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Granite Flats season 4 ?

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When will the premiere date of Granite Flats Season 4 be officially announced? There will be no Season 4 for the avid fans of the show.

The project Granite Flats became the first original scripted television drama series for BYUtv television channel. Having been released in April 2013, the show managed to attract the attention of huge auditory, which allowed the rights holders to renew it for the second season, and later – for the third.

In April 2015 it was announced that all three seasons of the show would be available on Netflix and also it was said that the show wouldn’t be renewed for Season 4. At the end of June 2015 BYUtv Director of Content, Scott Swofford, officially confirmed the cancellation of the project after its three seasons, titled as “huge success”.

Of course the fans were disappointed as they hoped to hear the premiere date of the fourth season, and got the news on the show closing instead. The rights holders explained such step by saying they were not ready to waste their strength and funds for the new season of Granite Flats, as BYUtv had many wonderful ideas and plots, which were necessary to be implemented. Unfortunately, it’s a verdict, which cannot be reconsidered.

Do you want to see the new season or will we be waiting for the new projects?

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  1. Ben K.

    Bad decision. What was the reason?

  2. AlFa

    Please reconsider your decison to cancel this marvelous show and tell me there is going to be a 4th season!

  3. Steve

    Byutv really had a gem with Granite Flats, but they F*<k€d it up not renewing it for a forth season. It really seemed like a guarantee after it gained so much popularity on Netflix.
    B4 I watched G-Flats I read some reviews and most were parents saying it was a good show to watch with the family. I checked it out not expecting much, but B4 I knew it I was s*cked in to their little world and the episodes were just flying by, that only happens with great shows.

  4. michelle walters

    What a great show. such a sad disappointment for it to be cancelled, not only for my own showing pleasure but for showing the world you don’t need sex violence or profanity to be great entertainment . This is seriously the only mystery drama like that . Please reconsider and keep up the great work!

  5. DEV13

    So up set..this was a great show, appealed to everyone. Such a disappointment..No un needed
    sex, violence, just really interesting story and great characters! Please bring back
    bad decision..wont watch their other shows..threw a great one under the bus!

  6. mjo

    So I will never know if Beth really was killed, who Professor Hargraves really was or any of the rest of the plot lines????? At least publish the script.
    This was a wonderful show and it’s a shame that the audience wasn’t even considered in this decision. This was the only BYU tv show that I was interested in and will probably not bother with this station again if that’s what they think if the people they write for.

    • Arlene

      I couldn’t agree more with all your points

  7. Jeff

    We loved this family show we could watch together. We are so disappointed that we won’t be able to continue watching such a safe and interesting family show.

  8. becky

    What?! no! I love this show!

  9. Kristen

    You know, we don’t have enough decent dramas in American television. Today’s version of drama is pure garbage. Korean Dramas are becoming hugely successful over here because of this. The choice to not continue this series is a real shame. There were plenty of places to go with it. It was a fun ride at 3 seasons, but it still feels horribly incomplete. Someone who has the budget needs to pick this production up and finish the story.

  10. Desired

    I am so disappointed. I have been looking forward to the next season of Granite Flats and kept looking for when it would begin. I missed the announcement that it was not renewed. In all honesty I feel betrayed. I was late in discovering the series and I was thrilled to see a well made, clean family show. The cast was great and I was so happy to see Christopher Lloyd and Cary Elwes brought in. How can I ever trust any other series produced by BYUtv in the future. I don’t want to get hooked again and then be left hanging. I want closure. You need to give us an ending. And you need to give us an ending as creative and well done as the series has been. You could even have a one man show with Christopher Lloyd explaining what happened after the last episode. Give us something. Please!

  11. sally

    Probably won’t be watching byu tv except for conference. You really screwed up byutv. It seems tv producers cancel all the good shows and leave reality shows on our ones filled with sex and violence. And studio C slap stick comedy isn’t funny.

  12. Arlene

    This is a great series with in depth characters, great period piece and very well acted. I am so disappointed the series will not continue to a 4th season. It is so much better than most tv series.

  13. Frankie and Kay

    I think you should reconsider and do season 4. It really needs a wrap up. It feels like we were left hanging.

  14. Mary Louise Miner

    I am extremely disappointed that a fourth season will not be in the making. I feel like I am hanging onto unfinished business. Please reconsider or at least publish what the end story would be.

  15. Kelly

    I just found out. I can’t believe it!!

  16. Jake

    Well at least there is still studio c.

  17. Rouvi

    Why cancel a great and interesting show with a strong fan base to pursue other projects? Decisions like this leave the fans frustrated, disappointed and less likely to watch programs from this channel going forward.

  18. Ann

    It was beautifully made, wonderfully acted. The characters were great as well as the script, just about the only “family” friendly show of its kind on tv. We were left with too many unanswered questions. There were unlimited directions that this show could have gone. Very sad.

  19. Vickie

    I can’t believe Byutv is canceling a good show as Granite Flats. It is a show we can watch together. Pleas bring it back.

  20. Suzanne Berard-Langlois

    Please reconsider that cancellation of such a well written, well acted program like ‘Granite Flats’! Television viewing audiences are bombarded with schlock programming labeled ‘Real TV’. Shows unsuitable for family viewing — unsuitable for mature discriminating people unwilling to waste time watching garbage.

    Save ‘Granite Flats’, we implore you!

  21. Carma

    My kids are crushed! They loved this show and we looked forward to sitting down as a family each week and watching something interesting, well acted and wholesome together. This was a one of a kind show for families. 95% of what is on TV is garbage. The only other show we watch together as a family is “The Middle” and even that can have suggestive content at times.

    I’m so disappointed. “Granite Flats” was a lovely little diversion from the sea of filth that is currently on television.

  22. Kimberly

    Unbelievable. My family is spread out. Two teenaged boys, a middle school girl and a second grade girl. THIS show is the one show we could all watch together. So well acted that the kids felt they really knew the characters. They rooted for them and cried for them. They sang the opening song EVERY time. The decision to cancel this show was just wrong. Excellent programming should be supported not cancelled.

  23. Sherry

    Really disappointed, loved the show. I guess I can make up my own ending for the many unfinished storylines.

  24. Jocelyn

    So bummed. We loved it!

  25. Jim

    This is the best TV series in a long long time. Great family viewing, I hope you reconsider season 4.

  26. Rob Payne

    Well that just stinks!

  27. Ellen Costa

    Can,t believe you cancelled this show. It was one if the few shows we could watch together as a family and we are so sick and tired of reality show which seem to be so popular with different channels because they are so cheap to produce. Granite flats had great stories, characters and helpful messages within. It was the show we discovered BYU tv for. We get BYU tv with direct tv, unfortunately the rest of our family have Comcast cable which does not offer BYU tv channel.

  28. Paul Crossley

    What? I was just checking to see when season 4 is supposed to begin, and was shocked to see it has been cancelled. So sad and is unbelievable that BYUtv would do this leaving everyone hanging without concluding the show! Can we trust any future projects, that BYUtv will actually stick with it to see it finished? I felt that BYUtv was interested in providing family appropriate entertainment and that was exciting. I am not at all interested in reality tv, or perhaps not future BYUtv projects if they are not going to complete it.

  29. Carole Cook

    I am so sad Granite Flats has been canceled. I just found out today. It was the only show we watched other than General Conference. I think you owe the viewers an explanation.

  30. Louise

    It was such a well written show. It keep you waiting for the next episode. Good clean fun. The whole family could watch it together and have great discussion. Please, please reconsider. We loved every bit of the show.

  31. Dean Taylor

    The only reason I can see is that young actors age quicker than adults, the result being that the whole attitude and premise of the series changes. I love the series. I’ll bet another one is in the process…soon!

  32. Jones

    This is an excellent show and should not be cancelled.

  33. Kathleen

    Why bother creating a series if this is how its ended. I will not be looking at byutv in the future.
    Not going to get invested.

  34. Chuck

    to Kathleen

    My thoughts also.

  35. E

    Loved the show, can’t believe it was cancelled.

  36. Karen

    I can’t believe you have left us hanging! I’m with Kathleen also. Haven’t watched studio C for a long time. It is not funny anymore. All they do is scream and scream.

  37. LeRoy

    I got hooked on the show almost immediately. Great acting. There needs to the a fourth Season.
    If not then something filling in all the gaps.

  38. Robert

    I watched 3 seasons back to back in a day or so, this show was so good but why leave on a clifffhanger if nothing is to be revealed? I hated that we learned the true intentions of the doc then the ending ruined the whole plot there was no victory just defeat they need to clarify what the endgame actually was about. what happened to arthurs farther? you let 4 kids appear to be victorious but destroyed a fan base and hope in the youth who watched this show as it seems the KGB are the ones who won in the end. Unless that mystery would be resolved aswell.

  39. Jones


  40. Roxy Seligman

    we are hooked on Granite Flats. Finally a series with mystery, well developed, believable characters, intriguing and unpredictable story with historical references, and finally a wholesome series which can be relied upon to remain constant un,Ike so may series that start out that way only to turn into immoral trash. I think it is a crying shame that this refreshing series has been scrapped. My husband I feel cheated and betrayed.

  41. Dee

    This was a great show. Too bad it was canceled and some of the bad shows are still on. It seems like the shows that stay on are the same old garbage (sex, drugs, foul language). But, not surprising with what is happening with the movie industry lately. Shame on you.

  42. Paul

    Quality TV series, family oriented, intriguing. The end left the door open for more of the same with plenty of new adventures possible. Very disappointing to hear of the decision to cancel.

  43. Trina

    Why is it that what fans really want are what the execs cancel for whatever reason. You really don’t even consider the fans do you?

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