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«Game of Thrones» season 4: premiere date

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When does «Game of Thrones» season 4 come out? TV show renewed or cancelled? Premiere air date is known!

TV-channel: HBO
Pilot episode: April 17, 2011
Creators: David Benioff, D. B. Weiss

Season 1 episode 1: 2,2 million U.S. viewers
Season 2 episode 1: 3,86 million U.S. viewers
Season 3 episode 1: 4,37 million U.S. viewers

At the start of Season 3 of «Game of Thrones» television series, the amount of its fans comprised 4.37 million people. That is 13% more than during Season 2 premiere episodes broadcast. Great attention of fans contributed to the extra points to the series’ ratings, which initiated its renewal for the following Season.

The announcement about the renewal of «Game of Thrones» for Season 4 was made by HBO management on April 2, 2013. The premiere date for the new episodes is scheduled for April 6, 2014, while the number of new episodes is supposed to comprise ten again.

What would you like to watch in new season? You can leave your review in comments.

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  1. papa

    GREAT! Long may it continue, it’s an excellent show.

  2. castilllo

    so quick =) thx HBO !

  3. Dave

    Why only ten for each season… I want MORE!!!

    • julie

      mee tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • dino

        we can make our own if you want to, wanna try????

  4. allister

    Why only ten episode’s and then you have to wait a almost a year for a session.And when will we see the Stark family with a bit of good luck.Three sessions gone and they the main characters and they stil being slaughtered.

    • Velshen of house Stark

      Read the book to find out about the Starks and all the other families. 5 books out 6 and 7 coming!!!

      • john

        Have just finished season 3 and interested in reading the book that precedes this series, what one would be a good starter from season 3 as I hear the books are mixed up in the TV series. is that true?

        Greta show and looking forward to reading the books too.


        • Sam

          The TV program follows the sequence of the books accurately.

          • Tracy

            George Martin said that the writers & director have changed some things. He said they killed off some people who are still alive in the books, but since I’ve only seen the tv shows and haven’t read the books I have no idea what he’s talking about.

          • b

            No it does not

        • Devlin Gray

          Read books from beginning, book 3 extends beyond season 3 and reading the books helps you understand the characters and plots (and more, SPOILER ****like who John Snow’s real mother really is****). Books were great and worth the read, especially since the seasons are coming out every year.

        • bill

          yes the book does not match the series

      • dino

        nahhhh…. reading too long makes my brain break…. and you can’t see the real damn action….

        • Jay

          Hey Dino, your missing out on the real story.
          My eye balls hurt so bad during the readings. Wife about disowned me.
          Still waiting on book six.

    • Skyeyes dragon lover

      I agree

    • Sam

      They are following the storyline in the books fairly well. The Stark family had it’s problems thru 5 books. I am waiting for book 6 to see if something good can happen to the remaining Starks.

      • Peter Wone

        My guess: Brandon Stark saves the world and achieves near-immortality but at great personal cost.

        More interesting is how this impinges on the titular game of thrones. Danaeris seems most likely to rule, but it’s far from certain.

      • Steve

        I’m betting on Arya, what a little fire ball, love her.

        • hameed

          i too love her and she will do some thing as she said her in first season to let her do hardship by her sword master….

    • HR

      The show is based on the series of books… While they have changed a lot of things for the production of the show, I seriously doubt they would rewrite the entire Stark storyline to appease your concerns for their run of luck… LOL.

    • steve

      you wont see the stark family with good luck, atleast they still dont have going into book 7.

    • mike

      because have shoot it in differnt parts world and get it right too.

  5. Peter Wone

    By “Spring” 2014 I expect you mean somewhere between August and October. No? You meant around Easter, and you forgot that half the planet has opposite seasons? Perhaps you could use month numbers. Amazingly, these don’t vary from place to place or language to language.

    • Sam

      Seasons 2 and 3 started in late March. I don’t know anything, but I expect season 4 to start in late March 2014.

    • HR

      Pretty much each season has started in the month of April. I would say it is safe to bet this one will as well.

  6. Anna-Maria

    Brilliant – epic masterpiece – thank-you HBO
    Look forward to SEASON 4
    From Melbourne Australia

  7. Ibrahim Nattaj

    I’ve never seen better than Game of thrones.

  8. Matez

    10 episodes for a season is too little for a year waiting, albeit an episode isn’t even up to 2hrs, this leaves a lot to wonder if if the producers have run short of innovative ideas. What fate’l befall Jon Snow as the surviving adult bastard of the Stark? Will he suffer the consequence of being defiled at the gate or be free and join the course against the Lanisters? When sill the younger Starks avenge their parents and Brother’s death? Will the mother of Dragons continue to opress alll with her creatures and gaining cheap popularity while freeing slaves about? When will the Lanisters pay their debt by suffering the consequences of their bullying and opression?

    • Frankm

      Read the books & you’ll know .

  9. Ryan

    They should keep pace with the books at least a little bit. Every book is longer than it’s predecessor, and in some cases, a lot longer. More episodes means more info seemingly keeping it closer (content-wise) to the source material. I know it probably has to do with the budget of the show, which was astronomical in their 3rd season. That may increase as popularity with the show increases, but they have done a damn good job with what they have had so far! KEEP IT UP!! THATS ALL I ASK!!

  10. craig baynton

    fab show was on my feet at the red wedding episode cant u make them 24 episodes a series not 12 its soooo long to wait

    • Sam

      Keep in mind that you are watching 10 1 hour episodes. That is like writing, filming and editing a 10 hour movie. Sometimes it takes more than a year to make a regular 2 – 2 1/2 hour movie.

    • HR

      Agreed!! More episodes in a season would allow for more of the books contents to be display in live action! I really wished they would have gone in deeper on Arya’s story!! As well as Sansa and the fool! It’s sad they wrote all of that out for the shows.

  11. Gerry

    Enjoyed every minute of all seasons and especially reading all the books. HBO PLEASE do hurry up with season 4 and how about launching this for Christmas – wow what a super gift to all FANS.
    One complain though is that season seemed to be filmed in too much darkness, could hardly see their faces at times!
    Congrats to the author, what a brilliant mind and so inventive, keep it up Mr.Martin and await the next book – this year please!??

  12. Gerry

    I meant season 3 regarding too dark shoots!!

  13. Cindy Moyer

    Yes please hurry it up. I can not wait. Great show.

  14. larry napper

    just don’t mess this up , you could have ten seasons. do your best to get all the characters story and it should be cool.

  15. Carol

    I accidentally got hooked on this when my son bought me the first series for Christmas since I was reading the books. Then ;I go everyone hooked and now after a show we all call and talk about what just happened. Love this! It will be sad when it ends. Love Terian.

  16. Donna

    Love this series….however, as others have indicated…too short a season & the wait is too long for the next one. I have read all books published to date and the show sticks pretty close to the books…but waiting a year to pick up the last season is way too long. Sure wish you guys would have more than 10 shows per season. Please keep the story in line with the books and hurry…the wait is painful!!!

  17. Jordan

    TL;DR: the show is worth the wait, quit complaining.

    Anyone complaining about the season wait being to long, get over it. I haven’t seen any other show so well produced and with such good actors. its a miracle that they manage to get ten episodes out per year. look at breaking bad, they were releasing 1 season a year and it was 10 episodes but not even close to as good as game of thrones.

  18. Sir Sasquatch

    I have watched many tv shows in my day, but never have i watched one as great as Game of thrones. my feeling were legitimately hurt when season three ended, I cannot wait until next spring..HBO your are all that is man in this world! and i look forward to a hopefully many of seasons to come of this great book and television series.
    ^^^^pardon my illiteracy i am suffering from the flu

  19. snowflake

    ok, we need more than 10 episode, more direct conflicts with dragon lady and the rest of the movie, a lot more battles, where are the battles? the best episodes made so far is stanis trying to take a city, and rob stark dying, that wilding women jon snow did needs to pop out another stark, things are going too good for dragon girl, kill juro or something, joffrey has to die, make his mom do it, sansa needs to find out about shay, i like the white walkers, have the wildings take and hold the north, then jon snow’s son can have wilding winterfell, maybe get arya with dragon lady, make a war between tyrells and lannisters, or make gendry lead the people of the capital, kill joffrey that way, then dragon girl kills gendry, anyway, joffrey needs to die he’s been king for too long

    • Skyeyes dragon lover

      read the books

  20. Pumpkin

    Great Show. Like so many others, I would enjoy more shows per season. There is always something in the works, that I don’t expect. It is my all time favorite.

    The creative abilities of all involved, writers, actors, clothes, sets, makeup, just terrific.

    Thank you to all.

  21. Rebecca

    Wow! Spring of 2014 is way too long to wait!!!!! I thought it’d be back in October…. This is the only show I’ve liked in ages. Actually I don’t recall ever liking any other show this much.

  22. eddie

    Game of thrones is a great series,, i love the setting of the old times,, and then with the mix of a bit of magic,, its very interesting to me,, cant wait,, hope dany stormborn , finnaly kicks some butt this season,, dragons gona burn Geofferys little you know what to ashes…

  23. freedom voter

    HBO [.] com. their website is an embarrassment. they know when the new season will start yet they don’t show it. it should be their lead banner on the game of thrones HBO web page. pathetic. When does it start????? I can just see a bunch of HBO geeks behind the scenes thinking they are driving anticipation but they are just pissing people off. I only subscribe for this one show and am this close to just saying F#@%k em!!!!]

  24. sharon

    I am totally hooked on this show, hope it runs for years!!!

  25. de Belchie

    I’m hoping that they will stick around long enough to cover each of the 7 books, and any other novels he is planning to craft.

  26. flé

    oui en effet il manque vrm d’émission ,10 n’est pas assez pour attendre la prochaine saison qui ne sera diffusée que l’année d’apres…mais sinon c’est la meilleur serie que j,ai ecouté de ma vie et j’attend avec grande impatience la 4ieme saison1!bravo pour le chef d’oeuvre!!

  27. Marie

    I love this show, I have read all the books that are out, hope the cover them as well but want to watch it now,, hate to wait.
    an I want more then 10

  28. craig

    The series is excellent and addictive. Yes it follows the books closely but having read the series of books many years ago its been a long wait for a new book to emerge and that book consolidates details up to the same time as the series had reached. We really need the new editions of the books to move forward as no penultimate nor ultimate book will exist to conclude the series. This happened with the Wheel of Times book series which had to be finished by different authorship.
    Everything in the production is superb as are the books; still, it would be good to know we will get a completed story line and not be left with a fizzer ending to both books and TV series.
    I think we all want more than ten per season but its hard to see how you could do that with the current production values non one wants compromised.

  29. James Pratt

    Want to see more than ten episodes a season. Its a great show and I hope it runs ten years.

  30. tarick

    i can’t wait i really love game of thrones i only hope that king joffrey will DIE
    i hate that son of a b*tch.
    John Snow must date the mother of dragons 😛

  31. Coach Al

    Season one motivated me to read the books but after the 5th or 6th episode, decided to ride the TV version and then follow-up with the book. So much cruelty in that era of humanity or should I say, inhumanity. Am still enthralled by the twists and turns, the supernatural mixed with the real world and the disappointment that good certainly does not always overcome evil. Haven’t been so intrigued with a series since the 50’s Zorro! That’s a long wait…..kind of like waiting for season 4 to begin.
    I have not been so enthralled by a series in years. Always watch the previous episode just prior to new one. Can’t get enough of the twists and turns, the cruelty and the tenderness, the supernatural and real world, and the extreme anxiousness experienced waiting for the next episode and season

  32. shreya

    i want to see vampire knight season 3………i m waiting…even..its manga is completed……i m very excited………..very excited………i hope it comes soon…………..

  33. Anoushka

    OMG- I just finished reading Book 3 & I CAN’T WAIT for Season 4 to begin!!!!

  34. OrlyS

    Everyone dies eventually. Only the dragon queen, Kalisi, lives forever. And the white walkers.

  35. john

    The best show on TV. Perhaps the best ever. This show and Boardwalk Empire keep me subscribing to HBO. These shows prove that high quality television is possible. I just wish there was a mechanism that would permit viewers to create their own packages as I only watch about ten channels, all the rest being wasted on religious shows, shows that sell jewelry and other cheap stuff, and language programs suited only for those who speak that language. I would gladly pay for ten channels, and pay extra to have them broadcast without commercials.

  36. Larry B kenneth

    Games of throne is one of the best TV series I ever watched. Look forward to the session 4 .


  37. c.bodden

    Game of thrones wonderful series hope it keeps going.
    Love the books too.
    Very intense series to followup on n read keeps one
    biting fingernails wondering who will die next.
    Its like a box of chocolate u never know what u gonna get next.
    G.R.R.Martin hope u finnish the other books soon.
    Will be waiting peasantly for the release.


  38. joe Johnson

    You’ve gotta give us more episodes in a season.

  39. wyndow_2g

    Game of Thrones is the absolute best production I have watched in a long time. I pray it continues for years to come. WAY 2 GO HBO!

  40. c bingham

    Wonderful series. Re watching first 3 on xfinity now, and can hardly wait for season 4 to begin in april. Wonder why ignored at Golden Globes?

  41. Mode Chinunu

    Im very excited with the series …….., let the season 4 come quickly with more episodes.

  42. eli

    hope to see the Stark family run into some good luck soon. cant believe evreyone got slaughtered..The best tv show ive seen in years, keep up the GREAT work! Cant wait to see a huge battle sometime soon.

  43. ea12

    I want more than 10 wks

  44. PWN3R ST3V3

    Winter is coming…

  45. Blexed

    we will xpect it by d end of april

  46. Tahiru uthaman

    I can’t wait, i am really in love with this show

  47. krlvnsa

    I am ready to watch season 4!

  48. B 4 real

    Finally tonight! Let the games begin…

  49. Alen kladusk

    Does anyone know when I can play your game of thrones season four

  50. Bob Seljan

    we want season 4 and you had better be thinking about 5 & 6!!!

  51. bob

    brill start to the new season

  52. Angela Marks

    Love, Love, Love this show it is my favorite program on TV and even took out an HBO subscription to watch season four because I couldn’t wait until it was released on DVD. I will be reading the books in between. I hope it keeps true to form and I cannot anticipate what will happen.

  53. LaDonna

    where are the dragons? I thought I would see more of them this past season. as always I am already waiting for season 5. game of thrones rocks!

  54. Susan

    When will season 4 be released on Amazon (United States)?

    • claus

      February 2015

  55. Leigh Gonnet

    The Lannisters are obviously Republicans.

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