. King julian

    How can you end the show with all the little kids missing plus mei and micro lice and not have season 4 its been 4 years since the last episode and what the parents are not going notice, live without their kids and the snow kids are to have 2 less players like what they have to find the missing people u just can’t end the series whit people missing u end it with all together and Arch is getting back to coaching and his wife is gm how can u not have another last season like its just stupid

  166. Gf is life

    I’ve been a huge fan of Gf since I was 7 and know I’m 14 and I just want to know if there is going to be a season 4 !!! #bestshowever I am obsessed with it

  167. Shreyas baksi

    I have made the petition and wrote a strong comment now lets see

    • harveyxsidneyxsharkie

      Where can I sign the petish pls

  168. harveyxsidneyxsharkie

    season 3 had some of the best moments, such as the days with harvey and sidney, the greatest characters in the whole of gfc, sharkie should have started a team with harvey and sidney and clamp with the robot coach from team paradisia. however season 6 is the best especially when micro ice takes over from harris (after his untimely death playing in the gfc final) to become the new ruler of arcadia sports

  169. Football galatik FAN!

    Can’t they write the release date i’m very EXCITED

  170. Football galatik FAN!

    im Now grade 10 and when i was grade 5 i used to be very very bad in football
    The first day i saw this tv show i started to become very good footballer
    So if the Manger of GALACTIC FOOTBALL saw this Comment
    Ill thank him or her alot for this amazing show and i wish they make Season 4 as soon as possible because i have 15 years old and im watching this so please make the season as soon as possible because FANS ARE WAITING !
    U can also see me on Instagram (IBRAMDI)

  171. Galactic_Football

    If you want to see the official page of galactic Football on Instagram go now to Instagram and Follow Galactic_Football help the page to become popular please follow it NOW because it needs your support!

  172. Hakan

    I want SEASON 4 COME ON! 🙁

  173. jordan

    i want season 4 to come out soon and i hope mei is with d’jok tia is with rocket and zuki with microice

  174. hari teja

    still how many days we have to for GFs4

  175. Leo

    Personally I think Mai and Sinedd should stay as a couple because I think Sinedd is now an amazing character and Mai is the other female in the Snow kids. I know theirs going to be hate but it’s just my opinion and btw Season 4 pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse

  176. jake

    very EXCITED Can’t WAITTTTTT for release date

  177. Galactic_Football

    If we all are waiting for season 4 then maybe we should complain or make a report because everyone here is waiting for a this amazing cartoon ! Who’s with me?????? !!!

  178. Prithwiraj Biswas

    I want season 4

  179. Titorman

    Ansioso por ver la temporada 4, ya me e visto las tres temporadas tres veces y deseo saber que ocurre con los niños y con algunos jugadores de los esnowkids, porque desaparecieron en el oloentrenador al final del último capítulo

  180. Binesh

    I want it. Many times emailed Gaumont Animations and Disnepband Cartoon Network. Please come me out soon Season 4

  181. vikyy

    Hey, I am a big fan of Galactik Football and waiting for season 4. I hav all the seasons 1 to 3 and watching repeatedly still it exits me. Many of my firends are asking for season 4. Please bring it soon… Can’t wait!!!!!!!

  182. Hamdi GF Fan

    Everyone watching this TV Show is a huge fan of this show and it’s brilliant, Seriously, i was bad,.. Just very bad on football, i saw this show and i became better, my friends were very surprised, they started asking me what made you very good on football, I answered Galactic Football, they were like ” Seriously ” and was very glad. I’m happy because I’m still watching it but it’s time for some changes, although I’m 16 years old guy who likes watching such shows and I’m very excited about the new season……… Contact me more
    Follow me on Instagram (_H.A37) and I will be very glad to talk to you about this fabulous show.

  183. HazzBro

    Guys it’s obvious that they can’t leave us with that Season 3 finale shocker ;-; it’s Tuesday 5th April 2016 – Ad you all know, Jetix no longer exists as it’s been taken over by Disney XD . I have high hopes that we will get season 4 BUT ONLY if we come together and start a petition on Change.org (Aimed at Alphanix and Disney XD) This is the only way we the fans can get some Justice (After that Season finale shocker, we deserve to know what happened to the kids and Snow white team) Will mei&djok ever get back together? Anyways if we don’t show deman, we get no attention!

  184. Magnus Blade

    Someone pls start a petition or send me a link pls we need to get change #GOSNOWGO

  185. GFWillem

    Hi all,

    secure [.] avaaz [.] org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?aTIVCkb

    the above link is a French petition to show our interest in a continuation of the GF series. It is now at 1/5th of the needed votes, so it will definitely take an international audience to achieve what we all want: more Galactik Football. I still cannot sleep because of the season 3 finale and why there weren’t any companies wanting to sponsor this.

    I guess all there is left to say is: Spread the word! Together we can definitely make the Flux return to our screens.

  186. Mojahid

    I and many more fans of galactik football are still waiting………

  187. Snow kid

    Reply if you want a season 4 form Galactik Football. That we can let see how many fans want a next GF season.

    • Gaurav

      I want season 4

  188. D'Jok

    I thing GF is over, I’m very sad. But I will to wait.

  189. Michael

    Galactic football it is come season 4 as a football fan I hope

  190. Prithwiraj Biswas

    i love Galactic footbaal… I hope it comes soon

  191. santoos

    I am a big fan of Galactik football and GF fans are yearning for season 4 so please release season 4 of GF.

  192. Gaurav

    I am big fan of galactik football…. please work on season 4 or complete the story by movie but plz complete the story i want to know what happen with that guys who disappears…

  193. aditya

    it will start i think in 2017 because they have 5,000 signatures already and they have 9,200 signatures in petition….. so they need financial help

  194. aditya

    i have email now to disney xd and hope they will reply me….

  195. Javee

    Plz release season 4…

  196. Mohan

    Waiting for seaso 4.

  197. Saran vishnu

    I am big fan of galactik football. I have seen all the episode, now I am waiting for season 4, but it didn’t released yet not even a date. So I kindly request u to release the season 4 and continue the series as much as possible

  198. maran

    Many people need season 4 of galactik football so please make a season of it and u need to do many seasons of galactik football

  199. Danavax

    Micro-ice voice is horrible, but please give us season 4 and more!!! 😀

  200. sykothakur

    if you want to end the series so why you left a biggggg suspens i don’t understand

  201. Krrish

    Dude What happened to Season 4?? Please we’re waiting for it eagerly!!

  202. Ahmed

    I can’t wait till season 4 please bring it out soon please

  203. Neutralan .


  204. Abdul Thouffick

    I am the die heart fan of galactik football and fan of mice too pls put up the date to release date on the bord pls tq and so mice as a hero in this season


    From 2013 i’m here still waiting for season 4 of galactik football….. comeon publishers…… hurry up, we are hungry for more action..

  206. blue boii

    Am I the only one who wants Marc and Nina 8 to be back together or is that just me .

  207. Bipin

    Now it’s 2020 when will season 4 will com??

    • Younis Mohamed

      to be conform

  208. Dilvesh Ansh

    please tell us the release date, all of us here are waiting for it.

  209. Bipin nair

    It’s my favourite anime in them galactik football was best seasons they have but it’s time to have a new season four has to be released now I’m can’t wait of season 4 so please gets released now


    I am also a huge fan of galactic football. I have waited too long. I will wait till my death. If there is any last wish to me, that’s to see season 4

  211. Adrien

    Mettez la saison 4 de galactik football

  212. Younis Mohamed

    galactik football need to come out season 4 we have been waiting for over 8YEARS that ia a long time in my best veiw we will wait long time there pepole was saying season 4 will be in 2020 that is not true and they can’t leave the seen like that there a youtube channel called galactick foot ball and they say they are real company and they might faking it all along cause no one knows and if they left the cartoon some one need to buy it cause the lure left a lot we guss we need to wait i hope w will get it

  213. Mahmoud

    There are a lot of galactik football fans so there should be a season 4 and 5, everyone can’t wait

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