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«The Neighbors» season 2: premiere date

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Will «The Neighbors» return for season 2? TV series renewed or cancelled? Premiere coming?

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: September 26, 2012
Creator: Dan Fogelman

Episode 1: 9,22 million U.S. viewers

Episode 22: 5,5 million U.S. viewers

An American sitcom called «The Neighbors» keeps on air on ABC TV channel confidently enough, thought it isn’t supposed to be very successful. According to the latest data, it is more popular than «Malibu Country», which debuted recently, however it is still unknown whether the given television series would be renewed for Season 2. Those 5.5 viewers, who keep watching the show after the final episode of Season 1, should become a reason for ABC to renew it. Will it happen or not? The official announcement of the rights holders should be made in May 2013, so, please, be patient.

«The Neighbors» season 2: premiere – [September 20, 2013] (update!)

The latest news will be published in the given article.

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  1. christy

    this is the best new sitcom i didnt catch in beginning but I keep buying episodes on Amazon

    • Billymillennium

      AGREE!! It is a great sitcom!!!

  2. Shawna Garrett

    I think The Neighbors is a great show! Funny without having to put to much thought into it, the humor is just there. Please keep this show I am really looking forward to watching season 2!!!
    Thank you!

    • Billymillennium

      Keeping fingers crossed!!!!

  3. Linda Brocki

    I love the neighbors,it’s a awesome show. I’ve watched all the episodes for season 1.
    I hope to see season 2 this year.
    Thank You!

  4. Debora

    I actually kind of liked the show. do not cancel after season 1…keep going

  5. Dimitar Berg

    The Neighbors should and will survive!

  6. Ringer

    Honestly, I don’t like The Neighbors and hate ABC

    • Billymillennium

      I hate ABC too, but sometimes they pull a good show out of their a*s

  7. Billymillennium

    Keep the Neighbors going!! is a great humorous show.
    Wouldn’t surprise me any if ABC cancels it and replaces it with their well known watered down comedy shows or another thriller law sitcom that their always so into releasing.

    ABC doesn’t know its own networks fate…

    Im looking forward to season 2, Keep The Neighbors ALIVE!!!!!!!

  8. oregongirl31

    woo hoo im happy its comeing back I cant wait when it comes back when very it is comeing back on tv

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