May 17

Growing Up Fisher season 2?

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Will Growing Up Fisher comedy television series renewed for a season 2? TV-show renewed or cancelled by NBC? We are waiting for start air date!

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: February 23, 2014
Creator: DJ Nash

Season 1 Episode 1: 8.86 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 11: 5.05 million U.S. viewers

NBC cancelled several interesting TV shows. The verdict was announced on May 9, 2014, when 5 projects were given «closed» status.

Unfortunately, the television sitcom «Growing Up Fisher», which was constantly losing its auditory with every new episode, was on the list. Despite this, over 5 million Americans are ready to enjoy the continuation, but according to the creators, the release date of Season 2 won’t be announced!

The rights holders note, that the primary measure of the success is rating of the show, so nobody will allocate funding to the unprofitable project. Does the sitcom need to be given the second chance?

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  1. stop it

    that show was boring and uninteresting. i say NO for second chance!

  2. papay

    I loved that show. It was just so funny to me.

  3. Michael

    I am not happy with the cancellation of Growing Up Fisher. I enjoyed this show alot. One of my favorite shows not on a cable network.

    • Amy Hufker

      I agree, I cried when I found out.

  4. Mona

    bring it baaaaack!!!!

  5. Rj

    I liked, 5 mil is better that 12 hundred

  6. tam

    I love that show. Please bring it back

  7. Amy Hufker

    We NEED a second season it is the first non-medical show I’ve ever gotten into. Plus it spreads disability awareness, service animal laws, and the ADA awareness.

  8. Karen Byrne

    Bring it back! This is one of few shows that I watch 🙁

  9. em

    It was one of the only decent family shows out there! I really loved it!

  10. Amy Hufker

    If you want a second seems on like the Facebook page Save Growing Up Fisher

  11. cathy lautnrt

    I love this grandkids and i were finally able to find a good show we could all enjoy together.welaughed every nice to see someone with a disability portrayed in such a positive light.thank you.bring it back please.

  12. Darlene

    Bring it back!!

  13. Mendy R

    BRING IT BACK!! Love it!!

  14. tanya

    that was our family favorite!!!

  15. Gene

    Great show. Better than reality cr*p they keep pushing.

  16. Kathy westaby

    Waiting for Season 2!……{Renew this!}

  17. Michelle

    I absolutely loved this show. I’m disappointed that this show got cancelled.

  18. Helen shaffer

    Love the show leave it on

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