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Galavant season 3 ?

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When will Galavant season 3 come out on ABC? We want to know the exact premiere date in 2016-2017. Is the series renewed or cancelled?

The series in the genre of musical comedy called Galavant successfully debuted on ABC in 2015. It drew the attention of about 7.5 million American viewers and became the subject of discussion in many movie websites. Of course, critics have also expressed their opinions about the work of Dan Fogelman (creator), but as it turned out, many of them liked the first season.

Excellent rating and the support of the fans have allowed right holders to renew the project for a second season, the release of which took place in early 2016.

The creators hoped that this year they would be able to increase the number of fans of the show, but instead of it there was a fall of the series rating and a sharp decrease in fan audience. At the end of the first season the project has been watched 4.4 million people, but now this figure does not even reach the mark of 2.5 million.

Executive group of ABC does not conceal his worrying about this, because in case of further fall rating the season 3 of Galavant is unlikely to be ordered. The release date of the final episode of the 2nd season is scheduled for January 31 and we would like to believe that this is not the series ending.

Galavant season 3 premiere date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We are waiting for the ABC announcement, which will give an answer to our questions.

UPDATE 1 (May 12, 2016): Galavant won’t be singing into a third season at ABC. The series was canceled.

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  1. Leonora G.

    Please renew for season 3. This is the best show ever! The creator is GENIUS!

  2. Kari Reiman

    Your seasons are too short!

  3. Susanne44

    I want a season 3! ABC had better renew!

  4. Vern

    renew for Season 3, please! Or heck give it to HULU or Netflix.

  5. Bev Sk.

    We need a longer season!

  6. pam Mohrdieck

    just found this series and watched season 1 & 2 with my daughters – WE LOVED IT! We were SO looking forward to season 3 – and I just found this! WE WANT IT BACK! I know it was cancelled a while ago – but I hope it gets brought back! This was one of the most unique shows and it NEEDS to be brought back! Agree that Netflix or hulu should pick it up! BRING IT BAAAAAAAACK!

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