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«Grimm» season 3: premiere date

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When does «Grimm» season 3 come out? TV series renewed or cancelled? Start date (premiere) known?

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: October 28, 2011
Creators: Stephen Carpenter, David Greenwalt

Season 1 episode 1: 6,56 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 episode 1: 5,64 million U.S. viewers

The current Season of TV show «Grimm» is holding it’s auditory, which comprises 5 million people (USA), with an enviable confidence. It is 10% less than during Season 1 airing. However, it is enough for the further development of show storyline and financing of the project. The experts agree that Season 3 of the given show will be ordered by NBC TV channel already in spring. According to the authoritative Internet resources, the premiere date for the new episodes is to be scheduled for October 2013. But at the moment this information hasn’t been officially confirmed. Will the show retain its airtime? – We will find it out after the NBC’s official announcement.

«Grimm» season 3: premiere – October 25, 2013

After the official announcement we will update the given article. Follow the announcements!

Would you like the show to be renewed?

UPDATE 1 (26.04.13): «Grimm» was renewed for a third season! (22 episodes)

UPDATE 2 (April 5, 2016): NBC renewed Grimm for a sixth season.

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  1. Laura Barr

    WOO-HOO !!!!!!! I love Grimm……keep it coming PLEASE !!!!!!! 🙂

  2. humaira

    yup i want season 3

  3. Cris Blakely

    Yes, Please! MORE Grimm!!! Is is just phenomenal!

  4. Denise

    I totally love Grimm can’t wait for season 3!!!

    • jane

      when does it show on australian tv.

  5. follower

    I am just glad it was renewed for season 3! i need more of Grimm! best show!++++

  6. leaver

    This show is bizzare! not?

  7. combo

    This show is GREAT!!! i realy need season 3

  8. rikki

    I like Grimm. Good to know that it continues. i’m so happy but can’t wait autumn =(. so long…

  9. april

    the finale was awesome but was left at a cliff hanger..i need season 3!!!

  10. jangbrong

    I love grimm. I can’t wait season3. please more episode season 3.

  11. aleks3333

    I love grimm. I can’t wait season3. please more episode season 3.

  12. rza666

    And i thought angel could nt have been replaced!!! I was wrong amazing lets hope it carry’s on for some time love it

  13. bda63

    Huge fan of Grimm! Couldn’t wait to see season 3 and hopefully for more seasons to come.

  14. candela

    I cant wait for the next season. Its one of my favorite shows. what to watch now on Tuesday nights at 9pm. I hope it comes back soon.

  15. fatemeh

    i like it so much, but they should have finished it completely,then show it to people.
    why we always have to wait for these kind of shows?! 🙁

  16. Aom

    I really love Grimm. I can’t wait season3 so long
    Hope it comes back soon.

  17. cak

    OMG! they should NEVER take Grimm off the air. My 5 year loves it too.

  18. Fi4o

    Looking forward to season 3!Really epic show.Love it!!!

  19. Flore

    Great keep up, i do wish season 3 will be wonderful and exciting too

  20. Ryan

    Hey so has anyone heard any updates on when season 3 could be released?

    • Meerie

      nope not yet… unfortunately!

  21. Hellen

    Can’t wait for new Season of Grimm. It’s just out of the box and really interesting.

  22. Logik

    Its one of the few shows since Stargate series that my son enjoys watching with me… he is in jr. high school, so anytime I get with him is precious and rare… I am glad to see this show and hopes it makes it through season 3 all the way to season 4 and beyond… It is an original show that has edge, also oh so very rare in today’s prime time t.v. shows. Keep it coming NBC!!!!

  23. lisa

    i want season three…it is very great show i like it so much…please release season 3 immediately!!!

  24. kendra

    i love grimm. keep it comming.it is what tv is about not the shows like surviver or big brother.

  25. dewey

    heck yeah, great show, awesome chemistry with the characters. Great acting! Monroe you are friggin awesome!!!! all of you are though……it is definitely a “different” tpye of sci-fi/fanasty show. Don’t get me wrong love Walking Dead and Falling Skies also, but this is different. Not just one type of villain or adversary……please continue

  26. Sandie

    I love Grimm! The actors are fantastic and fit together so well. I love the way that all of the characters are teaming up together. Wonderful writers! Hope there are several seasons to come. This is my favorite show and I look forward to watching each week. I am so sick of all the reality shows on TV nowadays.

  27. Meerie

    My new and only addiction here in the Netherlands…. GRIMM!!! I love it!!! Thank you for this amazing and great tv show!!! A message for all the cast, writer(s) and production team of Grimm: Keep up the good work and also in the Netherlands we hope to see more seasons of Grimm!!! Once again i love it, i really do!!!

  28. Terry

    I love Grimm, It is one of my favorite shows. I cant wait to see whats coming next. Keep it coming. I love it

  29. Denice

    Grimm is an awesome series! Keep up the great work 🙂

  30. Gramma

    Can’t wait for season three. This is a great show. Should be more like it.

  31. Vicki

    Just started waching on amazon prime. Really enjoying the show and nice to see all the episodes back to back glad there is a session three yeah! I’ve started waiting for at least two seasons before waching a new show they are canceld so quickly with out closure

  32. Aline Hawkins

    Make a nice change from Police series, my friends and family haven’t missed an episode in French and in English.
    My mum who is 86 says that this series is as good as Stargate.
    We all look forward to see what happen when the seven keys are reunited.
    Please don’t kill the series.
    Devoted tv-series fun, yours

  33. Deb

    I love Grimm!!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend and I always make sure we are somewhere that has a tv when Grimm is on!!!!!! We cannot miss it!!!!!!

  34. mikay

    bkit antgal? Miss ko na c Capt. kala ko august ang premiere nyan

  35. Elsa McCombs

    Please, please, please DON’T take my Grimm! My Husband, Sister and I love Grimm. I’m just went back to finish college and my time is precious. I love Hawaii Five-O, loved the CSI’s, NCIS’s, Criminal Minds, Mentalist, Cold Case, Without a Trace, and Numbers (miss that one). I loved all the Star Gates, to include Star Gate Atlantis, and Star Gate Universe. We were pissed when they cancel Terra Nova and Merlin came to an end (well that one had to). I Like Falling Skies but, I don’t like to be jerked around on returned dates. Television is suppose to be “entertaining.” Reality shows (which aren’t real) s*ck! Monroe, you cr*ck me up! You go with your Pilates and Healthy eating!

  36. Betsy

    Can’t wait for season 3!! Like Friday nite time slot better.

  37. D.T.

    Best original network series in a long time. Keep them coming please!

  38. mmiller

    yes, yes, yes!! I love the characters!

  39. waltf

    sooooo happy! too bad it dose’nt start sooner.

  40. Dyana!

    of course we want season three! keep it coming!

  41. G

    Oh yea gotta hav my GRIMM !!!!! Bring it back1111

  42. lady curwala

    I’m looking forward to Grimm’s 3rd season.
    Head and shoulders above “Once Upon a Time”!!
    Adore Monroe.

  43. mandy

    Please keep seasons going for as long as they can. It keeps Portland and surrounding areas in good economy. Also its a great show. We can not wait until this season starts. Keep Grimm showing.

  44. B J POOR


  45. Tiff

    Give us a season 3!!!

  46. Lisa

    Sooooooooo glad Grimm is back. I can hardldy wait. One of the best shows on TV!

  47. Jane

    SO glad Grimm has been renewed. We wait for it every week. Can’t wait!

  48. Gert

    Huge fan in South Africa.Come on bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can not wait…

  49. cc

    Glad it’s coming back,but is 22 episodes enough? Looking forward to season 4

  50. Nita N.

    Love GRIMM. Can’t wait for the new season.

  51. Kevin Mooney

    I would like to know when Grimm will premier.I look forward to seeing it.

  52. katie

    I love Grimm can’t wait for newseason

  53. auntgemini

    Yes! There has to be a season three!

  54. DIANN


  55. Elaine

    Bring Season 3 on – enjoy those Friday nights with Grimm!

  56. Cher

    Love, Love, Love this show! Can not wait for the return!

  57. UNLV Rebel

    Love the show, great characters, and clever story lines. More, more, more!

  58. pam smith

    I am so glad Grimm has not been cancelled. Can’t wait for the new season to start!!

  59. Jennifer

    I love grimm, I hope there is going to be another one.

  60. audrey

    Love it,can’t wait!

  61. J Albert

    YES YES Please return Very few shows we enjoy but this is definitely one we try never to miss

  62. Wilma

    Love Grimm can’t wait for the season 3

  63. Denise B

    So happy to see that Grimm is coming back for a 3rd season, my husband & I love the show.

  64. Cynthia


  65. Sherri

    We consider Grimm one of the most interesting shows on tv and look forward to the third season and hopefully many more seasons to come.

  66. Janice Olson

    love the show. so glad there is going to be more

  67. lil matt

    Question was brought up, ‘Is grimm the only hunter’?

  68. JuneBugg

    My Friday night won’t be the same, without GRIMM. I can’t wait for the new season.

  69. annie2061


  70. Brenda Larimer

    I am retired and hate all the reality and talk shows. Have nothing all day to watch and my sister and I love and look forward to night time T.V. We love Grimm and can’t wait for it to come back on. Thank you We love it



  72. vickie namlla

    I love this show it is awesome.Love MONROE!!!

  73. Meg Shull

    I have missed Grimm like an addict I believe I have had actual withdrawal symptoms. I have been waiting very impatiently for season opener!!!

  74. Ctmhjenn

    I am so glad it is coming back…yippee, love this show!

  75. arma

    I luv Grimm. thank u for season3!

  76. kristel

    bid fan of grimm…….really happy its cumin bck <3 it

  77. allison

    Missed first episode of season 3..how can i get it??

  78. angelasounique

    it is very interesting to watch can’t wait to see the new creatures:)

  79. Leah

    My husband and I are totally into the Grim story. I would hate it to be cancieled

  80. tweedie

    I’m 75 years old and enjoy the Grimm very much. Good writers, excellent actors. Keep it going kids!!! Thanks.

  81. missy

    I love GRIMM so much please keep it going its so fascinating one of the best series in awhile its fun and interesting. So different and mysterious love it love it THANKS

  82. Jenn

    I’m having GRIMM withdrawl symptoms please bring it out soon can’t wait I hope Nick is ok.
    Absolutely love it my husband and I are very addicted to it.

  83. Nancy

    I am confused about this show a little bit, it started (season 1) in October 2011, so that should mean season 1 is from October 2011-Spring 2012, RIGHT?? Well if that correct then why do they say season 3 start’s October 2014, but the scene’s I saw this spring (2014) should be part of season 3!!! is everyone else confused too??

    The episodes I saw this spring (2014) were NOT in my season 2 DVD’s so they should be part of season 3… I need some answers- got any?


  84. Ross

    season 3 was started in October 2013!!!
    about season 4: http://season-release-date.com/grimm-season-4-premiere-start-date/

  85. cherry cordial

    bring it !!!

  86. Wanda

    Love it!!!! Please renew the show

  87. Mari Ann

    I Love this show, It makes you open your mind and question the world around you. Please renew this show.

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