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«Golden Boy» season 2: premiere date

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When does «Golden Boy» season 2 premiere? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about release date of new episodes?

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: February 26, 2013
Creator: Nicholas Wootton

Episode 1: 10,56 million U.S. viewers

Episode 7: 7,83 million U.S. viewers

Television series «Golden Boy» was believed to have «a long life», since the pilot episode was watched by 10.56 million Americans. Soon the show, created by Nicholas Wootton, received a prime time (Friday evening, March 8) in order to check the true interest of the viewership to the given project. New broadcasting time didn’t contributed to the show ratings, on the contrary – the Friday’s episode was called a failure. Obviously, the given television series won’t be renewed for Season 2.

The premiere date for the final episode hasn’t been set yet but «Golden Boy» is known as the one, which wasn’t included in the CBS Renewed Shows list, announced on March 27.

«Golden Boy» season 2: premiere – [Officially cancelled]

Of course, the final decision is to be taken by CBS, so please, be patient and follow the updates of the given article.

Would you like the show to be renewed?

UPDATE (10.05.13): «Golden Boy» cancelled by CBS!

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  1. bomber

    Golden Boy is just another cookie cutter cop show… Just get rid of it!!

    • Bb

      Golden boy is not a cookie cutter cop show and perhaps that is its problem. For example, the show has multiple plot twists – at a time when young people seem to be able to communicate only with 140 character twitter messages, this may be the program’s downfall. The program would probably do very well on the TNT network – but TNT is owned by Time Warner, not by CBS

    • benny

      I take it that bomber is one of those people who wouldn’t know a good show if it slaped he or she in the face.

    • D Swygert

      bomber probably likes shows like Hand Fishing Hillbillies or gay partner shows.

  2. mini

    i love this show! Do not get rid of golden boy – ever!!! Theo James is such a hottie!

  3. Tania

    I was sick to read that this show may be cancelled. I look forward.
    to watching this show every Tuesday. Pls try. Re runs and more advertising. Just dont stop this show!!!
    pleas please don’t cancel cancel it has a good story line try reruns are Africans have not brought a audience and

  4. Lindsey

    This show is NOT a cookie cutter cop show. No other cop show I know of, states little bits and pieces of the future 7 years from now and then goes back to present time for the main story, which then relates to a bit of his life as commissioner in the future. It is unique, and I don’t think I’ve ever watched a cop show quite like it. I cannot believe they are considering cancelling it. I think the fact that multiple millions of people watch this show on a Tuesday at 10 pm is amazing considering there are many other great shows it is in competition with at that time slot. PLEASE do NOT cancel!!!!!

  5. Lindsey

    And another thing. To the people who care about its Friday prime time spot ratings as opposed to Tuesdays- one- not that many people knew it was switching days, it wasn’t advertised very well. And two, at 10 pm on a Friday night of course ratings would be lower; not everyone has the ability to record, and not that many people I know would stay in just for a TV show. Duh, that shouldn’t decide its fate.

  6. matt

    Golden Boy is an awesome show. It should be renewed! Keep up the awesome plot.

  7. k.l.

    I am a loyal cbs watcher. So please don’t cancel Golden Boy!!

  8. criminal

    They didn’t give for Golden Boy enough time to be popular! make season 2 please!

  9. Patricia

    Please don’t get cut golden boy it’s soooooo good me my mom and all my friends watch it Theo is good in it and so is bonnie sommerville please renew it for a second season!!!!!,

  10. Patricia

    It’s and awesome show!!!!!!

  11. daniel jeske

    Yes renew. Love the show

  12. Molly

    Please bring back Golden Boy for Season 2. Terrific acting, plot. It definitely should not be over.

  13. Jerr

    I would like you to renew because every time a great show is out you cancel at least let there be a second season I loved this show never missed an episode I want to know shot happens to don and the rest of the gang

  14. benny

    I think that Golden Boy is a great show and it being cancelled is just more proof that most people wouldn’t know a great show if it slaped them in the face.Golden Boy is very different and real and gritty and if they don’t continue the series,it will just be another wast of a good show just like Detroit 187 which was also a great show.When will we learn to appreciate good film.

  15. Dan

    they keep all the reality cr*p on the air they cancel the good shows. about time they do a cop show that is a little darker I love it

  16. Shilo

    CBS or just bs ???? Canceling this show s*cks pretty soon I won’t be watching CBS at all

  17. Michael

    Canceling this show was a big mistake I really liked it and it will be missed since CBS is CANCELING almost all the NEW GREAT RATING SHOWS. Can you reconsider this, because we need to see the rest of Walter Clarks’ journey to the Commissioners office. CBS WILL FAIL WITHOUT SHOWS LIKE GOLDEN BOY, AND VEGAS

  18. Michael


  19. alex

    i love this series ! f*ck ! f*ck ! we want season 2 ! ( they have to be vey smart to made anther one ) 😉

  20. maybach

    Pls renew…. It waz awesome so much suspense… Really liked it 😉

  21. Mobeen

    If anybody think this show isn’t good they r crazy its an amazing show plus with so many shows having their last seasons this is one of the few good shows i have left!This is by far the only Cop show which ive really come to love crime shows like Criminal Minds or Dexter are not as good this show it very unique and different from all the shows ive watched! And the season ending was amazing the way they leave a show at a cliff hanger like that what an amazing ending i loved the 9/11 episode,this show has a future i believe 7 season minimum and cancelling it the way the season ended would be torcher at least for me!!I honestly think this show hasn’t been advertised enough and if people are made more aware it will be among the top shows!

    • t-rell

      I totally agree

  22. Julie

    Do not get rid of this show!!!!

  23. Sammy

    One of the few cop shows I really looked forward to viewing. The rest all seem to copy each other and follow some current news story, but this one dealt with just the drama of the job and political plays. How bout one more season to see if the rest of america wakes up?

  24. vANIA


  25. betty kuhlman

    Well why am I not surprised,

    They always cancel the good shows and keep the ones that are dirty and have a lot of vulgarity to them.

  26. steve campbell

    love the show watched every week with my wife.

  27. Annette

    I absolutely love Golden Boy. I wish it would come back.

  28. t-rell

    I will boycott CBS if they cancel the show!!!!!! This is an amazing show

  29. Veda

    I am sadden and angry at the thought that this great work of art would be cancel. You have a gem in your hands and you are throwing it away. This is such a idiot move. I pray that you figure out how to keep this show. You have great talent and a wonderful story line.

  30. Tiffany

    PLEASE BRING BACK GOLDEN BOY….!!!!!!!!! It’s a great show why cancel it, I dont think CBS has any brains because if they did they would see that a lot of people love it and it should come back for a season 2 and many more.

  31. ann

    There should definitely be a season 2, they haven’t told the whole story yet!!

  32. Elena

    Bring it back! I need season 2! Theo is super!

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