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«Game of Thrones» season 5: premiere date (2015)

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When does «Game of Thrones» season 5 premiere in 2015? HBO renewed the fantasy drama for two more seasons! Start air date for the news episodes is known!

TV-channel: HBO
Pilot episode: April 17, 2011
Creators: David Benioff, D.B. Weiss

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.22 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 6.64 million U.S. viewers

HBO TV channel management made a real gift for the fans of «Game of Thrones» show. According to the rights holders’ announcement, the given fantasy drama has been extended for two seasons at once!

Thus, apart from Season 5, the release date of which is scheduled for April 12, 2015, the viewers will enjoy Season 6, which is to premiere in 2016.

Such a prompt decision was initiated by the fact the television series is ready to be watched by 6,6 million Americans! According to experts, such numbers simply force HBO management estimate their project at its true worth.

Also it should be noted that the show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss signed their contracts with HBO till 2016 already before the show renewal.

Have you expected to see two new seasons at once?

When will Game of Thrones SEASON 6 premiere? Follow the link!

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  1. Mat

    I’d be disappointed if they didn’t stick with it until all the books are done!

    • JSintheStates

      Let me prognosticate how this will go down! The HBO writers and producers will write the screenplays for the ending of The Song of Ice and Fire, and they will do that in Seasons 5 & 6 (and maybe 7, if the fan base and ratings hold). And that will be the finale for the series. Geo. RR Martin will then write the novelizations of the final 2 or 3 seasons, in however many novels the fan base is willing to shell out money for! Remember I told you so, December 11, 2014.

    • Zolton

      They will stay with the series so long as it is making gobs of money

  2. Artur S.

    The fourth season doesn’t just cover the events of the rest of the third book. It gets deep into events from the fourth and fifth books, too, deep into the storylines from those books for some of the characters. The show is going to overtake the books.

    • Chris

      No I don’t think so, the three books are not chronically ordered, GGM mentions this in the books them selves. There is still so much to happen in these books that I think could well cover another two seasons.

      • Steven

        Considering that an entire season is only 10 hours long, with the depth and complexity of some of the storylines. It should easily go past the upcoming two seasons. As noted, as long as the money holds out. Which will likely last as long as they are willing to maintain the shows quality.
        I had ignored raves on TV and the web, and recommendations from friends about the show for a long time. Being a fan of Sci-Fi/fantasy for 40+ years. I was acutely aware of the distinct lack a quality in most of it that ended up onscreen, this genre in particular. Then I caught a 90 second spot on a friends X-box. It looked interesting enough, so I watched the first two episodes and I was hooked. I upgraded our sat. package just so we had HBO. Now thanks to “GoT” others certainly noticed the potential for shows in this theme. We might start seeing more of similar caliber. Game of Thrones is in my opinion the best show on TV, hopefully they can continue the all around quality.

        • Wanda

          I agree, it is the best show on TV … I also watch the Walking Dead… I swore in the beginning I wouldn’t watch such trash… but after it was on for almost two years… I watched it by accident.. my husband had it on… and I was hooked… it is really good, but GoT is really the very best….

  3. TopaZ

    Love this show! Glad to see confirmation that it will be around for awhile.

    • Sonia

      I love the show as well and i am glad it will be around. I watched the first season and started reading the books too. I love them both really.

  4. Pamela

    It is really nice to know the show is not just doing well, but is now a huge hit for readers and non-readers alike.

    • Wanda

      I have read the first book… trying to find them in second hand book stores… may have to buy them new… apparently no one gives them up…

      • Dick

        Try ebay. I bought mine as a set. Not too pricey.

  5. Smile

    So the show will tell us how the series ends before the books do?

  6. Michael Sinovich

    Most overrated show of all time.

    • Steve O'Neill

      Most overrated show of all time, are you out of your mind??? What do you do for fun!

      • doug

        anyone thinking the show is overrated must be living in a closet

      • Tony

        Your face is overrated

    • marcin

      have you even watched it lol it’s underrated if anything.

    • Ranch Dog

      By you only!

    • Mox

      over what? just be straight forward and say you know no good stuffs my friend..! this is one of the good shows.

    • Steven


  7. GoGo

    more breasts and dragons spectacular!

    • Rick

      Haha, check out the “honest trailer” for seasons 1-3.

      youtube [.] com/watch?v=SVaD8rouJn0

  8. Sharon

    To the person who said GOT is overrated. Fair enough, but what do you consider quality. I have given underrated shows and movies a chance, and believe me sometimes they are not underrated.

    • Abbie

      if its over-rated why are you on this page… seems pointless to diss part of a page devoted to GOT?

  9. easy610

    This show may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is very well done. Characters are developed, relationships are explored, there is action, adult content. Fantastic sets and costumes. Feels gritty and real.

    I cannot think of anything not being hit.

    Maybe you don’t enjoy this kind of entertainment but it is not overrated.

    • DEREK

      A very well done show ,if you are into this type of show its quite spectacular ,its not for everyone,but to say overated that seems unfair..to each is own personally I love it very compelling, hope it goes on for a few more seasons

      • Wanda

        Me too… it can really take you somewhere… and then…… even further..

  10. arjun

    jon snow will be the king in the final season!! will marry Daenyrius Targarian… 🙂

    • Cole

      You honestly think this? Yet he wouldn’t accept Stannis’ offer to be made into a Stark and be the Warden of the North at Winterfell.
      He declined because he made an oath to The Knights Watch, he is their Lord Commander now and Jon Snow would never turn his back on his brothers.

      • jwcinnc

        At the end of book 5, his brothers turn on him, so Jon hooking up with Daenyrius may not be so far fetched. However, there has to be something to hold the south together, which leaves Sansa, Arya and Rickon to add to that line (if you believe the Starks should “win”)

        • Jrk

          If you just watch the show it shows the polar attraction of auras Jon snow on his way down while daenyrias is on her way up they will definately have scenes together even if they dont get together. I have thought this since the beheading in season one

  11. law31

    Great!! The time and the characters are so real look forward to April 2015

  12. nikk

    I am curious to those that feel the show is overrated what television show would you suggest?

    • Mark

      Not that I feel the show is overrated because it’s not, but check out another hbo series, Rome, if you haven’t already. You’ll like it if you like GOT. The guy who says it’s overrated either doesn’t like anything related to fantasy genre or just hates everything that gets popular. It’s either not his cup of tea or he’s just a douche.

      • Tony

        “Rome” is a great show but it is also over ten years old. It came out before “The Sopranos”. GoT is one of the greatest shows on modern tv. Starz’s “Spartacus: Blood and sand” is also an incredible show. “American horror story” is another show that sucked me in.

  13. Logan

    2015 is so far away!

  14. guss Bu

    best show on earth…

  15. William

    Does it really make sense to compare the cable TV show with the books? In order to keep true to the books, we would be watching Game of Thrones for the rest of our lives.

    • Wanda

      Yes, reading the books is really where it’s at… but I really like when they can pull off a book and make it super good….

  16. Jesse

    GOT, this is the best tv series watched so far… Sad for CRISIS though…

  17. Louie

    Cr*p have to wait another year for the next season 🙁 What a great series.

  18. Evelyn

    At 83 I would love to be around for the ending. How’s my chances

    • Sue

      I’m 75, and worried about that when it was just a matter of waiting [years!] for the next book. I have made an agreement with my Granddaughter…if I drop dead before the end of the series, she will purchase the missed volumes in talking book format and play them for me. now all I have to figure out is where I’ll need to sit so I can hear!

  19. SBH

    I’m a new comer to the show. A friend suggested that I watch a few episodes from season 1. So I purchased a few through Amazon and got completely hooked. I absolutely loved the show. I purchased entire seasons 1 – 3 on Amazon and took 3 days off to watch each episode. Then I watched season 4 on HBO on Demand. The show is completely unpredictable (if you haven’t read the books); you never know who’s going to the sword. And I enjoyed how they slowly integrated the fantasy characters like the dragons and giants. Now I have to wait for season five and hating it. Maybe I’ll start reading the books

  20. Love, love, love the show!

    My husband and I watch it faithfully. Did I say we mention we LOVE the show? Yes, we are waiting for the premier of the 5th season and are going to have a party / get together every Sunday. I never read the books; however, I was informed that the movie did very well to stay true to the books. APRIL is TOO long to wait! But, I guess we don’t have a choice. Thank you for this Series!!!!

  21. Texas Bill

    My son suggested I watch, he’s a big fan. Just finished season 3 so I still have some enjoyment coming. Love this show with it’s great story and characters. Hooked for sure!!!

  22. Leann Weronke

    I love this show! I hope it goes on as long as Dexter ,and Breaking Bad.

  23. Lori

    Love the show and as one who has read the books the main story line so far it has hit pretty close to them , though I have noticed a few things that are in the books but not in the show such as Mace`s woman and son haven`t showed up and the fact they killed off Rob`s wife when in the books she is still alive and the fact that there was a bard that little finger blames for killing his wife and they didn`t revel who Sansa was . Not sure how they are going to do things as mace`s kid plays a part later in the story to kind of wrap it together . Rob`s wife getting killed in the show is no big deal as she is not a major player and the bard is not big deal though it did keep them from having to revel who Sansa was , I have been thinking about rereading them just to get my fix of game of thrones because 2015 is still along way from now

  24. Denise Hammitt

    ‘Love this show , really looking forward to seeing season 5 .

  25. Christina Fair

    I can’t believe we must wait till 2015. I was expecting it to start in September 2014. What a bumer.

  26. phillip mcclure

    well GOT is now the most watched show ever for HBO I guess they have an overrated hit

  27. Joe

    I like it, but it gets a bit complicated following all the different characters and stories within the story. It’s still viewable, but would be better if they’d leave all the homos*xuality out of it. That is the one thing that could make me stop watching it. If it’s shown again next season, I’m out.

    • Sue

      too bad. you’ll miss a lot.

    • Sir Dontos

      That’s a little 1990ish of you sir. Compared to heterosexual sex its actually pretty rare occurrence. I’d almost say that its a pretty accurate representation of the ratio between straight and gay people in real life. And on the other hand I find it strange that the homosexual stuff bothers you and the rape and incest is ok. what does that say about your personality and really you as a person in general. You either a sick twisted guy, or a dumb ass hillbilly bigot either way.

    • Kathie

      Your comment is SO funny!!!! I cannot believe, as we approach 2015, that someone would actually think this way – and have the nerve to post such a comment publically. Seriously???? As said in another post, the series includes rape, incest, beheadings, and gore beyond belief (what a great show – it has it all!!!!!) and you focus on the few moments of homosexuality????? Please – do yourself a favour and tune into a tamer series. As for me and my family ….. we await season five with anything but patience.

    • August West

      More characters than a Russian novel! LOL. If one hasn’t read the books (as I have not), it is helpful to go back and re-watch older episodes from previous seasons. A lot of what’s happening, and relationships in the “current” time frame, are easier to comprehend. I don’t really like the gory violence, but I treat it like a cartoon, and it makes it easier to stomach. Perhaps looking at the sexual situations that are uncomfortable for you this way would help you get through them to the nexy part you appreciate more. Often it’s quite humorous. Has anyone commented on how absolutely hilarious some of the dialogue and situations are??
      “THAT’s a threat! See the difference?” LMAO This is Tyrion’s show!

      CANNOT WAIT for April 12.

    • Lily

      Joe don’t feel bad my cousin stop watching because of the rape, incest and the gruesome parts. Was not her cup of tea. She tried to watch after we told her about the show she couldn’t get into it

  28. G n J

    My husband and I are faithful fans totally love the series. Deffinantly up there with Sopranos, actually, better! But I would have expected nothing less than to finish the series. HBO doing great so far, wouldn’t mind if they wanted to double the episodes in each season…just sayin….

  29. Nick

    Great news!!

  30. Eric

    I didn’t watch game of thrones when it first came out then I decided to check it out when it was 3 seasons in on hbo go. I ended up binging for about 4 days straight. so going from that to having to wait a week at a time for each episode and then a year for the next season is pretty damn brutal

  31. mkcherry

    I fear one or more of the actors deciding to be done with the show before their character’s story line is over. Daario, Tommen, and Gregor have all been recasted at least once, if It was a main character it would completely ruin the series for me. Considering how many years to come the show will be on if its going to cover everything in the books, its a real possibility.

  32. Linda

    Even though the show is watched by so many people, I fear that waiting SOOO long between seasons, and then having such a short season to boot will soon lead people to read the books, instead of waiting and waiting and waiting.

  33. Scott

    This is a terrific show. well done! My only complaints is 2 1/2 months to see just 10 episodes. Then wait wait wait. Wow these people really really really get nice vacations. I willing to bet that they get 10 months off a year. I remember when there was 3 seasons in a year. What ever happened to that?

  34. Fred Dawes

    Go all the way until it’s done 2 more season. It’s great the actor’s all are perfect.

  35. Tiffany

    More John Snow! 🙂

  36. Leilani

    All I have to say is Game of Thrones rocks!!! I can’t wait for season 5! I have been watching from the very start and I will watch it until the very end. I hope it goes to 9 or 10 seasons.

  37. bums

    The best series ever yet !!! shame we have to wait till April , gonna look for the book ….

  38. D313

    def underated if anything GoT
    yes love Jon Snow > who wants Snow and Dant to end together ! from my understanding, and thats a little inside info from an extra on set the show will begin to differ from the books but not to much, just people who die in the books will not on the show. same as in The walking dead. Ive heard from a top insidet Gleen will not be killed off !

  39. Bobbie Loafman

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Glad to know it will go on.

  40. Unsullied Hero

    So very dissappointed Prince Oberyn got killed off warring with the Mountain in season 4. Oberyn Martell was a badass wild card in the series that I wanted to see much more of…….damn.

  41. Junaid Memon

    I love Arya stark and hate cerci. I think Arya ll be the main focus of season 5 and ll take revenge for the starks. I love the fact that Jamie isn’t a negative character anymore. I don’t have words for the imp and Jon snow.

  42. danny bridgez

    …patiently waiting…

  43. Christopher Burkett

    Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaeryn are, in my opinion, the best characters in the show, I also like Tyrian. Although I hate the Lannister’s I have taken a liking to Jaime, but I seriously hate Cersei I really wish she will get what she deserves. In all honesty, Im kind of starting to hate Sansa Stark, I mean, yeah, she’s been through hell, most of her family is dead, and she’s been passed around like a basket of rolls at the dinner table, but she’s too soft, too “princess-y”, and a cry baby! Didnt she want to marry Joffrey? It seems like she’s not taking any responsibility, when, if you ask me, most of what has happened to her, is her fault. #TeamStark #TeamDaenerys

    • Baanderud

      Read the books. You’ll change your mind.

    • August West

      Sansa has come into her own, and is realizing her worth, and doing what’s necessary to survive. You forget that when she was first betrothed to Joffrey she was an over-indulged teenager with stars in her eyes. She was hurt by her own misplaced sense of loyalty and maybe her somewhat dim intelligence. Her character has grown… and she’s become quite a woman, IMO.

  44. JKlife

    Game of Thrones best series since The Sopranos.

  45. joe

    I think they have rushed the shows . I think one book should have been 2 seasons not just one . I think it would have been a lot better . I still like watching the show .

    • Dawn

      I so totally

  46. SusieQ1701

    77 more days ?? The longest 77 days in history…Best Show Ever…and Rome was excellent too.. Would love to see Titus Pulo actor on GOT ……..Love Tyrion, Arya, Jon, Danny, Davos, Gendry, Sansa, Sam, Rob RIP, Jamie, I could go through the whole cast, love them all, Miss Roz, Miss Grenn, Even Cersai, you wouldn’t hate her if she wasn’t such a great actress…she makes you hate her, and Joffrey too…what a great actor he was to make us hate him so much….oh I wish I could speed up time….as for the books I saw season 1, then read the books, and I don’t understand the one or the other argument, they are both wonderful, why not love them both ?? !!To help with the jonesing there are some good books about GOT on Amazon…..Hoping the IMAX theatre here will show the last two episodes ……thanks for listening fellow fans…..Im 61 and ive never seen a better show…ever…maybe that’s why its the most downloaded show EVER !!!

  47. maureen

    I really love and am very entertained by this great period series. I have gotten several men friends to watch after they claimed a show like this wouldn’t be interesting to them…they are all hooked. YAY! Lets keep this one going.

  48. foxbebe

    So many of the cast should have won for their performance. Joffrey, the kid you loved to hate; the dog who guards Aria; Aria and Danerys. This is our favorite show.

  49. rexx valdis

    I came across GOT when it was showing series 1 episode 6, after viewing about 20 minutes. I stopped and when to find the previous episode, so I could follow the story. After viewing that first and second episode, I was hooked. I then went and bought the 1st novel and read it through. I was completely drawn into this fantasy world. I have now read all the published books and seen all the series to date, and like most people here I am ready for the start of the next series. Having read the books I know what happens to all the characters and there are so many of them. What I find very amazing is the visual world I see when I read the books is very close to that of the series. I am looking forward to reading the next novel in this series..
    GOT is amongst the best fantasy series on TV and I miss it,

    • L. Korowicki

      Good luck waiting for the next book. Geo. RR Martin, is too interested in selling himself to HBO to give a hoot about his fan base. We’ve been waiting years for the next book. Does that tell you anything. He’ll write past his books for HBO, then try to sell anyone who will lap it up, the illustrated versions of the HBO bull. Yes, the show is good, but the books are better. I just don’t see him doing his fan base a solid.

  50. connie beaty

    we were curious after watching the emmy’s and decided to watch GOT and we are hooked ! we watched for 3 days straight , from season 1 thru 4. can’t wait for season 5.
    Lovin the GAME OF THRONES

  51. Kate


  52. lucas

    I cant wait for season 5 ive read the books they are awesome and the show is even awesome its doesn’t stray to far from the books and thats whats got me loven it.


    Im a huge fan of the series and feb 17,2015 I will be at Best Buy to Purchase the Blue ray box set for season 4 with a lot of special effects and other special features all included along with a digital transfer, Ill have all four Box sets some with special packaging exclusive to best Buy, I also have a small collection of the game of thrones figures, which arer really cool, except Jon Snow likeness not to good the rest are all great. I have not read the books but I love and enjoy the series, one of the very best HBO series since the Sopranos ended. This series has a quite a few emmys under its belt and I will predict there will be more before the series ends. I expect Dany and her dragons and huge army to kick major butt sometime the next and final seasons, Cant wait. Thats my prediction she will claim the throne of all the kingdoms., its not a spoiler because I have not indulged in any of the books,Just a logical guess, Lanisters and other evil kingdoms beware. Tyrion Lanaster kicks butt and he should of won the last emmy and I know He was duly nominated. Ned Stark, Rob stark, and others who all were betrayed will have their justice in the end and their murders and executions will be vindicated. Just saying, Robert, las Vegas,Nevada

  54. brat

    This is the absolute best series I have ever seen, way better than true blood, and most definitely better than big bang theory. If they made a new season of Game of Thrones for the next 20 years ,I would watch every one. I am G O T ‘S # 1 fan.

  55. billy boy

    cant wait for season 5,but here in Australia we wait for ever have watched all four seasons twice n we got season 4 on a usb stick hurry up HBO

  56. Jerry

    I was late catching this series, not until season 4, but I quickly caught up and waited patiently,( (impatiently) for new episodes. I feel this show is one of the best shows on TV , only other show I would even came close to this was Spartacus, and Pillars of the Earth , both were Stars shows but both kept me coming back week after week to get episode.

  57. Dawn

    I thought that there was originally going to be 7 seasons and it was to take it to the point where the books are now. But if the series did surpass the books that HBO would go on anyway with GRRM’s approval since he had given them the basic synopsis of how he plans for the stroyline to go. There is so much important parts missed in the series, they could so easliy expand it past 10 epidsodes. I have been a fan since I picked up the first book all those years ago and anxiously waited the next, which we are still doing again. The show kind of helps alleviate the withdrawal pains.

  58. neal

    I love the show…waiting for season 5 premiere,
    I have a question for u guys…
    Who is the real hero and real villain in this show?

  59. sarahartburn

    And just when are the remaining books going to be published?

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