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Granite Flats season 4 ?

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When will the premiere date of Granite Flats Season 4 be officially announced? There will be no Season 4 for the avid fans of the show.

The project Granite Flats became the first original scripted television drama series for BYUtv television channel. Having been released in April 2013, the show managed to attract the attention of huge auditory, which allowed the rights holders to renew it for the second season, and later – for the third.

In April 2015 it was announced that all three seasons of the show would be available on Netflix and also it was said that the show wouldn’t be renewed for Season 4. At the end of June 2015 BYUtv Director of Content, Scott Swofford, officially confirmed the cancellation of the project after its three seasons, titled as “huge success”.

Of course the fans were disappointed as they hoped to hear the premiere date of the fourth season, and got the news on the show closing instead. The rights holders explained such step by saying they were not ready to waste their strength and funds for the new season of Granite Flats, as BYUtv had many wonderful ideas and plots, which were necessary to be implemented. Unfortunately, it’s a verdict, which cannot be reconsidered.

Do you want to see the new season or will we be waiting for the new projects?

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