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«Gossip Girl» season 7: release date

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When will «Gossip Girl» season 7 premiere? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about new air date?

American teen TV series «Gossip Girl», created by Josh Schwartz, is based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. According to CW Channel, which broadcast all the new episodes, the series is very popular especially among women. Thanks to such a great interest, the rightholders decided to continue the series for the sixth season. But further development of the plot shouldn’t be expected, since more popular shows are planned to be aired.

10 episodes of Season 6, aired from October to December, 2012 were the final ones. It was officially announced by the representatives of CW in the response to the question on the possible continuation of «Gossip Girl» for Season 7. Its premiere air date, awaited impatiently by the fans, hasn’t still been announced since from November, 2012 it is officially ended.

And have you been waiting for a new season? Did you expect the show to be closed?

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  1. csb

    I am so sad the series ended 🙁

  2. gossip girl

    So is there going to be a series 7???
    We will just have to wait and see hope there is though!!!

    • Dusica

      OMG!!! I can’t belive. Is that true or not? 😀

  3. GG-


  4. belinda

    Love this show very upset to hear they are not coming out with a 7th season…surely they could find more material so the series could continue…

  5. tayler

    I can’t believe its over! I loved gossip girl. Hopefully it will come back some time.

  6. charlotte

    please make a series 7 gossip girl has helped me get through life

    • Jasmine Jones

      Me too

  7. Jasmine Jones

    I really was able to escape reality and felt like I was one of the cast members. Id watch thia before I went to bed an wished so aimlessly that I was blair or Serena. This is just horrible that the fans cant get another season. Seriously the ending was beautiful and it had a catch to it as well that made me believe a whole new class was coming about an all new people were going to be introduced kind of like degrassi. Please air some more♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Jenna P

    waaaa!! I miss Gossip Girl!

  9. gg

    i need to hear if gg has a season 7 or I will die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Xoxo

    Please make a season 7. I love this show and watch it religiously on netflix. Day n night I’m stuck to the tv

  11. Sherry Brock

    I really did enjoy Gossip girl. I couldn’t wait for the end of my day to watch it on Netflix. I am so sad to hear there will not be a season 7. I felt like I was one of the cast members. It was a really good series. I loved Serena and Blair….hopefully you will come out more season. It would be neat to see if they can act like adults or if the scheming is still going on…

  12. GossipGirl

    I LOOOVE gossip girl!! Like its the only thing that gets me through the day and I think season 7 would be a great idea!! Pleeease do a season 7
    Gossip Girl

  13. Tiffany

    I hope others a season 7 of gossip girl that world be awesome hope they start making it soon

  14. Gossip_Girl

    Hey girls and guys this is an amazing show hmmm you would never had expected Gossip Girl to be Dan would you. This show was supposed to give yo a hint to the scandalous life of people in Manhattan. So it did but what would you be without Gossip Girl. I promise you that I will be making a site like GossipGirl but it will be all real. Just give me a few to set it all up. It’s name will be Gossip Girl so basically the same thing but real. Just trust me no one will ever know who I am not even in the end I will be passing on the sit name address as soon as its done.
    The new Gossip Girl

  15. samantha

    I really enjoyed gg so much that I just dont know what I am gona keep myself glue to thats gona come close to gg please please consider anotha season gona miss nate he so cute

  16. elaine stevenson

    Surely they cant end it there ….theres got to be a series 7 🙁 love gossip girl …got to be one of the best shows iv seen ever 🙁

  17. Brianna

    I decided to watch all of Gossip Girl on Netflix this week and now I am very sad it is over. I had read all the books back in middle school and had begun watching it when it first aired when I was in 7th grade. Then life got in the way and I stopped watching it. Now being a sophomore in college, and on break, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch every wonderful minute of it, and form an even deeper appreciation for the series. I can’t even fathom how many times I jumped up and down with excitement or got pissed off at Chuck and Blaire’s love story. I do wish their wedding would’ve been more extravagant and longer so we could really take it all in that OHMYGOD after six years, this is finally happening! But I was pleased nonetheless. I really hope you guys can find it in your hearts to restart Gossip Girl. It truly was an amazing series and you can never have too much Ed Westwick in your life.

    • Linda


  18. indieprincess

    im addicted to gossip girl ive watched all the seasons twice or so please carry it on I need to buy more seasons!!

  19. hope

    when I watched Gossip Girl for the first time I went day and night non stop till I caught up… this is an amazing show please continue to season 7… I love Blair and Chuck my fav. <3

  20. shabreia

    I’m going miss my gossip girl show n whn make another one

  21. B Moyer

    Please bring them back

  22. GGFAN

    It’s sad to hear that the series finale is over but what about Blair and Chuck and their baby. Serena and Dan then they just got married what about their relationship after. What about Nate , Jenny, Rufus, Lily and everyone else. What about the death of Mr. Bass what happened there. There has to be another season the show must continue on. I’m sure you The producer can come up with more details for the next season. The last last episode of season six return of Jenny Humphrey comes back and does she stay does she go we haven’t heard from Herson season what five no way that the season is ending at season six. There are other TV series out there that have 10 seasons and this one only has six how unfair is that for people who like to show. maybe they should have a vote. At the end of season six we found out that Dan Humphrey was gossip girl but who will take over now is the question were all wondering.Gossip girl needs to continue at least for a couple more seasons with a better ending that is.

    Sincerely I fan who is dying to see gossip girl again!!!

  23. estefania

    they haven’t met the real queen. ME xoxo i could continue the season

  24. gossipgirln1fan

    Please make a season 7 I still cry because it’s over

  25. imortalink

    what a bunch of twats how can u leave us hanging like this is been way to long people are still asking questions and waiting we neeeeeeeed it get in shape and get started

  26. maisie

    gossip girl isn’t tv show its inspired one I love gossip girl some much chuck and blair belong together gossip girl is a show that captures people attion I love this show so much I cant even exiplain how much this show captures my attion please I am begging u so bad let be new season I havnt even even fished gossip girl yet I am on season 5 episode 23 please gossip girl is apart of my world know don’t let go look at how many people said they love gossip girl are u going to let us all down plz don’t gossip girl is my world

  27. megan

    maisies right gossip girl is an inspired show maisie good job of explaining it plz come on come up with season 7

  28. sexylicious

    Were is season 7 come on nuffing is better than gossip girl plz make a season 7

  29. x_o_x_o

    pleaaasee make a season 7 i lovee watching gossip girl i felt like i could connecting alot with one of the charecters please

  30. chuck bass

    please make a season 7 this is my favorite show and i cry and cry when i rewatch my favorite episode (s1 e7) please please please
    s1 e7 is jesus because chuck ad blair are meant to be together and thats when they first realize that it <3

  31. annonomous


  32. Annonomous

    Please let there come a season 7!!!!!!!!!


    Pleasee Make Season 7… Absolutely Love This Show !!!

  34. kelsey

    I wish their was a season 7!

  35. Aaliyah

    I know I hope there will be a season 7 based off of there married live and such but they ended in a good place were your wanting more but you have just the right information to live with it but honestly I loved gossip girl and my favorite coupe were blaire and chuck I loved chuck at like the last 2 seasons and I loved how blaire always stuck by there chucks side and chuck did the same but honesty my favorite episode every of all time is when they got married so for right now the last one but I really hope there’s more

  36. GG

    Hello fans this is gossip girl hope you liked season 6 because season 7 is coming out in December don’t tell anyone. This is a private message from Georgina sparks isn’t she just stunning well now you owe her a favor don’t forget you might just win our contest we start in November also remember who your true friends are unlike S and B. By the way in season 7 I won’t be nice to anyone all the dirt comes out after all it is our last season oops I’ve already said to much. Ps Nate Acrhibald has a secret affair with a women who’s married you would’ve thought he would learn from his mistakes after all it did happen twice be careful Nate don’t slip and fall on your own banana peel.

    Looks like the show must go on as Georgina says I’m pretty sure all of I know her by now isn’t she just lovely but sadly there will be no season 8 but since season 7 wi be so long have a nice last season while you have it because it won’t last for long

    XOXO Gossip Girl

  37. Amanda Savey

    Gossip girl is a great show why take it off air

  38. DONT skip this coment

    HELLO!, directors give the people what they want! You can’t do this to us we love this show , please!

  39. Beyonce Hutchinson

    No you have to make a season 7 you can’t let the show end how it is no one will let you do that to all the people who watch gossip girl will not let you do this there has to be more or people will just be wondering about what happens next in gossip girl so please make a season 7 please YOU HAVE TO MAKE SEASON 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Ana Cooke

    Please make a new season 7 of gossip girl!!!

  41. Titanna Ford

    Miss gossip girl they is the best actors ever and Jenny I love her hair and makeup and her clothes

  42. GG lover

    I miss this show , please have a new season !!!!!!!!!

  43. CK

    Feel whts left to watch..miss Blair Serena..Need GG7to 1000

  44. Gloria M. Maldonado

    I want season 7 and 8 and 9 and so on……

  45. Makayla deese

    Please please come out with a season 7 of gossip girl I loved it and want to see more

  46. Xoxo gossip girl

    It would be good to know what happened in everyone’s life I want to know if Serena and Dan have a child I’m really upset it has ended

  47. Charlotte

    I have bee watching gossip girl on Netflix for the past 4 week and I’m absolutely devastated it enden the way it has. I need more it can’t be left like this

  48. Lonely boy

    Why won’t there be a season 7!?!? I mean everybody wants seasons 7- infinity. I’m depressed that there won’t be one. Every time I watch the seasons on Netflix over and over I’m crying at the end of season 6. But every time I see Bart fall off the empire state building I laugh thinking that he got what he deserved. I’m never going to understand why they don’t do a season 7 and I might even die without one. Why are you doing this to me???? Why??????

  49. Amanda

    Awesome series!!! Please make season 7!!!

  50. Stephanie Roberts

    im so confused in season 7 ep 9 it said “to be continued..” after chucks dad died so why isn’t there another season?? gg doesn’t end right wtf…i don’t even know who gossip girl is this is so dumb.

    • eddiemoney

      There’s only 6 seasons and there’s one more episode left after that one.

  51. eddiemoney

    I’m a guy n i loved the show wish it would come back for a few more years but idk if it ever will alot of stuff has to happen for it to ever come back but ill for sure tune in if it ever does.. One of the best shows I’ve seen..

  52. Angie

    my honey and I watched this show non fact we would find ourselves watching it until 3am during a work i even found myself downloading netflex to my phone just to continue watching this show…just watched the final one and cant get enough….enough is never enough!! please bring back gossip girl..ive searched for similar but couldn’t find anything. Chuck Bass was my favorite….

  53. S.catoalltypeofhunanhair


  54. MIssingGG

    please come out with season 7 of GG… I can’t live without it

  55. Google user

    I need season 7 of they don’t give it to me I’m gonna die this is like my life story and Blair is inspiring me the older she gets… Chuck bass and blair are the only couple I care about right now and what season 6 ended on I swear I need a season 7… plssssss

  56. Ellie Logue

    please, please, please, say there is going to be another gossip girl because I love it and I would like to know how Blair and Chuck are going and how their baby is, plus I would like to know how Serena and Dan are going after the wedding and I would like to know if Dan and Serena had a child later on in their marriage.
    Thanks a lot for taking a bit of time of your life to read my comment because I know I have spent a couple of months of my life to watch Gossip Girl.
    I would like to say thank you again for taking time reading my comment.

    • michelle

      wait isn’t Serina and dan stepbrother and sister since their parents r dating????????????????????????

  57. Ren

    It’s already 2020 and gossip girl season 7 is still a gossip! Come on now! Release it ready! XOXO GOSSIP GIRL ❤️

    • michelle


  58. michelle

    The people who made this show even tho it’s late should rethink take away characters add new ones who cares as long as the show continues the actors were amazing and the series was interesting I just want you to know I am sooooo made it. ended take it from the fans we love the show!

  59. michelle

    and I still think that Nate and Serina should be together comment if you agree

  60. Rylee

    I have just ran into the show gossip girl and loved all the characters I really do hope they will continue to season 7 and going on with the show it felt like I was really there with the film I hope to see a season 7 🙂

  61. gossip girl

    I want thereto de a season 7 I have watched the hole thing 3 times already and it is amazing and I will never get old I really want them to make a season 7 it would be amazing it would be the best

    you know you love me
    xoxo gossip girl

  62. touvlm

    I need season 7 of chuck Bass and Blair wuldorf I ve watch season 1-6 three times already

  63. Ellie

    plz make a season 7 gossip girl is the all time best show ever!!!

  64. Mhai

    hoping for Season 7. It was a great story. All character are amazing. Love it.

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