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«Go On» season 2: premiere date

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When does «Go On» season 2 premiere? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about start date?

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: August 8, 2012
Creator: Scott Silveri

Episode 1: 16,1 million U.S. viewers

Episode 19: 2,87 million U.S. viewers

Scot Silveri’s American sitcom originally called «Go On» is unlikely to be financed. The number of the TV viewers, who are watching the final episodes of the current Season of the show, is constantly reducing (now it comprises about 3 million people), that’s why the further development of the storyline is being discussed. Before the official announcement of the new and renewed NBC projects is made, Season 2 of «Go On» TV show is the reason for a lot of issues. The premiere date for the final episode of the current Season is set for April 11, but will the series be renewed? Critics are unanimous – it should be closed.

We are following the latest updates on the given situation and will definitely inform you after the final decision is taken.

«Go On» season 2: premiere – [officially cancelled]

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UPDATE (10.05.13): TV series «Go On» has been canceled.

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  1. JoJo

    This show deserves to be renewed!!

  2. Tomm

    I hope the don’t cancel it. As comedies go, it’s still really really good.

  3. Xsam

    Don’t cancel it. this show shuold be renwwed

  4. Mazy

    This is the best new comedy that NBC has produced in a long time!

  5. Sonya

    I really love this show and will be sad if it’s cancelled.

  6. dido

    Love it! need more!!

  7. Rick

    I think the problem with this show is that it started with the wrong foot. The first few episodes weren’t really that funny. it did improve a lot in the middle of the season but I guess it had already lost most viewers.

  8. Homayoun

    This show deserves to be renewed!!
    I hope the don’t cancel it. As comedies go, it’s still really really good.

  9. Babsi

    Don’t close it down. There has almost never benn a show that entertained me and touched me at the same time like Go on does. The characters are simply fascinating, the show definitely should GO ON! :))

  10. Jason

    Please don’t cancel the show I really like that show please don’t 🙁

  11. Kanne


  12. Ferruccio

    It would be stupid to cancel the show. Please NBC, don’t be stupid.

  13. MMM

    i will kill my self if NBC cancel the show 🙁

  14. Naiz

    Awesome show, people must be st*pid to pick some other more popular sh*t that is on TV over this

  15. R S

    Cancel this show? Oh my God, Go On deserves another season….!

    • French guy

      It deserves more than One more season. The guys who make that show are doing an awesome job linking what Ryan says in his sports show and his life struggle. It’s a masterpiece!
      2 million views not enough ? Some guys on youtube would kill for 2 million views! Come on! think about the money you’ll get from the DvDs!

  16. RG

    Please don’t cancel it!!! Its an awesome show!

  17. FUNBC!!!

    Dear NBC please dont cancel this show, please i love all the cast here and theyvare all funny. I dont know whats wrong with you guy, but if you cancel this you s*ck!

  18. seif sami

    this is a great show t should be renewed lots of people would watch but its not that famous and it has only just started on some famous channels like osn if they give it some time and the number of viewers will increase

  19. Assem

    this is an amazing show, why would it ever be canceled? I watched season 1 in 2 days! I was so depressed to know that season 2 is being canceled! it’s so entertaining and touchy at the same time!

  20. Joeseph

    Man, don’t cancel the show!

    People who don’t watch it will regret not watching it.

  21. Ellie

    This series is so hilariously funny! I don’t get it why they canceled season 2 premiere.

  22. Go On FAN

    This show should not have been CANCELLED,Please renew it !

  23. Omar

    Sh*t, I loved Go On. Was my favorite series.

  24. French guy

    If the show “goes on” (:D) I’ll buy all the DVDs if I can get them in France!!!
    I really like this show!

  25. Rimas, Lithuania

    Awesome show, with great humor! Do season 2 for Europe viewers!!

  26. Norwegin guy

    damnit! this is such a great and funny show! i cant believe they would cancel this!

  27. The Russian Federation

    “Go On” its COOL

  28. mr268

    why cancelled this show?
    first the river and now go on???
    why??? 🙁
    i love go on,its teach me how to look different about new sad things in my life…
    and if i want to honest with you its really better than episodes,i miss friends,and go on remind me that chendler still exist!!!

  29. kaka

    but why cancelled?
    this show is very very good show and it deserve to have season 2 (or more)

  30. veer

    i love this show. its the best comedy i liked after friends. it deserve to have season 2 and even more seasons

  31. Arjun

    This show should not be cancelled !! It really good!!

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