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«Hart of Dixie» season 4: premiere date

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Will «Hart of Dixie» TV show return for season 4 in 2014? When does new episodes premiere on The CW? We are waiting for the start air date!

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: September 26, 2011
Creator: Leila Gerstein

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.88 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 1.03 million U.S. viewers

This year The CW management has repeatedly claimed the popular and successful TV-shows to be renewed for the new seasons.

«Hart of Dixie» is one of such projects, which is still being watched by about 1 million Americans.

The unusual plot of the given medical drama and well-chosen cast should provide funding of season 4, which premieres in Winter 2015. The experts, guided by statistics and ranking share such opinion together with the fans of the show.

«Hart of Dixie» season 4 – [December 15, 2014] (officially)

Let’s wait for the official announcement of The CW management and then we will thank them for right decision. Follow the news and you will be the first to know!

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2014): The CW renews Hart of Dixie. Dr. Zoe Hart will return for 10-episode fourth season. Premiere – Dec. 15, 2014.

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  1. Sm1le

    Hart of Dixie hit a slump this season because they brought this Joel character in & the viewers hated him!

    • Cassidee

      I love Joel!

      • Megan

        Joel is a awesome character.

  2. Samuel

    Hart of Dixie needs to go! My favorite show on the moment!

  3. Polla

    I really need Hart of Dixie not to be canceled. I was so excited to get into this show.

    • amber

      I love hart of Dixie and I cant wait for season 4. this show is really great and I think that the writers should give zoe and wade another shot

      • Darlene

        I love heart of Dixie can’t wait for season 4 it’s so refreshing I’m getting sick of all this cop shows!

  4. PentagrAms

    Hart of Dixie deserves to be cancelled, it’s bad writing.. Sorry Rachel Bilson.

  5. Rebekka J.

    i would be sad to not see Hart of Dixie come back for another season



  7. Bud Henderson

    My wife and I just love the show….super writing and characters…old time down home feeling. Really a great show…. We watched two episodes a nite to rush thru season one and two on Netflix….Turned our 33 year old son and wife onto the show and they also loved it….reminds me of the old Mayberry crew but only better…. We have told others and they adored the show too here in West Virginia… Can’t wait to see season 3 so we bought the series…keep up the great show…..

  8. Annie Wooliver

    Hart of Dixie must stay!!! The writers made a mistake with joel but zade will save the day! My daughter and I found it on Netflix and have watched both season 1 and 2 in 3 weeks. Trying to find out where to watch the first of season 3. PLEASE RENEW 🙂

    • Cindy

      I just found Season 3 on Hulu Plus.

    • Karina

      it is up on netflix now 🙂 I just finished it

      • Colleen

        I just finished watching Season 3 of Hart of Dixie. I just love this show and can’t wait for season 4. I hope they don’t cancel it, Its a really awesome show. I wish Lavon and Annabeth would get together. I think Wade and Zoe deserve a second chance since that’s the way the last episode of season 3 ended with a chance for Zoe and Wade. I love everyone in the town. This is a great show and a great place to get reacquainted with actors who came from other popular shows that were set in the south.

  9. Joanna

    Great down to earth show!

  10. jojo

    Season 1 was great. Season 2 was heart breaking. Season 3 drove me nuts because they separated zoe and wade. But i loved the final episode. Gave me hope for wade and zoe. I just wished they had him kiss her.

  11. Susan

    Drama, romance, and humor all keep me tuned in for what’s ahead. I love the cast. Very talented folks that could each stand on their own in a show but together are really special. I can always relax watching this show and it one oft favorite netflicks even though I have a wide range of netflicks interests! Does remind me of Mayberry with much more modern flair !

  12. Erin

    We love Hart of Dixie and can not wait for season 4!!

  13. Sandra

    Hart of Dixie should have a season $ finally a show that does not display violence and relates to life in small towns, Everyone is New York City star struck. It reminds me of an old show titled “Flamingo Road.”

    • Portia

      It is time for Zoe Hart and George to have a romance together. And time for Lemon and Mayor Lavon to get a second chance. They have had to many unhappy relationships.

      • Cathy

        I agree, I am a big George and Zoe fan. I really want them back to gather!
        I am from AL. and I love the show.

      • Tina

        I totally agree with Portia!!!

  14. Kelly J

    My husband and I just learned of Hart of Dixie. We just love it! We have recommeded it it to all our friends and they are starting to watch it on netflix too! The fan base is still growing in Oregon!

  15. Arden M.

    Joel, in my opinion, was a bad character to put in because Wade and Zoe still had chemistry when she returned. I think that stopping Zoe and Wade from dating in the third season was a bad idea, because that took away a lot of drama and gossip and that was what most of the viewers liked about the show. However, that does not mean that the producers should cancel the fourth season of the show. A producer cannot write the plot and script to where everybody will love it and it is our opinions, as people, to think good or bad of a choice in the script or plot. The producer was just trying to do what he thought most of his/ her viewers would like the best. Hart of Dixie still should not be canceled because of a little bump in the road for some people. It has a great plot and great characters. Canceling the show would let more people down then the producer ever would have with a bad plot. Over all, Hart of Dixie is a great TV show.

  16. Amber

    I am absolutely in love with the show. I would be devastated if it were cancelled over some people not liking it. What about those of us who do?

  17. Kat

    Hart Of Dixie is a great show. These first 3 seasons have been filled with romance, heartbreaks, and suspense. The first season was amazing. I was for Zoe and wade from the beginning. Then come season to even though Zoe and wade seperated I still had hope for them. When the third season came I starting to realize they weren’t getting back together and it would be Joel and Zoe and wade and Vivian. I never like Joel and Zoe. But I though wade and Vivian were cute. When Vivian left him for her ex I thought it would be wade and lemon. Then Joel left and I thought George and Zoe. The final episode for season 3 really got me I love how George went for lemon. And the ending with Zoe and wade made my day. But if they really wanted to end the show they could. The final episode left off at a perfect spot to either return or end hart of Dixie. I GUESS WERE JUST GONNA HAVE TO SEE WHAT THEY DO NEXT!

  18. shannon

    I love this show it got a little slow with joel but I love seeing wade and Zoey together. its my favorite show and my husband will actually sit and watch it with me he pretends hes not but he laughs at the funny parts right along with me.

  19. DR Roberts

    It is refreshing to watch a television series with no violence, no swearing and is actually funny. Being from the south, I can say it does not always portray true southern issues and just doesn’t get it quite right most of the time, something a little research could alleviate. But different religions & races do actually get along, some even marry, debutants & chivalric gentlemen still exist, and some southerners break up then get back together, some more than once. 🙂

  20. laura

    My favorite show would hate if they were to cancel it 🙂

  21. Susan

    Please do not cancel!!!!!

  22. Jailene Soriano

    Hart of Dixie has to stay !!!!! If you don’t like the show , no one is forcing you to watch it . Change the channel , everybody has their favorite show and mine is this one . They have to do the next season because honesty they can’t just end it like That , so please from the bottom of my heart , continue it . Thanks

  23. Cathy

    Hart of dixie is the only new show that I have liked in The. Last three years they should start season thee from the start so people won’t be bored until seasofour starts you need to keep the show fresh in people’s minds it is truly the best show on tv

  24. B. Spirk

    I came across Hart of Dixie on Netflix and watched season 1 & 2, found season 3 on the internet and watched all seasons in 1 week. I live in the South and found this series just like Mayberry with a twist! Can’t wait for Season 4!

  25. s. camp

    Please Bring back for Season 4. I am so addicted to this show. Trying to find out how to watch season 3???

  26. T. Villar `

    Love, Love, Love this show must have a season 4. Zoey and Wade are the couple that just brings a smile to your face. They must get back together. I also have watched all season in one week and I am hooked and I live in south Louisiana and it is an awesome show to watch. Just pure everyday life without all the,…… well you know. We must have a season 4.

  27. Sandra Byrum

    I love this show but when the air date changed from Tuesday to Friday it was hard for me to watch. I DVR the show but wish they would put this show back on Tuesday nights.

  28. J. Brown

    Hart of Dixie is my favoeite show!!!!!! I cannot wait for it to come back!!! I only wish it would come back sooner.

  29. maryk

    ooomgggg omggg omgg i love hart of dixie so much. if it would go 9 seasons like one tree hill id be so damn happy please

  30. Zooey Ilrio

    I love this show it’s really great!! Personally I and a Zoe and George fan. I know a lot of people love wade but please out Zoe and George together I think gets make a great couple! At least give it a try!!!

  31. Sheryl

    I have watched all 3 seasons over many times. I love Hart of Dixie. I cant wait to see what happens with Wade and Zoe! This show makes me laugh and feel great. Excellent cast.

  32. DanniG

    I like Hart of Dixie!! I hope they give Wade and Doc another shot…. I like it, with all the shenanigans. I wish the season aired sooner. It’s a light-hearted show and funny.

  33. Alli

    I absolutely love this show. Honestly I think the twist of season 4 should be Zoe and George just to give them a shot but I hope with all my heart that it’s Zoe and Wade in the end!!! I Adore wade! He’s my dream man for sure!

  34. Tania

    I just got into this show and absolutely am addicted! I love it and am all about Zoe and Wade getting back together! They can make it happen

  35. Faye Hicks


  36. joy

    We love this show! Hart of Dixie!

  37. TTodd


  38. Sandra

    I for one love Hart of Dixie, please i am anticipating season 4, start it all over like the dream affect in Dallas.. it can be done, i love the drama between George and Wade over Zoey, JB and the mayor, I dont think she needs to be bounced around from guy to go, but how about George and lemon patching up things and replan a wedding just to have the exact thing happen again, george still has feeling for zoey but catches her with wade again…

  39. Leann Weronke

    I love this show watched it on Netflix but I’ll be watching for season 4 . Please continue this show !

  40. tasha

    I just started watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix, Loved it, but they didn’t have season 3 on there. I has to download it from ITunes. I really liked it a lot, now I cant wait for season 4, Winter is so far away, sorry I didn’t watch it sooner, Don’t cancel, its great. but, Joel did s*ck..

  41. Maggie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. My husband and I binged watched season 1 and 2 on Netflicks Ended up buying season 3 on Amazon. Looking forward to season 4, wish it was starting in the fall instead for the winter. Hoping for AB and the mayor to get back together. Love Lemon and George as well as Wade and Zoe. The characters all have such great chemistry and are very humorous!!! Hurry up season 4!!!

  42. Sue

    Please keep Hart of Dixie on for the 4th season! No Zombies, no vampires, no dead bodies no murder no violence. It’s just plain funny and entertaining something you can watch and just enjoy great entertainment.

    • Lauren

      This show is refreshing amongst all the irritating vampire and murder shows. Bring back the upbeat shows to TV

  43. Lauren

    Can’t wait for hart of Dixie. Love this show!

  44. TD

    I’m so happy the story continues! Just sad I have to wait so long…ha!
    I think this show is so creative….witty…..great acting and just put together so so well! I love Bluebell!

  45. BH

    I have so much stress and this show is so helpful in relaxing and letting it go away. I love Hart of Dixie. Please keep it going.

  46. Trisha

    Love hart of Dixie. Can’t wait for season 4!!!!

  47. Wilma

    I just discovered Hart of Dixie and love all the characters, the little town of Bluebell is so charming and is so like a small town life. Zoe and Wade should end up together, because they seem to have a good chemistry, and Lemon is so pretty,and plays the southern belle so well, she should truly find a handsome rich, young, likeable man, who comes to town and loves the town. Lavon and Annabeth are great together. LOVE, LOVE the show. Can’t wait to see the next season.

  48. pbp

    Really love Hart of Dixie. It was a good choice to get rid of Joel. He wasn’t right for this show.
    Can’t wait for the new season. Hope Rachel has had her baby & can get back to work!!

  49. kate

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! Do not cancel it!!

  50. Ronda

    I love this show. Very American! Not much of this on T.V any more! Please keep it on!

  51. nicole

    I LOVE HART OF DIXIE !!!!! waiting on season 4 .. i havent even finished season 3 yet and i dont know where i can watch the rest at.. its driving me crazy … u cant cancel it..

  52. Manne

    I have been waiting to see when Hart of Dixie would be airing. I work alternate weekends, so was only able to watch Seasons 1&2 every other Monday night. Would hope to catch missed episodes in repeats or on the internet when I had WiFi connection. Then Season 3 it was moved to Friday nights, then I could only watch every other week again when it was aired in my area. I missed a lot of those episodes, I so would love to see this show again. It is clean comedy, clean serious life situations. Not just Zoey, Wade & George, but also including Brock& Lemon in storylines. I love drama shows on tv such as Criminal Minds, NCIS, & Blue Bloods, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. & they have comedic moments, but when I want something lighter & with romance this is the show!!!!

  53. Lyle Evans

    Hart of Dixie is by far the best view of TV, just a real good down home feeling, takes me out of the real world and makes my wife and I cry, laugh and have a good time watching this series, the cast was very well chosen, watched all three seasons, want more. Please bring this classic back for many more years to come. The only thing that comes close to this one is Gilmore Girls another classic.

  54. Jade

    I liked the first two seasons the third was ok. But hopefully four will be better come on heart of dixie

  55. Ashlyn

    can’t wait until season 4 watch Every episode.would love to c wade and zoey together again with a baby… I have all 3 seasons on DVD and watch them all the time

  56. Chassity

    Hart of Dixie is my favorite show. The one I make time to see whether it is dvr’d or not. Definately a wade and Zoe fan. I like their cat and mouse games. Can’t wait for season 4. Oh and Wade without a shirt, damn. You can never have too much of that.

  57. teagal

    Love Hart of Dixie. I so badly want Zoë back with Wade.

  58. Trish

    I LOVE this show! Cute and funny. A real treat after so many stupid reality shows. I would be so sad to see it go. There is not many great shows out there any more and this one is a keeper!!!!!

  59. robin

    I have been hooked on this show since Season 1. No violence…just old fashioned town and quirky characters whom I fell in love with! Hands down my fav show. It makes me happy after a tough day at work. I hated Friday time slot. But please don’t cancel this fun show!

  60. Mary

    I love the hart of dixie it needs to come back with a season four i cant wait to see what happens with wade and zoe i think those two deffinantly need a second chance together. George and Lavon will find what they are looking for they will all end up finding what makes them truly happy

  61. lind

    I absolutely love this show!!!! I have been patiently waiting for season 4. Not true!!! I can’t wait till it comes back. I liked the Wade/ Zoe thing, but would really like to see if George and Zoe could have a second go around.

  62. Jonathan

    What??? I really hope they have another season my girl drives me crazy with this show. I got hooked on it as well. It’s a relief to watch a show with no violence. I love this show and it’s coming from a guy!

  63. Samantha

    Hurry up with the new season :/

  64. Ashley

    I absolutely love this show! Would like it to come back SOON!!!

  65. Mary

    I <3 <3 <3 this show!!!!! Hurry and plz get season 4 Rollin!

  66. Jan Dismukes

    I love Hart of Dixie. I think it should continue. You would be crazy to cancel it. I love the stories, and cant wait to what season 4. Please keep us posted when this will start.
    thank you

  67. Michelle M

    Can not wait for the next season!!!!! So addicting

  68. arthur

    hey CW hen you look at your current show. YOu need this show and the 100 back tomorrow

  69. TJ

    Hart of Dixie is the best show. Everyone is so down to earth, and I have come to love all of the actors. Problem is I don’ t want to wait until 2015 to see Season 4…seems like forever!

  70. Diedre phillips

    I Love Hart Of Dixie …can’t wait for season 4

  71. Breanna Oakley

    I never post reviews but their has not been a show in a long time that I honestly can’t wait to see the next episode. Hart of Dixie isn’t just a story on TV. It’s a show that brings my household together. My husband absolutely loves this show. We take the time to sit down and watch it together. This is a story with fantastic characters and a great story. I agree that Joel wasn’t a good fit for Zoey. She needed another dominate personality like you see with the other male lead characters. This show deserves to air as long as possible. To the writer’s, keep up the good work!!!

  72. Jill

    BEST show on TV!!!! Perfect down home FUN! Bring on Season 4, we can’t wait!

  73. HOD lover

    Ahhh can’t wait for the next season!! Watching this show just makes my day!! I have to admit I hated Joel in this season… writers did bad with him and made the show boring. (sorry Joel) BUUTTT regardless people still absolutely love the show and are clearly hooked! Rachel pop that baby out and get “the show on the road” already! Can’t wait any longer sheeeshh

  74. Linda L

    I love the show and I am a Zoe/Wade fan all the way! I certainly hope this show stays on the air for at least Season 4 where we can see a Zoe/Wade get together. I believe it would be a bad choice to cancel such a well supported and loved show.

  75. Linda L

    Love the show and love the Zoe/Wade aspect. I certainly hope we have a Season 4 with a Zoe/Wade reunion. At least give us that to look forward to!

  76. Bethany

    Please let there be a 5th season…this is one of my favorite shows. I’m so sad that it’s not going to premiere in Oct 2014 as advertised. I have season 1-2-3 till my screen on my computer wore out. Please…..let it continue

  77. Susan

    Absolutely love this show! Can’t wait for season 4!!

  78. NELL


  79. Katie

    Hart of Dixie is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE show!!!! There must be a 4th season! It would be devastating to so many fans if the show were to be cancelled. The show must go on!!!

  80. Betty

    I absolutely love love love Hart of Dixie I just started watching the series 2 weeks ago and I’m almost through with season three!!! I surely hope this series will continue past 4th season!! It’s such a warm, comical and romantic show!!!

  81. Cheryl

    I am OBSESSED with Hart of Dixie! I think I am one of the few who don’t want to see Zoe and Wade together. At first, I wasn’t sure about Joel, but he really grew on me. For the longest time, I just wanted Zoe and George to get back together. I truly feel like this show and the people on it are REAL. Crazy, but it just goes to show how authentic this show really is. It always keeps me guessing.

  82. Regina carpenter

    Very enjoyable show! Can’t wait for season four!! I am not a TV viewer but this show hooked me. Love zoe, lavon, wade, george and lemon. As with any continuing seasons programming, the writing becomes more challenging to avoid repetitive or cheesy drama but the writers of Hart of Dixie can do it! Enjoy the journey in doing so and offering viewers another wonderful season!! Thank you very much!!

  83. Megan

    I really love this show. Just wish they wouldn’t have got rid of Joel. I think that Joel and Zoe were a cute match. But any way, cant wait for season 4.

  84. Kande552

    Great show. My boyfriend even started watching it, after just randomly finding me watching season 1 to 3 in basically a marathon over the summer. He made me wait until he got home so he could watch it (it was suppose to be my thing to do without him). Point being this show started my boyfriend on romantic comedy show kick. It’s awesome. Joel was a nice addition to season three. I think it just made things more complicated for the love problem they going on down there. It’s all about the drama. If she just gets Wade right away, she wouldn’t have seen him transform and his character build into this guy worth dating. Besides its a nice twist how Wade and Zoe’s relationship ends. Its always like its the wrong timing, but they will get there time. I think it’s a nice message. Life may not be that full of drama (maybe it is), but your not always going to meet the right guy or end up with him right away. Timing is always everything. I think the story writing maybe a tad cheesy, but it’s also good. Besides, it would get boring and the show be over if everyone was happy and ended up with who they were suppose too already.

  85. Amanda

    love love love this show I have they have 50 seasons 🙂

  86. Kristin

    I think Lemon and Lavon should be together as well as Wade and Zoe!
    Counting down the days til season 4!

  87. Sue vandivort

    I loved this show!! It was light-hearted and fun to watch. I hate it when we get involved in a series and they leave you hanging. You really need to give (us) viewers an ending. For some reason I haven’t been able to get, The Heart of Dixie on our CW channel. My cable company has no idea. Our CW channel is called
    CW of Columbus. Very disappointing.

  88. Joe K.

    I’m very happy to see season 4 is going to be a reality. If you writers can be creative enough..I’m looking forward to season 5. It’s ok for two people to make mistakes and recover and have a successful marriage. We celebrate our 50th. in May of 2015. Surely you can make us all believers!!

  89. Mona

    I love hart of dixie ! Keep it going

  90. Tess

    I watched season I then II then III as they aired. This week I relaxed and watched them all over again on Netflix. How wonderful it is to have multimedia options now.
    There are MANY different & diverse entertainment interests in our world today. They break down into primarily 5 in my opinion. Rural, City, Horror, Sex and international. No one is right and the other wrong. The way ratings are currently based has sent shows into oblivion far before their time. TV shows used to have 28 to 33 episodes a year now we are LUCKY if there is 8 to 10. The adult viewing audience is not so mentally challenged as enjoy getting engrossed in an entertaining show only to find after a few episodes that the show is either cancelled of that’s it for the season. A series shouldn’t have to have millions and millions of viewers CONSTANTLY being dragged into a competition every week night just for one or two shows. Each segment of society needs and wants entertainment geared for its specific desires and intellectual stimulation, but that can’t happen if this industry keeps scrapping shows because they didn’t get enough interest 1 show or one week. SOMEONE in the industry PLEASE grow up and realize what your audience wants is not being provided under the current slash and burn program. Just my opinion!

  91. Gioanna

    I love heart of Dixie! Please dont cancel the show 🙁

  92. Stacie

    Love Heart of Dixie its a refreshing show from what we have to chose from. Tired of all the crime shows and reality TV. We need a wonderful show like Heart of Dixie . Please keep the seasons coming and don’t cancel a wonderful show !!!

  93. GMAMA


  94. Hayley

    when is the new episodes of season 4 coming out? what is the realise dates for Australia does anyone know?

  95. Domino

    Love the show . My husband and I got hooked on it and can’t wait for season 4 to come out .
    The atmosphere of the South is just great : we feel like living in Bluebell !

  96. Cindy

    Love this show!!!! I can’t wait for season 4. I think George and Zoe need a chance. I think they are cute and deserves to be together. I love the atmosphere of the show and the southern living is so homy.

  97. Chrlotte Howerton

    Please don’t cancel Hart od Dixie, Bluebell has the prettiest back ground always makes me smile. I also like the people that play in this show.

  98. nicole smith

    I just finished the third season of Hart of Dixie and I’m addicted!! love zoe and wade! does anyone know when the 4th season comes to netflix??

  99. Kathy Foster

    I love love love The Hart of Dixie, please please please bring it back

  100. Candace

    I totally pre judged this show when i first saw the advertisement. I was so wrong because i love it!

  101. Debbie Dreshar

    Just finished season 3 on Netflix, watched all 3 episodes in a week! Love the show. Can’t wait for season 4. Please bring it on…Wade and Joe..Lemon and George…Annabeth and Lavone…Perfect ending…Thanks to the writers! Great job!

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