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White Collar season 6: premiere date

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When will «White Collar» season 6 come out? Renewed or canceled? What is known about premiere air date? Show must go on! We need more episodes!

TV-channel: USA Network
Pilot episode: October 23, 2009
Created by: Jeff Eastin

Season 1 Episode 1: 5.40 million U.S. viewers
Season 5 Episode 1: 2.53 million U.S. viewers

Of course, the further renewal of the show «White Collar» for season 6 is not senseless, but the series hasn’t officially been renewed. Shows always run their course but networks never let them go as long as they’re making money, and actors never leave as long as they’re getting paid. We hope it’s not final. After the official announcement we will update the given article.

White Collar season 6 – November 6, 2014

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UPDATE 1 (March 18, 2014): USA Network has confirmed a six-episode Season 6 renewal.

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  1. Pipo

    Awesome season finale! I do enjoy White Collar quite a bit, but all the gimmicks to keep Neal and Peter together has gotten a bit old.

    • MR MAN

      No I dont think its gimmicks, I just think Neal can be torn because he like peter.

    • Sam

      Personally I loved the show I feel that they need to bring it back… It is exactly how the government is they will do anything to keep u locked up under their control or thumb… I have envested as much emotion to this as the Sopranos or burn notice… They need to get it back up and running… If only I had a Nelson box to get good shows the ratings they deserve….

  2. Gross

    No end for this show! I would think you would have more confidence in the talents of the writers.

  3. Michael L.

    It is time to Peter goes to Washington, and Neal is free and perhaps a job in London?

    • Emma

      Neal isn’t free he got kidnapped peter decides not to go to Washington

  4. Alicia

    I thought this season was great. I’d love to see a sixth season

    • Shelby beal

      I love White Collar this show is so interesting I’m so excited about the 6th season it will be out soon

  5. johnnysciarra

    best series ever please don’t cancel.characters are great can’t wait for season 6. show rocks

  6. barbara

    Season 5 was great, enjoyed it . But the season finale was ended to abrutely Neal being kidnapped,leaving us hanging not knowing if the show is coming back,wasnt very nice,we need closure or renewal now

  7. Lynn Allen

    I have really enjoyed season 5. Since I don’t have TY reception I subscribe to it on itunes. Every Friday morning I look forward to downloading it and seeing what this week brings. I was very upset this morning when I couldn’t find out what happened to Neal. I didn’t know that was the season finale. Please do not leave a LOL hanging. Please renew. Can’t wait for season 6.

  8. veronica

    the end of season 5 was shocking that peter burke decided to stay in n.y.c. then all of sudden! Neal Caffery got kidnapped!! We definetly need to know how the story goes, ( turns – out ) looking foward watching White Collar. season 6 this is a wonderful show. this show is a (non -violent ). well that is my two cent in well got to go.

    Big White Collar Fan 🙂

    p.s do not Cancel white collar!

    well hope the show continues on , on . veronica

    • jacson

      Keep white collar goin its an awesome show we need season 6 and more 🙂

  9. kevin

    They should release the season 6 asap. Can’t wait for it. don’t cancel it please

  10. jacson

    Keep white collar goin we need a season 6 and more 🙂

  11. Sharon

    Please bring season 6 of white collar back. Best show on TV.
    Don’t brack my heart! I’m bed ridden and watch and rewatch this show all the time.

  12. barbara ann

    We need WC renewed sooner than later,we need closure dont ve us hanging,we need to find Neal,if they planned all along cancelling the show they should of ended season 5 with Neal being free, and the Burke’s going to Washington, and Diana and Jones getting promoted, and Mozzie being Mozzie following Neal, not having him kidnapped and leave us wondering.

    • Marianne janis

      I agree with you whole heartedly

  13. Leslie

    Please bring this show back. I love it. I love how you guys ended season 5, but that all changes if you guys don’t go on with season 6. I really want to see what happens with Neil and everything.

    Huge Fan of White Collar. Please renew season.

  14. tirzah

    White collar is my number one favoriet show.

  15. Nichols

    Please carry on ik a lot of people who watch white collar and love it! It’s my favorite show! I’d be so sad if it ended and everyone else here USA so don’t cancel it please

  16. Neal

    Neal is the best White collar is the best… the best show ever don’t cancel renew please

  17. Lois

    You can’t lave us hanging like this! White Collar is a great show, please renew it.

  18. Helen Adam

    Never saw a show that we liked as much. Casting is terrific and the writing is superb. We tell everyone to watch because it is so fast moving.

  19. Tory

    Please I love this show!

  20. fatima

    omg no they need to have a season six i a literally in tears you have to put in a next seasonn no it cant end not yet its too perfect plz keep it runnin

    • MOUAD

      I agree

  21. MOUAD

    perfect show ever! actors are great…!
    Keep up the great work!
    can’t wait for Season 6

  22. Ginger

    I ship them >^<

  23. Lovey A Leavell

    For the season six finale, I would love to see Neal open his own painting gallery perhaps giving art appreciation lessons. I would also love to see Sarah come back to New York and marry Neal. Mozzie should be able to find his parents and Neal should be able to find his mom along with closure with his dad going to the penitentiary. Mozzie could also work with Neil doing research on different art and artifacts. Peter could retire and he and his wife could go into business together doing her catering thing. Diana and Jones could be promoted.

    • Shelby beal

      I think that Neal should stay away from Mazzie or Theodor because every time he seems to get into trouble is because Mazzie ends up influencing him that people like them cant Change or who cant leave a criminal life behind and be a decent man. Mazzie is a bad influence on him.Mazzie plants thoughts in his mind that he cant turn his life around and that he will always be a Criminal. If Mazzie was a real friend he wouldn’t be influencing him to steal. Mazzie at the end of season 5 was steel trying to convince Neal to steal the Hope Diamond when Neal said he wanted to leave his criminal life behind. Mazzie seems to be the one who gets him into trouble.Listen to Peter he’s a good influence on you.

  24. Mistystar4233

    need another season! glad there is one though. but everyone is saying it is the last one!!! sure you lost some views, but you got them back!!! save whitecollar !!!!!

  25. DIANNE

    Love, love, love this show. Please don’t leave it hanging like this. We need at least a Season 6…if not more. Great job writers !!!

  26. Becky

    I don’t watch much tv, don’t even have cable..just netflex. Love this show! Looking forward to Season 6

  27. Rosie

    Please don’t take off white collar.Season5 left us hanging on for Season6.I love peter and neal they work well together.Big fan of the show.

    • Shelby beal

      I love how Peter and Neal make such a great team. I love how Peter doesn’t just think of Neal as business partener or a Criminal he cares about Neal treats him as a friend and I think that Peter and his wife know that Neal is very hard headed and he is a very impulsive person but they can tell that he is good guy. When he is with Peter you can tell that Neal wants to be a better person & Peter gives him the confidence to want do that.

  28. Nancy Boone

    Stop cancelling all of the USA Network programs that I love, “Burn Notice”, “First Wives”, “Monk”, “Psych”, etc, etc, etc…..or I will stop watching your network altogether!!!
    Renew “White Collar” immediately!

  29. Marianne janis

    I accept that White Collar is only 6 episodes but my heart is broken that we are loosing Neal

  30. L. B. Graumann

    I have been a faithful follower of White Collar…only now to find out it may not be renewed????
    What a mistake that would be…numbers are one thing but devoted followers and a good number consistently watching would seem to me the thing to watch for. It’s such a great series, please don’t disappoint us!! There is so much “junk” out there, don’t take the good ones away.

  31. Sean

    By far the best show on tv. Everything about the series is great. Don’t stop now. Moz is awesome! I hope this show has the life that The Simpsons has had!

  32. Lesley

    It’s understandable that Matt, as an actor wants to ‘go on’ to something else, and we’ll hate to see this great series end, but … only 6 episodes… gee. We’ll take what we can get. And Matt, when you resurface, we’ll be there. Yes to more White Collar.

  33. Marianne janis

    I don’t know what anyone else is doing but iam personally boycotting USA because of what they are doing to Wc fans

  34. Kim

    I love this show. White collar deserves a season 6

  35. Carl Wayne

    I came late to this series but have really enjoyed it. A 6th season is definitely needed to resolve issues (kidnapping et al) and, if no further seasons are forth coming, closure. The chemistry between actors is excellent, writing & acting quite good; viewers invested in the characters; all good reasons to continue the series!

  36. sharon

    I love the show, could watch it forever, Matt and the crew are great, the story is great, so badly want to see Neil get one over on them. Hope it doesn’t get cancelled, all my favorite shows are getting cancelled. I am getting tired of that, I will let cable go next one that gets cancelled.

  37. Rhonda

    I am very sad to think this series could be canceled. I love love love this show.

  38. Emjon

    This series got me through the long, awful, dreaded hospital days of treatment. Don’t take it away from me.

  39. Terry

    Love this show. Always hard to find when it will be on though, so no wonder you’ve lost viewers.
    Don’t cancel it!

  40. tody learn

    I hope this show goes on for 5 more seasons…it’s the decent, interesting, fastmoving show I’d spend my time watching. I like good guys and gals doing good things….their all heros for whats right with a moment of temptation from the old life. Keep going!!!!

  41. Elzlynn

    White Collar is a class act in every way. The characters are perfectly casted & played with so much heart & authenticity. My husband & I are addicted to this show because it is so clever & well written with many threads & sub plots to keep one on their toes. It’s a thinking man’s kind of entertainment with amazing photography in nearly every shot that as balanced in its appeal to the eye as to one’s mind. We also very much appreciate the humor & the lack of violence, gore & profanity!! Please keep up the good work & give us more of this sublime entertainment that is not only witty & intellectually gratifying, but artful.

  42. Michael D. Simpson

    I hate to think I may be the determining factor of this show. but it seems that every show I like is cancelled.
    I think this is my favorite show of all times. Have been there from Show #1.
    I even watch them in on demand and have even went back to Netflix and watched old episodes.
    They almost lost me with the Nazi U-boat cr*p, but I weathered through that, and I will have to agree with the rest of the masses that season #5 has been the best so far.
    Please give us some closure.

  43. Kevin Patrick

    Looks like the USA network is still looking for the next Burn Notice , and has lost financial faith in one of the banner shows : White Collar . Six episodes does not allow for intricate capers , an underlying subplot , or a 4 episode winter run . I am extremely disappointed . Since Burn Notice ended Suits , and White Collar have been my 2 favs . They need to rechannel their efforts & money into making White Collar the banner network show . Do not let it turn into Nurse Jackie ( once a year for 6 shows ) . I am dumbfounded by this move . You viewers out there need to tune in live ( not TIVO ) for every episode to send a message to the execs at USA !

  44. sarah anne

    Dont you guys listen to the fans? We love this show and dont want it to end!!!!! It is sooooooooooo much better than Burn Notice which I bought now am trying to sell!
    Please keep it going..
    Also, why not make a change and have Peter be Neal’s dad. They already show signs of a father, son bond. I like Treat Williams, but Peter is far better as Neals father.
    Please reconsider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. sharon

    I love the show, every time it seems a really good show is created they end up cancelling it, that is why am getting sick of cable and don’t want to watch their shows anymore, because every time I do start watching them and love them the fools cancel it. If this is cancelled I won’t bother with anymore of them. Please don’t cancel white collar, it’s the best show going on USA

  46. Elinore

    I hope they don’t cancel it. My entire family watches it.

  47. Amanda

    There has to be at least another season! USA would be blind not to see how many followers the show has. It would be dumb not to air another season or 5.

  48. rick

    ONLY 6 NEW EPISODES? Are you crazy USA network? This is a great show and should be at least 12 episodes. Everyone likes this show. Put more promotion behind the show. Its well acted and written. People love this show give it more PR so it can be extremely successful. Its better to promote this show than introducing a new show which may or may not make it like some of the new shows you have just released. Very poor choices for some of your new choices.

  49. Pat

    I love this show and hope there is a Season 6. I would truly love to know what happens to Peter and how his arrest will affect Neil. Also I would like to knw what happens to Neil’s Dad. He is a real piece of work and needs to be put away.

  50. kyoka

    I love this show so much, please don’t cancel it 🙂

  51. Karli

    It’s a great show. Everyone loves it. We,as fans, need to find out what next in Peter and Neil’s lives.

  52. Bob Marley

    White collar is my favorite show!!! It should continue to make more and more season!!

  53. Amanda

    White Collar is my favorite show, perhaps ever. There are so few that are clean and clever. It has actors who perfectly fit in each respective role. I love the characters. It is funny as well as witty. I truly hope that it continues for many more seasons. Whoever created this and those who write for the show have a great balance of interesting characters, a great theme of art forgery (I so enjoy seeing the art and the process of trying to make a great “copy.”), and a wonderful chemistry between characters. I have never watched a television program that had so many likeable characters. Please consider all of the fans and don’t let a GREAT thing end.

  54. Sharon

    I love this show, and I really hate to see it end, they always take the best shows off, and leave the stupid reality shows on, that I hate so much. I want to see Neal free, and end up going to Washington with Peter as a paid FBI informer. Or Peter staying in NYC, and Neal working for Peter as a paid informant for the FBI. I just want to see Neal free, he deserves it after all he has done for the FBI. I bet the network don’t take White Collar off.

  55. El

    I enjoy the show and I wish it would continue. The show has great writers. They were able to keep people interested with short plots around a continuing plot about a hidden treasure box that covered four seasons. The writers need to create another such mystery. It keeps you comming back for more. I hope season six, even though short, will be released on dvd.

  56. Sara

    I love this show, please renew it the actors make it real, Neal is the best he looks as if he is a con man in real life. I really enjoy this show because of the grand scheme behind it all the con man always gets the pretty ladies although he is still unhappy because he wants something real like El and Peter have, and my favorite part is at the end of season five it all comes back to bite him and then she falls for him too there is no resisting him for those ladies although Sara and Neal made the best couple! 🙂

  57. kait

    Does anyone know when season 6 will be on Netflix?

  58. Louise

    was very upset when I found out season 6 was going to be the last season of white collar, please don’t cancel the show, I found it on Netflix just recently and don’t want it to end, its extremely popular where I’m from, almost everyone I know either watches it or is going to start watching it

  59. Caron

    Have all 5 DVDs but would NOT have purchased them if I had known there would be NO Season 6 DVD for sale! PLEASE make the DVD edition, Season 6, of White Collar. I didn’t watch the program on TV — found the 1 thru 5 Set on Amazon & planned to buy Season 6 DVD as soon as it came out. Please let us know if a Season 6 DVD set will be available & where. Thank you.

  60. Hunter

    Ivloved the white collar they should totally come up with a season six because I want to know if Pete goes Washington DC of stays and be Neal’s handeler. I really want to know what happened to neal and why he got kid napped that is why they should do a season six

  61. Shelby beal

    I love this show big White Collar Fan this show interesting dramatic just the type I like!!!

  62. Linda Belcher

    Love this show and all actors playing the right parts. Please bring it back.

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