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«Grimm» season 4: premiere (start) date

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When does «Grimm» season 4 premiere on NBC? Will the show return with new episodes in 2014? We have a good news for you! Let’s start!

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: October 28, 2011
Creators: Stephen Carpenter, David Greenwalt

Season 1 Episode 1: 6.56 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 6.15 million U.S. viewers

Today the number of fans of «Grimm» television series comprises about 5,7 million people, that’s why there is a reason for prescheduled series renewing for the complete fourth season.

The NBC management has already announced its verdict concerning the new episodes, the premiere of which is scheduled for September 2014. 22 episodes are to be financed and the contractual agreements with the main actors have been extended for one more year.

According to Bob Greenblatt, the Network President, he is satisfied with the creators’ work for to keep the amount of the audience for three years already is difficult enough.

«Grimm» season 4 premiere – [October 24, 2014]

Undoubtedly, the ordering of the new season has not been a difficult decision for the rights holders, as recently it is a rating which is crucial for the show future.

UPDATE 1 (April 5, 2016): The series has been renewed for Season 6.

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  1. Kristi

    soo happy for Grimm! Glad to hear that they renewed it for season 4. Just need Dracula and Hannibal to get picked up!

    • becky

      When does season 4 start?

      • chandrika

        ohhhh i am so glad that the season 4 is coming soon. i watch every episode of grimm its my favourite. cant wait untill oct… thank yoy watch for giving such a good entertainment to uk viewers.

    • jackson

      Revolution was cancelled = one of the best series on NBC. I miss it!

    • Jeff

      I can hardly wait for Grimm.

    • Lynda

      Well, Hannibal, anyway, although I don’t watch that one. Dracula seemed a little (or lot) boring to me, especially with The Strain available on FX.

  2. Robin

    Great news! To cancel it now would be a shame. Thanks NBC! Good job!

  3. Camila

    Thank goodness that Grimm is now 100% official, not that I had any doubt that it would be back.

  4. 4u

    Love all the main characters who are in it. Hope for more seasons!

  5. Ter

    Loving the Grimm! Hope it is on the air for good long time!

    • Billie

      I hope it goes forever. I could see it!

  6. natiku

    Best Grimm thxx

  7. frank m

    I glad it back. BIG fan! I hope it has 8-10 more seasons. great case great story. well written!

  8. Lanta F. Parsons

    Glad to hear you are renewing Grimm for another season considering that so many other shows are being cancelled or we don’t know if they are being renewed and they are up in the air. Like SIBERIA. I know like SIBERIA there have been so many people on Facebook about or over 25,000 wanting to know if the show is coming back for a second season and even not for a second season just for a few shows to sum up the show to end it to answer up some unanswered questions. I love Grimm I do hope that it keeps on going for a long as it can go on. You all made a wise decision in picking up the show. This is one of the best shows on television.

  9. Billie

    I love this show and the characters. The writers are fabulous and I wish this were a weekly show forever. The “Grimmsters” fans are growing and it would be a shame if it did not air. This is one of the few TV shows I do watch. KEEP IT GOING!

  10. Sarah Sharp

    I hope Grimm continues!! I LOVE the cast and the characters are so good they feel like family!

  11. Jessica

    Love GRIMM Such a good show, I am a mom and I look forward to my weekly fix of it, it’s awesome always so exciting and great to watch. Can hardly wait for next season! The cast and characters are phenomenal, so great to watch!

  12. Rene

    My husband and I totally LOVE Grimm! It is my favorite show in a long time. My favorite character is Monroe – he is so complex yet such a sweetie at heart. I think Trubel is a great addition to the cast and I hope they keep her. The only one that drives me nuts is Adalind, but we have to have a villian to spice things up I guess. Just wish I could give her a good slap. Now that the season is over, I will have to turn to my DVD’s of season 1 and 2 to get my Grimm fix for a while. Can’t wait until the next season starts! Great job everyone!

  13. becky

    i love this show had to go back and watch them all from season 1 pisode 1 to date cant wait to see season 4 hope the captain survives nick gets his gift back soon and i agree trubel should stay

  14. Jo

    My whole family loves Grimm! The characters are great. They work so well together and are so talented it is easy to become immersed in their lives, if only for one hour a week. Grimm is the only show I actually look forward to each week. I am so glad it has been renewed for another season. It has to go on for a long time so we can see what happens to Diana and Nick’s mom!! Will Diana be able to keep Adalind from hurting Kelly?? Have to find out. How will Nick not being a Grimm affect his and Juliet’s relationship?? Gotta find out. Bring on Season 4!!!!

  15. Colon's

    We watch Grimm as a family, very good show, hope it last for ever, can’t wait for season 4…..

  16. suz

    OMG!! I JUST got hooked!! They BETTER have a season 4!!!!

  17. fanofurs

    so glad to hear another season is on it’s way-also agree its time to turn to the dark side for just a lil bit before Juliet AGREES to marry nic

  18. Tracy

    Grimm is awesome!! Please keep it coming back!! Don’t cancel after Season 4!!

  19. Russell

    Cant wait for season 4,5,6,7,8,9,10…. Hahaha lol

  20. Tim

    Love Grimm, glad for the 4th season. I just hope that the writers dont drag on an entire season trying to get Nick’s Grimm powers back, drama is one thing but get us sick of asking “when is he getting his powers back?” I have not been disappointed yet.

  21. chandrika

    i love grimm its my favourite tv programme . i never miss a single episode i am working full time no matter how i will make my self in front of the tv on every wednesday 9pm. i love all the caractors. truble is a great cast add to it hope she will stay and pls let captian survive from the fatal attack i cant imagine grimm with out sascha roiz. pls bring the season 4 soooooon.i cant wait. and big thanks to watch chanel for bringing it to uk viewers.

  22. dana

    I love Grimm; I hope the captain survives. Please get rid of Juliette: she is whiny, superficial and annoying.

  23. Isis

    Very good show!!! I love all the cast. Love to be an extra on this show!!

  24. Gilium

    Great to hear this! I love Grimm..

  25. sam

    i love Grimm i missed some episode season three i want to see but i could not fine. I really missss

  26. rosemary

    My husband and I love watching Grimm, it”s such A good show.

  27. Don

    Great show! Keep it on! Can’t wait for Season 4 to start!

  28. jaytee

    I just honestly finished watching season 1-3 in two days!! A friend told me about the show. AMAZING!!! I’m really not much to be a fan or like anything for that matter.. But, I honestly love this show. I had to research to make sure it wasn’t cancel and indeed season 4 was granted and it was!!! I’m now a fan of something!!! I absolutely love love love love love this show!! I pray we’ll see more in the future cause good TV ended with the 90’s. Its all reality shows which totally s*cks a*s!! Sorry

  29. brenda

    The only thing on TV worth watching

  30. Dawn

    My 11 yr. daughter and I had caught the finale episode for the season. I had not ever heard of the Show before. I watch reruns of shows that are still on. My daughter and I fell in love with the show from just that one episode. That night I was able to go back as watch as many of the previous episodes as I could on my TWC. I bought Season 1 and 2. I have not yet purchased 3. I love the show and excited to watch it. I love these types of stories, where humans and mystical creatures cross paths. Some are good and some are bad. Wonderful story lines, awesome characters. The Digital Animation is so remarkable. Please continue with the wonderful work. The Actresses and Actors make the show outstanding.

  31. dinny

    who’ the new girl in last 2 epicodes
    she will be great asset to the team
    this is the best show ever,

  32. dinny murry

    show is great

  33. brenda

    love grimm, all my family watch it!!!! my mom and my brother so if I miss an episode I can guarantee someone else in the family have it taped yayyyyy,, love all the twists and turns hate when the episode ends and I have to wait a week to catch the next episode. GRIMM keeps me on the edge of the couch!!!!!! LOVE IT.

  34. Dillan

    Grimm is just about the only series me and my family still watch because its so cool !!! thanks for the renewal

  35. Terri

    please dont ever take Grimm off. This is the only network show I watch. NBC renewed my hope for decent entertaining TV. WTG NBC!!! This is a winner!

  36. Pam

    Please keep on enjoy watching thanks

  37. christine

    Keep Grimm on tv forever only decent show on tv these days

  38. christine

    Keep Grimm on for another forty years only decent show on tv

  39. Nadine

    I love this show!!! Have watched it from the 1st episode on. So glad there will be a season 4 but I missed the season finale last spring and would really love to see it before season 4 begins….hope you are planning to air it the week before season 4 begins just to get us all caught up:)?

  40. Samantha

    Really love Grimm, when is season 4 being screened in the UK

  41. nave bear

    Got to hate Adiland, what was she thinking. Just when you start to like her, she goes and screws everyone’s life up and makes a huge mess. She’s being played, karma’s going to kick her in her stupid face

  42. Sheila

    Pleased to know that Grimm will continue. So nice to have more of these shows rather than reality TV shows.

  43. J

    My husband and I LOVE this program and we feel it is one of BEST on tv now! We sincerely hope it will be around for many more seasons.

  44. M

    Love it I’m so happy !

  45. Lyla

    Very, very glad Grimm is back. I really like the characters and how well it is pulled together with the plot line.

  46. Shelly

    Grimm has put Portland on the map. I love watching the scenes and saying “Hey, i’ve been to that place!” I always figured that town was full of Wesen. As we locals say-Keep Portland Weird…

  47. Phyllis

    Oh good! SO glad to know Grimm will be back for season 4. Was about to trash it from my Hulu+ favorites list. Love the show and hope it continues for years to come.

  48. Jules

    Hia!! Can anyone tell me when season 4 of grimm starts in the uk? Thanks in advance

  49. TONY V


    • Mike

      September 2015 on DVD

  50. Bunnie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Grimm…never miss it!
    Best show on NBC.
    Love all the cast too, they are GREAT!

  51. sharon

    a bit confused, did they change the night on which Grimm is aired. getting a little bit mad since it is not showing. Last episode I watched showed Juliette changing, help!!

  52. Laurie

    CR*P!!!! I have been watching GRIMM on TNT. I did not know season 4 has been airing on NBC! so now I have seen the cliff hanger from season 3 and can not get caught up on season 4. TNT YOU NEED TO BUY SEASON 4 TOO AN AIR IT ASAP 😉

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