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«Phil of the Future» season 3: release date

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Will «Phil of the Future» have a season 3? New episodes coming?

Tim Maile and Douglas Tuber in the cooperation with Disney created a wonderful show for kids aged 6 called «Phil of the Future». The story became favorite one not only for children but also for other fans of fantastic family comedies. Starting from 2004 it has been aired on Disney Channel.

It should be noted that with every new episode the show was becoming more and more popular so the rightholders considered the second season to be produced. After the premiere episode 43 was broadcast in the USA in August, 2006 the series was announced to be closed.

Many fans of the show couldn’t put up with that fact and were repeatedly requiring to renew «Phil of the Future» (Season 3). Since the show is officially closed its release date is unlikely to be ever announced.

Would you like to see new episodes of the given story?

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  1. Philfan

    It’s all about ratings, and it had low ratings.

    • Dina

      the actors grow up too…

  2. Julia

    i think Disney has something against good shows. Disney should have NEVER cancelled POTF!

  3. Me

    Because they use time travel as a key factor, they could start the show back up at any time, the fact that the actors have aged wouldnt matter

  4. jacob

    i think they should bring back phill of the future but with the original characters with phill coming back from the future when he’s older so it makes more sense he meets up with keely (or how ever u spell it) but she has a boyfriend or husband and phill is upset and stuff when she finds the salt and remembers the times they had together and they get together again and she goes to the future with them or he stays in 21st century and they live together forever blu blu blu blu

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