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Galavant season 2: premiere date

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Will Galavant have a season 2? Is show cancelled or renewed by ABC? We are waiting for the new episodes start and premiere air date in 2015!

TV-channel: ABC
S1 episode 1: January 4, 2015
Created by: Dan Fogelman
Genre: musical comedy

Season 1 Episode 1: 7.42 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 6: 3.42 million U.S. viewers

ABC management doesn’t hide the «Galavant» television series is created in order to replace the temporarily stopped «Once Upon a Time» TV-project, so the one shouldn’t expect it to have a high rating.

Despite that fact, the premiere of the show attracted more than 7 million Americans, which made it one of the most popular at the beginning of 2015. The success of the show seemed to be guaranteed, but already in a week the number of the viewers decreased by more than 3 million people, which made the renewal of the show for season 2 a question.

Galavant season 2 start air – [January 3, 2016] (UPDATE 1)

The release date of the new episodes is still being awaited, but we’re following the announcements. So should the new episodes be ordered or should the show be closed?

UPDATE 1 (May 7, 2015): Good news! The series was renewed for a second season. The premiere is scheduled for early 2016.

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  1. Sophia

    It’s awesome show! Really hope for season 2. Do not end this series, please. Too many reality shows, game shows, and sports …

  2. Jason Romero

    Bring the show back. I am so looking forward to the next season! Really enjoy Galavant!

  3. Gloria Dawson (fan)

    There must be a 2nd season! Please do not cancel it!

  4. Kristin W.

    This is the best musical comedy show I’ve ever seen! Great characters. All my friends watched anxiously waiting for the next episode to air. Make season 2!

  5. DaRReN

    I really like all the character’s. Can’t wait for second season.

  6. Eva Joseph

    I want to see season 2 of Galavant. It must be renewed!

  7. Victor

    When will season 2 start? I cannot find out this information in www. Can’t wait for the new episodes.

  8. Sylvia S7

    Can hardly wait for season 2 to start. When will Galavant be back on TV? Where is the official announcement?

  9. Malone

    This is my new fav show! Awesome cast and story line, no monotony! I still waiting Galavant season 2 premiere!

  10. Nick -=PLP=-

    Please don’t cancel this! Show must go ON! I became so hooked on this series… I think, Galavant is the best mid-season’s musical drama.

  11. Susan Hayes

    Keep it! My husband and I love it!

  12. Marcia

    Great acting, great everything. I think it is fun! They should renew it for season 2!

    • melody

      Renew for a second season I enjoy it. not like any other show.

  13. Edwin (Riverside)

    Timothy Omundson is the best. Please, ABC, please order a second season. Galavant is definitely better than the 4th season of Once Upon a Time!

  14. Tasha Ruiz

    It is a hilarious TV-show and very refreshing compared to other shows out there. Makes me laugh, truly laugh! Hope for season 2!

  15. Lao

    We need season 2!

  16. Sandy

    Galavant is the silliest funniest show on Sunday’s. I look forward to it all week. It is a breath of fresh air and one of the very few my husband and I watch on major networks. Please bring it back.

  17. Jeff Collins

    We definitely need another season! So many questions. No answers! Don’t Firefly us again!

    • Cynder

      No kidding love both shows. My mom and dad went crazy when they killed Firefly. Please!Please keep Galavant!!

  18. Jeff

    Great show, I truly loved it. I watch a lot of TV due to illness and would be heart broken if this didn’t come back. I don’t even like many musicals but this is GREAT. I would even cut down on my shows from this network if it’s not continued. It would definitely change my opinion of it and what they chose to bring out.

  19. pat

    Bring on Season 2. This show was so fun, silly and lovable and a great diversion from everything else on television. LOVE IT

  20. Jim

    Great show they should advertise and show it again . Everyone I told about it watched and loved it. They didn’t know,it was on until it was almost over…

  21. Rakel

    please please give us season 2…Really enjoyed it

  22. Sommer

    Please, please, please! Make a season two! I absolutely love it! The comedy, the music, the romance, and medieval times awesome! Keep it coming please!

  23. LC

    I will be extremely disappointed if there is no season 2 of Galavant as well as The Librarians. I’m tired of falling in love with shows that get cancelled only to be replaced by reality or competition shows. PLEASE LET GALAVANT COME BACK FOR ANOTHER SEASON! At least let us know how it all ends!

  24. J.C.

    I’m a guy. i love outdoors and i don’t like love stories are musicals so it seems a surprise
    that this really caught me. There is a lot of guys like me that normally would not watch certain
    things. Now everyone is caught in middle and if show stopped there would be empty void. its like
    watching a good movie half through and power going out at only theater to show it. then the movie
    was destroyed and there was no copies. Pretty much i do not watch channel but with this we do so if cancelled then we have fox and other channels to turn to even for the better announced news!!

  25. Sarah

    Awaiting Season 2.

  26. C.o.

    You totally have to make season 2. The show is so funny and you can’t leave us. hanging.

  27. Heather Aylward

    There has to be a season 2! Please bring it back my son and I loved this! It was like watching Monty Python. We just thought it was a great way to end our Sunday! Don’t leave us hanging!

  28. T.C.

    You have to bring Galavant back! I absolutely loved it, and there are so many things that go unanswered. The show is great and I’m sure if people knew how good it was they would most definitely watch it.

  29. Kay

    My boyfriend and I really liked it and it was something to give us a little comic relief at the end of Sunday.

  30. Todd

    Me and my teenage sons loved it. It was refreshing and different and I loved the witty songs and quirky story line. Please bring it back!

  31. maureen

    Really love this show. Please renew. My only criticism is that it’s too short. I’d like to see hour long episodes. I watch online so I can watch 2 or 3 at a time. The cast is great like the dad and kitchen maid from Downton Abbey. What a wonderful surprise. Can’t wait to see other guest stars and can think of many I’d like to see on the show. Keep up the great work!!!

  32. Sally

    If there were more shows on like this, I would watch television more. Please do more episodes!!

  33. darlene

    Excellent show!!! Monty style:-) Please continue.

  34. Al Kiczula

    I like the show. It’s fun and I look forward to seeing it.The singing and humor is fantastic!

  35. Michelle

    Please bring it back; don’t leave us hanging, wanting to know what happens with Galavant. It was the most fun I’ve had watching a tv-show in years! Witty, fun and well acted.

  36. paula

    season 2….please. need more lighthearted tv shows to make us smile.

  37. Laura

    There absolutely needs to be a season 2

  38. Angie

    I really hope there is a season two. My husband and I love watching it together. Love the story and the amazing singing talent of all the actors and costumes too!

  39. Brian

    Such a great show whole family loves it!!

  40. Corey

    Keep the show for Galavant. My entire family and I absolutely love the show! You never find many musicomedies like this. I literally laughed my B@##$ off over this show.

  41. Ju

    This show rocks! It’s SO much better than some other cr*p on TV. Dear creators, don’t get discouraged, some idiots just don’t appretiate good humor anymore! I love it!

  42. jeff

    My two cents. Make season two please.

  43. Terri roberti

    Please bring galavant back. Original and funny.

  44. meesh

    Love this show, something different for a change! Please bring it back!

  45. tammy

    would love to see this series continue!!! my friends and I have been anxiously awaiting news!

  46. Galavant fan!!!!

    LOVED IT!!!!!

    desperately waiting for a season 2!!!!!!!!

  47. gt slade

    Someone needs to teach ABC execs about nurturing a new show, rather than abandoning it before most viewers have heard of it. IMHO

  48. Christine Carter

    I love Galavant, each and everyone involved in the show is a genius!

  49. C Porter

    Absolutely love this show. Please do not cancel. I can’t wait to see Season 2!!!!!

  50. jess

    Please bring it back! The show is wonderful!!! there aren’t too many shows that you can sit down as a family with small children and enjoy together……this show is one of the ones that you can!!!!

  51. Julia St. John

    BRING IT BACK!!!!! What a hoot!!!!I so enjoyed this series.

  52. michele

    keep this show!! it is fresh and clever and funny!

  53. Shaw

    Please keep the show on the air. It’s so funny and clever. I loved it!

  54. Lisa

    My whole household is waiting for season two (while buying songs from season one). PLEASE keep us smiling and create a season two!

  55. Melissa & Paul

    We do hope there is a season 2,3,4….the acting is superb, the music is clever, and the set is eye candy. It’s an adventure like the modern classic Princess Bride – quirky characters and great scenery.

  56. Maggie P

    Really looking forward to Season 2. The cast are so much fun to watch. The script is wonderful and the ad-libs add flair from the cast. We look forward to the live show and DVR to watch and enjoy again later!

  57. Serena Nox

    THIS SHOW IS AMAZING!!! It needs to be renewed!!!!

  58. Carol

    Galavant was one of the best things ever put on TV. It’s different and quirky, and that often takes time to find an audience. Everyone that I have told about it, saw it on On Demand, and raved about it. Theater arts students will be studying this for years to come. Please bring it back, and this time leave all the episodes on On Demand long enough for word of mouth to spread.

  59. David

    If ABC is foolish enough to cancel this quality entertainment, I hope that other channels rush in to scoop it up, and keep it going. They’ll find audience support for it.

  60. Michelle

    So happy! I really enjoyed Galavant. Thank you, ABC!!!
    I’m looking forward to season 2

  61. MAya N.

    Awesome update 1 ! What a pleasant surprise!

  62. joanne

    So pleased to hear that Galavant has been renewed. My congrats to cast and crew.

    Sorry to hear ABC were cowards and canceled Forever. They never really planned on giving it a chance as of the beginning of the fall 14 season they didn’t see it lasting through May.

    Networks have to be forced to renew series.

    I really wasn’t sure Galavant was going to be renewed.

  63. rayquaza

    so it’s certain?YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I LOVE that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good humor, good songs, plus the end of the last episode last season was a total cliff hanger!!!
    Again, happy, if you haven’t seen this show yet, WATCH IT!!! YOU NEED TOO!!! SO HAPPY!!!
    =) 🙂 =D

  64. t'paul

    Please continue” Galavant” The show is the best thing I’ve seen on TV in too meny years. Reminesant of the best of Monty Python. If you can’t do it find someone who can…Please…

  65. Drew

    Great show! Better bring it back. Nothing else like it on TV right now.

  66. Donna

    Finally, a show we can laugh at and with. Please don’t cancel this to put on some dumb reality program that we already have too may of. You have a winner here, just read the reviews…

  67. Lolly

    Absolutely my favorite show….I never want it to end. My grand kids love it. We tape it and have “galavant” night with pizza!!!

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