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Gang Related season 2?

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Gang Related renewed or cancelled by Fox? Will the show renewed for a season 2? When does the new episodes come out in 2015?

TV-channel: Fox
Genre: Crime drama
Creator: Chris Morgan
Pilot: May 22, 2014

Season 1 episode 1: 2.93 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 episode 10: 2.36 million U.S. viewers

All 13 episodes of the first season of «Gang Related» television series had different levels of success among the TV viewers, as the number of the last changed with every new episode broadcast. Uncertain final with the auditory, comprising 2,36 million American viewers, gave a reason to be unsure concerning the second season.

The rights holders decided to close the show without any hesitation, explaining it with the low ratings of the police drama, created by Chris Morgan.

A lot of fans disagree with the above mentioned decision, as the plot could have been developed and the right promotion could have influenced the show success. Apparently, it is much easier for Fox to close the TV-project.

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  1. Mathew

    Why aren’t shows given a chance to grow anymore? Almost Human, Tomorrow People, Gang Related…

  2. Shane P.

    GR was the best show I’ve seen in along time. S*cks they cancelled it.

  3. Ronald Logit.

    NO! This was the one show me and my wife is so looking forward to every weekend.

  4. Shelly Garrett

    FOX WAKE UP! This is one of the best shows on tv!

  5. Candice (Dallas)

    What is wrong with Fox again? GREAT SHOW! please bring it back!

  6. HoHo

    I really liked this show and I’m sorry it’s gone!

  7. Marie

    Nu får ni ge er ännu en Serier som ni avslutar F…… Men annan sk*t kan ni vissa i hur många säsonger som helst och dom tar aldrig slut………………….

  8. Barvara

    Do not let this show go iff the air; one if the best shows I have ever seen!!! Get it together fox

  9. Ladydkeller

    I can’t believe you are canceling this after one season my husband doesn’t watch tv and it was the one show he’d watch with me and you also cancelled almost human black box and Dracula I would love to see who votes on what stays and what goes because everytime I really like a show it gets cancelled I would like to know how I can be one of the family’s that rates tv shows!! I guarantee the good shows would not get canceled !!!

  10. Riley

    bring back Gang related, best show in a while, real life issues not this cr*p fiction and stuff, when did the viewer ratings drop? when all the favourite series’s premierd the new seasons?

  11. Wyndi

    All these shows are good but gang related was the best show in a long time fox doesn’t give anything a chance. Please bring it back!!!!

  12. Dudley Trawick

    This was favorite for me and many friends why is it it not coming back.Im very un happy as many people I know were really looking forward to this great series.Bring it bacK AND IM SURE THE RATINGS WILL INCREASE…PLEASE

  13. Angelica

    Sooooo sad you cancelled season 2. Such an awesome TV show !!!

  14. Glen

    I liked the show alot. It had a refreshing style. Something new and creative. I liked the characters. Why would you cancel a good show. Over a million people liked it. Well I hope you change your mind. I would like to see this go on.

  15. ch3nzo

    bring it back GR was the best show I ever seen n I never get into shows

  16. HJ

    If Fox; would have given the series a different name, instead of “Gang Related” It would have been a huge success, something like undercover. More viewers, would have tuned in.

  17. D

    Can another station pick up the show?

  18. Jeff b

    Great show was looking forward to next season but hearing show got cancelled. Fox plz bring back

  19. christine

    I loved this show… I will not watch fox shows any more… they made a bad decision

  20. sara

    Dang I really liked this show

  21. Steven

    With Sons of Anarchy ending, this show could easily have attracted that audience. Only a fool would pull the plug. Also the show aired in summer I believe which is not the best time for this type of show.

  22. demetric

    I didn’t watch shows on fox due to netflex and cable t.v,until this show was aired,fox you really need to bring this show back and if not,I hope another station or even net flex pic this show up,it is ingenious and a very very great show,great job riza on this 1!!!

  23. GR Viewer

    Great show! Fox s*cks always wanting to put on a cliche sit-com! Great series hope a real station picks it up!

  24. kool beans

    best show on tv and yall cancel it! cant be serious I guess its to real for t.v

  25. Val

    FOX you s*ck!! You shoul have tried rerunning the 1st season at a diff time, it couldn’t compete with the reality show Big Brother, which aired at the same time. GR was gripping and I didn’t wanna take my eyes off of it but at the same time last years Big Brither was good too. Please rerun it and watch those ratings go up as long as you don’t run it during a show that’s had a great track record for years!! Idiots!! Try it on Sat night when nothing good is on anyway, Sundays ( not during football) but when you have nothing but stupid paid programming. I don’t watch any Fox shows, that was the only FOX show I watched, okay besides anything Gordon Ramsey does! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. crystal


  27. kia

    I have been sitting around waiting to see previews for the new season and nothing I’m really mad I loved that show never missed a episode FOX messed up with that one!!!!!

  28. Keegan

    This show was the first network show that got close to the level of HBO Showtime or netflix programming. Hey program directors.…Seinfeld had terrible numbers the first season and is now an American Classic. A kid might s*ck his first year of little league and grow up to win the World Series.

  29. robert

    please bring back season 2… gangrelated was getting better and better with every new episode… really loved this show…

  30. demarkcus and dianne

    We watch shows like Power, Oz, The Wire, and Empire this show Gang Related is the is the best show we’ve ever watch. We’ve turned a lot of audience on to this show and everybody agreed. We like a lot of people who has been commenting on FOX cancelling this show you are really making a very big mistake. We’ve been waiting patiently for a new season since it went off. FOX please give the people and us another season.

  31. Cathi Orlen

    I was wondering when gang related was coming back on , my husband and I loved the show it’s one if the only shows we both really liked and could sit together to watch , how dissapointing to find out it was CANCELLED!!! The cancell all good shows but these reality shows stink & go on for years, give new good show a chance !!!

  32. Maureen

    You play all of the stupid reality shows, survivor, bachelor and other cr*p and take the good shows off. WOW How sad

  33. Heather

    I am so mad I absolutely loved this show! I have been waiting for it to come back on and now to find out it’s not is very upsetting!! My mother and I were glued to the tv every week watching!

  34. bob warden

    I was waiting for the new season it was one of the best shows on tv. they need to take some of the other sh*t shows off

  35. Jeff Wagner

    makes me sick that these networks create a show and get us hooked just to cancel it after one season. Yet these dumb “reality” shows keep going for years. This was a great show. I think the reason ratings s*ck now a days is because people don’t want to get into a show just to be disappointed 6 months later when it is cancelled. Something to think about FOX.

  36. val&herb

    Please bring it back!!!!!

  37. Crystal

    Damn Shame!!! I was soooo looking forward to seeing how he was gonna be able to live that double life…The dad in jail?? Now , I will never know…..OMG!!! It was a good show!!!

    • STEVE


  38. ben

    bring it back

  39. Rose

    I absolutely fell head over heals for this tv series, I can not believe your not bringing it back for another season. Why don’t the viewers every have a chance to determine if a show should be canceled after 1 season. This is exactly why I hate watching new shows, never know when it will be pulled out from underneath you.

  40. Anthony

    Bring it back one of the best shows out there much better than Rookie Blues

  41. Kathleen

    I loved Gang Related. I thought it was the best “cop” by drama in a long time. I’m pissed that it’s cancelled. It could have grown into an ever better show with time, it was great to begin with. They should bring it back!

  42. CPTJET

    Gang related was awsome who are you all using for yr ratings

  43. Dottie

    This was the best damn show so looking forward to its return now it’s cancelled??ill be looking at another channel not Fox anymore!!!! You’ll leave cr*p on and take a great show like Gang Related off!!!

  44. Faith

    Yall wrong

  45. Sal

    Not cool the show was awesome I don’t like many tv series but I loved this one I think Fox made a horrible mistake not to have a second season especially with how they left off with the first and now last. Wrong just wrong.

  46. Bleu

    BRING BACK S2. I just binged watched s1 in 2 days and want more. Fox you’ve made a huge mistake by cancelling such great programming. What are you guys thinking? That’s like having cancelled breaking bad…smh. Fix it and bring it back. The world is ready for S2!! Make it happen!

  47. Jimmy

    Gang related was a great show. I mean great show.

  48. stanley

    that was the best show ever please bring it back fox

  49. Marco

    Would really like to see this show come back.Maybe another network should look into it.TNT,SPIKE,TBS…..any takers?!!!

  50. Sarah

    Absolutely awesome show. totally loved it. To good for Fox. Starz are making brilliant TV, it would be fantastic if they could/would take it on. Was so looking forward to many more seasons.

  51. Debbie

    Gang related, game of silence, blood and oil and stalker all cancelled after just one season. This is ridiculous you just get into the series you really like it and then you are left hanging because the series gets cancelled. Why don’t you people cancel some of these boring, made up, fake reality shows. They s*ck and I am sick of hearing about them. It seems that you give us a good show with a great story line, something you can get excited about watching, only for it to be cancelled after one season.

  52. anonym

    there are still alot of people watchin this show, best show for long time. was searchin on when it will release more. and this site came up damn guys you really messed it up

  53. lous

    C’est la meilleur séries de tous les temps , et je sais de quoi je parle ,j’en ais regarder énormément pour rappel en est le 18 janvier 2019 , je ne me lasse pas de la regarder ,c’est dommage qu’il n’ont pas fait de suite ; QUEL BANDES DE CONS. message de la Guyane française.

  54. lous

    This is the best series of all time, and I know what I’m talking about, I’ll watch a lot for reminder is January 18, 2019, I never tire of watching it, it’s a pity he did not follow up; WHAT BANDS CONS. message from French Guiana.

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