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Hannibal season 3: release date on TV (2015)

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When does season 3 of Hannibal psychological thriller television series premiere on NBC? Will the show return in 2015? We will publish the official start date!

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: April 4, 2013
Developed by: Bryan Fuller

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.36 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 3.27 million U.S. viewers

The TV show «Hannibal» has all the chances to be broadcast by NBC in 2015. Taking into account its ratings, the project is successful enough, that’s why there is no sense to close it.

Such a decision is shared both by experts and 2,8 million Americans, who keep watching the show. The last episode of the second season, titled «Mizumono» will premiere on May 23. After that it would be appropriate to ask NBC management concerning the release date of the third season.

Hannibal season 3 start air – [June 4, 2015] (update 3)

If the rights holders decide to renew the series, we will immediately update this article! Have a care to write the petitions – just support the show in comments!

UPDATE 1 (May 9, 2014): NBC renews Hannibal for season 3!

UPDATE 2 (Jan.16, 2015): NBC announced that season 3 of the dark drama will premiere this summer.

UPDATE 3 (March 6, 2015): NBC has set the start date for season 3 of Hannibal – June 4, 2015.

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  1. Ramos R.

    Hannibal will be renewed for the season 3!

  2. Honeybal

    s2e22 – 2.45 millions viewers! I think it has a really good shot at renewal.

  3. Craig

    Hope for season 3!

  4. Zack

    Go Go! Keeping my fingers crossed for Hannibal show!

  5. Michelle

    This is finally a series that I always look forward to watching. it holds such brilliance. Please don’t deprive me of it.

  6. Mary

    I enjoyed this show so very much, much more than most of what is available. Please give me more!

  7. Lisa

    One of the best shows ever! All the actors, writers, everyone! do an amazing job. I am sad to notice that it is never promoted enough. There is practically no advertising for the show, not to mention it is never nominated for any awards! Shocking!

    • Bo

      I agree , no one knows it exists , NBC don’t run any ads for it or do We know when it coming back on .

  8. Beth

    This is a great show, once I started watching it I was hooked, it is very well done and I’m sure all the viewers can’t wait to see what comes next. The characters (actors)are brilliant. Looking forward to continued seasons, don’t dissapoint your fans.

  9. Cindy

    Hi, any idea when the new season for Hannibal will be starting? I keep looking for it and I don’t want to miss it. Thanks! 🙂

  10. MARY


  11. Bo

    This is a great show , well written , a bit gory but a great show . NBC don’t really push it nor does it place it at a good time ( Fridays 10pm ) no wonder the ratings are down , no one knows about it !

  12. Jim

    Far and away the most creative show on network TV in years! I watch it here in the UK and it does get fair promotion, but nothing compared to word of mouth from viewers. Each week my wife and I anticipate the show and then discuss it with colleagues the next day (or sometimes two days!).

  13. roxy

    I can’t wait for season 3

  14. Thomas Ackley

    Hannibal is a good show and should be continued

  15. Connie Shaw

    Great Show enjoy everything about the show.Fantastic cast.Worth keeping.

  16. mrsdmk

    Like everyone here I too love the tv version of Hannibal and watched Seasons 1&2 every episode most of them twice! I am still in mourning over losing Dexter & Sons Of Anarchy. I absolutely hate it when either a decent show has a really cr*ppy ending or even worse just goes off the air without tying all the lose ends up. The kind of shows / movies that end and the only question on your mind is WTF?!! I don’t want Hannibal to join that list. Please someone tell me when is the air date for Season 3 ??? I’ve already heard 3 or 4 different dates in the last 6 months! Anyone know when Hannibal airs?

  17. Amy

    Renew the show!!

  18. kim

    keep the stupid shows, release NEW even stupider shows and not the good ones??? …. happens all the time =(

  19. Monica

    I sure hope NBC decides to air season 3 of Hannibal. It is an amazing show and I am hooked. NBC would be stupid not to with the ratings this show gets. There is nothing like it on TV. NBC needs to start advertising for season 3. People (me) are anticipating it’s return.

  20. tammy

    Luv this show !!!

  21. Andrea

    Looking forward to season 3 of Hannibal summer 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Bryan

    Come on with it already… When is season 3 coming????

    • David S.

      I watched one episode in the winter of the first season….then I binged watched the rest. I’m hooked…it’s so good and so dark in a great way!..This is a show that can continue to build an audience if it’s allowed. I can’t wait till season 3…I tell everyone I can about it when we’re talking about TV shows.

  23. Abby


  24. Andy B

    One of my favourite shows ever was Millenium (season 1 primarily), really dark and macabre. I am now watching Hannibal seasons 1+2 for the third time and for tongue in cheek nods to the films, brilliant acting and story lines, right down to the sets, effects, the food and Mads Mikkelsens immaculate hair. I don’t think there is currently a better show, or cast on tv right now, and there are some strong shows in circulation at the moment. Please let this televisual feast keep coming.

  25. marvin

    More Hannibal please

  26. Jacqui

    They CANNOT leave us hanging!!!! Its gotta come back!!!

  27. nikki

    It’s one of the best shows on tv, please bring it back!

  28. Temple

    Thank you NBC for bringing us Season 3!!!

  29. Mike

    This show is one of the hottest shows on tv you morons need to know the crap you do have on tv this show is better then anything you now air

  30. Ray

    Really want to see this next season one of the few shows that is actually worth watching. Let us hope they don’t mess this up since the first two seasons were clearly thought out prior airing. If they do eventually cease its seasons they should have an ending that isn’t rushed an makes sense.

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